Bright Eyes - Reinvent The Wheel Lyrics

My friend you were a model, a priceless work of art.
Boys would fashion their emotions to the pattern of you heart.
And I heard you wrote that record for a girl you loved but died.
I'm here sewing mine, together, just hoping you're alive.
And I know you'll never come back now to the world where people are.
'Cause you never understood what they loved you for.
Now ghosts they have their secrets, and they'll tell them to a few.
So you can never pay attention, when they're whispering to you.
There were many talents you possessed that I wished myself to have.
But the way your eyes would gloss over, well I never envied that.
And I doubt you'll ever come back now from wherever it is you are.
'Cause you never understood what we loved you for.
I'm sure the T.V. sets will tell us when someone reinvents the wheel.
Till then I'll have a million conversations about shit that isn't real.
But I'll try to breathe in meaning dig deep through every gasp of air.
Cause I know you did the same thing for as long as you can bear.
I guess everything just circles 'round to where it was before.
So I hope I'll see you soon in some other form.

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Bright Eyes Reinvent The Wheel Comments
  1. Reilly Cordy

    I listened to this album so much when it came out. I loved Elliott Smith at the time, too. And I never knew it was about him! Until tonight!

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Reilly Cordy There’s no proof that it is. Conor never said it was.

  2. Cole Thompson

    I love you Elliott.

  3. LV-426

    The part at 1:49 is just amazing

  4. EuphoniaPooch

    I've heard this is about Elliott Smith? Anyone know if that's true?

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    EuphoniaPooch just a rumor. There’s no proof. Conor has never commented on it.

  5. daydrmnation

    Love you Elliott! <33

  6. licky

    this one reminds me of portastatic

  7. Punished Kewpie

    I hope I understand what they love me for while I'm here.

  8. Michael Zachary

    I'm 25 & have been listening to various Bright Eyes albums since I was 12, and somehow each one fits in with different stages in my life. I honestly can't say that about any other band.

    Pernille Madsen

    I feel exactly the same way. I will sometimes listen to other stuff from time to time, but I will always return to Bright Eyes.

    Glenn Joyce

    he has been making music since he has been 12...something is bound to stick. I totally get it though

    Michelle Betza

    You should be listening to Elliott Smith too!!!

    Janis Daugavietis

    and now you are 29

  9. WhoIsPine

    And you seemed so sure about that one :(

  10. Cara Holsgrove

    No... John Thomas Carse is right.. This song is about Elliott. I have always thought that lyric meant the boy's wanna be like him, and think like him...

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Cara Holsgrove that’s just a theory. Conor never said that

  11. John Thomas Carse

    Boys DO fashion their emotions to the patterns of his heart... Have you heard that guy's songs? Amazing shit.. But if you wanna go there, he also says, 'I heard you wrote that record for a girl you loved...' So, there's that~!

    Michelle Betza

    I heard you wrote that record for a girl you loved, but died.

  12. Masteryre

    One of my favourites!

  13. John Thomas Carse

    @celciousmadden It's funny because it's about Elliott Smith, who killed himself... (Or died, at least.)

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    John Thomas Carse There’s no proof of that. That’s just a theory.

  14. klkool1

    :) I love that I keep finding your name on my comments, Thank you for viewing my videos. I posted some new information on my channel, Check it out.
    And yeah this song is lovely.

  15. celciousmadden

    I would just die if he wrote a song about me :DDDDD <333