Bright Eyes - Motion Sickness Lyrics

There is nothing for which I'm responsible.
Just this baggage I keep carrying on,
As if I had someone.

Maybe there's a woman somewhere,
Who's still thinking of me.
A girl with cold black hair,
Who's haunted in her dreams.
But what they've seen, well it wasn't me.
It's just some lie, they slept beside.
Yeah I kept this from them,
But I can't keep this from you.

So will you look for me, in that strange bright place,
Where the statues bloom in the park.
They don't need no rain.
'Cause how I ever got to you, I have no idea.
It's like some secret door, well it just appeared.
So, no matter what I do from now on with my time.
You will always stay here, in my mind.
I'm certain of this, and I'm not certain of anything.

So, I wanna get myself attached, to something bolted down.
So these winds of circumstance won't keep blowin' me around.
From when I land, to when I leave:
There's not enough time, to sleep and sing.
I keep running around and all I want is to lay motionless.

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Bright Eyes Motion Sickness Comments
  1. GroovyAnthropomorph

    Does anybody know what type of flute that is in the background? Or is it even a flute?

  2. Daniel Tellez

    That’s Tim Kasher in backup vocals, right?

  3. Eduardo León Solórzano

    Everytime I hear this, it's like a hot iron piercing my chest, not necessarily a bad thing, just amazing how beautiful this is

  4. Eduardo León Solórzano

    this song blends perfectly with Kvothe's feelings for Denna (from the kingkiller chronicles)

  5. clay4444

    fuck it feels like its after midnight... fuck its only 8:52 pm and im drunk. fml man

  6. Johnny Felcher

    Did these motherfuckers set off a fire alarm at the end or something? I swear I heard a fire truck lel.

  7. Ali Baldwin

    dust in the wind

  8. Marek Vidina

    I still love this song... damn!

  9. Tyler Mills

    This song makes me wonder if my girl is thinking about me still. Well, ex girl.

    His sadness clashes with mine and it makes me happier. Conor is truely an artist.


    Tyler Mills she isnt, neither is mine. Gotta accept it and move on

  10. TheUrzur

    and still ... this whole fucked up society, after day full of stress, full of seeing stupid people getting fullfilled by talking nonsense, after two or three beers ... I need some of this or other songs like this to keep me going.


    Well you're not alone

    Michael Milburn

    Do you listen to Phosphorescent?

  11. Artie Arthur

    take a chance


    Artie Arthur
    The best!! :)

  12. Artie Arthur

    You wanna get high

  13. Voice of Treason

    Conor's laugh at the end makes me feel inexplicably happy.


    Voice of Treason
    Totally!! 💜

  14. Ryan Howe

    Masterpiece! This song is so haunting. It's like it never leaves me.

  15. Keely Holland

    " So, I Wanna Get Myself Attached To Something
    Bolted Down!
    From WHEN I LAND
    I keep Running Around And
    All I Want Is To LAY Motionless!"


    I completely AGREE !

  16. TheUrzur

    im the deep shit, im not from america but still i love this song .. kay mayve theres a women somewhere...

  17. TheRealRyanDosier

    So, no matter what I do from now on with my time.
    you will always stay here in my mind.

  18. Will Van Marcus

    I keep trying to explain it to myself, but I can't. I don't know why Bright Eyes has a powerful grip over me. Thing is I love it. It makes me feel sadder when I am sad. And I'm ok with that. I can experience any emotion with Bright Eyes picking in my ear. I love Conor, Mike, And Nate, and the occasional M.Ward. They are all my heroes, not one more than the other I view the as equal.

  19. Hopeless Necromantic

    Take a chance.

    Zachary Magpul

    that line came to my mind, why i just came here lol

  20. alonelycrow

    funny thing, i never wanted to listen to this, dunno why. Just 2 months ago i listened it for the first time, and now i can't stop

  21. andrea henry

    Oh Conor you you just GET IT<3

  22. Bree Baker

    I wish I could find a love that meant so much to me.
    Conor inspires me to continue living, I do not even know him, but I
    am thankful for him everyday.
    I wonder how any one human could be so perfect....

  23. klkool1

    @lynch03 I know nothing about Conor or this band.
    You win.

  24. Michael Pat

    @klkool1 um, have you ever heard of Mike Mogis? he's been an important aspect of his music since letting of the happiness.

  25. Navid Lohrasb

    @klkool1 Watch an interview with Conor Oberst where the interviewer insinuates that it is just him in the band and you can see a slight hint of frustration before he explains that it is him and Mike Mogis, why do you think Mike Mogis is on the cover of Monsters Of Folk? Because he has money and tweaks with the sounds? You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  26. Navid Lohrasb

    @klkool1 "Bright Eyes is basically just one man; Conor Oberst" I took your use of present tense quite literally.. And Mike Mogis is a multi-instrumentalist and his job is not to simply throw money at it and funk with the sounds, you can thank him for such additions as all the slide guitar, mandolin, and a lot of guitar work to name a few things. And I don't think you really understand what a Producer's job entails.. He's been with Mike Mogis for a VERY long time, including Noise Floor..

    Zachary Magpul

    there was like 800 ppl on lifted lol. that whole time with all those bands on saddle creek n the city imo is one of the most highly underrated times in music. if you see any top ten of any greatest albums of all time nobody from there will ever be mentioned, meanwhile im bobbing around work with "desperate guys" stuck in my mind. i guess pop, or unpop culture effects us all differently. but its sad that not even 10 or so of the 40 geniuses that came out of there dont get the credit they deserve. friggin nebraska lol

  27. Navid Lohrasb

    @klkool1 Are you forgetting about Mike Mogis? He is a tremendous part of Bright Eyes, yes Conor writes the lyrics and chord progression, he does not arrange any string arrangements (Nate Walcott did that for Cassadaga), he does not play anything but guitar and occasionally piano, a lot of what gives Bright Eyes their signature sound is credited to Mike Mogis.

  28. klkool1

    I just bought the People's Key Yesterday. The vids will be up in about a day or so. Stay tuned.

  29. Kasie B

    @klkool1 Don't worry I didn't take it the wrong way. I know that it basically is just Conor, but I still want to give credit to all of whom he has worked with as well. I agree most of the credit does go to him, but I also think at least some credit goes to the others as well. I am quite jealous of the fact that you met him. lol He seems to be quite an amazing guy, I hope the best for him and look forward to buying The People's Key very soon as well. Thanks again. :)

  30. Kasie B

    I can easily write so much about Bright Eyes and it still wouldn't truly express the beauty they have created. This is definitely my favorite song, all their other music is amazing but this one just gets to me in that special way every single time I listen to it.. Thank you for the upload.

  31. klkool1

    I feel you. I love my Conor as well.
    Stay tuned!

  32. klkool1

    I fathom your love, It's the closest thing I got to tangibility. You're welcome. Keep listening.

  33. klkool1

    No problem. Thanks for watching. I will be uploading all of his songs so stay tuned!