Britney Spears - Luv The Hurt Away Lyrics

[Britney:] Yeah, yeah oh

Oh I was broken hearted
Feeling sad and all alone
I thought I was going crazy, baby

I thought the pain would last forever
I thought he'd never ever hurt me, and hurt me
Over and over again

When you tried into my world
You showed the loving ways of how
A guy should treat a girl
The love you give that makes me breathe again

I've found someone who feels me
An understanding friend till the end

I know the future no one can see
But I feel deep in my heart
You will stay with me eternally

So just love me
Even every day
And hold me in your arms now
Please love the hurt away

[FF:] I'll make it go away, yes I will
[B:] Oh hurt away (ohhh)

[FF:] I see heaven in your eyes
Tell me why would he make you cry, and lie
He must have been out of his mind

I would never hurt you baby
Don't let one fool turn you cold (oh no)
You've got a heart of gold

[B:] Heart Of gold
[FF:] I love everything about you
[B:] All I know is

[B & FF:] Every word I take it straight to you
A special part I give for everything I do

Nobody else comes close to the love you give
Body and soul
I'm gonna love you for as long as I live

[FF:] And I know
It's not easy letting go (No it's not easy)
But I won't let you fall
Together you and me
We've got it all

[B:] I just love you
More and more each day
I rest my head on your shoulder
Please love the hurt away

Love the hurt away

I know
I know the future no one can see
But I feel deep in my heart
You will stay with me eternally

[FF:] I just love you
More and more each day

[B & FF:] (No, oh) Please love the hurt away (ohh yeah)
Oh my love
Love the hurt away (oh oh yeah)

[B:] Please love the hurt away

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Britney Spears Luv The Hurt Away Comments
  1. MBSAM Fan

    I wish I had her voice

  2. MBSAM Fan

    Britney Carey snapped

  3. MBSAM Fan

    This gives me MEGA Mariah Carey vibes

  4. elr826

    Just a struggle...sounds like a wailing cat.

  5. The Eradicator

    Mind=blown. I didn’t even know she could sing like this. I wonder if her record label hadn’t tried to sex her image up and just let her be herself and use her real voice, maybe she wouldn’t have gone through all the hard times she’s been through. Just a thought...

  6. XD张景荣

    Britney sounds like that when she was around a primary or kindergarten kid and she performed at the mickey mouse thingy

  7. Jefferson Almeida Liborion

    Hino injustiçado

  8. Alexandra Barrels

    Best voice ive ever heard... Love you Britney! So sad only barmys know this song..

  9. Felktl09

    And there are people out there who still say she can't sing. SMH

  10. J Victor

    OMG! This sound almost exactly like "All cried out" by Allure :O

  11. Suren Simonyan

    its my dream to see Britney singing song like this live. pure talent

  12. Max Morgan

    Where can I download this 😭

  13. Emmanuel Johnson

    Sounds EXACTLY like All Cried Out by Lisa Lisa.

  14. Guillermo Ruiz

    Why do I think about Christina when I listen this song and Sodapop, Thinking about you and Baby boy? ha ha

  15. Rosebud 2019

    There were too many artists out there that sounded so similar at least the style of music sounded similar... like mariah carey and whitney huston and then also destinys child and also tony braxton or en vogue with the song dont let go
    I guess a cute teen witg a million dollar smile becoming a live size real life barby was just what we didnt have yet back then... she was the first... followed by christina aguilera and all the others like jessica simpson and many more
    So the bubble gum teenage barby doll pop was born ... though i dont really think that baby on more time itself is that much of a bubble gum pop aong it still has those funky and soul elements i it and when you listen closely you can still hear a bit of her stronger voice showing through to make the song sound a bit stronger ... when she sings it in her baby voice only the song doesnt sound as good as ut sounds when parts of her deeper voice show through that just kind of strenghtens her voice... plus the song got a a few parts that have deeper vocals in general... try to sing it ... the verse 2 for example when she sings oh pretty baby theres nothing that i wouldnt do.... its very low

  16. Yo fellow Aquarius

    I’m not sure how The Beat Goes On made the BOMT album but this didn’t

  17. Will Serrano

    Real fans already knew she handles vocals

  18. Veera Rintamäki

    the vocals omg 🖤

  19. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    Schools togethers boys mates on clevers brains too much VIP yea Britney Spears cry wanted your name see loves hers in wanted corn .boys my best brothers VIP name in put my romieo nova Solomon send doors or skys see remembers historys aziens. ..see some not pot much..masters cocks sex payback .lot true my mates wanted next input ok dolls faces we go saves singers name on VIP. Input idols shows on winners bonus. Lot much..

  20. Lords Ulrich

    1:19 Xtina voice

  21. Fierra2000

    Image her and Xtina singing this live

  22. Play Myra Britney Aaliyah fan

    I love her voice like this. I dont get max i mean look at Xtina.

  23. Jaedon Johnson

    Sounds like a copy of Christina and Jessica here. Maybe she’s trying to copy them with these unreleased songs. People thought they wanted to be her, from this seems as though she wants to be them.

    Ashley White

    Jaedon Johnson this was a demo track for jive back in August 1997 way before xtina

    emi lya

    And waaay before jessica.

    Jaedon Johnson

    Ashley White, I didn’t know it was from then. Honestly I assumed it was recorded during production of 1 of her earlier albums then not included in the final set list.
    Emi Iya Jessica got incredibly jipped when it came to her career early on.

  24. Yi Wang

    All her unreleased songs are so fucking awesome! I really don't understand the taste of her management.

  25. Junior Aguilar

    100% sounds like Lisa Lisa's All Cried Out!!!

  26. rafa acosta


  27. jean Tobar

    La gente que dice que no puede cantar no sabe nada de ella.

  28. Natacha Seijas

    I've been a fan for some quite time now, i can' believe this song is really hers, this sounds so different from anything she does, IN A GREAT WAY, not that her style is bad, but shows a side we had never seen, nobody had seen. om freaking god. Ths sounds very Oops!... I did it again era. amazinggggg this becomes my second favorite ballad after where are u now.

  29. seeyouagain911

    This is fucking amazing. She has even a more powerful voice than Aaliyah. This is so beautiful. I wish she would release a record with this voice.

  30. seeyouagain911

    This is fucking amazing. She has even a more powerful voice than Aaliyah. This is so beautiful. I wish she would release a record with this voice.

  31. maryam mure

    Britney 💙💙💙💙

  32. maryam mure

    You can tell she was inspired by Mariah carey for sure I can hear some mariah in her voice in this song. This song is giving me all cried out by allure and Mariah sang back up vocals in that song.

  33. PaulaPuff

    Funny how people keep talking about Britney's "real" and "fake" voice... Obviously, "both" are real, and she can sing well in two ways. Some singers simply learn to sing in multiple techniques.

  34. Serena Reidy

    I think the same is happening with Selena Gomez


    Serena Reidy Selena Gomez never had a voice like this! Not even close!

  35. Furkan Yigitbas

    omg a bop! i mean I-

  36. Chris Morison

    When was this song recorded.?

    Perona Peach

    Before ...Baby one more time.

  37. Sione Tonga

    Huh is this really her

  38. epique wenqa

    any other song with her low register?

    Thiago Souza

    epique wenqa you got it all

  39. Santiago A Avalos

    This is so fucking goood!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Robin Hall

    💞 HER voice is SO GREAT here!!! 😘 🎶 🎶

  41. Erion

    One of her best song,if you can feel her bebind its just a good song. Her real Voice

  42. Sabrina Nascimento

    still I love her crazy funky songs cos it's Britney.

  43. Susan Dee

    wow she worked with full force

  44. A D

    Wow this sounds so much like "All Cried Out" by Allure!

    Xanda Tonge

    Same writers and producers: Full Force.

  45. SponsorEagleHunter

    She sounds like Mariah in some parts

  46. Karla Diaz

    Wonderful britney

  47. Robin Hall

    PRETTY VOICE!!! PRETTY SONG!!! ❤💕 🎶 🎶 ❤💕

  48. Sabrina Nascimento

    I love her real voice.

  49. Ever

    Miren lo que eeeeeesto!
    Como me gustaría que nos soprenda con un tema asi o este tema justamente

  50. Ziamarie Santana Dumas

    Omg 😱😘🔥🔥🔥

  51. Skeletxnqueen

    Why the hell is she made to sing that baby voice when she has such a breathtaking voice oh my god??? I'm in tears

    Wendy Spears

    The most probable thing is that when she came to Jive when she had 15 they thought she didn't had a "noticeable" style and so they wanted her to be the perfect little baby-barbie doll. I think it's smart because now since 20 years when someone in the world listened to her voice they automatically reconize who's singing. Smart, but cruel.

    Jennifer Brigitte

    @Wendy Spears Yet, I think her voice is still recognizable. They made her into a joke.

    Play Myra Britney Aaliyah fan

    It sounds so bad I dont get it either. This is the voice of a angel.


    why are u trieng to sing stop u suck

    Play Myra Britney Aaliyah fan

    She didnt steal shit from you. This was recorded 22 years ago and you have been on youtube for only 2 years.

  53. Miguelfelipe Felippe de oliveira

    A voz natural.incrivel


    im buying my sis a grand piano in couple of years as a gift and me to.

    Play Myra Britney Aaliyah fan

    No one cares

  55. Robin Hall



    Reminds me of Do You Think Of Me

  56. Robin Hall

    😘 SHE can SING 💞 🎶 and SOoooo BEAUTIFUL at THAT!!! 🌈 🎶 L❤VE her VOCAL'S in SONGS like THIS!!! 💋 🎶

  57. pitch black

    I love this song and baby boy

  58. Sabrina Nascimento

    At least it isn't all this Auto tune and no crazy funky stuff.

  59. R V

    britney should've gone adult contemporary or rnb... but i can see why she went with pop

  60. J D

    This song reminds me of Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart.

  61. kiki rikou

    That's why she's the QUEEN!


    this is 2017 not 2009

    Britney Gonzalez

    Stacey Dash TV ok?

  63. wallace torrieri

    The guy in this was not necessary


    and val is gonna delete my youtube if she does that arrest val for a year and tell her to leave my mother alone she is brain washing her against me and she stole some once husband and now she is teaching her other daughter lena to do the same thing w me w david muir. deport lena.


    and she cannot sing.

    Spiral Universe

    Katie Love Hue TV Bitch leave


    can u stop skank?


    stop stealing all my songs whore.

  67. michael taylor

    She still smokes cigarettes. Oh well these songs still make me smile

    Spiral Universe

    michael taylor She doesn't smoke dumbass

    Wendy Spears

    Spiral Universe Why "dumbass"? As I know he's right Britney still smokes

    Spiral Universe

    @Wendy Spears No she doesn't. She been quit

    Wendy Spears

    Spiral Universe She did smoke back in 2013 so maybe she stopped but nobody knows.

  68. Matias Perez

    link to download with the photo?

  69. Jack Walker

    Wish there was a solo version

  70. Olorin Henderson

    Reminds me of Christina Aguilera in some places.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Olorin Henderson her and Christina are equally great. They sound nothing alike

    don't shoot i'm a human

    baby one more time's soda pop sounds more like christina

  71. Features Creatures

    Jive end a part of Britney career, killing this beautiful voice... can you imagine Britney singing this live? god is so saaaad

  72. Seanymazing

    This song make me sad and when i listen to this i feel something but i cant explain it

  73. Inayana Meller


  74. moviechick1416

    This shows that Britney doesn't need auto tune at all. She really has an amazing voice and can legit sing. I wish she and her team would have more confidence in her to release songs like these that showcase her true talent.

    iDonte Perfect

    moviechick1416 she wants to but they don’t listen to her they literally put what they think the fans want to hear from her and its not it she has great vision but no control over anything its sad

  75. danasuperstar

    This song reminds me of "Where you Are" by Jessica Simpson or "Nobody Wants to be Lonely" by Christina Aguilera. I really enjoy hearing Britney sing this kind of emotional duet.

  76. Brandon Travis

    I get Toni vibe from this prett dope

  77. Devin J. Bowden

    Reminds me of Xtina Aguilera, and the song 'Missing My Baby' by the 90's singer Selena, that passed in 1995.

  78. It's Britney B*tch.

    Wow. She moved me... There's this thing in her voice that makes me tear up whenever she sings in her natural register, I just can't help it. She's the only artist that can make me both dance like crazy and cry. I love both the baby voice and her natural tone, they are both lovely. They just don't have the same effect. She's actually much more than what people think and I think it's sad that they get stuck to the cliché they think she is.

    Ross Harb

    Completely agree . Been a fan of her work since 1999 . She’ll always have a place in my heart .

  79. João Blair

    Que voz, Britney! Amei.

  80. Wendy Spears

    When someone says Britney can't sing .......

  81. OH Global

    What did they do to her? Fuckin music industry 😭😭😭 Btw: This song reminds me "Love Takes Time" by Mariah Carey.

    Devin J. Bowden

    Reminds me of Xtina Aguilera, and the song 'Missing My Baby' by the 90's singer Selena, that passed in 1995.


    Yes it does sound like that one too.

  82. Subscriber Like

    it's perfect

  83. Michael Brasher

    i love this! she sounds great !

  84. Gina Kazi


  85. SimplyMJ

    This is what she naturally sounds like without the nasal vocal output & autotune. She mimics a soprano-ish girly tone in her more well known songs. Her natural voice is more low mezzo/high Contralto-ish. She hit a couple D3 notes here & peaked at a D5 that's 2 octaves of vocal range this song displays alone.

  86. Dani Duque

    i want the real vocalsney😭😭😭😭😭😭

  87. B C

    the vocals tho 😭 this is the britney we could've had

    joseph adel

    b actually it could have been better because this has nasality and some baby voice
    So this isn't her natural voice too

    I'm a Slave for FAG Material Girl

    If they never made her have that baby voice and trained her deeper voice more she could of probably be more better than Whitney Houston or even Beyonce or in the same level as them

  88. Morgan Cate

    Love this song!! you can hear the hurt in her voice as she sings it. Such a great talent

  89. DigniLo

    In my opinion, she has/had one of the best voices of all time. Such a shame she hardly got to showcase her vocal talent.

    Ok Ok

    Ikr everyone discredits Britney and it gets really annoying :(


    she did this yesterday. lol

  90. Ok Ok



    Lmaoooo 😂🙌🏽

    Pain Is God

    3 years later imma say it lmao!!!!

    Miguelfelipe Felippe de oliveira

    Britney Aguilera

  91. Gina Kazi


  92. Lady Vesper

    I dont understand, they say she can't use this voice for pop industry. What's wrong with this voice singing pop songs?? Poor britney...all of her famous hits would have been as good as the baby voice if she'd used her real voice.


    i know! her natural voice would be fine 4 pop music!

    Thiago Souza

    Actually, not. Have you seen what happened to Toni Braxton? Alike voice and where's she now? Furthermore, they feel like they need to keep her sexy and she buys it. Britney is a hostage of herself and this is sad.

    Ash James

    We have nobody to blame but ourselves, the buyers of her music. The baby voice songs are the smash hits that we purchased in the millions. Britney does have her deeper vocals on some of her albums like Glory but nobody bought it? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Brandon Travis

    Thiago Souza Toni Braxton got sick, that’s it she still sold over 50 million + records stupid excuse

  93. trish25082001

    She tries to sound like Toni here.

    Aaron Westwood

    thats her natural singing voice

    countrygirl country musiclover

    trish25082001 not even close. Britney sounds like a white girl. Toni is black.

    Ross Harb

    U idiot he said she TRIED to sound like Toni it has nothing to do with race dumb ass

  94. Demented Yandere

    The song sound similar to allure's all cried out.


    omfg. that what I just started humming during this. lol


    both by Full Force so it explains a lot!

  95. Music Fan

    I love Britney!!

  96. BenG694

    +Elizabeth Rey +Maryah Watkins Productions, please tell me I'm not the only one who's surprised by this.

  97. BenG694

    I did not expect this. I hope she sing like this one her new album at least on a few records.

  98. Willian Multishow

    Que voz linda pena que não sabe utilizá corretamente.

    Original Bitch

    Mostre seu talento S2. saber ela sabe, só não deixam usar

    Willian Multishow

    @Petrick Pinho Rapaz com tanto tempo sem usar a verdadeira voz dela, ela realmente perdeu o jeito de utilizá-lá para ela recupera só com um professor de canto ela iria começa tudo do início.