Bright Eyes - I've Been Eating (For You) Lyrics

So, I'm just the medicine
You take when you're sick
You get well and that's it
I'm put back on the shelf in your mirror
And it isn't exceptional
The course of our fate
So, people love and they hate
And I guess it's just our turn to hate
Yeah, you were just some song I wrote
A poem on a page
A sculpture I made out of clay
Desire was the flame
But now you're more of a basketball
Boys just pass you around
They bounce you hard on the ground and dribble
And then we all get high fives
And you think I'm an asshole now
Well, you're probably right
But at least I'm not blind to the facts
I've been wishing were lies
But still I hope you get everything
That you care to possess
And unbelievable sex with him
Or any one of my friends
But just don't ask about my appetite
I didn't lose it tonight
No, it's been gone half my life
It's just act, I've been eating for you

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Bright Eyes I've Been Eating (For You) Comments
  1. abstract Johnson

    Just don't ask about my appetite.I didnt loose it tonight ,though its been gone half my life

  2. Clever Not Wise

    I come here when I’m sad

  3. Lou Sassle

    this song.....i thought i related to it when i was young after a breakup lol...its funny that a this very second i can relate to every line..bright eyes over everything

  4. Karla Madden


  5. Vasoula Tsiminaki

    sad and beautiful and true

  6. Natalie Martin

    i wish this song was longer its so great


    its actually part 2 to haligh

  7. kelly c

    do you ever just stop and wonder who this song is about, what they look like and all that other jazz

    summer black

    @ranginranq91 yes(:

    L Fe

    +hel la All the time :)

    Klara Gyldenløve

    no, never - I rather adopt art to my personal life.

  8. Summer Thyme

    but now youre more of a basketball, boys just pass you around. they bounce you hard on the ground, and dribble. and we all get high fives. <3

  9. Aaron Stephens

    Thanks, I stole them from the President.



  10. Jump To

    Dude, alright sorry. You don't like what I have to say. :| but telling me to end it is shit...I've struggled with "ending it' most of my life...and I can now say I'm doing better but express your anger towards other people in some away.... other then telling them to end it (:

  11. smithereens8

    this is poetry

  12. HAM6BONE9

    No. I was just feeding the troll. I don't mean anything I say. Except that and that. and that. and that. and that. and that........... and that.

  13. babababa92

    @undevotedfilms I found this awesome free rpg the other day called Outside, you should try it. Then maybe you'd be able to relate to the experiences expressed in these songs. Oberst isn't an emo kid whatsoever, there is literally no reason anybody could find to call him that. I'd like to see you do this, and some of his songs may be simple, but that's called concept. He demonstrates extremely good guitar playing skills in other songs and later albums. And Bieber's shit.

  14. Elle Kay

    i love this song so much

  15. undevotedfilms

    @justsixstrings 19 who posts runescape videos for other people because they can't edit them on their own. I would also like to post runescape videos on my channel then listen to an emo kid talk and orgasm over him playing 2-3 strings on a guitar sometimes. Reply back thanks, i love abusing 15 year old bieber fans.

  16. undevotedfilms

    @justsixstrings yes because i post all my real info over a public youtube channel. I should also post my SSN and my address right?

  17. beanmistaked

    @klkool1 "And it isn't exeptional, the course of our fate. 'Cause people love and they hate. And I guess it's just our turn to hate."

  18. Klause


    True. Have a good day ~

  19. addictioner

    @DrShakesBALLIN Well sometimes silence or actions speak louder than words ")

  20. Klause


    I agree with you, but we all still deserve to be heard. That's the goal of life right, expressing our opinions -like this one?

  21. addictioner

    LOL @ all the people getting mad at undevotedfilms, youre giving the person the reaction they want from you, ignore it, thumb it down whatever, but give them attention and you take away from the reason why your hear, to enjoy the music :)

  22. addictioner

    Beatiful Lyrics :D

  23. Sidney Clark

    "now youre more of a basketball, boys just pass you around, bounce you hard on the ground, and dribble, and we all get high fives"


  24. April Barrett

    You obviously cannot relate to any type of difficult emotional or mental struggle, it's the magic that laces conor's every note and word.

    maybe only those who have felt it or can understand it, hear the raw, truthful beauty.

  25. Alexander Herbst

    @undevotedfilms SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.

  26. Jacqueline Parker

    this is my favorite song. i love it.

  27. undevotedfilms

    this music is so fucking bad.... it's not even music! it's some random emo guy talking about stuff with a banjo playing in the background. Worst song i've ever heard. And before you dumbasses ask why i looked it up, my friend whos a girl told me to listen to it and linked me and i almost threw up.

  28. klkool1

    Hearts hearts!

  29. Kevin Carrillo

    Love this!

  30. klkool1

    "So I'm just the medicine, you take when you're sick; You get well and that's it. I'm put back on the shelf in your mirror."