Bridget Kelly - White Lies Lyrics

All rise
The honorable judge Gideon residing
Case number 007
The people versus Bridget Kelly
Ms Kelly, how do you plead

If I may trow myself upon the mercy
The mercy of the jury of the court
This all was just a big misunderstanding
I'll start from the beginning and lead us to the spot
No foul play or no plot

I heard noises coming from upstairs when I walked in to my house
No one was supposed to be there
Strictly for protection purposes was when I pulled my gun out
And undid the clip

And realized that oh no
I did not mean to shoot him dead
White lies [x2]
I did not mean to kill him and who ever he was in bed with
White lies [x2]

Of course I know what this looks like to you
I caught that motherfucker cheating
So I gave him his just due
But I promised that's not true

How was I supposed to know that it was him and not some murderous fool
The fact that he was cheating judge I promise it has nothing to do
With why I reloaded twice

I was scared everything happened so fast
It was dark I could barely see anything
By the time I could make out who it was
They were screaming, bleeding
And all I could say was

Oh no
I did not mean to shoot him dead
White lies [x2]
I did not mean to kill him and who ever he was in bed with
White lies [x2]

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Bridget Kelly White Lies Comments
  1. DeeDee

    I hate i can't find these songs on apple music 😕

  2. teshawna.renae

    Listening to in 2018!

  3. OshiaBLACKirish

    I hate that she signed on to love and hip hop no disrespect to the entertainers on the show but this lady has so much talent and p***y so good doesn't even fit her 😖😒

  4. Amber Taylor

    What happened to her

    Dedric Johnson

    Love and hip hop

  5. Jermaine Gibson

    This song is hilarious....I love it

  6. Blessed Kyia

    This is the 5ype of song the needs a video. It would be hilarious

  7. Anatties

    Been looking for this song

  8. Venus G.

    I love the song!

  9. Dre Terrell

    This so is great!!!!

  10. OmgOnErrthang143


  11. Chelsea Sheley

    Love da shit!!! She great & dis sing goes...

  12. Missy Lady

    What happened to the EP??? No iTunes!?? I would DEFINITELY buy this!! These are my thoughts penned, harmonized, vocalized, and laced over a banging track!!! LOL

  13. mimi Mutolo

    She won a Grammy as a songwriter,for penning “Einstein” from Kelly Clarkson‘s Stronger album. :) beautiful song. #justsaying

    Louie-Vincent Office

    and empire state of mind if i am not mistaken

  14. His Baby

    She stole it from Shanell... Thanks why


    His Baby she actually was given permission to sing it

  15. Aminata

    Loving this song, its like the female response to J Cole's Dreams!

  16. Markisha Mason

    Yea I totally agree! I think she has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in a long time!! I think it's because she's kinda of a new artist!

  17. sOsOmega

    why hasn't Bridgett Kelly won an award. OMG this song is freaking AWESOME!!! She is UNBELIEVEABLY talented. So different from all rest. She is a DIAMOND in the ruff. I love this song.

  18. Markisha Mason

    I love the chorus!!

  19. Cashara Joseph

    I love, love, love this song!!!!

  20. teshawna.renae

    Truly dope. I love songs that give me chills.

  21. Embracethymelanin _

    Love this song (:

  22. Saarah Kbm

    Bridget Kelly ♥ >>

  23. leah jones

    I fuckin love it

  24. Serenity T

    Joker, this songs funny

  25. saphira sila

    i love that song!

  26. Silver Sonic

    Nice song

  27. Ben Carew


  28. shariahify

    This song is truly amazingg ...

  29. Phylicia Wilson

    I am definitely about to do a cover to this song!

  30. Taylor Dior

    I Loove this song im finna do a cover!

  31. DeCaira Lavette

    Thiss is myy 3rd fav song byy her . ! :) #knwdhatt

  32. ruffto

    NENE ... I feel the term "White lie" is considered a small / insignificant lie ... By her conscience saying "white lies" she feel killing them not that serious

  33. Chariece McCelos

    her conscience is saying white lies cuz shes knows that she killed him and the girl he was cheating with on purpose

  34. Nene Bish

    I understand the whole song expect the phrase "white lies"

  35. DaMzEeyore

    This is my 1st time hearin her & another song she did brought me to this one. I'm gonna request her song be played on Cali radio station KJLH.

  36. Meria Morra

    "Stole" is the wrong use of the word ... "Did a Cover" :I
    Shanell already has credit for her song ... A percentage of the money Bridget gets for this song , goes to Shanell ....................

  37. R.O.

    She's epic

  38. Kamaria Simmons

    ii heard this song by shanell

  39. MsSpecialk84

    Nice!...luv the dramatics.she reminds me of deb cox on this one.

  40. Judah white

    yo this shit ham Good Music

  41. Krissy Young

    Love your version.