Brighten - Whoever You Are Lyrics

I'll sing a song for you
Cross the world for you
Name every shining star for you
My darling dear

I'll build a house for you
Catch that mouse for you
Be every girl's dream for you
You'll know it's clear

I'll be a man for you
I'll talk a stand for you
I'll hold your hand for you
When you get out the car

I'll do what I'm supposed to do
I'll brag and boast of you
Once I find you
Whoever you are

My eyes cry for you
My heart dies for you
My, how time flies for you
When you're around

I'll love both sides of you
I'll feel obliged to
Do whatever I must do
To keep you around

I'll make a life for you
Oh baby, I'll die for you
I'll make a wife of you
I'll hold your heart

I'll never grow tired of you
I'll walk across the fire for you
Once I find you
Whoever you are

Baby close your eyes
Do you see me?
Do you believe me?
Wherever you are

I'll be waiting
Just to see you
And know that me and you
Were never apart

Whoever you are

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