Broadside - I Love You, I Love You. It's Disgusting Lyrics

I wrote to you within a melody
If you decide to sing would you sing it back to me
Sing it right through those crooked teeth
You rescued me when my mind was in a prison
You set me free when no one else would listen
Now I finally feel complete

And I will follow you into the sea of eternity
Collapse into my arms
I'll take care of your heart
Though the distance grows between us girl our love won't fall apart
I'll take care of your heart no matter where we are

I know you feel so incomplete
The world is nothing without ya ya see
If I had to spend my dying breath
Convincing you of nothing less
You're lovely yeah you're so lovely
And I'm so lucky so damn lucky
And I need you to know that

I'm incomplete yet completely free
When you collapse into my arms
I'll take care of your heart
Though the distance grows between us girl our love won't fall apart
I'll take care of your heart no matter where we are

Someday despite our age
We'll turn the page
And our daughter will collapse into my arms
And I'll take care of her heart
Though the distance grows between us girl our love won't fall apart
I'll take care of your heart no matter where we are
I'll take care of your heart no matter where we are

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Broadside I Love You, I Love You. It's Disgusting Comments
  1. Faith Byerly

    All I can think of is my ex-girlfriend and that really isn't healthy...

  2. Nicanor Negre

    do Charlie Puth had band before??

  3. Abraham Ortiz

    I’m def gonna learn this song and sing it to who I’m asking to prom

  4. Hailey Carpenter

    I'm sending this to my bf bc I literally love him sm and I'm glad I found him

  5. Misty Matthews

    This is me n my group of friends song, we straight up yell the lyrics it’s great😂❤️

  6. Bailey Hass

    my favorite part was when the cat was on screen while singing about “our daughter” at 2:26

  7. cyrilphernelia 1998

    The boy who made me listen to this song did not stay. I hope you're doing well. 🙂

  8. Manga The Barber

    Are those adidas gazelles

  9. Michael Dallas

    This needs to be a genre....I’m sending this to my girlfriend tomorrow because it’ll be our 6 month anniversary. It’s so sweet and loving, and describes the journey I want to go on with her.

  10. Doctor Birb

    I sang this to my girlfriend over facetime since we're doing long distance and I couldn't help myself but to cry while singing

  11. Amber Davison

    I'm kinda getting the king blues vibes from this song

  12. Moses

    One time Oliver held my girl friend in his arms because I begged him to take a picture with her. It was great. God I wish that was me

  13. Goldie The Warrior

    My crush told me to listen to this song cause they love it. I have soooo many suspicions

  14. guava god

    I love songs like this because they describe how I feel better than I can.

  15. Lotus G22

    This song gives me chills still when I listen to it, and I sometimes cry for some reason😂😂😂😂 LMAO

  16. Big man Frankie d

    Can I eat her booty like groceries cuz that shits fat

  17. Alice Lidell

    tstb!jaehyun just because you feel emo doesn't mean you have to make me emotional too

  18. Juliana Gutowski


  19. Just a random soul

    I am sorry but everytime I hear this I cry. I don't know why I just do

  20. Emils Stiprais

    finally a song that is on par with 21 pilots cant help falling in love with u

  21. Jessica Blake

    I walked down the isle to this song :)

  22. grace bee

    My boyfriend told me to go listen to this song i hope he sees my comment the next time he goes to listen to this

  23. shaesham

    yawn. zzz.

  24. Amira Williams

    Hey guys whats a song that makes you excited to fall in love?

  25. king trooper

    I was going to do another one like this for my gf cuz I love her so much and I will be nothing without her and when I get married I'm playing this song

  26. Riley C.

    I haven't heard this song in so long,and I'm so glad that I refound it! i'm actually holding back happy tears! I love this song so much! <3

  27. TitanTerror15

    This song makes my heart burst because it's filled with so much love for my guy, I'll take care of his heart always. ❤

  28. ChannelDuncan

    It kinda got me seeing Noah in there because I knew him and Ollie growing up. Dig the uke.

  29. ToSufferQuietly music

    I love you Kylie. With all my heart. You’re my everything 💖💕 4/6/17

  30. BleachFlavoredPopTarts

    I have yet to hear a love song that doesn’t throw the implication in their lyrics of getting married or having a child.

  31. Cara Dawn Nicole

    @@ my future wife ❤ 😂😭

  32. Lackadaisical

    i love you. i love you. it's disgusting.

  33. school acc

    i wanted to hate this song because of how i found out about it but it’s such a good song i can’t help falling in love with it

  34. Willow Eller

    Please play at Pittsburgh Warped!!!!!!! I love this song!

  35. Aus Ariff

    what kind of adidas shoes he's wearing guys

  36. Heather G

    I cannot wait for warped tour now! This is the cutest song in the world!

  37. David Elago

    Wow I can’t wait to meet my future girlfriend. This is so going to be our song. 😕

  38. Teresa Newlon

    Hi am leah I am 11and today's my birthday and I love you guys have a great day

  39. Chelsea Kirkwood

    didn't travis clark from we the kings do a cover of this video? wish i could find the video of it! love this song.

  40. Ryder Jackson

    I love how the whole video is just beachy scenes... and then cat.. .ahhhh

  41. Tutus Rachmanto

    jason mraz goes pop punk

  42. Colin Kelly

    The song title describes this song perfectly. It's the most romantic song I've ever heard and it makes me want to throw up.

  43. John Giovanny

    Damn his voice is similiar to 21 pilot

  44. noah alcoser

    YouTube needs night mode :(

    noah alcoser

    Never mind lol I just figured it out


    Wait how'd you do it ???

  45. Joshua Comparan

    I can do that

  46. Ava Flores

    this reminds me of a song my ex boyfriend would've shown me in 2015. zoo we mama

  47. Trisha Webb

    Good song, but as someone with crooked teeth why would you call her out like that😂

  48. Kavan Westring

    I remember meeting Broadside a while back when they were following Warped Tour, before Olly was even the singer. I supported them then, and I definitely support them now. Holly is an amazing singer/song writer, and if any deserves fame it is Broadside.

  49. rat suckz ass

    2:23 is the only part that matters

  50. Stina Ruiz

    Chords anyone?? Please and Thank you!!

    Christian Bowlin

    Stina Ruiz. G f c e i believe

    Christian Bowlin

    G d c e back to c repeat

    Stina Ruiz

    THANKS! <3

  51. Kae saysstfu

    I love this song its disgusting cx

  52. Ashton Hamre


  53. Eriam Alyak

    Anybody else watching this to try to figure out how to play it? Have any of you figured it out??!!

  54. gisela

    this is actually so cute. I'm slowly getting obsessed !!!

  55. Mason Fitzgerald

    Most underrated song of 2017

  56. Shawn Ballot

    #100th comment mf haha broadcast damn it I can't seem to not like you guys,, GoldLuck y'all peace LBK Tx.

  57. darla carmean

    Saw them and heard them for the first time ever this weekend on their Get Free Tour with Picturesque, Tonight Alive, and Silverstein and fell in love with them!

  58. Tink Neverland

    Aww this is just tooooooo cute 😍😍 wish I could find a love like this...

  59. Piercethemadi

    This song is so cute

  60. tahreem900

    So cute love them so much ❤️💯

  61. Autumn Rose

    this is so beautiful omg

  62. themess

    This made me fall in love with Broadside. Damn 💛

  63. Alyssa Garza

    No one understands how much I feel this song. Literally cry every time I listen to it💜💜 thank you for making this song.

  64. Kaela Corley

    Oliver.. you make my soul happy

  65. Lindsey Garris

    there arent words to describe the perfection of this song. his voice is so beautiful. youll catch me with this on repeat. i love you broadside!

  66. Tiffany Mendez

    the daughter part was the cutest <3

  67. Vannah Rose


  68. Amy Ward

    Cuteness overload

  69. Trey Williams

    I just did a cover of this, it would mean the absolute world to me if y'all could check it out. I love this song, it's my jam with my datemate.

  70. Ashton Samaniego


    Jessica Gibbings

    DITTO I love the ukulele and play it so much.. imma have to look up the chords FOR SURE

    Patrick Newman

    G D C Em

  71. plainspoken06

    I’ve literally been waiting anxiously for a video for this song!! And I finally found it!!
    I can finally put a face to this amazing voice! ❤️❤️

  72. Ashton Hamre

    this saved the ukulele for me

  73. Kevin Samte

    Jst when I miss someone this shows up in my recommends...
    Thanks youtube...

  74. cassie e.

    this is such a cute song. i really really need the chords to this!

  75. David Williams

    Broadside finna turned into a poor man's 1 Direction

  76. Hope Avila

    I wish here was a x700 like button

    This song is so good I swear

  77. MrJennety

    "It's called ukulele screamo and it's art" -Tyler Joseph

    Weirdo Sammy

    I knew I would find someone like me

    Brian Lam

    Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well.

  78. brandon miner

    I hope my girlfriend stumbles across this and realises these lyrics describe exactly how I feel about her.

    whos onfirst

    Why don’t you write her something you plebeian

    Bethany McDuffie

    Or you could just show her the song instead of praying she stummbles across this video. Haha there are quite literally billions of videos on YouTube dude

    Abby More

    And about her crooked teeth

    Jesse Buchanan

    So shes just suppose to know that this is how you feel when she listens to it

    Olivia Lane

    brandon miner this is cute you sound like a great bf

  79. Allison

    Youtube recommendations doing their job ❤ Love this

  80. Kat B

    Love this song! This video made me love it even more!

  81. Rhia Swindle

    My boyfriend...sent this song to his ex...

    Jake Mackenzie

    Rhia Colon you should correct that to ex boyfriend. Any guy who has any sense of romantic relationship with his ex is a douche.

    Jess J

    Rhia Swindle 3 words. Fuck that bitch

  82. Molly Garcia

    i love this, i love this. its disgusting.

  83. scott cater

    This song is just so fucking great.

  84. Skydiving Nude

    Okay so I'm at 0:28 but like imagine the "it's disgusting" part of the title meant there was a transition in the song where it just goes all hardcore

    Ashton Hamre

    Skydiving Nude I'D CRY SO HARD

  85. dylan parrott

    I would like 2 sing this 2 my girlfriend

  86. angelsnacc


  87. Thibaut Infray

    I havent seen my girlfriend in 4 months and we re both struggling with depression. I am crying like so much right now

  88. allison weaver

    The cat is the best part of this

  89. Official Faro

    Such good vibes 🤘 you’re dope !

  90. Scott Cater

    Never listened to these guys until just now. Fan fucking tastic !

  91. Kimmie Marie

    I remember when I first listened to coffee talk... and now here we are

  92. Pol X

    I want chords for this so bad

  93. Anamaria

    this is so cute😭😭 broadside has some of the nicest&cutest band members i got to meet and now i just want to hear this irl!!!a H so good

  94. Sabel Martinez

    If only u could complete me. I wish to meet u soon. I luv ur music and I just wanna fall into ur arms and finally be treated right for once.

  95. Keena Belo

    If the vocalists of the maine and with confidence ever had a son


    I was thinking the same thing!!

    Big man Frankie d

    Big facts

  96. Stephanie Baker

    Everything you could ask for in a guy geez

  97. Rylee Maree

    How fucking cute.

  98. d ddayla

    This is song is so cute wtf