Britney Spears - Ouch Lyrics

Let's, let's play pretend
Like you're my friend
And everything is O.K.

Then we shall begin
To put an end
To all the games that we play

My body's a temple
I'll choose who worships it
Let's keep it simple
No need for a big deal

So if you're ready
Just call me on the phone
I'll be here waiting
No need to be alone

Ouch, your heart, you're burning me up
Please don't stop, you're making me blush
Ouch, my God, you hit my spot
I just can't get enough of you, of you, of you, of you

So, say how have you been
How's your girlfriend
It's funny you're here with me
When you're still with her
And I do prefer
That we don't feel guilty

My body is a temple
I'll choose who worships it
let's keep it simple
No need for a big deal

So if you are ready
Then this is what I'll do
I'll take my time to ***
You used to use me too

Oh, you do
Ooh,here we go

Ouch, don't stop,you‘re burning me up
Please don't stop,you‘re making me blush
Ouch, don't stop,you hit my spot
I just can't get enough of you
Of you, of you, of you

Do you remember?
How we used to do
I was your girlfriend
We were so true
Let's play pretend

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Britney Spears Ouch Comments
  1. Jane Beyer

    Definitely the best unreleased Britney song

  2. Carlos Centeno

    If only rob thomas could show his love for her

  3. Carlos Centeno

    Rob thomas

  4. Jay Dawson

    This could totally be a Janet Jackson song easy.

    I love this record from Britney

    One of my favorites

    Her and Janet on this song would have sounded hot

    Joe Townsend

    What era was this song made? The "britney" era????

    I m E m o t i o n a l

    In the zone but it was discarded



  6. Thomasss Garcia


  7. Gavlyyy Jenxx

    I'll make this simple, real simple go take listen to ''Ouch'' and then ''Private Show'', and then take listen to ''Money Love & Happiness'' and then ''Clumsy'', all the songs go into the same type of style, she has been craving this type of music since 2003/2004, as for ''Just Luv Me'' is the type of song also she always wanted to use but gets refjected ''State Of Grace, Strangest Love, Welcome To Me'' remember all the times we caught her in the car listening to ''State Of Grace'', i mean for her to be listening to her own song, she must really love it, as ''Just Luv Me'' i mean, she even twetted about it, we may be a head of something really great

  8. OSCAR MH™

    I love this song. 🥺

  9. elder duran zuarez

    Britney the queen. One a legend. 🎶🎶🎶👑✨

  10. elder duran zuarez


  11. Sabrina Nascimento

    Still the best. Dedicated to Georg.

  12. Sabrina Nascimento

    Best of Best song.😊😍❤️💛💚💙💜💓💞💕❣💗💖

  13. Sabrina Nascimento

    Love this song.💞❤️🎧🎼🎹

  14. Sabrina Nascimento

    I love this song. For Georg.

  15. Sabrina Nascimento

    Exactly ❤️😉💓💚💙💜

  16. Dylan Litrocapes

    This is a fucking masterpiece


    britney can we be best friends please?

  18. glaciemdraco

    This, Dramatic and Rockstar...

  19. Jay yay

    This is literally one of her best songs! Ugh how I wish she'd just take this as is and put it on her 10th album! Her vocals and sexiness on this track are dope AF

  20. MattJHarrell

    wow this is so good

  21. Avishek Saini

    This song is good enough to be a Bond track. and Toxic was the crown jewels of Pop songs that could be Bond themes. 007 is screwing themselves over not hiring Britney to be their new Sheena Easton.

  22. stipV

    So, so how've you been? How's your girlfriend? It's funny you're here with me, then you're still with her, and I do prefer that we don't feel guilty...

    I wonder if this song is about JT?

    hitu rana

    It's probably about Kevin Federline.

    Avishek Saini

    hitu rana it was recorded for In The Zone

    hitu rana

    Avishek Saini I heard Britney and Kevin messed around before itz when Kevin was with her girlfriend.

    Chris Oleksyn

    She s not my girlfriend.

  23. Racheal Cook

    this song was sooo about kevin lol back when he was sneaking around with her and he was still with his ex

  24. Nastazia Tttt

    oooohhhh!!!!!!!!how sensual!!!!yeeeaahhhh!!!!!fantastic!!!!!

  25. Sherry njpe

    This seems like something lana del ray would sing

  26. Yes No

    This and 911 are so orgasmic

    Caroline Arellano

    Charlie 'lo' true

    Jay yay

    Yaaaas! Been on repeat all day

  27. ThisIsEvan717

    this would not have been a hit, we all know it, just because you might like it, doesn't mean it's a hit.


    I don't care about hits, just good music.

    Jay yay

    ThisIsEvan717 you can't really say that tbh lol. This is song would have fit perfectly with in the zone or even blackout. Shit I honestly wouldn't mind if she put this as it is on her 10th album. It's kind of timeless and very good

  28. Mr. Game

    No wonder why Jive didn't want to release many songs from her. When she took more creative control (In The Zone) gems like this appeared. But the Princess of Pop image would be over with so many dark and mature songs.
    I think that's why she was so pissed with them in 2004/6 and decided to do so many crazy things. And is also sad because this would be the beggining of the end for her Prime Britney Era

  29. corsican lulu

    the song is nice but i hate cheating songs....

    yung boi jacob

    if you actually pay attention to the lyrics she reveals that he is in fact the one cheating, when she asks about his girlfriend she means the one that he had after while he was still with her. she mentions it later on in the song

    yung boi jacob

    yes, but I assumed he meant he hates songs that glorify (the singer) cheating.

    Racheal Cook

    yung boi jacob I agree. this song has kevin written all over it

  30. jeanscott20

    I would like to know for who or who inspired her to write the song...

    Racheal Cook

    jeanscott20 kevin.

  31. Emmanuel S.

    We need an album like this not more autotune.... please!!

    Master Emerald

    Still full of autotune there, even though the songs are catchy ;p

    Master Emerald

    Autotune and Melodyne (the one they actually use on her vocals) were conceived as software to make corrections in pitch. It's obviously still her voice, but good vocal producers do their job so the ones not used to the software won't notice much.

    Just because Glory doesn't sound robotic like 3 or Piece of Me that doesn't mean it wasn't pitch corrected to death (it was).

    Matias Betazza

    Green Block yes i do agree with u. Plus, melodyne can sound very natural, but obviously you have to work with something somewhat good to begin with. I have listened to 'Britney Jean' and you can really tell that the vocal tracks they worked with were very poor. You can easily hear the pitch correction all of a sudden (hold on tight, for example).

  32. maryam mure

    this was from in the zone era 2003 it was confirmed Google it on Wikipedia it says failed to be on in the zone album. it sounds like that era. she wrote this for JT about how she was feeling when he was seeing Cameron Diaz. this song is all about imagining having an affair with that man you can't stop loving. it's all about having an affair

  33. Alpha Diaby

    I love her voice !!!!!!!

  34. wallace torrieri

    I can impersonate this voice Exactly as it is

    Kevin L

    +wallace torrieri Marry Me

    wallace torrieri

    @Kevin L I would love all day if I could honey, but I'm too far here in Brazil, you're beautiful

    Lucas Pagnozzi

    +wallace torrieri casa comigo então

  35. noemistephanie93

    her voice sounds SO BEAUTIFUL AND ANGELIC in this song! OMG ITS AMAZING!

  36. Jessiemandujar

    Not a bad song from britney spears but what i don't understand she got some okay music and they didn't realised it y she not a bad singer she been out from a minute i was only 13 when i heard her first song Baby one more time

  37. popsingerstar

    when i first heard jive got shut down i was upset, cuz i wanna be a singer like her & that was the label i wanted like her, but then i heard they made her sing in her high nasal baby voice instead of her natural voice. now i dont care that it got shut down

  38. Lindsey Lockwood

    I would love for her/her record company to release an album with some of her amazing unreleased pieces such as this song on them! This song would have been a hit if her label would have allowed its release.


    Strangest Love
    Rockstar among many others

    Lindsey Lockwood

    +BabyboyBrowneyes1221 yes! Beautiful pieces

    Leonardo Juvêncio

    That's sad but surely they will do that when she die... Money is what they want


    Honestly, there are songs that most artists have recorded that have not been released. It's nothing new and we should not be stuck in the past and neither should Britney. She could still write amazing songs now just like this but with a more modern flair and could be about what she is feeling in this moment in her life.

    Bradley Spears

    Lindsee Lockwood this is a good club song

  39. BenG694

    This is one of my favourite britney songs ever, it makes me really sad that it was never released or put on an official album.

  40. فاطمة عبدي يوسف

    Only Brit can be this sensual..:)

    Andhi Santosa

    Agreed! Her voice is so sexy and sensual, like this song, breath on me, touch my hand. And soooo many others of her song. Love her deny voice so much!

    Andhi Santosa

    +Kenzo Alvaro * love her sexy voice so much!

  41. EdgeofGlory261

    Jive made a big mistake by not releasing this song. Some of her unreleased songs are better than the ones that were released. They should include some of her unreleased songs as bonus tracks on her future albums.

    Avishek Saini

    @Ephraim Perez Yup. It's SO OBVIOUS that Britney's unreleased music is being kept under lock & key in a vault somewhere so they can cash in after she dies. Especially when you look at the total drought of leaked music from 2008-onwards when she's basically the new Princess Diana when we have barely ever gotten any leaks compared up the first decade of B-sides that sprung up constantly on KaZaa and LimeWire. Most of the leaked songs we get post-breakdown comes from producers wanting to make some cash trying to release it ("Red Hot Lipstick" or "Money, Love And Happiness") or people like Don Philip and Heidi Montag releasing their own bastardization duets ("Pleasure You" and "Dramatic") while the rest is guarded like top security in their age of streaming services. They're planning something huge MJ Whitney Prince style level death for her.

    Leann Baclaan

    Hey thanks a bunch I really appreciate the enthusiasim
    It keeps the music flowing

    Leann Baclaan

    Puritain pictures reloaded. The truth is brittney has a twin sister and she's not ro open book about all this time it's been her sister up there and everywhere. Except up until October 1988have I saw britney again.

    Malu Oliveira

    They just will get this Idea after she die

    Jayden James

    @Puritan Pictures ReloadedJive records doesnt exist anymore

  42. Matt Thompson

    With all these leaks. Jive really screwed her over but bad. All they wanted her to do was Max Martin songs, instead of letting her mature and shine. No wonder she went crazy after Original Doll was never released.

    Tiarnee Price

    i agree with you! i would really love for her to release Original Doll. There is nothing anywhere on the web about the album. This album would of made her really stand out :)

    Alla Halaseh

    they didnt release it coz it had songs like
    monalisa which show the over-handed people around her and
    it had guilty and dramatic which show that its justin's fault not hers
    and other secrets which shouldnt have released
    so they cancled it


    @Alla Halaseh I guess that has some truth to it. They're literally doing all they can to stop Rebellion from being leaked.

  43. Elix Risque

    Would have fit perfectly on "In The Zone"

    Kathryn Ann Movies Official

    I think this track was meant for In The Zone, but it did not make it :(

    Toxic Spider

    @KathrynMovies Official Maybe... Who knows?

    Kathryn Ann Movies Official

    I love the song though.

    Ephraim Perez

    No doubt this was for Original Doll.

    Gabe Barrera

    Could’ve replaced Outrageous or BNG

  44. Steve f.

    Should be a hit back then .... :(

  45. Nancy Urchak

    Britney Slow Jamz. ahh shit! This is sexy

  46. Ana

    She wasn't the one who didn't release it.  It was JIVE records.

  47. Collin Samatas

    What a lovely, dark-licious song. Too bad she doesn't release this kind of music on her records!

  48. Brian Kenny


  49. ghandr al helal

    This reminds me of Toxic :\

  50. RnB970

    You all cant read descriptions. I love you Britney

  51. faaaduma

    She got the best voice of all pop singers. GREAT SONG!!!:D

  52. lovekarakoro

    Love It !!!

  53. Bunnia31

    I really like this song. Britney has such a unique voice and singing style!!!

  54. Yoelkiller

    It sounds between Tango, Cabaret but keeps being a good pop. I like the vocals she sounds fresh and sexy. WAOOO Brit you always do it!

  55. 77Pablo77

    if you like, watch my video for this song watch?v=299r_X8b4Z8

  56. 77Pablo77

    says who? this song must be from 2005 or earlier, most likely written for the "original doll" album