Brighten - Forever In Love Lyrics

Love is a river that flows through the soul straight to the heart of mare
And our love forever lives deep in the palm of God's hands

Just as my heart woke, it beat for you
Just as my mouth spoke, it spoke for you

Forever in love
Forever in love with you
Forever in love
Perfectly able and born to be true
Forever in love with you

Forever is not some measure of time
Don't matter how long you live
It's a promise where one, even after we're gone
'Til nothing on earth will exist

Just as my eyes saw, I saw you
Just as my legs walked, I followed you

Forever in love
Forever in love with you
Forever in love
Perfectly able and born to be true
Forever in love with you

Only in love
Only in love

Just as my heart beat, I prayed for you
I answered I will always wait for you

Forever in love
Forever in love
Forever in love
Forever in love

Forever in love
Forever in love with you
Forever in love
Perfectly able and born to be true
Forever in love with you

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Brighten Forever In Love Comments
  1. Misss_monarch

    Almost 2020 😍

  2. Deku Eruam

    My youth.. I still love listening to these genre of music from time to time .. I still remember the lyrics by heart

  3. Joey Wheeler

    March 7th. The day Logan came into my life. I can't stop crying. I love you, bubbly cherry cola boy.

  4. ZipShowZinn

    8 years after high school, this song still cuts to the core of me. Thank you, I'm with you in this hurt. We all hurt together

  5. Austin Hall

    1:46 is the best part

    420th comment

  6. Kathy Hoss

    23 - 9✨❤️ CLP I finally found u and this is for u always and forever

  7. Ariadna Ponce

    Forever in love with you. ❤ L&A
    29/06/2017 💔

  8. 1Heart


    Kiseung Moon

    Gino Kemp ❤


    its already been 1 month since i commented this time really does go by fast i love you <3


    3 months since i commented this <3


    Kten, fuck off he is mine👑🙈

  9. Princess Louann

    I love this song it a beautiful heart broken songs it make cry my treat out

  10. Jacob Berckefeldt

    This girl i used to know dedicated this to me. She was my best friend and i still care about her with all my life. One day shit got tough and we went our separate ways; that day completely fucked me up. I've been going about it as well as i could, but having nightmares about me and her being back together really fucks me up, and doing my best to act like i don't miss or love her is brutal. I've had my fair share of dating since then, been with chicks like a guy usually does when he's heartbroken, but it doesn't fix anything. She randomly starts talking again, and here comes the water works. If you love someone, hold onto them. Don't let them go, because living your life away from the person you love iss the worst kind of torture.

  11. Eric Clayborn

    Lovely song. I just lost my ex fiance after 4 years. Officially Aug, 26, 2017.

  12. Justine Baricuatro

    is it just me or the intro sounds like falling in love in a coffee shop (landon pigg) 😟

  13. Vittoria1012

    Please don't say Forever... Don't make these promises... I've heard them so many times that they make me sad... Instead of saying Forever simply prove your love to me Every day - like a tiny present every day.

  14. O Gui

    cacete eu amo essa musica demais

  15. Mello

    12-22-16💙💙 I love you soo much Jessica

  16. Lia Camelia

    22/1/15 i love you Q ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Bambi Pardis it's a right song

    I call it gothical magic with him

  18. Dylan

    040216, 102916, 110116
    met you, married you, made you my one and only
    lets see the end of time together

  19. Rebeca Turrubiates

    17-11-15 Forever In Love With You.❤

  20. fia pebiana

    09-10-2016 he loves dota

  21. Scribe

    Found this song 5 years ago. Cried. It was a pretty song.

    4 years ago, my first love left.

    3 years ago, met a new girl.

    2 years ago, had a baby with her.

    1 year ago, she told me she hated me.

    I'm just wondering what happened. And after 5 years of all that, I finally heard this song again... and I can't stop crying. I just wish I could go back.

  22. ka vang

    Love this song :)

  23. Watermelon Bee

    I love fairy songs. like how fairytales aren't real neither are these songs. no such thing as love forever.😡


    There is no such thing as forever-anything. That is why the most beautiful things in life are temporary. Because life is temporary. Because it is fleeting...

    Because it is the few moments we are alive that define what it means to exist.

  24. Tyler White

    10/31/2010-1/7/2013 T.A.W. +J.D.H. It was supposed to be forever. :(


    Rise and shine to all lovers family :)
    Guys your comments here I feel like fallen into the jar of love :)
    Your love is a treasure :) I so much love these dates :)

  26. JOM

    Still cannot forget what we were before,. the laughs, the tears, everything. It was never "the perfect relationship" to begin with, nevertheless, it's enough for us to build a dream. It's been years but still, can't seem to move away from it. Tried but failed miserably every time and now, she's on somebody else's arms. i wish it was always me but i don't want to be selfish. All i could do is hope and pray that she finds happiness and may God bless and guide their relationship. This song, completely reflect my feelings for her..

    Yael Tapia

    +Jomel Valiao You know you really love someone, when you wish for their happiness, even if the picture doesnt have you in it. It requires a very pure and honest heart to be able to wish the person you love to be well with whomever she chose to be with. Stay strong, the day will come when someone will love you just as strong as youre capable of loving, you deserve it!

  27. Krista Kalil

    Best friends for 3 years during high school.. Dated during senior year.. We are in college and still going strong 😍😘

    Rebeca Gutierrez

    How do you tell your best friend you love him? 😳💘 I fell in love with him just scared to loose him will be 4 years in friendship
    Congrats on your 3 year may many more years come as you both walk through this beautiful journey called life together 💘
    It's very beautiful
    Best friends together
    💘 I wish you both so much happiness 😄

    Krista Kalil

    +Rebeca Gutierrez it was difficult, he actually got the courage to ask me. But life is too short, I think you should go for it so you don't miss out on an amazing opportunity :)

    Krista Kalil

    And thank you! I wish the same for you :)

  28. Audrianna Spinnie

    2 years ago we found this song together and its has so much meaning since that day. Two years going on strong, wouldnt trade the world for it. <3

  29. Evening Sun Lame Deer

    13/09/14 3

  30. 90hpin

    15/08/14 i'll never love anyone as i love her.
    She is my everything

  31. Leah Barrett

    12.13.14 💞 not together anymore..

  32. Hazel G

    6/8/15~ <3

  33. Mary davidson

    my 1st bf sung this to me then dumped me the nxt day

    Mary davidson

    Thanks both


    Not to sound like a dick... but after the other comments, I needed that laugh.

    Marissa Tejeda

    Mary davidson maybe he practiced for the new girl. Jk

  34. Jane Fiddler

    Forever in love with you <3 (J.J Lawson) :3 <3 <3 <3 =)) Forever..........:)

  35. Maine Family

    ♡ 6/13/14 ♡
    I love you Jason.

  36. Anahi Carrasco

    24-04-13 Claudia & Anahí

  37. Bianca Marie

    My fridge, love you honey bunny <3

    kaylin mcdowell

    @Bianca Marie yasss

  38. Sarah Kester

    16/10/11 <3 

  39. MyDarlingDear

    Jesus is my first and perfect first love! I am now able to pass on that love to my husband and children. We are able to love because the Lord first loved us and taught us love. This song lifts my heart! Thank you!

  40. Chasity Reule

    02-14-15 ❤️ forever in love.. 💖

    Chasity Reule

    Still going strong

  41. arleta piekarska

    very nice


    17/06/14 <333 Te amo muchisimooo <3 te dedico esta song <3 con mucho amor 

  43. 4Kross3r

    23/03/2014 Caroline <3

  44. Danny Moncada

    Dec 2010 changed my life forever, 17 and in love, now 22 and still in love and engaged, rough patches and heart breaks but true love works its way out through everything ❤️

    Flower Queen

    I hope me & my ex end up like that we both met at 17 been on & off since 10\10\14 💔 tlked bout bein married since then last time we did was sometime last yr recently he said he'd gimme a ring soon seriously in love with this boy really wanna spend the rest of my life with him dude's my soulmate


    I am with you brother, and I wish you the best

  45. Ashley Freeman

    This is going to be my Fiancé and my first dance song.


    I love you Brandyce Berg. Always and forever. And I will NEVER stop loving you. God Bless you.

  47. Jac0bCWalk

    14.2.2014, this date changed my life. And I'm gonna be with her, only with her.
    Everytime I hear this song, I remeber every moment we spend together. Jacob & Clair❤️ <3

  48. 015cn

    anybody know what the correct basic chords are for this song??? i can't find a tutorial on you tube?

    J W

    I've tried to figure it out but I've guessed it as A7, G, Bm and then A. I'm not sure where the capo is placed though

  49. xNetherDogx

    Shit music

  50. levi jones

    12/19/14 :) she is the best thing that ever happened to me.


    $10 shes ugly


    @xNetherDogx awww thats not nice man XD i feel bad for the guy but i bet he probably gives 0 fucks haha

  51. Brandon Blank

    This song makes me feel things.

  52. This is a name

    10/11/13 jake is my always<333

  53. Emo_Kalen 101

    6/25/14<3 changed my life

  54. Jennifer Mortaş

    6/6/2014 <3 Bennifer


    Brandyce <3

  56. Malaika S

    My first official relationship changed me and I went into depression for 2 years after that I'm 15 yes but I'm the most confident person you'll meet I thank god for making me fall in love with the angel which was he my ex boyfriend and as soon as the angel left his body I realised after so long that it was the angel that I fell in love with not the guy

  57. TheHumanRayce

    i feel so alone now, i dont know who to talk to, she just....broke it off and i dont know what i did wrong. i know its my fault somehow, isnt it always?


    You're not alone, and just remember whatever's meant to happen is meant to be. If she broke it off, then hey, she's just not the one for you. You'll get through this. Love comes again. Trust me.


    i feel u! just happened to me a month ago..just happened out of the blue,,just keep ur head up! life goes on! 


    Its been 6 months, I want some new informations about you!

  58. Pascal's Triangle

    8/12/14 3 weeks down, Going on forever 😉 Love you Ma'ayan ❤️

  59. Kevin Liddle

    I sing this song to my hand sometimes.

    Standing in the Wind

    Kevin Liddle 😂 thx. Needed a laugh tonight.

  60. Michelle Vinarik


  61. uchiabrother


  62. Angelika S

    04/02/2013 changed my life <3

  63. Lauren LovesU

    Forever in love with you 💕 5/01/14

  64. heavy cousins

    i will always love her i still think of her 3-21-13 changed they way i act they way i love everythink on me and i need you in my life artemis il always be there for you :(

  65. maddy campbell

    even though I've moved on, every time I hear this song I always think of you fs😢


    For some reason I am really missing her tonight. It's been a few months since I last seen her. I need to see her again. This song is her anthem. I love you Brandyce 4-14-2014

  67. Rachel Young

    8/23/12 my life changed

  68. Kayla Marissa

    On 3.18.2013 my life changed forever... in the worst way... I lost my soul mate. The only guy I could picture my future with. My love my best friend my everything.. He became an angel and most of the time I swear he's still here.. i'd give anything to have my love back... :'c

  69. בטינה אנג'ל

    ❤ M.M Te Am0ooo Y Te Quiero mucho! ❤


    We're still going strong. :)

  71. Jessica Flynn

    8/15/13 <3 😁😁😁

  72. Lissett Hernandez

    This Song Will Be Playing In The Future With My Wife <3 , In Wedding <3

  73. Lissett Hernandez

    I'm A Guy With My Sisters Account , But I Love My Girlfriend Sooo Much <3
    #01202014 [ <3 M + E <3 ]


    I love you Brandyce....4-14-2014


    This song speaks out load to me. I am so in love with a woman I cannot have yet. I hope someday her and I end up together. I want nothing more than to give her happiness. She deserves the world. I love you Brandyce. I love you with all my heart and soul. Every fiber of my being and my soft beating heart. I love you Brandyce...Since...4-14-2014

  76. Ijennifer42

    3/23/14~ <3

  77. musicsaveslove&life

    12-8-13 <3 we took a break since then but we back and stronger than ever.

  78. Danny Owens

    Dec. 5th, 2008. I love you.

  79. Ashlee Marie

    3/17/14 <3

  80. Kendra Caldwell

    I'll love you forever and always babe. C.M.M<3

  81. Hannaha97

    When ever I listen to this song now, I remember 2012 when I thought that "we" would really be together forever, so naive, well it all turned to the good by now, but still this song touches my heart so much and brings up memory's.

    Chris Dueck

    I know exactly how you feel :(


    yep....we all been there but thats why we need to move on (easier said than done haha) but we'll get though this, only "YOU" can change your way of thinking 

  82. Travis Reece

    I've yet to find you, but i know your listening too (:

  83. Katie Keyes

    3-20-13 <3

  84. Katie Keyes

    3-20-13 <3

  85. Rachel S

    My Belgian <3

  86. Noor G'anem

    fadiii 3 ilysm

  87. Bryttni Robinson

    i love this song its awesome

  88. Denisse Donato

    052812 <3 Thanks for everything! :)

  89. Steve Reed

    July 23, 2010 <3

  90. Chloe White

    Very similar sound to The Icarus Accounts lead singer <3

  91. cleverwill1

    20/11/2013 love you Sharlie <3

  92. VampiraBlackRose

    01/06/12 <3<3 Love you darling and our baby girl <3

  93. Supratim

    No dates for me :3

  94. Haley Clendenin

    7-25-12 ♡

  95. Rarr Ninnjaa

    22.02.12 - 08.10.13 ...really thought you were here to stay.. Your words meant nothing didn't they?. .

  96. Faizah M

    11 October 2013 <3