Britney Spears - Look Who's Talking Now Lyrics

Champagne, caviar, hot boys at the bar
Lookin' at me, yeah they are lookin' at me
I was true to you, just to find my point of view
Now you are lookin' at me, yeah you are lookin' at me

They wanna give it to me, they wanna give it to me
But I wouldn't go for that cuz boy I had your back
This song is all about me, damn right it's all about me (ya)
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

Hey hey hey, so look who's talking now
That's what this song's about, me (yeah yeah yeah)
Hey hey hey, think you got me figured out
But look who's talking now, it's me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Fast cars and bubble baths
High heels stepping on the gas
Lookin' at me, yeah they are lookin' at me
Dreamsicles melt away
I'm thinking everyday
Lookin' at me, you're still lookin' at me

I wanna give it to you
I wanna give it to you
But I can't go for that cuz boy it's in the past
This song is all about me, damn right it's all about me (ya)
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

Hey hey hey, so look who's talking now
That's what this song's about, me (yeah yeah yeah)
Hey hey hey, think you got me figured out
But look who's talking now, it's me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Controversy is like a tickin' time bomb
Controversy is what they want
Please believe that's not what I spend my time on
Controversy is all they want

Hey hey hey, so look who's talking now
That's what this song's about, me (yeah yeah yeah)
Hey hey hey, think you got me figured out
But look who's talking now, it's me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Hey hey hey, so look who's talking now
That's what this song's about, me (yeah yeah yeah)
Hey hey hey, think you got me figured out
But look who's talking now, it's me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Britney Spears Look Who's Talking Now Comments
  1. Setzuna Jean Summers

    I hope Justin does not just know that the song exit, but he was listing to it!

  2. Kaden Noah Ciccarelli

    "Justify my point of view" Yas Shadyney

  3. SuperSonic Fan

    This song is so great I <3 it so much!!!! I so fucking mad that this isnt a single

  4. Soaribb

    Better than some of In The Zone songs.

  5. Mateo Phillips

    I love this song, still has her iconic voice, but deeper.

  6. maryam mure

    This song was about Justin. She also says I was true to you, justify my point of view and they wanna give it to me, they wanna give it to me but boy k wouldn't go for that, cuz boy I had your back. I remember Justin lying and saying Britney didn't have my back she was unfaithful. What an ass. So this was her answer to him.

  7. Alan Barbosa

    Its could fit in femme fatale or circus aaaaaaa such a pity

  8. Alexis Grey

    This song was apparently written for in the Zone as a response song to Cry me a River.

    MelonPeach Music

    Alexis Grey It was probably not written by her and was written by her team to try and make her look better. I’m glad she released ‘Everytime’, and not this one.

  9. Esther Stanley

    This was uploaded on my b day

  10. lilikaza02

    Prefer BoA's version cause I'm a BoA fan more than britney

  11. Jisela _ss

    Is best boa

  12. Michael Chambers

    Like a gay guy saying, yah bitch it’s me

  13. MusicLover_KB

    I think this song is alright, not something that deserved to be on the album

  14. Alex

    Queen of pop BRITNEY SPEARS!

  15. János Zsigus

    This song is better than the whole Britney Jean album (except Work Bitch)

  16. blondewildangel1

    Love you

  17. Anna van Hoek

    Hot Shit this Song ❤️💄💕🌴🎀💖🌴💕👄🧠🥤🌴💕🎀😃🐻🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. The New Mel B

    Hope this gets released one day

  19. Tommy Summers

    Love this britney xxxxxx

  20. jorge mancha

    Sorry but I think Britney’s version is better.

    elder duran zuarez

    jorge mancha amazing Britney

  21. Robin Hall

    😘 "COOL" 💞 🎶

  22. Claudio Gago

    Ame esta canción ! Me parece exelente y me vuelve loco!!! Love it!

  23. Melissa Smith

    "fast cars and bubble baths, high heels steppin' on the gas". I love that line!

  24. Sam hil

    I love this beat!!

  25. Cindy ko

    I think BoA won't go mad if I say Britney do it better, because she's a Britney fan and knows Britney is a legend.

  26. Jay Circus

    QUEEN OF POP! <3

  27. Darnell Smith

    this moment.... lol true story statement, if you are "looking" singing or ever wonder go look and follow back its a famous fame instagram > @darnelljsmith_08

  28. Cher Whorowitz

    BoA killed this. Britney sounds great and I love her, but she aint got shhhhh on BoA.

    They did a concert together and it was SO obvious that Brit was lip synching while BoA sang live. Anyone who says BoA is garbage has no idea what they're talking about. Homegirl dances her ass off and sings live 100%. When she isn't singing, she has the grace to pull the mic away from her face and let the bg vox take over.

    Britney just cannot compare to that. She can sing, but she doesn't.


    Obviously she isn't singing live the entire time (like I said), but again -like I said-, she pulls the mic away from her face when she isn't singing because her dancing gets in the way and it's too much. She lets the audio track take over until she's done with the heavier parts of the dancing.

    And how does it not make sense for one person to lip sync while the other doesn't? It happens. lol- YOU'RE delusional. It's plainly obvious when Britney sounds identical to her cd but BoA doesn't. There's a huge hint right there. I'm guessing you haven't watched very many of BoA's live videos. Otherwise you'd see it.

    I said that Britney CAN sing, she just chooses not to most of the time. She did sing live, WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER. Her voice is largely shot now. She has to rely on autotune to even make an album nowadays. Record execs screwed her up majorly. Singing one song entirely live during a huge Vegas show doesn't constitute for much when you've had an almost 20 year career. Please read properly before commenting. Thank you.

    Ptc Pham The

    noxious sunshine hater gonna hate. poor you guy. you are one of them.


    noxious sunshine what is boa ????

    J2 Kay

    thank you! everyone calling her names is trash imo, they dont even know the pain singers fo through in korea, not to mention boa was out with albums at 13, already scouted at a younger age~

    J2 Kay

    +Ashley Hardin she is singing a.d dancing live, noob. its kpop. they train for years and years, its fucking painful how hard they train, just for a chance to debut. gtfo with your hateful bullcrap.

  29. Yato Noragami

    BoA Kwon and Britney Spears ❤❤

    Akashi Seijūrō

    Yeah BoA

  30. Allan Borges

    This song was not meant to be for a corean singer, is CLEARLY about justin timberlake and thats why no one else can sing it better than britney

    Angel Scott

    Then stop listening to Britney Spears songs! Everyone else likes her! So stop bashing her.


    They're both queens tbh & both versions are great.

    Jason Seli

    why are you even here if you hate britney spears? go listen to Boa if you want to do whatever you want but don't just go to random artists songs and bash about how you hate them

    Sweet Angel

    @mrmith So why you're here? BOA is only famous in Korea, but Britney is the princess of pop in the whole world!

  31. Gorrexx Spears

    This version is much better than boa

    Kween TW

    lol Boa can sing and dance live unlike Britney... lol

    Alexandrina Windsor

    +Kween Prynses but Britney sold album more than boa bye

    Kween TW

    Alexandrina Windsor lol doesnt make someone more talented. I like Britney more but to say Boa is trash is nonesense lol

    The Chameleon

    Raven Uchiha 😔I lost even more faith in humanity after reading your comments

    Eclesy's Galaxy

    BoA's version sounds exactly the same.

  32. Fellipe Mendes

    This version is much better than the BoA's version.

    Jaeden Norris

    Brit can’t sing it live plus, she sounds like siri got sick

    Faris Pratama

    @Jaeden Norris pre recorded i think britney version is bettet, because this song is made for her. But, i don't think she could do live better than BoA did. This song use too much autotune like vocal, i can't really tell that BoA sing this song. All of her song in that album sound like that. So different from her Jappanes and korean album.

    Jaeden Norris

    Faris Pratama pre recorded what? Check her live performance please. Brit can’t sing it live and it doesn’t mean other singer can’t do a live performance

    Faris Pratama

    @Jaeden Norris i mean on recorded (on album/ single). BoA can do live. She is good singer. But, her english album is her worst album. She can do so much more. Listen to Man In the Mirror. She sings it well. But, in BoA Deluxe, almost all of her vocal sounds unnatural. I can't really tell that it was her voice, eventhough i hear her voice since around 17 years ago.
    Listen when she sings this song live vs in album, her voice sound different. It just that the production of the album is not really fit her voice.
    It different when she sings japanese or korean, her voice almost the same as the albums. Moreover she rarely improvise on the stage.

    Jaeden Norris

    Faris Pratama oh okay.

  33. nula5412

    BoA is much better

  34. SelphieFairy

    lmao britney did not write this song FOR BoA... she wrote it and sang it with the intention of releasing it herself... sorry to say guys, but most of the songs on BoA's english album are basically scraps thrown away by artists... I actually like BoA and i like this song, but the truth is SM was being cheap... (and everything was probably more expensive in the U.S. industry so i don't necessarily blame them but) tbh I think they only let BoA release an English album because BoA really wanted it, but they never felt like this was a real venture and SM never put any effort into it... unlike, say JYP did for the Wonder Girls. So I feel bad for BoA, because I'm sure she could do well if given the backing she deserves.


    @Starli Cense Wow, I had no idea about the wonder girls... that said... crying?? really ?? cause you have to ride a tour bus instead of a plane?? i... i duno lmao that sounds a little snobby/spoiled.

    but yeah, i do think BoA could have done MUCH better, especially if she had been given the proper support from her label. as it happened, I felt like so much was half-assed and/or whoever was making the decisions just didn't care that much.

    Korean Panda ._.

    Brittany B You mean who is BoA.BoA is pretty much an asian Brittney Spears but not such a sparkly diva ._.


    Lmao Britney isn't a diva at all. You are thinking of Christina Aguilera, if no one else.

    Britney is very sweet and never attacked other starts first unless they shaded her first :D

    Jaeden Norris

    Starli Cense kidding me?

  35. Kayla Levay

    As much as I love both singers, Britney done it better. I think BoA was capture the same sound but it didn't work very well.

    Sheri B

    countrygirl country musiclover BoA is a Korean singer

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Sheri B I utubed boa after seeing the name on utube. You'd have to be high AND drunk to call that thing a singer. She's not even close to a singer.

    Sheri B

    countrygirl country musiclover *YouTube. BoA is not a thing. She's a human being.


    Lmao shut the fuck up. I doubt you could see what talent is.

    Faris Pratama

    @kayla levay I think BoA don't do good in this song because it was'nt really prepared to be her song. You can clearly hear the difference between her korean and japanese song to her english song. It's just not really her things. The only song that i like in her english album just this song and did ya. And both don't really good compared to her others songs.

  36. William Rudy

    This is the song she wrote toward Justin.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    William Rudy who said this was about justin


    countrygirl country musiclover Nobody needs to say anything when the song speaks for itself.
    "this song is about me" "controversy is what they want"

  37. Whirlaway

    Why is that alot of her unreleased tracks are better than what make it onto her albums/ Makes me mad, but at least we can still listen to them!

    Nick Gracey

    Onurkan Altun Correct again my friend

  38. mikeparez

    It's just a demo. Brit made this song in 02 as a come back against Justin Timberlake

    Alejo BZ

    +mikeparez She recorded this song in 2004-2005.

    Lucas Pigliavento

    Alejo BZ it's a demo for in the zone

    countrygirl country musiclover

    mikeparez who the fuck said it was about justin

    Jesse A. Watson

    countrygirl country musiclover her producer who talked about the song it was in an article somewhere I think it was the BuzzFeed article about Original Doll

    Claudia S

    countrygirl country musiclover it is :))

  39. Alexandra B.

    This voice <3

  40. thunderdragon655


  41. Pop Top 10

    Of course it is. This is the demo Britney recorded for Boa. Boa's version is a final recording. This one isn't.

    Britney wrote the song for Boa.


    No she didn't. Britney wrote it for In The Zone.

    No Bicth

    Pop Top 10 no she didn’t

  42. pinkuset

    soy fan de britney,pero la verdad Boa la canta mucho mejor!

  43. ongongongongong

    Boa's version is better

    countrygirl country musiclover

    ongongongongong no it's not better. Boa is shit. Who the fuck has ever heard of boa anyway

    J2 Kay

    +countrygirl country musiclover no just admit you're a racist fuck who has a very closed mind.

    J2 Kay

    boa is the kpop queen c: people hating on her obviously dunno her crazy ass skills ^^

    Sanalika ile Efecan_000

    Britney saved this music She always best

  44. David Lomax

    wrong think again Britney wrote and sang it first

  45. domatoshi

    britney wrote this song but failed to include in her "In the Zone" album...


    domatoshi she didn’t write this lmao

    MelonPeach Music

    Casey what I figured

  46. Chase Jack

    This song was just made for BoA, she sings it natrually, Britney just don't

  47. Bruno

    I LOVE IT!

  48. Katie Sharpe

    wo why dose it say its gonna be released in 2012

  49. 77Pablo77

    "abroad" is just the title of an old song that leaked some moths ago... in case you don't know it, you can find it here on youtube^^

  50. Christian Spears

    @joshuahardstylefinch Kinda yes. "Abroad" is her album with some of her unrealeased songs. It's not an OFFICAL album.

  51. TheEverythingBritney

    @joshuahardstylefinch LMAO no

  52. DjJoshua Blake

    Can somebody please tell me, is Britney bringing out a new album called Abroad?

    countrygirl country musiclover

    DjJoshua Blake she has a song called abroad but not a CD. The song called abroad never made it on a CD

  53. EmEmEmma

    @rainpudding actually shes korean shes a k-pop singer :)

  54. Docta

    @demonhead33 10x

  55. Reut shaviro

    Nice :)

  56. sergio lopez


  57. angie140709

    @rainpudding she is korean artist too : )

  58. Skyfall

    Just waiting for the video clip of this song.

  59. Anthony Tonio

    J'aime ! comme toutes les chansons de Britney <3

  60. Docta

    What is boa?

    Rhaynier Oliveira

    Docta BoA is Kpop singer

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Rhaynier Oliveira what the fuck is kpop

    Sheri B

    countrygirl country musiclover Korean pop music

  61. TheEverythingBritney

    @Username2222333 Thanks haha.

  62. TheEverythingBritney

    @ButterflyGurl1 BoA's version was released year's ago. Britney's version just leaked a few days ago.

  63. Diana Lee

    This song is BoA's Japanese artist

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Diana Lee if boa is a Japanese person then that right there should tell you that whatever the fuck boa is sucks

    Harshitha Krishnaraj

    countrygirl country musiclover do you have any idea how stupid you sound? I see you everywhere talking shit about BoA. No one here is telling you to worship her, but you don't have to go out and insult them, especially when the entire kpop fandom can actually crush you for saying that.

    Kaden Noah Ciccarelli

    BoA is South Korean and Britney demoed and wrote the song for her.

  64. JrizzyJo

    Love it!! She needs to have a special collectors cd of unreleased songs. This should be on there and so should Everyday!!

  65. Dennis Beckman

    LOVE IT!

  66. sarahh chambers

    this actually suckks lol..

    countrygirl country musiclover

    sarahh chambers fuck off jealous bitch. She can't suck if she tried

  67. MuitoDaora

    She composed the music for BoA

  68. Oda Tonstad

    I mean I adore Britney, but honestly this isn’t all that good. Besides, In The Zone didn’t need this song. It’s amazing as it is! <3