Brisco - On The Wall Lyrics

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
She wanna get it so she do me all up on the wall
She wanna get it so she do me all up on the wall
I wanna get it so I do her all up the wall
I wanna get it so I do her all up the wall

[Verse 1: Brisco]
Yeah I be that nigga brisco
When I come through they know I'm known to ball
She sippin' Nuvo while I'm puffing got them on the wall
Got the spliff [?]
Hands on the handle bars
Hop in with the top back now I'm in the lane, bowling ball
Ha, I might be going about one hundred miles
Sippin' on that Henny in the 'ghini I be going hard
She like don't leave me papa
I'm not a G but I'm here you ever need me need me


[Verse 2: Brisco]
I do her all up on the wall
Shawty done forgot her draws
Check the bathroom and bye bye I'm a beat her in the stall
Everybody on the wall
And we on that alcohol
Sh-t can happen, clap clappin' round of applause
Ha, I might be going about one hundred miles
Sippin' on that Henny in the 'ghini I be going hard
She like don't leave me papa
I'm not a G but I'm here you ever need me need me


[Verse 3: Brisco]
I'm under her arrest my hands completely cuffed
She always in control,
I know she like it rough
Never let her fuss [?]
Never try to call her phone
Just hit her with a text to let her know it's on
Throw her all up on the wall
Now I'm up on her fanny
She probably South Beach
Fountain blue Miami
I know she want get it
And I'm so quick to get it
I always pull her hair
And ask her how it feel
Uhh, Brisco


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Brisco On The Wall Comments
  1. Jack Lyons

    I miss these days 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. tweedy Gonzalez

    Listening in 2019

  3. Leonardo Gonzalez ortiz

    2019 and still

  4. Makensie Derusso

    It's 2018 lol throw back

  5. Jeremy Smith

    That beat still hard asf

  6. Jacob Hawks

    beat bugg box

  7. Ina Zyka

    2018 still

  8. jay wayne weezy

    Wayne 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  10. Vonda Berry

    Il Wayne

  11. Yung Sparks

    2017 :D Wayne's chorus still lit

  12. shymickey6

    Where have I seen that pink and black dress from??

    Hocus Focus

    shymickey6 h

  13. Dyzzi 773

    i really wish this song would've blown up.

    craig streetzel

    thanks for the record label and not getting everyone else to just do it and then someone else who gets the$ bull shit they will rather have it free and if you are at a party play it nobody is going to be mad 🔥

  14. Dominique Alford

    Love this song it goes hard

  15. caleb T

    not feelin this

  16. Dyzzi 773

    Tbt. #YM

  17. Anthony D'Innocenzo

    I swear when I was younger I thought it was saying "on the boner wall" lmaaao

  18. Harbor area

    i just went from in the hood music video to this one and Wayne is like completely different


    @jay buttet Right tho!



    John Smith


    Amanie Campbell

    In the hood was really made in 2007

  19. Sesame Street Anchor Bay Dora Cypress Hill


  20. Andre Muh

    Bom de mais

  21. David Lima De Melo

    Like this song

    Hannah Marshall

    Me too.

  22. Dominiquecole Walker

    Lil wayne dreads

  23. Mell Lee

    how much to get promotion for a video

  24. Mell Lee

    shit ight

  25. Sadrac Jorge Martinez Baltazar

    Lil wayne nomber one xD

  26. Sadrac Jorge Martinez Baltazar

    Lil wayne nomber one

    Hannah Marshall

    You spelled number wrong.

  27. Boss Dawg


  28. Jameel Abuayyd

    Com back Brisco We miss you

  29. Sebastian Boije

    This is the 1338 comment.

  30. Katie Jones

    Sexy ahh

  31. Maria Lopez

    LIl WAYNE!3

  32. Mario Betamcourt

    No pasa muy bien está sensurada, eso resulta mas un insulto que permitir el video y musica sin sensura

  33. Julian gomez mejia

    Se puede conseguir...

  34. Jesús M. López


  35. deniz yoruk

    where the f*ck is this " see all the girls on the wall wall wall " :(

  36. h0l0tn1k

    480p !!! much better for my ears

  37. Rizzla s

    they censored the word "do" >.<

    Edric Howard

    But it's not a bad word, though.

  38. MrCodzombies101

    it now 2013 ive been waiting since like no ceilings and study mobbin

    Shooter Gavin

    Steady jackass

  39. Jules P

    Street medicine coming soon

  40. lewis elliot

    still waiting.....

  41. aleksandar valeriev

    mn qka pesen

  42. Brandon Jones

    forensic files please

  43. Brandon Jones

    put forensic foreighn body

  44. Zach Browning

    Fuck critics and respect the criticized, check out BODACIOUS and SPACE TRAVEL which are videos promoting VR Movement Word up!!

  45. Саша Amadeaus

    yeaaah f*cking censoreeee... Explicit warsion hope will come soon

  46. Kn4v3

    Does Brisco remind anyone else of Kanye West?

  47. Masonex97

    Apparently... do, be, and sippin' are profanity

  48. Noy-z Noyze

    Briscooooooo Feat the dentist = Fixed my mouth nigga !!

  49. Buddy Baby

    check out my freestyles(BUDYBBY1000)pleas COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! 305 ALL DAY!

  50. sonofdite

    actually it is supposed to be "fuck me" I listened to this video before it became censored....FAIL

  51. Natálie Wtelenská

    Yes, I mean yes! :D

  52. SuperiorAether25

    is that shannell at 2:55?

  53. Marcelo Kayann

    Lil Wayne é foda, muito bom

  54. mike K

    Fuck Lil Wayne. BRISCO ALL DAY. Lil Wayne is a pussy slob. & real Crip punked his ass out.. lil Wayne fake. Brisco real. Well that's what I heard anyways haha

    Hannah Marshall

    Lil Wayne talks in a deep voice.

  55. KingOfKingz422

    Brisco should stop rappin wit this lame ass nigga. Wayne is terrible now. After watchin "In the Hood", this made me sick.

  56. Ivan Karaivanov

    what did the woman say at 0:13 ?

  57. Sander Terpstra

    I was here for Weezy but VEVO made be leave!

  58. Ivan Karaivanov


    oops.... i meant FUCK V**O

  59. JibriVP2

    Check out my channel for my mixtape that I cut in my basement

    I'm trying to build a fan base for when I drop my 2nd mixtape Die Verse 2
    & don't trip Die Verse 2 will be studio quality but you know I gotta start somewhere
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  60. Hoze

    This new rap gen suck hard :)


    What about now?

  61. TheWeeZyPeeZy

    waiting for a weezy verse

  62. Esnake17

    se puede conseguir =O YEAHHHHHHHHHH NIGGa

  63. Miro Mayne

    I wonder.. do rappers look back at their vids and be like: ''This shit is wack''?
    Cause the song is great, but the vid is cheap as hell...

  64. Jack Runge

    anyone know what the spanish girl is saying?

  65. EricTSjol

    Look who got his teeth fixed finally.

  66. Nicole Kiesznowski

    You know that blunt she hand him wasnt old and was used well, STILL SMOKIN BITCHS

  67. Kyle D'Souza


  68. Kyle D'Souza


  69. Syilus

    fuck lil waynes too sick, i dont give a shit what people say!

  70. Emanuel Rodriguez

    ____Brisco Got Robbed in Miami 2010____

  71. M Kam

    what does she say in the beginning ?

  72. Jesús M. López

    Se Puede Conseguir!!!

  73. Miroslav Dimitrov

    brisco kill it

  74. tyreebyrd2

    I only watched this because of wayne and shanelle

  75. MrKevenstyle

    Wayne save the song

  76. Aaron

    if i have more LIKES than the DISLIKE BAR it will dissapear
    soooo LIKE

  77. MissShinySpot

    loove lil wayne <33 :o

  78. damian marley

    please brisco get the fuck out of the rap world cause youre shit

  79. Jesús M. López


  80. 1234TheBeat4321

    Why THE FUCK would you censore this. He's saying "do me" not "fuck me". Lame ass vevo fuck you ruining music.

  81. Steve Bone

    Fuck censors! What the fuck is this with the .........s?

    Hannah Marshall

    Watch your mouth

  82. mrwright909

    Lil Wayne didn't even say a total of 20 words but he makes the song dope!!! He's so good that Brisco's...awful..ness lol isn't even noticed.....THAT much

  83. a25e

    VEVO.. Fuck YOU ..
    Ops i meant F**K YOU :)

  84. K R

    161 people ain't chill at the wall

  85. lilwoothiee51710

    waaaynee waas onn hiss taaylorr shitt !
    #SWAGGG !

  86. Daniel Oglesby

    Wow brisco isnt half bad. i came here to see teunchi XD

  87. Michael Sanchez

    DADE COUNTY thumbs up

  88. ballaforever992

    Why would you censor this?

  89. 305YoungJ


  90. futurehalloffamer

    too all my Zoe's....check out p phileston pot of gold (contest) on youtube! shit is fire!

    gotta support our fellow Haitians!

  91. wildfiresgirl

    Ugh, my ex used to play this song all the time whenever i was with him. Drove me friggin crazy! But this song is okay to listen to once in a blue moon.

  92. Chayton Jacobsen

    thumbs up if ur favorite part of the song is "sippin lini in the gini i be goin hard"

  93. Eldor Fadida

    אברום השמן

  94. stephturd

    Does Birdman...Baby..Waynes "Daddy" have 2 be in every damn video Wayne is in? His wack rappin ass irritates da shit outta me

  95. Tuyet Lu

    im a female asian and french upcoming rapper ; )

  96. iracilda xavier da Silva

    muita chapada essa musica realmente *_* sou brasileiro com orgulho kkkkkkk *_*

  97. JDB

    What a beat AMAZIMG