Bridget Kelly - If I Could Lyrics

Is it true (was it true)
That the best thing that ever happened to me
Was you (was you)
Guess now we'll never find out
Damn it's cruel
You probably don't believe that I care
But I do
Ain't no apology that I could give in the world

To change the past, never knew
What I had until it's gone
And that's too bad, I've given up
I'm done when love ain't enough

I fucked it up
And now I got a broken heart
'Cause I fucked it up
And we don't even know who we are
'Cause I fucked this up
Is it too little too late
To say I fucked it up
And I don't know if I would change it
Even if I could

Even if I could
Wouldn't change it even if I

Let's pretend
That I didn't silence your calls
When I was with my friend
Late nights turn to mornings and I
Was sleeping next to him
Ain't no excuse that I could give in the world
Or change the past if I could go back
I'd take the call and say I'll call you right back
And then I'd go home, sleep by myself
Instead of giving your love away to someone else

Man I fucked it up
And now I'm all alone
'Cause I fucked it up
Who would've thought that I'd be selfish enough
To fuck it up

Is it too late to say I hate I fucked it up
I swear that I would change it baby if I could
If I could (if I could)
Swear that I would change it baby if I could

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Bridget Kelly If I Could Comments
  1. Curtis Brice

    One of the most underated artist/songwriters in the industry...

  2. Dar'Niecca Walker

    This song is everything😍

  3. Vilina Ledet

    Yess love this

  4. Joanne Pauline

    Girrrl your bad ass!!

  5. tiffany yarbrough

    Yess I feel every word 💯💯💯 females fuck up too

  6. Saralton Moore

    Ok my question is how women out here are willing to admit that they actually have fucked up in their relationship.....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. KrazySexiKouL MilkywAi

    Yes my girl!❤❤❤

  8. Arissa Luv

    Please have a music video to this💖🎶

  9. Xavier Hurd


  10. Marcell Jones

    Ok babe this is EVERYTHING 😍😍😍💪🏽💪🏽

  11. IG: NaturallyPaige_

    Go off girl! I'm loving this