Brian McKnight - Where Do We Go From Here Lyrics

I found an old photograph
I couldn't help but laugh
I remember that day
And it was the best of times
You are my first
My beginning and my end
Am I losing my best friend
Am I coming or going
Or if this is goodbye

And now where do we go from here?
When everything seems so clear
Will I be left with the pains
Staying all alone, out in the rain
After the love is gone
When everything right turns wrong
And where do we go from here

Love have run out of time
You said you'd always be mine
It's hard to believe that somehow we've grown apart
Why the way that things have been
It just make no sense
Was so unprepared for the way I feel inside

[Repeat 1]

What happened to the flame
It dont feel the same
And I dont know what to say

[Repeat 1 x2]

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