Brian Wilson - San Francisco Lyrics

Time to giddy-up doo wah diddy-up

San Francisco San Francisco
Her lover's arms were open wide
Where the gates of golden
Waits with charms unfoldin'
Hold that cable car up there with pride
I gotta ride (ride ride)

Giddy up down to
San Francisco San Francisco
Where love is true as time and tide
She was seventeen though
When I left from reno
Like some valentino
With my bride there by my side

I can't go from cisco down to frisco
How I'm missin' those days of yore (El Dorado)
Miss those frisky women raw rye whiskey with each kissin' we would
El Dorado
For this desperado
Was gold in the dust
Like many a man in God do I trust
Gave up on El Dorado

So lost in my lust
Where love is not for sale
Out on the end of the

Time to giddy up doo wah diddy up
San Francisco San Francisco
Hope just like a candlestick in flame
Sportin' life did change her
Shore life rearranger
Brought her misfortune and shame

Roll on down the California flyway the highway I have known
I have known
Old mystery sunsets down on water
The soul of man unfold

Time to giddy up doo wah diddy up
San Francisco San Francisco
Hope there you'll find love is not for sale
Out at the end of
The trail

Gonna ride
Ride ride ride gonna ride

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Brian Wilson San Francisco Comments
  1. fata morgana

    I always picture Sutro Point when they sing "out at the end of the trail".

  2. Dave McLaughlin

    Still AWESOME! X

  3. terrypussypower

    This tune always reminds me of Todd Rundgren, especially "Magic Dragon Theatre" on Utopia's "Ra" album!

  4. fuzzalicioous

    My favorite on the album, so good.

    Ben Culture

    Me too! Not really crazy about the whole album, I guess Van Dyke Parks's songwriting doesn't entirely win me over. But this one just blows my mind. Not to damn it with faint prize, but the structure is very sophisticated, without coming off as "pretentious". Some of the harmonic movements remind me of classical-oriented heavy metal (without sounding at all like metal). I have made a lot of people listen to this song, and nobody got it. Just flew right over their heads. I guess it's hard for some people to take a song seriously when it begins with _"Time to giddy-up / Doo-wah diddy-up"_ But it's awesome -- you can enjoy it deeply, or just cruise on down the highway grooving on it! That piano riff got me right away, especially with the drums playing only half the speed I expected. Great arrangement!
    Another nice thing is that Brian doesn't necessarily have to sound like Brian Wilson on this album. I'm sure he arranged the harmonies (which are mostly him with a few others), so of course they sound great. He doesn't sound like his old self, he just sounds GOOD.