Britt Nicole - Safe Lyrics

You keep trying to get inside my head
While I keep trying to lose the words you said
Can't you see I'm hanging by a thread
To my life, what I know
Yeah, I'm losing control and

Oh no
My walls are gonna break
So close
It's more than I can take
I'm so tired of turning and running away
when love just isn't safe

You're not safe, mmm-mm

I'm strong enough
I've always told myself
I never wanna need somebody else
But I've already fallen from that hill
So I'm dropping that guard,
here's your chance at my heart and

Oh no
My walls are gonna break
So close
It's more than I can take
I'm so tired of turning and running away
when love just isn't ...

Everything you want, but it's everything you need
It's not always happy endings
But it's all the in-between
It's taken so long, so long to finally see
That your love is worth the risk

Oh, no
My walls are gonna break

Oh no
My walls are gonna break
So close
It's more than I can take
I'm so tired of turning and running away
when love just isn't safe

Oh no
My walls are gonna break
So close
It's more than I can take
I'm so tired of turning and running away
when love just isn't safe

You're not safe
And that's okay

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Britt Nicole Safe Comments
  1. Linus

    It's not always happy endings but something in between. Great line.

  2. lindsey dpt

    A show bring me here

  3. Jojo Baker

    Im a suicide survivor and self harm survivor i love Britt Nicole 😍

  4. tonya kossel

    Ice castle

  5. mandolin joe

    SAfe. saved ...InJesus.!!!! Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

  6. Dani Argueta

    I love her she is the one my sister believe in god

  7. GamingWithPie

    all i can think of listening to this is hentai..........

  8. AndryTheIceCremMaker

    This song was published on my birthday ~

  9. AndryTheIceCremMaker

    One of the top songs

  10. Kibir Getu

    I'm so tired of turning n running away wen love juz iznt safe...

  11. Turn Le Paige

    Okay he's so confusing

    He asked me to come to a football game with him on Friday and there was a lot of hand holding and hugging

    But then he says we're not dating and we're just friemds

    But then he says he wants to steal my first kiss and texts me 24/7

    God I'm so confused

    Hellomynameis Wommy

    *Visible Confusion*

  12. G_M fam

    i love this song

  13. 山る


  14. Yugi Amane

    *“I’m so tired of turning and running away”* I can relate so much 😭😭

  15. Dixie ocasio

    This song is sooo deep for me bc i literally feel like i have no one and its not fair that the ppl i love is always being taken from me im like in a bubble nd i fear it will pop bc its like my life nd wen it pops ill be gone bc im so tired of being alone n suffering alone im tired of feeling alone like if i dont matter it hurts that i have no one in my life that will hold me and wont ever leave me alone in this dark world im so done... Like no one could understand its like the world is trynna see how far ill bend b4 i break 😭😣😢😢

    Alan Parker

    Hey I just wanted to say that people do love you and care about you even when you feel they don’t. I have really felt like no one wants me recently too but you have to realize that God loves you. Sometimes you feel so alone and broken it’s like you can’t keep breathing because of the brokenness, but that’s when you have to hope for tomorrow bc tomorrow is new and it will get better. Right now feels like forever but soon it will be ok. This will pass with time. And if you ever want to talk my email is [email protected] It’s gonna get better soon.

    Jessica Roberts

    @Alan Parker Thanks even though I don't know you.

    Jazzi Joy

    I am so sorry you feel this way! Just remember that you always have God and He will never leave you nor forsake you. I'll pray for you, so stay strong!💕

    Courtney Whitaker

    God loves you so much Dixie & I know you have people in your life that do too! I am praying for you and I want you to know that God is with you through it all. It says in Jeremiah 31:3 "“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness." This is the kind of love God has for you. Please know that you are not alone. <3

    Milena Dean

    You can do this. Gods got you! Keep fighting through.

  16. Ruqayya Thawer


  17. Amen Guma

    This changed my life ❤️👌❤️👌❤️👌❤️👌❤️

  18. liz shailoh cudris combita

    i lovers singer

  19. liz shailoh cudris combita

    you keep trying to get inside my head

  20. MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式

    Listen to Nightmare Safe and you will cry for how cute the voice sounds! I'm still crying coz it is so cute!!!

  21. Elizabeth's Vlogs

    I L<3VE THIS SONG!!!!

  22. Trirage

    You're* not safe

  23. •Yukietta •

    You can hear the emotion 💔

  24. Katie Tipton

    Drop Dead Diva

  25. no longer innocent

    I love this song sooo much it fits me especially after a bad break- up I will cry but I love this song

  26. Black ReaperKai

    This song says it all about my love life I want to but I'm afraid I won't be accepted for who wants a broken and beaten man who's mind is fractured in pieces multiple personality disorder 5 other voices in my head and I'm not including me nobody wants that in there life but maybe I found that someone that does she's very special to me my heart my body and my very being

  27. iizdanerdest


  28. Katie Tipton

    Drop Dead Diva brought me your the way Kim and Parker looked at each other with so sad

  29. PASSION 'Neal

    can anyone tell me who isn't safe

  30. Jojo Baker

    a year clean of cutting still have the urge but I got help

  31. TBrusk Versace

    Sometimes it takes pain and heartache to know true beauty. We're all broken. God knows each one of us so well that he knows how to let things hurt and discipline us enough to let us draw closer to him. This is the beauty of grace. Wisdom comes from "baggage." If everything in life was amazing and exciting then we wouldn't need God. But exciting graces can happen, anything is possible; never give up!

  32. ravishingelite

    Thanks #dropdeaddiva for this song 😊

    Jessie M

    ravishingelite I found this song because of the series and now im rewatching and discovered this song again... as well as lot of other great songs I heard on the show

  33. TypicallyTori

    Omg this song is just so amazing! Thank you Drop dead diva!

  34. Molly Beckwith327

    I don't like it I love it 😍😍😘😍😘😍😋

  35. ThePuravita

    The girl I was dating a while back sent me this song and the only part I picked up on was, "Your love is worth the risk." After a year of being broken up I just listened to this song again and realized what she was trying to tell me. I lost something really great because I wasn't listening.

  36. Stormy Is me

    this explains my whole life

  37. Whodatboi

    Am I the only one who cried during this song

  38. The stolen sweet roll

    this makes my anxiety go away..

  39. The Sensible Dreamer

    I now have a new favorite song

  40. Ahgase Got7

    i really love all this calm song :D

  41. Skylynn Cruz

    I love this song

  42. Discrete Penguin

    I've known this song for a while, but Drop Dead Dive brought me here

  43. Hot British Girl 2000

    this explains how I feel after I call my friend James and he doesn't answer the phone because I have been trying to see if he is OK and it makes me worry about him... He gets inside my head and then I can't stop thinking about him...

  44. NotWisky

    nice song

  45. Aiko Nini

    Omg I'm so sorry that you had the same problem related with this song because if you think of this song into a story it's sad 😕

    LoveDogs 103

    AshomiSenpai Senpai4Pies my life is kinda related to this song

  46. yehia el farargy

    welcome to my top list
    welcome nightcore guys

    Kimberly Taylor :DD

    +yehia el farargy Yeah. xD But I like nightcore versions on her songs ;P

  47. Bapugo

    I cried when I read "your not safe"


    you get I'm talking about the grammar, right?

    Poetry 1985

    Nocfox It's crazy that most people spell you're as your these days. But this one seems to be a mistake since it's correctly written later in the song.

    no longer innocent

    Yea I didn't cry but this song so reminds of me and my ex but this song is awesome


    The People who think it's becuase of the song and not the grammar, are people with bad grammar I bet.

    Nestor J Chacon

    Bapugo idk if its "your not safe"of God or the devil

  48. Patience Wamble/Flynt

    it's so sweet

  49. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    so close to a million views!

  50. whycafe

    Your love is the risk

  51. Scherley Perez

    I love this song soooo much.😂😄

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    praise Jesus!

  52. Janai Santiago

    Great song love it

  53. Patience Wamble/Flynt

    I love it so much and now I have a full Playlist of Britt Nicole and it's really sad 👌💙💙💙💙💓💓💓

  54. whycafe

    I am tired from running away😩😰😴😪

    Yugi Amane

    whycafe same 🤭🤭😫😭😭

    Allie Dermody

    Listen 2 "Even When You're Running" by Casting Crowns

  55. Tabitha Jump

    2:05 to 2:15 just hit me like a rock

  56. apple bee

    Drop dead diva 😊

    Isabel Kim

    apple bee dude this is how I found this songggg

  57. Alicia Aleen

    I can relate this song..

  58. hailey nazario

    i listened to this because of the movie ice castles, and i relate to it so much

  59. AlreadyOver1

    Caskett 💔💔

  60. Izzy Izzy

    what does it mean when she says to my life what I know?

    Araceli Mateo

    She's hanging by a threat to her life, and that's what she knows

    Izzy Izzy

    oh. thank you

    Cha Eun Sang

    no it actually means she knows that loving someone can hurt her and this love she's in right now is harming her emotionally. She's trying to build up the courage to say what she feels.

    Bridget K.

    The artist here is truly hanging on to the promises made to her by someone that saved her life. Christ! He pursues our hearts and loves us more than we can ever imagine, she is hanging on to the promise of His love at our darkest and lowest times of our lives. To me the Amazing! Most Enduring part is that He loved us before we even get to that point... that is what this blessed artist is saying. Love is not just a feeling but a CONTINUOUS action. Have a blessed new year!

    Melanie Cusick

    Funny how everyone has a different perspective! Mine was that loving and letting yourself be loved requires you to be vulnerable and let go of control of things. "Cant you see I'm hanging by a thread: to my life, what I know. Im losing control" means you know if you let love in your life as you know it will be different and that scares you. Thats why you are clinging to what you know. Just my opinion. I know this is and old post but i wanted to chime in. Have a nice day!

  61. Kaela Rae

    I cried listening to this song, oml I love it so much <3

    Haesoo 620

    oh my Len?

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    Jesus loves you!!!


    Is your middle name Chrstian or are you just a Christian? If you're just a christian then thats great! #SpreadJesus

    Lynn Bassoonist

    Your profile picture is the background image for please don’t say you love me nightcored

  62. Kittycatty321

    listening to this bc of the movie Raising Izzie i recommended that movie

  63. Scarlet Johnson

    This song was my life for a long it is good to hear it again

  64. jany129 harman

    i dont like it i suxs beacase its too soft

  65. Tayannah Engle

    I LOOOVE this song so much <3

  66. Cameron Curtis

    I listened to this because of a fanfiction, and now I LOVE this song

  67. That Garbage Can

    drop dead diva brought me here


    Discrete Penguin same I'm re watching all the seasons again. :)

  68. dav Ze

    life can be very heard sometimes your afraid to love because your sceard of getting hurt but that song reminds you that's it's ok to love this is one of the biggest commendments

  69. natasha

    Listening to this after a break-up. Funn.

  70. Samara Rakoski

    god is amazing.

  71. Naomi Alexander

    This song used to really describe me, especially the first part.

  72. Tata Owen23

    Knew by Drop Dead Diva, and this song is just beautiful...

  73. Missfits ForLife

    i am glad i dont have cutting problems or making myself thro uphere or anything like that but i will be praying for yall who do.i am a good christion and i love godbi go to church with my family i wi) paray at church but i am 12 and still lerning but i still love god and i know god lovesnme andni am so sarry a) yall teanagers about that but you dont have to take medicine to fix it you just admit to god your problems and he will help yall all the way through.

  74. Missfits ForLife

    i love this song it speeks to me i really want friends on minecraft but this one gey loves me so much hes driving me apart but i no im special and god is with me.

  75. Secely Torres

    I'm at a point where I don't want to feel the pain and face my past, the ones I buried deep inside of me. The weird thing, I thought I had forgotten and was happy. But my sister brought up my past and it's like as if my wall shattered. I wasn't ready for this. I'm sad and scared. I am afraid to let a man in my life. I'm 25. I wish I had let it all go before. But it took me this long. I'm scared of feeling pain as I'm trying to let it go. This is the life I knew so...yeah 😞


    Just know that the Lord is close to the broken hearted. He loves you so dearly! You never have to go through anything alone- call on Him. He holds you so close.

    You are loved. ❤

    Secely Torres

    Tysheena Jackson amen. thank you. i just read it now

  76. tori

    klaroline af



  77. Ezmee SpiritGem

    I just love Britt Nicole her songs fit my life like completely

    Kristina G.

    So very same.. Every single song, sends shivers up my spine

    no longer innocent

    Mine too if I hadn't found this song I probably would have died.

    Jessica Roberts

    @no longer innocent Same

  78. Kimmora Alyssa

    put it on 1.5 speed SO COOL!

  79. sophia and tessa

    This song was on Drop Dead Diva

    Tera Murray

    I love Drop Dead Diva! That's how I discovered this song.

  80. Tanavia S

    Ice castles movie❄️

  81. Brianna Raye

    This song makes me want to write a fanfiction.

  82. Rebecca Tuck

    This song makes me feel gooooooooooood!!!!!!☺☺☺☺

  83. danzination

    ice castle

  84. TransformedKinz

    This song makes me so happy, I love Britt >3<

  85. lium

    OMG SO MANY MEMORIES..i used dis for one of my vids (its deleted :P) n some of my friends asked me wats the song n i didnt remember i du c':

  86. Kasey Gray not safe...but what can we do??

  87. CrystalineNia

    I love this song. It means so much 2 me

  88. Ellen Knife

    I want to make a cover this song

  89. mixed voice

    love this song

  90. maryyy

    i wuv dis song :)

  91. Kaitlyn Nicole

    Your lyrics are wrong. It's love is worth the risk.

    Sarah Burkhardt

    I think it's also "it's not always happy endings but it's something in between," not all the in between.

  92. Nathaly Almeida


  93. nicole young

    I totally agree with this song

  94. Rachel Eastbridge

    Love it! Great job and keep up the good work! I hope you never stop making songs.You have such a beautiful voice.

  95. Jasmine Gorham

    I've selfed harm, and i'm not proud, I stopped but i just keep wanting more, and I dont know why, but it's the only thing that makes me feel comfort.

    Rachel Holmes

    hopefully after 3yrs you feel better now <3 stay strong

    no longer innocent

    Don't let anything get to you. You yourself know that you shouldn't do it so don't.

    Victoria Rose

    I used to self harm to

    Lynn Bassoonist

    It’s four years late so you’re probably not going to read this, but I feel the same way. You just have to find people who matter more to you than the blade

    Elisha Dickerson

    Pleass never allow self hatred to harm yourself..or the pain you have been through. Im so sorry your facing this but you are valuable and deeply loved by Jesus. He thinks about you and knows your struggles . he wants to take it from you. He wants you to have a good support. Your not alone. I too struggled with suicide its a lie and i almost wanted to go i was so tired. But God rescued me and i dont think this is accidental i saw your comment. Jesus loves you so much and if all you can say is help Jesus he will come to you

  96. Alli Sath

    i love this song :)

  97. Crystal Ewing

    I lost my faith in love when I was around 4. When my dad put my sisters and I in foster care and hasn't spoken to us since. I love to say that I am fine, I have a step dad and hes great... but I still broken from my biological dad.

  98. Josh Vaillancourt

    Drop dead diva brought me here, listened to this song and instantly changed something inside me <3

    Meda Adomavičiūtė

    Drop Dead Diva has the best soundtrack! 

    Isabel Kim

    Josh Vaillancourt same

    ooo linaaa

    after watching ddd

    Janell Appah

    Josh Vaillancourt OMG !! dats exactly what I did . I heard dis song on dat show , google a lyric , and presto !! It’s my fav song now 🥳🙏