Bright Eyes - It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends Lyrics

Yeah, you still kiss me, but it's just on the cheek
Yeah, you still kiss me, but it's just on the cheek
Yeah, you still kiss me sometimes, but it's just on the cheek
You pull away so easily

And I still call you, but I get your machine
And I still call you, but I get your machine
And if I'm lucky I guess, I get your roommate answering
But you're at the bar, or at Gene's

And we go to dinner, but you won't hold my hand
We sit at the same table, but we don't play with our feet
Yeah, we still go to dinner sometimes, but we don't sneak a kiss
When the waitress turns around

And we still watch movies, but we don't share the couch
And we still rent movies, but we don't share the couch
Yeah, we still watch movies sometimes, but you don't lay in my lap
The plot is slow, take a nap

And you even stay over, but now we stay in our clothes
Yeah, you'll even sleep over, but now we stay in our clothes
Yeah, you even sleep over sometimes, but we stay in our clothes
I'm only there so that you're not alone

And you say that I hurt you, in a voice like a prayer
Yeah, you say that I've hurt you, and your voice is like a prayer
Yeah, well maybe I hurt you sometimes, but let's contrast and compare
Lift up your shirt, the wound isn't there

I guess that your truth, is just the ghost of your lies
I guess your kind of truth, is just the ghost of your lies
Yeah, your kind of truth, darling, is just the ghost of your lies
I see through them all the time
So I'm pouring some whiskey, I'm gonna get drunk
Yeah, I'm pouring myself some whiskey, I'm going to get really fucking drunk
I'm pouring some whiskey right now, I'm going to get so, so drunk
That I pass out, forget your face, by the time I wake up.

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Bright Eyes It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends Comments
  1. Mariano Quevedo

    Back here once again

  2. Tyler Rogers

    i just want to go back..

  3. Jacob Thompson

    anyone who likes this song doesnt deserve to live

  4. Blue Energy


    First heard this song 9 years ago. & played at least once a year. & still hits me like it’s the first time I’m listening.

  5. Miscommunication

    I saw this on my dads playlist. He died of drugs

  6. andy g

    Bunch of sad guys on here . 2020 song reminds me of high school hanging with friends .cold winter nights smoking cigs

    Press F

    andy g same.

  7. Dawn B

    Reminds me of the guy I met at rehab. We were supposed to get better together. “I don’t have many friends, but when I do, they become family.” I wasted those words on him. He never called.

  8. armando calderon

    If ya'll think this is sad, go to Juan Gabriel, hasta que te conoci (in English).

  9. casacasaful

    This is THE song when I need to have a good cry.

  10. Nathan Arreola

    I will never get over how beautiful this song is.
    This song will forever hit home

  11. Frank

    Man I am so glad I don’t live this out anymore. Love still hurts but if you pour as much of your energy into making yourself into something it truly does dull the pain.

  12. Bob Bobinton

    I have been looking for this song for so long i genuinely thought that i had imagined it im so glad i found it

  13. Bela Lugosi

    This song gives me an itch on the roof of my mouth that only a shotgun can scratch

  14. Kyle DeepNutt

    I wish I had some whiskey right now...

  15. lin

    this is me, crying like a little baby, parked at a little caesars
    nice saturday we got going


    back at it bam boom POWPOWPOWPWIWOWOWO

  16. kay v

    what an incel

    HR TV

    kay v fuck u

  17. Kristin Chapman

    fuck this song

  18. Freckle Face

    I still cry

  19. Joe Lindsey

    4 years later. Life gets better. God has someone better for you. I promise.

  20. spaboos06

    Bright eyes 2019 ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Lucas


  22. SafetyRey

    I love the raw emotional behind this. I wish i could feel this much pain, so I could know the passion that came before it.

  23. anon anon

    Torturing myself

  24. TheMillerMilitia

    Super strange, but this song reminds me of my ex.

  25. dewyhannah

    There’s a sort of community in all of us heartbroken assholes coming back to this song over the years, even the people who commented 2 years ago or 5 years ago or whatever we’re all just kind of here together, hurting together

  26. imnotebenmad

    this is so fuckin' gay

  27. Michael Gutierrez


  28. Sadie Steffensmeier

    It’s dark again

  29. Cherish Burtson

    This song makes me wanna slit my wrists. Still love it though

  30. Jazmine Ware

    I laid in bed with the love of my life and listened to this song. I’m sorry I let you go.

  31. wolfemcbane



    Swaybee the snow this isn’t Lana del aChris Darn darn gosh


    Pump seven please lol duh the lights aren’t wearing walls brrroken under center the annhilatronator begins to uhh




    mrs fiercer I have twistèr oeste mam si porff


    His cry Christ that curly nice hair atta boy Chris

  32. TheDogsMeow

    I'm not crying, I just have naturally blushy cheeks

  33. LeeLee Dee

    Hope everyone listening is doing ok. Hang in there

  34. Milica Katarina

    I asked this guy I was fucking if he wanted to be my boyfriend and after a few days of thinking about it, he told me no but that he "really wanted to be friends" and he does. And I don't wanna be friends but I don't wanna lose him so I figure what the hell, I'm not the type of person that's meant to be happy.

    poetry for punks

    Hey. Youre meant to be happy but maybe not with him. You're worthy of love. Love yourself

  35. Justin Lazaroff

    Well here we go again I guess. It's been a few years, but it's good to be back.

  36. Dixie Strut

    So I'm gonna get real fucking drunk!

    Dixie Strut

    Cause that will fix it, if get real fucking drunk. It'll work out, right?

  37. Arif Rizkika

    Oh uh.. it's almost 2 years,And here i'm again,Listening to this song 😶

    -19 may 19/indonesia

  38. boyo

    The melody kinda reminds me of "I Wanna Get Next To You" by Rose Royce

  39. Dani

    It's been a while and I've been doing fine, I hope you are too

  40. Om Fil

    Lift up your shirt the wound isn't there......

  41. Skadewdle

    Cringe melodrama

  42. themadgiraffe

    Years later this song still gets me in the feels

  43. Stephanie Juarez

    A couple years ago l found this song on accident here I'm finding it again on purpose

  44. Bimo

    for the girl whose her heart was broken by me, i'm sorry if my apology doesn't enough to fix your broken heart.

  45. Sidubsy

    If you like this check out Beck “Lampshade.”

  46. Jeff Mata

    Hello again Bright eyes. 🙃

  47. Alexa Valles

    I thought I'd relate to this but my ex that said we'd stay friends won't even say hi to me in the halls anymore

    Hippity Hoppity

    Don't worry.....You have a lifetime ahead of you! High school is 4 yrs of your life, it will not define you.

  48. I Bite

    God damn.... oh fuck..... god damn.... shit!!!!😨 ........ is ... is he dead?

  49. lauren milsted

    can't believe i used to play this exact video on repeat when i was 12 and now i'm a full adult still listening to this on repeat

  50. Whitebread S.W.

    don't read the comments

  51. Whitebread S.W.

    you pull away so easily

  52. Bathory McClemont

    this is a fucking dark song, truly only meant for people in a dark time

  53. booognish

    Been meaning to check out Bright Eyes for many years.. I don’t know what I think. Would be fun to cover but I kinda don’t like the voice. Elliott Smith will forever be the go to I guess. But it’s not fair to compare much to that guy.

    Alex Espinoza

    booognish well if you ever do check them out, give “im wide awake its morning” a listen. It’s there best work if you ask me.

  54. Kassie Grace

    2019 haaaaaaaaaaaaay

  55. kolmenoitaa

    Fuck, I'm here again.

  56. Im Batman Bitch

    Recently went through a break up and she said we can still be friends i should have sent her this.

  57. Kyle Ray

    Fuck this..... lol so right?

  58. a7 jah

    miserable feelings should not exist

  59. whatyasdid

    the end sounds like me when i call my ex

  60. Miranda Dianovsky

    I just wish I understood. maybe if I could it wouldn't hurt so much.

  61. Oscar Marroquin

    Dam this shit is depressing

  62. Andrea Hernandez

    Wow this brought back so many memories.. I’m shaking

  63. dropdeadbunnie

    13 years since I found Conor and his beautiful music

  64. Kay

    Fuck this hurts

  65. Matthew Murillo

    Of course she's the one who showed me this song.

  66. Beansmageeable

    One too many drinks and emo songs... and I always end up here...

  67. Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!

  68. White Lightning

    I like this song but it should be sang by someone with a real raspy broken voice not someone who is trying to make it sound raw

    Bela Lugosi

    Mc Max Leonard Cohen comes to mind

  69. Joshua Lycaon

    I keep coming back here...

  70. Joyce Wambui

    Wow YouTube recommends why are you making me feel these things?

  71. MrVintagegarrison

    fuck, this stings

  72. Alex Sullivan

    I do like him but can't help but feel he's a second rate Elliott Smith as the latter could write a genuine rock tune despite being lo-fi folk. But I'm quite new to his music so feel free to prove me wrong. I'd prefer to be proven wrong x

  73. Some Guy

    lmao naaaaa

  74. Jaime Barboza

    anyone else ever come here just because its a good song? im not sad...that sad at least lol

  75. Anna Seger

    Oops I'm here again....

  76. Alex Franco

    I still ride my motorcycle by her house, then to the bar

  77. Duncan Hutcheson

    Feelings that come back, are feelings that never left.

  78. sedona breeze

    call it intuition. felt the urge to listen to it on repeat the day before he left me.

  79. Karyna A

    I am here once again I always come back :(

  80. Rachel Rattan

    i’m back so fast from last time, nice

  81. Lildickbigheart

    Breaking my heart again 😢

  82. Dan Pearce

    My girlfriend and my first real love at 43 year old has just split up with me. Yea I've had girlfriends, but not like Kelly. She is so different from anyone I've ever met. I thought she felt the same, but I was wrong. Because no matter what if you love someone, you'll never let them go! I'm a broken man. I deserve everything too. My biggest life lesson EVER!!! I don't know what to do. I'm sorry for showing my feelings publicly, but I need to tell someone, so why not a load of strangers who love the same song and quite a lot are probably here for similar reasons. I can't see a future.....There isn't one.

  83. rockerdude83

    3 mil? I've never been this late to a party

  84. Noahsmomisalush227 Swag

    My chest

  85. Sanjukta Sharma

    And I thought being friends will make it work.
    You'll always think of someone special with whom you're just friends now, listening to this song.

  86. Marta Reitmajer

    seriously, no.

  87. Nat Thebrave

    I say I have nothing to live for and you say "no, don't". Everytime I close my eyes I see death but you, selfish you, want me to stay alive for you.

  88. Rachel Rattan

    this my sad place hello

  89. kaycee jones

    this just shattered my heart into a million pieces.

    feels like i have a literal brick on my chest now.

    whyyy did i listen to this ¿?¿?

  90. J. R. G.

    you know we can’t but i don’t want to let go yet

  91. Jax Alanis

    I guess this song will always be part of me ✨