Britney Spears - I Will Still Love You Lyrics

[Britney] Time may take us apart, but I will still love you. I promise
[Both] And when the stars, stars are falling, I'll keep calling
[Britney] I promise that you'll be my one my only everything, I'll never be untrue
[Don] And I promise back that for your love I will do anything
[Britney] I will give you the stars
[Don] I will buy you the moon
[Britney] And even through longest of our nights
[Don] And Even through the darkest days our
[Both] Love will find away

And when the stars are falling, I'll keep calling
I will still love you
And when your dreams are fading, I'll be waiting
I will still love you

[Britney] You are my summer breeze my winter sun, my springtime soul, my autumn touch of gold
[Don] You are my sky my rain a way which my love flows cuz you're all
[Both] The smile of my heart and the breathe of my soul
[Britney] Even if we find ourselves apart
[Don] We will hold out hopes and dreams
[Both] Forever in our hearts

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Don] Tell me how you feel
[Britney] I finally know how to feel. Tell me if it's real
[Don] And my heart is tells me it's real
[Britney] So real, so real

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Both] Time will take us apart that's true
But I will always be there for you
Your in my heart and you'll be in my dreams
No matter how many miles between
I promise you that I won't forget
The day we kissed or the day we met
The sky may fall and the stars my too
But I will still, I will still love you

[Repeat CHORUS]

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Britney Spears I Will Still Love You Comments
  1. I AM UGLY

    Honestly he sounds soo good the only thing he needs to train his mind n fix the issues he has n he will shine like a star

  2. Vanessa Schmidt

    dude... this is the guy from the X-factor. What happened to his voice?!

  3. kishan

    hard to believe that the guy in this song had to go for auditions in x...

  4. กฤตนน ศิริบูรณานนท์


  5. Vanessa Chi

    2019 😀

  6. popsingerstar

    happy 20th anniversary 2 this kick-ass album!!! i was four when it came out & now im 24! go britney!!!

  7. Ona Ta

    She is my favorit celebrat.👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠

  8. be rica


  9. Justine Agaloos

    Probably one of my favorite songs from her

  10. Chelsea Mohr

    Singing this word for word at age 7 jamming the fuck out....singing it word for word now at 25 wanting to bawl my eyes out because life😭😂😂

  11. Darina LAURENTSON

    It's sad after to watch the meeting in the x factor movie between two artists: Britney Spears and Don Philips.

  12. Bruninha

    Omg this Song

  13. Taki Taki GO

    Britney Spears - I Will Still Love You Album Lyrics

  14. moory r

    Such a pure, simple and beautiful song...I miss it.

  15. Elijah J Jones

    My all time favorite love song of all time. ❤️😘

  16. Eu fantástica maravilhosa

    I will still love U Brit❤

  17. JuliuszP

    This is such a sadness-evoking song

  18. PLUSHY

    man this guy could of had a career, how sad he couldn't take the pressure. He shadows eminems lyrics "would you capture it, or let it slip?"

  19. Your Entertainment City

    She taught me how to harmonize with this song

  20. Your Entertainment City

    Soooo amazing reminds me of all my child hood best friends Nostalgia

  21. Robin Hall

    💞 SOooooo PRETTY!!! 😘 🎶 LOVE IT!!! 💋 🎶

  22. Anucha C

    Beautiful and underrated song💜💜💜

  23. the ELO show

    After watching the xfactor audition , i feel so uncomfortable listening to this song now

    Reaga n

    the ELO show same hereeee

  24. Susu jj

    Essa música me tráz ótimas lembranças, de uma época maravilhosa. .Muitas saudades ❤

  25. Raquel Oliveira Silva

    é mto liiinda, e pfta!;)

  26. Heighton 720

    omg this is the guy on the X factor. how sad.

    Warren Lee

    i know! I've been singing this song since i was 15 and now im 26 and i still love it. I felt sorry when i saw Don Philip on x factor :(

    darkhorse whitehorse

    yeah..when I saw him there, I was sad too.. ;(

    Gossip Control

    Heighton 720 was he trying out on X factor?

    darkhorse whitehorse

    Moon Child yeah he was..but was rejected..and britney was there..

  27. Intan Mdshah

    why they not make a video

  28. Intan Mdshah

    why they not make a video

  29. rachel mulveen

    Lovely heart warming

  30. Tiffany Newton

    and when the stars are falling <3

  31. Lady Of Starfall

    Imagine if this was Britney feat Justin

    Kitthy Grrr

    +xo xo i think it is :)

    Felipe Esteves

    justin don't deserve this


    @Felipe Esteves he deserves the electric chair for his crimes against music

    Jaedon Johnson

    drew And those are? Oh right making great music! 🙄

  32. MarieBeauty Life

    :) missing old days

  33. nuniexx xx

    Haha always will be the best

  34. Igor Eduardo

    Britney the Queen <3

  35. tahtofanini

    a time thats never come back

  36. teddy sincero

    This song always brings back so many sweet memories

  37. dinh

    I will always remember and love the guitar chords at good!

  38. Ruth Huertas

    Me facina. La musuca. de Britney

  39. anyahere

    The problem with Don is that something happened to his mouth, thus resulting in voice change. Even when he was just talking, it sounded weird, not as before. However, three judges already said "no", so he was clearly not going through the next round; Britney could have said "yes", just as support for her old acquaintance. She got lucky; she was a beautiful young girl, so it was easier to propulse her. Men have it harder.

  40. Jerry Barker

    I grow up with her as a kid in Louisiana. Sweetest. Woman alive. To this day still. Friends


    @Jerry Barker She is just the kindest woman ever<3

    Chris From Tha Block

    I call bullshit

    Ash ley

    Jerry Barker no she's not the sweetest woman alive. I'm really sweet and been told for many years that I'm really sweet

    Anneka Lunn

    Jerry Barker is that true

  41. midsummernightsdream

    i was way too young to appreciate how special she was...all I can remember is little kids saying she's gonna turn into a hooker...:/

  42. Bobby Cantu

    I think britney can still sing, she just doesn't want to for various reasons.

    Rancel Fuentes

    she can but the management and label hide her talent..thats why people didnt know the real her this days


    She can sing yes, but her record label kinda holds her back. It's not a secret to be honest

    Kirk Jacobson

    @Rachel They make her do that baby voice that not only doesn't really work now but is probably damaging her voice too.

  43. Ismal Bhai

    I will always Love with all my Heart

  44. Tristan Jay Gumarang

    why I still love her... it is because of her songs - when I listen to this song, I feel I'm in the beach seating on my behind while my both hand is anchor on my side, while enjoying gentle wave afar...

  45. W! Entretenimento

    Don Philip very good singer.

  46. saeed shohag

    So cool baby

  47. saeed shohag

    So cool baby

  48. Jαкε ʍcνɪε

    I Will Still Love You

  49. LLRockea02

    such a '90 song, love it!!!

  50. she dwells in possibility

    I had a dream about this song last night lol I actually woke up singing, "I'll promise that you'll be my one, my only everyyything...!" 

  51. Chakrit Sangsiri

    Best for me <3 love you britney

  52. MandaPanda1672

    One of my favorite songs on this album. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA. THE FEELS. 

  53. macwoodwinked

    trop bien quand on écoutait cette song dans la polo verte en allant à fruits des mers

  54. Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    For all of you putting down Don Phillip, remember, um, who had their pic taken showing her vagina? Who shaved her hair off and went berserk with an umbrella? Who went drinking every night with dimwit Paris hilton?

  55. Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    Yep. Unfortunately showing everything sells records. Not have any real talent.

  56. Nothing

    I love this song!!!!!:-)

  57. dêníle Swęft

    I still love her! but,I don't know.

  58. MRxROID

    Does anyone know what happened to Don's voice?

    Blake Laurie

    MRxROID drug abuse

  59. Ashley Tyler

    and you're not the stupidest...

  60. Ashley Tyler

    haha, i wasn't talking about ice cream XD for the featurings, for me, the duet was 60's, it's featuring, not duet

  61. Gizametalman

    Gosh! Really?
    No duet on your entire life?

    Chocolate / Vanilla duet icecream?
    Chocolate / Strawberry duet icecream?
    Napolitan icecream? (yellow and purple... that makes it a duet isn't?)

    Now icecream is like:
    "Taste the new Cornetto: Chocolate feat Vanilla flavors"

    HAHA! I must be the stupiest person in youtube.
    Greetings ladie. Keep well.

  62. Ashley Tyler

    haha, obviously (i'm 14) this is so strange, i've never heard since i'm alive the word "duet" for any featuring... i'm sad...

  63. Gizametalman

    so... since my Britney CD's are broken... (my dad bought them on 2000) i'm downloading all her songs again.
    I didn't remember this one (i'm 19)
    And the back of my CD says:

    8. I Will Still Love You (Duet with Don Phillips)

    Not "feat"


  64. day pc

    britney used to sing better as on this song, and Don was amazing sounding like Stevie Wonder. Underrated song, vocally the first album is the better hands down

  65. Freyja

    His singing is so effortless here. It's sad he doesn't have that voice anymore. I hope he manages to turn his life around.

  66. Benjamyn Gardner

    There's a reason Britney became huge and he went nowhere... She was totally right on X Factor

  67. Lina Hamdan

    why she left don?!

  68. hussain nasarii

    Queen that's song made my day

  69. Patrick3183

    A woman's promise....

  70. John J

    britney i will always love you

  71. seealterego88


  72. Haida Cudemos

    @BionicGuatemala The guy couldn't sing, trust me she did the right thing.

  73. Sharon Lo

    Britney did the right thing on X Factor, Don obviously doesn't have a good voice anymore to win the competition. She was not mean or anything to him, Britney is nice enough to remember him who recorded with her in like 14 YEARS AGO. She just spoke the truth, she clearly felt sorry for him and was upset about telling "no" to him. I'm sure if Don stops using drugs, seeks help from others and moves on from the past, he will do well in the future.

  74. BillieJo Gilkey

    an my illness is geting better but i can't be out in the sun. i hope one day i'll be well hopefully. i love you, you make me dream good dreams.

  75. BillieJo Gilkey

    you are so awesome!

  76. acrossfromwhere

    I haven't heard this since it first came out and it just popped into my head today. So happy it did :)

  77. Messylin

    Happy Valentine's Day to Britney Spears and Don Philip. God bless x

  78. dream0nx

    best duet of britney.

  79. blondybash321

    Such a touching song.

  80. m13laball

    It's Britney's job to be honest and to not play favorites or give a sympathy vote, especially if the act in question obviously isn't "up to par with the standards of the X-Factor." She was as gentle as you can possibly be in breaking the tough truth. :/

  81. BionicGuatemala

    Britney acted like a bitch!!!! With Don !

  82. Diego Pellini

    Britney don't sing anymore too

  83. Voltaholic

    Haha i remember this, i had it on cassette

  84. Emily Levitt-Gomez

    i actually rly like this song!

  85. Emily Levitt-Gomez

    OMG they sound soo good together!!!! its soo sad how his xfactor audition didnt go as he planned :(( omg i feel soo bad for him.

  86. alex illest

    Why are her eyes so far apart?

  87. Mich

    RIP Don Philip.

  88. GhostGardens

    I was making a joke about the irony of the song and the situation, I know that he's gay sunshine

  89. Alias

    hes gay.//

  90. Sol

    he got into drugs and smoking and evreything has fuck't him up . in the x factore she said : " i can see you had some hard time latley " or something like that , she never spoke to him but she saw it in hes eyes he's whole past . that woman is amazing ♥

  91. bill bennett

    what the fuck, don phillip is the fucking nuts here, he took much coke

  92. Anastasia

    It still sucks. LOL. Horribly sucks.

  93. Harry Su

    what are u talking about? this is britney's song. not a cover of whitney's or anyone.

  94. Anastasia

    WTH is wrong with this song? Was she drinking when she sang this? Sounds nothing like Whitney Houston version compared to what I saw on the title.

  95. Gone Fashing

    Lots and lots of cocaine will mess up your voice over the years. I feel bad for the poor guy.

  96. m o n o n o k e

    he didn't felt worthy, so he dropped out? few even have opportunities to record and release a single and this guy drops out. its his fault. he had a chance. if he felt like he wasn't worthy then he should have keep working harder instead of quitting. now he wants another chance after all the drugs and shit?