Bridget Kelly - Street Dreamin Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Take a trip with the narcoleptic
Suffered insomnia, but this time it was only seconds
I see thermometers boil as you lay in the desert
Of eternal fire hate ya then deny yourself of a blessin'
Meanwhile I'm on a new cloud chunking the deuce
Renewed vows with sinners, homies, enemies too
Gold towel under my feet clicking the fluke
With a thousand troops, Crip and Piru, nigga, woop, woop
Love I depend on, white dubs I depend on
They flying through this endzone that meant on to vent on
So listen, homie, you miss me with that bullshit
I keep my distance, homie, I am on a higher pulprit
You cannot visit, homie
I mean the beauty of heaven is far for me not to exit
It's ike an anti-depressant, you see the vision, homie?
I mean this godly advice, fucking right
Even if you pinch me twice, yes I, keep dreaming

[Bridget Kelly:]
Lovely lullabies
I don't see another thing but starry skies
And louds of clouds beneath my wings and in the skies
As far as hazy as can see the sun will rise
And illuminate this life, this life
Oh why do I have to return to reality?
Oh why, this time I'll try
I'll try not to wake up from this dream

I'll try not to wake up from this dream
(Dream, dream and if I keep on believing)
I won't wake up from this dream
(Dream, dream and if I keep on believing)
I can't wake up from this dream
(Dream, dream and if I keep on believing)
I won't wake up from this dream
(Dream, dream and if I keep on believing)
(Dream, dream)

I will not forget
Fixating the part of faith I've never met
And explaining away the reasons as I slept
So beautiful here I wish I never left
I never know which one's a lie, this life
Oh why do I have to return to reality?
Oh why, this time I'll try
I'll try not to wake up from this dream

I won't wake up from this dream
I can't wake up from this dream
I won't wake up from this dream

I won't open my eyes again, I'll keep them shut
I won't open my eyes again, I'll keep them shut
I won't open my eyes again, I'll keep them shut
I won't open my eyes again, I'll keep them shut

(Dream, dream and if I keep on believing)
To wake up from this dream
(Dream, dream and if I keep on believing)
I won't wake up from this dream

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Bridget Kelly Street Dreamin Comments
  1. Last Ride

    Should do a joint with Wale

  2. Last Ride

    This my music


    This song became a classic the day it dropped

  4. B K

    Whatever they just hating on kendrick lamar his a California rap artist and he doesn't have to explain his lyrics to anyone from any state if you don't understand hip hop then that's on you congratulations kendrick lamar keep doing you're thing is bs rap game. He doesn't need anyone's approval not even snoop respect is earned not giving and thats a two way street congratulations big fan

  5. Since 95

    Pac is proud

  6. Hollie Sarvis


  7. Jason Todd

    1:22 looks like Bridget Kelly welcoming her son back from school camp😂💀

  8. TheLildollar

    Underrated song , it deserves more views

  9. Triston Chaney

    Kendrick really the best, he can rap on any beat. Just amazing.

  10. Love SickMisfit

    Silent banger!

  11. Fred Rey

    And now she;s on Love and hip hop smh

  12. t hunt

    Yesssss found my oolld soonngg

  13. Double D

    Still rocking in December of 2018

  14. EuphoriaEffect

    I heard this song before but I didn't know it was Bridget Kelly

  15. Stephanie Fudge

    So underrated

  16. GrAnDrOyAl M_C

    I LOVE IT!! This style of music taken fm 2PACS' record is a method that was going on during the late 90s to mid 2000's, R&B sampled Rap/RAP sampled R&B instrumentals track 4 track (i.e.TLC's Creep sampled fm Das Efx They Want Efx Remix)

  17. Candyrahn Candyrahn

    2018!!!! Needs air Time

  18. s dot

    I like it this song is dope also the 2pac beat is a good look.

  19. Shaunée Nicole

    Great song!

  20. Berkley Daxon

    I got it.

  21. staticaddict

    "Take a trip with a narcoleptic"

  22. MIA

    like if her feature on the joe budden podcast brought you here lmao

  23. Julie Pedreno

    2018 Bebe

  24. janna hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds amazing wonderful marvelous magnificent superb it's a great song what a lovely and delightful song what a fly cool awesome song this song is the jam she's a gorgeous beautiful woman

  25. Mia Gillespie

    Kung Fu Kenny is in this video he is definitely a legend of this generation.

  26. Sophos Utm

    Lowlife Kendrick stealing Tupac beat and think he is hot.


    Sophos Utm did you not understand how phenomenal his verse was.. of course you didn't. You didn't understand a damn word he said.

  27. cristallynette

    Ok Bridgett i like this

  28. Ruby Barbie Miles

    who is here because of Love & Hip Hop?

  29. Lola Mannie

    oohhhh this her this use to be my shit

  30. memyself andi

    I like Kendrick Lamar...this is Dope!

  31. Nisha Banks

    I have never heard of her until love & hip hop

  32. Vanity.Luxe

    Why is she not way bigger than this?

  33. Nakia Starr

    Follow me on Instagram @nakiastarr

  34. clrkdnise105

    This song was definitely played on the radio before.. she needs a thorough hit record.. who is she signed with???

    Betty Millz

    clrkdnise105 she was signed to Roc Nation. Was Jay Z protégé ... I think she got dropped tho

  35. Brittney Johnson

    I hate this bitch ....

  36. hithereitsleaa

    I'm so upset with her the past two episodes of lhhh she came across so well and then had to take the shitty fake story line


    She said she was a grammy winner tryna find the song.

  38. Janna Hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds so amazing and wonderful and looks so beautiful

  39. Young Maryland

    Kendrick be rapping in codes nobody knows what he be talking about so they just say its dope.

  40. Loreal Madonna

    I actually like this! It's got an unique vibe that kind of makes you think about life.

  41. Janna Hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds so amazing and looks so sexy

  42. F. SPENCER

    I never heard of her til love and hop hop Hollywood

  43. Dee Marino

    Tical2000 don't recall the exact song but it's method man

  44. Dee Marino

    Old school method man beat

  45. OnyxCMB

    She had a song feat the GOAT and she still didnt make it 🤔 now she resulted to Love And Hip Hop, letting another failed artist (Ray J) produce terrible songs for her... oh and she's a fuck boi... somebody please hand her the L so she can make her acceptance speech and stop making crappy music 😩

  46. Cashm Money

    She a hoe

  47. coreyzroman

    She went from this too desperate ass pussy so good featuring Rjay 😭😭

    Renee T

    Lol.... I know! I was like BK don’t do it!

    Lisa Strong

    And she still ended up on Love & Hip Hop smh wow

  48. nurse Alexander

    Love this song

  49. Hunnii Bunn

    her tone kinda reminds me of jasmine sullivan...beautiful 🤓🤗😍

  50. Chantelle Peters

    Old kendy is still good kendy.

  51. payattention plz

    This shit is boring.

  52. Carla Person

    love this song!!!

  53. The cool kid 101

    Bridget Kelly is sexy

  54. Lady Natural

    still listening in 2017

  55. Krystal Brooke

    wow almost 4 yrs since we did. this 🎥 shot in Nc fun times @ latinbeauty87 follow my ig

  56. Roberto Ochoa

    What does it say in on kdot hat

    l BR00KLYN l 318

    Kdot is the name he went by before.

    Roberto Ochoa

    Trinidad Figueroa I know but what does it say on his hat

    l BR00KLYN l 318

    Robert Ochoa oh it says "New York"

  57. Clyde Cabbage

    Did she write her own lyrics?

  58. Justin Maurice


  59. Angel M

    yoooo this song is so lit 🔥🔥 and her voice 😩😩😍 and the beast kdot whaaaaat

  60. Beautiful Soul

    Kelly is so Beautiful with her voice.

  61. I love God, On god

    If you dont know what sample this is-

  62. Xavier Austin

    I'm for ever going back and forth with this song every time I jump on YouTube

  63. LiohnelRemyhs


  64. Niah J .


  65. Porcelain Beats ™ Official


  66. NdCRants

    Kendrick fits this beat so well

  67. King Kratos

    They compliment eachother pretty well. lyricism and vocals are so on point

    Deep Cinema

    Kreep oner facts

  68. thesummrbaby

    She's dope.....

  69. Kimberly Davis

    Bridget Kel!

  70. Waranle

    this song would be hit in 1994

    Евана Лара

    It was, Tupac - got my mind made up

  71. lifestraight

    Bridget Kelly feat. Andre 3000

  72. Евана Лара

    Yassss K.Dot

    Tyse Museic

    +Aurora Lara Yaaaaaassss. I was waiting for a comment to mention him.

    Евана Лара

    +Tyse Museic His part is the best part of the song !

    Tyse Museic

    @Aurora Lara I had to listen to it again - it's been a minute since I've been back here, because of the holidays and time in general. Yesss, he kills. The song overall is great too. I can dig it ;D

  73. Obey Amma

    never knew this song existed lol

  74. Jordan Whitfield

    I love this song but I hate the videos

  75. Eloy Griffin

    2PAC !! is da muthafucka now !!

  76. N3TWORK

    Has he felt 4 her? W0w! Nice!

  77. Bosslife

    Sampled from 2Pac - Got My Mind Made Up

  78. Robert Agyemang

    I Like It Beautiful Bridget Nice Voice And Kendrick Is Dope As Always

  79. Andie Wyatt

    "Triumph" WuTang didn't have a hook at all and it received tons of air time. "Dream, dream and I keep on believing, I won't wake up from this dream"--there ya go 😉

  80. Hugh Mann

    Song is flooded with Pac samples mind made up and one more

  81. chelsrichards12995

    MIKE SHAW!!! #Dreamville

  82. BeeNube

    mike shaw shiggity

  83. shanell ballard

    Isn't she from that rich girl music group

  84. Budd Spriggs

    not only did 2pac kill it better but so did da other people pac had on da beat killed it better and dis guy is da next pac smh r u joking?

    Samuel Gonzalez

    this is not Kendrick's song its a guest vers lol, and yes this is a SAMPLE this nigga embodied every thing pac did hes like a reincarnation of Pac himself. Remmber what pac told us ''Support the real'' so chill.

    Louie Loud

    Lol shows how much this dude knows about hiphop. Kendricks verse is fkn DOPE. His flow his lyrics and tone all are nex level


    2018, Kendrick Lamar lyrical better 2pac

  85. BobbyW0nder

    2pac - Got My Mind Made Up

    Duane Fray

    Yo is this Daz or Dre on the beat?

    Brandon Henry

    Duane Fray Daz

  86. Michael Thompson

    Damn she thick

  87. Ihategoogleformakingmedothisshit

    This is terrible. She Looks Like An Old Woman Trying To Be young. Video doesn't match the song.

  88. awshitgodie

    It'd be great if we would get more TDE and Bridget Kelly

  89. polydor muzz

    Kendrick lost weight though

  90. Matthew Foulerton


  91. tinashe katsuro

    i love the way he kill king kendrick 

  92. Sezer Yalcin

    Name of Kdots Cap?

  93. Shredhead

    This song will get one million views

    Bruce Taylor

    @Shredhead only just. lol



  95. Frank Nio

    .Kendrick Lamar


    killed it.


    @AceOfSpades nuclear bombed it

  96. Shredhead

    She is so fine