Brighten - I'll Always Be Around Lyrics

Watch as the moonlight creeps into the room.
I think I just might wanna be with you too.
As I’m dancing down the halls
Applying glitter on the walls
I cannot wait for you

Because I don’t wanna sleep at all
But you’ll try to sleep it off

And darling I, I can’t slow down
Don’t know why I do the things I do
But I’ll always be around.

You’ll dream of me love
Walking on your roof
Climb through the window, live up on the moon
Where we walk among the stars
And where know what’s here is ours
Cause I made it all for you

I don’t wanna sleep at all
But for you I’ll sleep it off.

And darling I, I can’t slow down.
Don’t know why I do the things I do
But I’ll always be around.

And darling I, I can’t slow down.
Don’t know why I do the things I do
But I’ll always be around.
But I’ll always be around.

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Brighten I'll Always Be Around Comments
  1. Gunita Veisberga

    Hi i am from Latvia and i love this song

  2. Bambi Pardis

    I found this band thinking of my aunt adaline a grade school teacher in their town she passed away 104 years old

  3. Karry Ellis

    im 7 and my name is brighten

  4. R Brush

    This song sounds like falling in love. I was so, so madly in love with some one when I first started listening to Brighten, and first heard this song. I'm happy I can appreciate it as just a song now, but it will still always remind me of that time, too.

  5. Triple anal fisting has ruined my mind and forever corrupted my soul™

    this just sounds so gay

  6. Khrisna Khristian

    WOW. i miss her already....

  7. Danny Moncada

    Reminds me of my ex fiancé. Crazy how things change.. And crazy to think we'll never see or talk to eachother again. No matter how hard I pray there's just no way. I remember driving home listening to this everytime we argued over little things and I just had to turn around and race to her house and tell her that I loved her. I miss her so much....


    I know just what you mean. You miss that person so much it hurts sometimes.... 
    Just keep going it will get better... 

    Ys Ting

    she said "yes".. and a month later everything changed.. im angry at disappointed in her.. yet i miss and love her so much.. 


    +Danny Moncada looks like you moved on finally...

    Buddy Luv

    music is a powerful thing enjoy > God Bless Everyone today !

    Buddy Luv

  8. David Chooi Xian Loong

    I'll always be around if you need a friend 

  9. Sabrena Mundy

    This is my sons name.. I live it!!!

  10. Jessica Figueroa

    I get to see them with The Maine, and A Rocket To The Moon in a few hours. The concert is sold out (Atlanta, GA) I'm so happy.

  11. Aeriel Nesbitt

    I can't stop pressing replay. It's just so beautiful. ❤

  12. travelgirl1193

    I agree it's a really good song

  13. Filmstudent

    beautiful voice! makes me melt.

  14. YourWaifuisShit

    Because some guys (just like us girls) are jerks and don't know what they have 'till they lose it. Got played hard by a guy for almost two years. I gave up, now he's the one broken-hearted. Hopefully things change, you never know. But know that there is someone out there for you, just don't give up on finding someone worth while and don't settle! Why? 'Cause you deserve just as much true affection as the other. Good luck ~! :3

  15. Monkey Pope

    its too late... she loves this guy but he plays with her.. they broke up 3x and went back out.. my question is why play with a sweet and nice girl that gives her heart and care to himm.....

  16. YourWaifuisShit

    I wish you luck! (: But make a move if you really are interested, before it's too late.

  17. Monkey Pope

    Reminds me of a girl I like in high school don't have a chance with her just friends but in the future I'll get her hopefully

  18. ImaShicopika96

    I dedicated this song to a guy last November/December. I loved that boy so much. I haven't talked to him since July, but I'm better off. Crazy how time changes things.

  19. PressCtrlG

    Their songs are so well written.

  20. ceenisaaa

    How do you people fall asleep to this. I'd be crying my eyes out.

  21. ceenisaaa

    This is so beautiful..-3

  22. Julian Artica Rosado

    Meanwhile, Cate is pressured by the executives at the radio station to deny that she has a daughter in order to save her job.

  23. Sam Acres

    I uploaded this video the day the song came out and didn't know the lyrics well enough to make a lyric video, but I will take your advice for any future videos, and I can put the lyrics in the description for you! :)

  24. Gavinskillrdude

    Now Thats What I Call Music: Vol. 84

  25. lafilleca pierre

    They should start putting lyric on the bottom[like duh]

  26. Catarina Duque

    brighten are so wonderful.

  27. spazpiggy


  28. sleepyheadses

    What album is this from? :">

  29. me6523

    Me and my boyfriend of three years have been broken up for three weeks. But it feels like years. I miss him so much. This song reminds me of him.

  30. john karlo Corpuz

    i love the fact that , they are brothers :) its like, brother's music :D

  31. Kendall Glass

    Isn't that guy in A Rocket To The Moon?

  32. Danny Owens

    @JumpikSlovakia Me neither, I can't sleep when any music is on... It just fucks me up too much.

  33. drew stafford

    its been almost a year without her, but i still LOVE her and i always will, i go to the hill where we first kissed everytime i get chance, i sit there and just think about her, hoping to see her,

  34. AlecFootball75

    @Kleefinland thanks dude

  35. omg klee

    @AlecFootball75 Sorry, man..I know exactly how you feel...

  36. AlecFootball75

    Just was told yesterday by someone im in love with that she loves me but she's not in love with me... :/ 6 months gone.... shes always gonna have a place in my heart

  37. Cody Wold

    wtf how dare you dislike this song!!!!!!!!

  38. AvriIia

    OMG who the hell doesn't like this song!

  39. AlecFootball75

    Babe, I love you, if you see this, I hope you know its me..... but I doubt it :D

  40. Reguli Production

    I cant sleep when i hear this ... :/

  41. SLJH1794

    this makes me think of my ex :( i love him so much, but he doesnt seem to care. He is my everything, the reason why i still breathe, i need him back otherwise i will never be happy again, he was the only person that made me happy . i miss him so much :(

  42. Michelle Johnson


  43. Julie McKenney

    my addiction.

  44. Max Carson

    @bostoncreme143 go home.

  45. Lauren Pridemore

    I like the live version better, the pace suits this song much better in the live version. But this is an amazing song! the whole album is incredible!<3

  46. daniel

    I love this song. Puts me right to sleep.

  47. alexa lime


  48. Mathew Sanchez

    @bostoncreme143 No Its his Original band its him and his brothers.

  49. xxsk8ernate88xx

    @bostoncreme143 yes he is and i love him for it. he's my favorite artist.

  50. Michelle Martin

    @bostoncreme143 Brighten was Justin's band before he joined Rocket :)

  51. Viddax

    Amazing songg

  52. LeylaCMusic

    So happy they've done a new record! Thanks for putting this up :)