Bridget Kelly - My Heart Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My hearts been roaming around now
with no where to go
My hearts been so lost and lonely
so cold and so far from home

I done had my share of pain, but
I only have myself to blame, yup
and now I'm thinking that I don't deserve this
and the problem is

I never taught my heart how to love, yea yea yea
I never taught my heart it could trust, yea yea yea
It's been alone and so far so long but
I, I, I'm gonna bring it home, yea yea yea yea yea

[Verse 2]
I seen the maze all around now
It's been there to hold me up
'cause love was screaming my name out
but I couldn't find it, no luck



[Verse 3]
'Cause I thought every girl should have a broken heart,
I thought every girl should cry her eyes out,
I believed that there was no good man for me
but I, but I oh now I see yea


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Bridget Kelly My Heart Comments
  1. jack armstead

    That's shit was awesome

  2. HabeshaQween

    I love this song and the beat is sick!!