Britney Spears - Guilty Lyrics


You're always too busy
Why don't you go with me
Don't act like you don't hear me
you're guilty
He noticed no one was with me
I started getting so friendly
He told me I was so pretty
I flirted
I'm guilty

I have no reason to lie
I told you a thousand times
I needed you by my side, but you were nowhere to Ibe found
But you pushed your luck
Now it's all messed up
But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy
And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs
Then I guess that makes me guilty

Guilty [x2]

Stop wondering a thing but
I want you so bad it's danger
It's true I'm nobody's angel
Convict me
I'm guilty
You ain't no...
So good for...
It's not like I did it on purpose
The verdict is nothing
He needs me

I have no reason to lie
I told you a thousand times
I needed you by my side, but you were nowhere to Ibe found
But you pushed your luck
Now it's all messed up
But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy
And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs
Then I guess that makes me guilty

But you pushed your luck
Now it's all messed up
But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy
And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs
Then I guess that makes me guilty

Tonight you'll cry
Ain't nothing more
That's why deicided to sing this song 'bout
I'm fakin'
Girls hearts breakin
I was up beatin' and screaming 'n faking
You sit there say I'm filthy when you're the one who made me guilty

Guilty [x5]

But you pushed your luck
Now it's all messed up
But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy
And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs
Then I guess that makes me guilty

But you pushed your luck
Now it's all messed up
But you went too far when you broke my heart and I found my guy
And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs
Then I guess that makes me guilty

Guilty [x7]

Not not not with me...

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Britney Spears Guilty Comments
  1. James Bishop

    I prefer the original version with the prince kiss sample

  2. Nahuel

    I'm glad she never released this song. She was pretty much blaming HIM for her cheating. Like girl, if he didn't pay attention to you, you should've broken up with him, not go out and cheat.

    Faeries_Xylia 923

    Nahuel easier said then done. I don’t think were as happy together as what the media made them out to be since they did end badly and try to avoid each other still today after almost 20 years. No one really knows what happened. Apparently Justin was cheating too. I think bc they grew up together, have blonde hair and were both really famous that everyone assumed they were the definition of the perfect couple, bc they came from Disney. It was almost like a fairytale them two. The way they ended shows there was a lot of dark stuff going on that we’re not even aware of. I truthfully think they both cheated but Britney was probably too embarrassed to admit it, even though Justin himself had no problem using her “cheating” as the next step to boost his career.

  3. Alexis Grey

    It appears to sample 'Spellbound' by Rae and Christian.

  4. Alexis Grey

    This song was apparently written for in the Zone as a response song to Cry me a River.

  5. Simon Thurston

    Louisa Gelderbloem

  6. Jaedon Johnson

    If you listen closely, you can tell this is a look into her bipolar disorder. Her hyper sexuality to be exact.

  7. Harley

    michael jackson wicha yuo mary ann g. lagda

  8. Jay Winn

    I like the song it just reminds of playing Streets of Rage 2 knocking over trash cans and fighting

  9. my1name1is1asya

    I understand the lyrics like this: while they were dating (with JT), at one point he started neglecting her, created excuses not to go out together, said he was too busy, etc, so she just couldn't take it any longer, she was feeling lonely and started going out without him, other guys saw her alone and obviously hitted on her and she responded. But what she's saying is that she would never be doing this herself in the first place (f.e. hitting on other guys or cheating on him just for fun), because she was in love with him. So he and his neglect were the reason of their relationship's downfall. And then he accuses her of being unfaithful and breaks up with her, while in the reality his coldness was the reason their relationship started to fall apart. So he tried to play victim, while in the reality he was the one to blame


    Ugh that makes me angry

  10. SponsorEagleHunter

    Someone please list the lyrics for this

  11. Nick Gracey

    JIVE! F***ed her over.

  12. Stephanie Cabrera

    Britney Spears Guilty (Unreleased)

  13. elmin82

    this song screams Justin Timberlake..

    Francesco Vinci

    @Jaedon Johnson calm down bro, Justin Timberlake is the cheap version of Michael Jackson anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️ and he was the one to hurt Britney several times, so...

    Jaedon Johnson

    Francesco Vinci 1st off, I’m a woman. 2nd, “ cheap version of Micheal Jackson” oh please, he doesn’t nor ever has tried to imitate or even be him. 3rd, they were off and on during their relationship so he didn’t hurt her “several times” You’re just going by someone else’s word on that.

    The Elements Of Water

    Jaedon Johnson People are allowed to have opinions other than yours. You don’t like Britney whatever but at least unlike Justin she doesn’t still talk about him to this day randomly. That video was an example. Britney never made their relationship troubles public but Justin decided to. An whenever someone asks him about her he always has something to say. Her breakdown was 3-4 years after and you see he STILL milked her for fame. That’s why people don’t like him. I like his music but really that’s my opinion. You don’t have to get all wound up when someone believes something different over the little facts they have over the reasoning of a breakup.

    Jaedon Johnson

    The Elements Of Water Everyone acts like they know everything when they really don’t know facts. I try to correct people and they don’t like it, that’s the real problem. If you would watch “ Justin Timberlake Justified Era” as well as an interview while he and Cameron are dating and finally an E Interview you’d know he WAS ASKED ABOUT HER and not “randomly bringing her up” as you claim. Your fave did talk about him still after the breakup as well. Diane Sawyer interview when asked about him, on VMAs 2002 red carpet when asked about him. In her stupid reality show Chaotic NOT asked about him. In a 2016 interview when asked about doing a collaboration with him.

  14. mysticmanification

    Anyone else get a Selena Quintanilla vibe from some of the vocals? Particularly :43 - :48 the "and if losing you is what I gotta do" part.

  15. Lee Nichols

    I can imagine people dancing in a club to this or better yet Britney dancing her ass off on stage. YAsss

  16. Faeries_Xylia 923

    So pretty much what she is saying is that her and Justin had an ugly argument and he refused to go out with her one night so she went alone and one of Justins buddies were there and they both get too friendly and kiss. Obviously Britney was sad bc her and Justin were having problems and she felt lonely and vulnerable so she looks for attention and comfort somewhere else where she was lacking it from Justin. Sucks bc it ended their relationship for good.

    Avishek Saini

    @Tal R. Gee, I don't know Taliya. Why don't you ask the thousands of Hollywood hopefuls who were told to hide their relationships, sexuality, and marriages over the past 100 years in Hollywood history for the sake of their career? Or why not ask Britney herself who had to lie about her virginity for the sake of her career until Justin publicly humiliated her 2002 by telling radio stations they had sex the previous year? Or maybe you could ask Justin who can't seem to go one single magazine interview without bringing up his past with Britney to sell whatever shitty record he's pimping himself out for publicity to sell? That should answer your question in a most satisfactory manner.

    Britney TV

    Thats not what happened. Britney was feeling along, she said in interviews at the moment, Justin didnt care about him, her mom and family didnt care about her, she felt sad. Thats the moment when Wade Robson (more friend of her than of Justin) talked to her, one day he kissed her but she started to ignore him, thats why he told it to Justin. Wade Robson is an asshole he only wanted them to brake up, he also said bad things about Michael Jackson when he was a kid that wasnt true!! I think he is a sociopath. And Britney was inmature

    Sutton Pierce

    Y Justin un idiota así de simple @Britney TVOtra cosa Wade nunca ha vendido a Britney y ha sido una parte muy importante en la carrera de ella.


    She claims it was just a kiss, I don't know if I believe her. It sounds like it could've been more.

    Faeries_Xylia 923

    Nahuel knowing Britney being really naive and vulnerable majority of the time, I wouldn’t put it past me if she did more bc she seems easy to take advantage of bc she is so sweet and naive and child-like which is what got her into a lot of trouble. Britney is so sweet, gorgeous and talented but you can tell she was very sheltered, and oblivious to a lot of things bc in her younger days she was much more dreamy and saw everything through rose colored glasses which made it a lot easier for people to take advantage of her. I truthfully think Britney and Justin both cheated on each other. But that was almost 20 years ago. Justin is married with kids and Britney is in a serious relationship with 2 kids herself. They moved on a long time ago. Just bc they grew up together doesn’t mean they’re destined to be together, clearly they weren’t or they wouldn’t have went their separate ways.

  17. Fernanda Cantoral

    Britney wrote and produced this.

    Maria Jose

    She didnt

    Aspen Smith

    Maria Jose She is a co-writer on this.

    Maria Jose

    @Aspen Smith sources?

    iDonte Perfect

    Maria Jose Britney wrote and co wrote a lot of songs she really doesn’t get the credit she deserves

  18. Rebecca Bianca

    I Love this music, her voice <3

  19. Alexander Garcia

    this is britney and i love her Voice is incredible.!

  20. Marcos Archer

    This is about Justin break-up. I guess Justin wasn't banging her as he should.

    Jaedon Johnson

    Maria Jose believe what you want to believe.

    Jaedon Johnson

    L I’m far from the only one who’s on a lot of her videos, yet I’m the one of the only ones who receives hate for what I say where ever. As usual I’m dealing with a delusional Britney stan, I don’t “spread false rumors”, I say truth and you don’t like that. If you don’t like him, why are you here talking about him huh?? Contrary to what you’re saying, you’re spending time on a video of him.

    Jaedon Johnson

    L There’s this thing called Google, you should try it sometime, it’s extremely informative. If talking to me is a “waste of time”, you’d think by now you’d give up and move on with your life. I highly doubt you’ve not watched 1 in yrs, you know too much about what he’s up to nowadays to not have watched anything recently. GOODBYE!!!

  21. maryam mure

    it's,so sad she screams oh how I loved you at the end. omg she loved him so much

  22. maryam mure

    great song she did nothing wrong he was doing worse stuff w other girls. go Britney no wonder he was never there for her he was busy with other ladies smdh.

    Jaedon Johnson

    Eleonora Mingari I don’t believe that for a minute. You’re condemning him awful hard while defending her.

    Eleonora Mingari

    @Jaedon Johnson hate is a big word, he didn't to me nothing..

    Jaedon Johnson

    Eleonora Mingari Then what’s the issue with my thoughts and opinions. Everyone is allowed to have them after all.

    Lotus Savage

    @Jaedon Johnson Dudeeeee, i have seen you in every fucking video just writing shit about Britney hahaha, Justin cheated on her way before she cheated on him, You're a hypocrite in denial, byeeeee!

    Jaedon Johnson

    Lotus Savage I’m a woman 1st of all and 2nd, they were on and off their entire relationship so he never cheated.

  23. J GV

    esta canción es buenisima. muy jackson

  24. J GV

    esta canción es buenisima. muy jackson

    Aylith Siniestra

    claro el rey y reina

  25. Justine Devitt

    The vocal styling is very Michael Jackson

  26. Samara Hourany

    Original doll would have been the original Britney if it would have been released 😕😕

    John S

    Samara Hourany this isn’t from that album.

    sparkle jump rope gangsta

    This song was for In The Zone


    @sparkle jump rope gangsta Yes

  27. dizer87

    please release this song...

  28. Cairo Braga

    I love this version and I think is much better than the "close to finished" one based on the sample from KISS by Prince. it's so dark and minimalistic, would be a dancefloor banger.


    Me too, it's pretty good.

  29. jurassicpunch

    Dont know why, but this sound so funny.

  30. keylorqh88

    This is so experimental...

    Nick Gracey

    keylorqh88 and awesome

  31. Lacy Wells

    I love this song

  32. faaaduma

    The tune is a killer..:D

  33. Alejandro Galindo

    timbaland make this song and I think Britney dont really fit with timbaland, thanks to justin she always keep far from this kind of music...

    Ruben van de Put

    Lol Timbaland didn't make this song... I don't think Britney has ever worked with Timbaland himself... The version you're hearing here is done by Junior Vasquez and Quentin Harris and the original is probably done by Cutfather, seeing as he also wrote it... It was also done for "In the Zone", and though Timbaland was big back then, he wasn't as mainstream as he was during "Blackout", so if it were for "Blackout", then it'd be more logical if he'd done it...

    Avishek Saini

    Alejandro Galindo Fred Durst produced this song, shortly before falling in love with Britney and telling his fans he wanted to be with her.

    Sutton Pierce

    No es verdad ,Fred Durst no produjo esta canción ,trabajaron juntos pero su trabajo no paso el corte y Fred contó que se acostó con ella a la prensa en modo [email protected] Saini


    she recorded a song with Timbaland titled MORE THAN YOU KNOW which allegedly featured Twit.


    Thanks Britney biatche#

  34. Curvy Girl On A Budget

    not brit lols :P but good song

    Ruben van de Put

    Lol haha this is Britney...

    Spears Jean

    Yeah, it's Britney!