Britney Spears - Pepsi Joy Of Cola Lyrics

My heart wont skip
a beat
I never look before I leap
just enjoy the ride
there'll be no reason why
cuz everythings alright
take your time
baby take your time
the world is yours and mine
look and u will find (and u will find)
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of pepsi
the world goes round and round
but some things never change
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of pepsi
I know u can feel it
feel the joy
look and u will find
its taste is on my mind
and I wont be denied
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of pepsi (yea)
ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa
the joy of pepsi (yeeeaaahhh.)

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Britney Spears Pepsi Joy Of Cola Comments
  1. M.L. Whitmore

    Anyone else here from Lewis Black's rant about this? 😆

  2. chaotic age


  3. PAT Warner

    Bob Dole just kills me in the end!

  4. S.G.

    I'm sorry for those of you that didn't get to see this commercial for the first time on actual television because you weren't born yet.

  5. Vera Alves

    The most beautiful smile in the world is hers

    Juliette Cortés

    Vera Alves totally

  6. EduardoMakeUp95

    This is the only reason that i love pepsi

  7. Ritchie B

    Ariana Grande should do a Coke commercial now

  8. Euna Kim

    The sad part is that those senior citizens are probably dead

  9. Deven Thomas


  10. Christopher James Manalili

    Is this Britney's Factory-themed Janet Rhythm Nation video?!

  11. PlayaPleathe

    They DID NOT play this commercial enough back then. Had my then preteen self shaking this ass!

  12. TCB

    This brings back memories!

  13. Mime The deer

    Good Ol Britney with her Pepsi days

  14. cance7984

    Britney Spears was EVERYWHERE in those days.

  15. Bob T

    Only here because of a Lewis Black skit about it. Had to refresh my memory.

  16. Alexander Baladad

    Britney’s the face of Pepsi. 👌🏻

  17. Kalel311 superman

    when pepsi had cool commercials

  18. Kriss Kross

    This is good but Michael Jackson's BAD era Pepsi commercials are the best ever.

  19. Ritchie B

    Makes me want a Pepsi right now

  20. Rod Trev

    Aw the dog must be dead 😔

  21. BriEntAnderson

    It’s amazing that when this commercial was first put every girl
    Called her a whore , now she’s a legend.

  22. Abdulnasser Dimnang


  23. Rafael Lima


  24. actionboy 6

    Thank you Lewis Black for telling me this cancer exists.

  25. Filipe Castro

    I need this on spotfy

  26. Bubba Bott

    Love Britney. Love the commercial. But I'm a Coca-Cola girl. I'll drink Pepsi if it's the only choice tho. However, I do recall MTV Making the Video of Slave 4 U, Brit was actually drinking Coke. They wrapped it in a paper towel to cover the logo 🤣. Years later she I'm invested in Coca-Cola.

  27. Sam Sırri

    lol at 1080p...
    what year was that done? 2003?

  28. ilovelegos2000

    Omg I have not seen this ad since I was like 3.

  29. MzBr3ezy12

    Spears is seriously iconic. This goddamn commerical I treat like a MV. Love this stupid ass song and Britney looks fucking sexy. God.

  30. Eric Martineau

    Whoever disliked this video must have the worst taste in music

  31. imobeus1

    I like the way she throws that hat - such fierce body language.

  32. Cheese Paper

    She was hot, bit now she looks like a old hag. She hasn't aged well at all!

  33. gemini1

    Britney looks very pretty in this commercial. 😊

  34. Weird Brandi

    Totally remember this commercial. Love it so much! Britney was the absolute QUEEN of music in those days. Good times!

  35. getnasty08

    Lol the low key shade at that Coke employees.

  36. Antonio Floris

    Back when she was Britney

  37. Dan Bana

    1.11 coca cola signs everywhere? some bizarre advertising.

  38. Dan Bana

    howcome theres actually advertising for coca cola in this?

  39. Danielle Pena

    My favorite Pepsi commercial.

  40. Adrianna Melton

    I'm only here because of pewdiepie

    Karl M

    Don't go there, girl.

    Adrianna Melton

    Oh I did😂

    Karl M

    @Adrianna Melton Okay girl.

  41. utha G.U.M.

    I have been puzzled by the unnatural contents of cola, but fascinated by the glamour of yin at 99/1.00 Dollar bills on the jeans and a wet tee shirt.00

  42. 최경선

    im here because of pewdiepie lol

  43. TheSuave101

    As a teenager, the older heavy set lady making her arm move infront of her will for ever be ingrain in my mind. Im 34 and i some times do it when theres a good song to dance to 😆! Memories of my youth.

  44. izdhihar aurellia


  45. MsDudette21

    Me: *knows this commercial is nearly 20 years old now*

    Also me: Where can I get that top?! 😃

  46. WichieWich

    who watched this video because of pewdiepie?

  47. Darren Criss


  48. Sebastián Romo

    The best years of Britney ❤️

  49. Anakin Skywalker

    I'm here because of Lewis Black. And no, she can't fucking sing.

  50. Mekibos Zuvorg


  51. Charmaine Stephens

    Such an epic commercial. Love it

  52. Mathew Leon

    They don’t make them like this anymore!

  53. x_toxicity

    Back when Britney did Pepsi, and Christina did Coca Cola. Good times

  54. alexe.

    1:26 Wade Robson’s hair looks so damn stupid and he still doesn’t look better 18 years later

  55. Gustavo R. Dreyer

    Can you blame that guy?

  56. Bise Ushery

    The Best!

  57. fargo nursing

    looking back remembering what a douche I was in highschool, I can't believe we made someone so untalented so powerful only so she could destroy herself

  58. Rishabh N Bhatnagar


  59. Alexandra Flores

    Te amo mi britney

  60. Guiancarlo Barraza Serje

    One of the best commercials of all time.

  61. Latoya Godfrey

    I like this commercial. It’s entertaining!

  62. lina johanna

    Wtf los de Coca-Cola JajajajakK que ??? Cómo es eso

  63. Mirabella Mcgarry

    Omg what's this song called please someone like it

  64. dancepiglover

    Britney was on top of her game here! She was HUGE during this time! And this commercial feels like it couldn't have been that long ago. The song is still so familiar in my head (the shorter version of the ad).

  65. Middle of Somewhere

    Still my favorite Super Bowl commercial (besides the magic refrigerator one)

  66. Laura Padron


  67. Yana Gasendo


  68. Kevinhillcrest

    Here because of Pewdiepie!

  69. itsmeje

    Best Super Bowl commercial (and the generation one) and Pepsi commercial ever!

  70. Lindsay S

    Britney will always be the dopest!

  71. D Lucifer


  72. Friedrich Wilhelm

    man brittany so sexy back in the 90s she's like 10 years older than me but hell i didn't care this commercial i think was 1996 or 97 man those were the days

  73. Chubby Bunny

    This is the 3rd pepsi commercial where they put coca cola in it to tease, I can´t tell if its brave or just supid.
    But I can say I like this one, thanks to Britney

  74. Heliton Nottvanny Official

    Britney Pepsi 😭😢😢😭😢😭😭


    I know is pepsi comercial
    But i play this again and again
    She is my hero when i was kid

  76. Miranda Ceballos

    I love it

  77. Pudding Osu

    this ad is dope

  78. Māris P

    Britney, britney... good times, you my favorit girl ))))

  79. Jamie Kimsey

    My sister and I used to dance to this commercial. Every time. We were like 10 or 11

  80. BigDavey

    Pepsi sure does love Celebrity, First Michael Jackson then Britney Spears, I don't remember any Celebrity doing Coke Commercials.

  81. Lela

    This commercial is so damn iconic

  82. Junior

    I died when i saw Coca Cola employees in the commercial lol. This is still one of the best commercials i've ever seen

  83. Raul Abrão

    Who's 2018 ? 😎

  84. TheGamingNerdBoy 156

    This is why Pepsi is way better than Coca Cola.

  85. ridzy 23

    how is this RELEVAT

  86. Sue Donnery

    This would have been better with Kendall Jenner

  87. bionic26

    She created this musical style noone will ever be able to imitate it

  88. Cry Baby

    Old me:i love coca cola😊
    New me: buy buy buy buy buy the joy of pepsi b*tch britney the best😂😍😍😍

  89. Florence Magati

    Who's here from pewdiepie

  90. Greg Barga

    In your face Coca-Cola !!!

  91. Sangi Mizo

    Love herrrr❤️🌹The best com.

  92. Bolacha_Kawaii

    Quem precisa de coca,quando se tem essa pepsi

  93. Hyoyeonbae

    legend. queen. icon.

  94. Josh Peters

    I will remember this forever
    that's how fantastically phenomenal this is