Britt Nicole - Breakthrough Lyrics

Hey there fear...
I've seen you here before
You keep coming back
And knocking at my door
For so long, so long
I've been trying to soar
With my hands tied up and my feet held to the floor

But I'm feeling' like a breakthrough is coming
I can see (that)
A breakthrough is coming, coming for me
Cause my heart, it was made to fly
Destiny can't be denied
I'm tired of waiting
I am overdue for a breakthrough

Oh, oh

You used to have me stumbling
Yeah, tripping again and again
But I've been studying you
And now I know you like the back of my hand
You can't keep me here
I've cried too many tears
Yeah, I've had enough
Now I'm gonna call you bluff
You made your bet, but the stage is set
Get ready cause I'm lighting the fuse

I'm feeling like a breakthrough is coming
I can see (that)
A breakthrough is coming, coming for me
Cause my heart, it was made to fly
Destiny can't be denied
I'm tired of waiting
I am overdue for a breakthrough

I can feel a breakthrough coming
I can feel a breakthrough coming
I can feel a breakthrough coming, coming
I can feel a breakthrough coming
I can feel a breakthrough coming
I can feel a breakthrough coming
I can feel a breakthrough coming

A breakthrough is coming
I can see that a breakthrough is coming, coming for me
Cause my heart, it was made to fly
Destiny can't be denied
I'm tired of waiting
I am overdue for a breakthrough

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Britt Nicole Breakthrough Comments
  1. Tema Tellado

    We are imperfect and we need God to give us a breakthrough

  2. Troy Walton

    This is the best song ive ever heard!

  3. jennifer Martinez

    Nicole Britt if you see this comment thank-you so much for your wonderful amazingly beautiful songs you write & sing. ❤️💗 Have a amazing day ☀️⭐️

  4. jennifer Martinez

    ❤️ you need in life is one breakthrough

  5. Jessalyn Everose

    coment if you are a son or daughter of christ

  6. Jessalyn Everose

    i'm crying. I have a lot of dreams but I don't go after them, to afraid ill be laughed at for my fanfilns. this made me want to again

  7. Janai Santiago

    Great song

  8. Tiffany Sowers

    I love this song

  9. Lauren Marie

    Awesome song! I love it!!!

  10. jeremy bailey

    a awesome song ! her songs lift me up!!!!!!!!!!I couldn't stop listening to this when I first heard it!

  11. Fatima Raya

    I love this song I can't stop listening to this song

  12. Danielle Parker

    I love this song, it was just I needed to hear right now.

  13. BrittNicole Lyrics

    verry good. amazing.

  14. speaking up

    Love this song so much

  15. Kristy Robinson

    this song is amazing but the way the person set up the vidow is just a little creepy

  16. Starwas768469 Rey!

    love the song and britt nicole she the best

  17. CandyisAwesome86

    Good video!

  18. Mesgana and Kidues DIY awesome

    love it!!!

  19. Caralee Ramon

    I love this song

  20. Mythinkingbox

    I love this! I saw this title in her album on google because the title caught my eye so I was like I wanna listen to that. I have high expectations because I know it's gonna be amazing. And I'm listening to it now and Britt Nicole is so amazing & talented! Exactly what I expected! Love it!! I feel this song. XD

    Also, when I heard the beginning, it sounded haunting but I like it. It's different. :)


    she is AWESOMENESS great ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    she is awesome


    I went to tobymac tour and colton dixon and britt nicole was there I love britt nicole breakthrough

  23. Mia Amaro

    OMG I love this song than ever

  24. LPSthundering


    Angella Awesome

    lol !! I agree!!!

    Franky Hepburn

    Is it permissible for Christian to smoke?

    Angella Awesome

    @Franky Hepburn I don't know but smoking is really bad for your lungs and your body to smoke.

    Melissa E Hogan

    +Franky Hepburn "Everything is permissible, but not everything is profitable" because of grace there is no unforgivable sin and we don't live by a list of dos and don'ts. Certainly there is right and wrong, but Christianity is about a relationship. You want to please God and you do what pleases him because of the relationship, not because you have to earn your way to heaven or any other reason. As for smoking specifically there is nothing in the Bible directly against it, but we are to treat our body as a temple for the Lord so we should treat it properly, that means exercising and staying hydrated, eating healthy, not smoking, not excessively drinking or other things that are detrimental to your health and wellbeing. From a medical perspective, please don't smoke and if you do get help to quit. Not everyone gets lung cancer, but I've seen cancer, Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease, PVD/PAD which leads to poor circulation and amputation of limbs. For yourself please don't

  25. Stefany Bernuy

    ella es cristiana?

    Loany Bonilla

    si ella es cristiana ulle sus canciones

  26. Michelle Marquez


    emily Robinson

    not the best

    Michelle Marquez

    my opinion, plz respect it ;)


    +girl steve  yes she totally is!!

  27. Natalie Hall

    best song ever nice man!!

  28. Kimmora Alyssa

    u did a great job on this lv ( lyric video)

  29. TheJimmyJ57

    I think I actually found a song that Emily Kinney might actually sound good at singing..

  30. ashin hickling

    i especially love that she included dubstep!!!! loved it

  31. All Madi Productions

    ive mt Britt before, shes amazing !!

    Kimmora Alyssa

    @All Madi Productions i havent met her but i went to her concert and her and toby mac and mercy me performed

  32. Girl Boss Fitness

    she punched fear in the face and went after her dreams


    @beachbodyfitmomma planning on doing the same! ^.^ im tired of hiding in my shell

    Janae Johnson


  33. Light :D

    This song is awesome!

  34. Nate Yeadon

    Britt Nicole god loves you and I love you

  35. Nate Yeadon

    Britt Nicole is an amazing singer and I would love it if she would come to Casper Wyoming this summer I love Britt Nicole

  36. Ana Livadhi

    Loving this song! Beautiful!!

  37. Tory D. Adams

    I love this!!!!

  38. Madeline Scott

    she rocks! love this song.

  39. Emily Rodriguez

    my favorite singer

  40. adia Kayser

    A BREAKTHROUGH!i really like this song! good job britt


    It is my favorite song I really wish I can meet her!

  41. rock4ever

    + the vids really awesome too, what did u use to make it?? Just curious...

  42. rock4ever

    this song is phenomenal.... one of her best songs 
    luv Britt and the best part of the song is it starts so subtle and then takes off !!!!!!!!!
    #breakthrough   #brittnicole  xxx

  43. Myrlande Francois

    Britt is blessed with a special and powerful voice. Love all her songs...every single one of them!!

  44. Barbara Allen

    is that dubstep i here? omg britt nicole and dubstep sound good together! :DD

  45. Larissa Rose

    Why on earth does this come back to me? I feel like i've heard it in some movie. Well, Imma ask her if I can use it in the movie that my friend and I are going to make ourselves some time :) My character is faced with a horrible fear and keeps being confronted by an evil that had seeped into her veins....yaeh.

    Aleesha SuEllen

    if you make a movie, you have to put it on YouTube! I love watching homemade movies :D already have a fan XD

    Larissa Rose

    It'll be like...a couple of years! lol we have to animate some stuff, but for now we're practicing by making stick figures lol

    Aleesha SuEllen

    Well I can't wait!! I'll be like your #1 fan before it even comes out :D

    Carissa Martinelli

    That sounds awesome!!! my cousin and i are thinking about doing something like that!!!!! :D we like the songs by Imagine Dragons lol

    Michael Chavez

    I believe that the song is very similar to the one that they use for the intro to the movie Skyfall. (James Bond)

  46. Viviana mendoza

    Soy una loca que no hace nada xD

  47. mattie middaugh

    Great song :)

  48. Gabriela Arias

    This song is AMAZING!!!! i love when she says i've  tied up Satan cause u know im a christian and i hate Satan with all of my life! 

  49. Gretchen Scott

    I love your songs britt! Are you having a boy or a girl?

  50. Gabriella Dasiva

    i would die if i did not hear this song i love it so mach i an going creazy about it

  51. Flo Rida

    definitely dubstep! so awesome!

  52. Flo Rida


  53. Kaitlyn Martin

    *LAUGHING BUTT OFF*..... why does it creep you out??? :) I love it!!!

  54. Diamond Ross

    This is awsome brit t

  55. Laura Moraes

    linda essa musica !!!

  56. shirley rosa

    This is my fav song!

  57. Ashley Beasley

    Your good at making videos! KWOLL

  58. Emily Helen


  59. sadie davis

    i like this song

  60. care bear

    love this song check out my channel!!

  61. miriam5790

    Thumbs up,if u like Britt Nicole's songs!!!!! ;]

  62. Reed Martin


  63. Hannah Plumb

    whats the chords?

  64. Bailey Albert

    This is such an inspiring and amazing song :)

  65. 7jesuskitty7

    this sounds like's brittstep! hahah.

  66. 7jesuskitty7

    All I got is windows movie maker...XD but hey, i'm gonna get a bachelor's in media arts so maybe i can become pro in the video editing department! lol that's like my dream.
    Anyway this is definitely the most awesome video on youtube I have seen so far. nice man. good job.

  67. 7jesuskitty7

    Awesome vid. I should totally check out that program.

  68. Ashley Marshall

    This song is amazing. I love her.

  69. the heart of a tortuga

    that's cool!

  70. Coolki126

    Ha! Me and my lil sis are dancing to this song and "fear" is darkness, black clothing, and black chairs. Eventually we breakthrough into lights, and bright clothes! :)

  71. xxCatherineSmithxx

    My new theme song!!:D

  72. 7jesuskitty7


  73. Momoko Asuka


    What is the name the program you used to make this video