Brian McKnight - Careless Whisper Lyrics

I feel so unsure, as I take your hand
And lead you to the dance floor
As the music dies, something in your eyes
Calls to mind the silver screen
And all those sad goodbyes

I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
And waste this chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you

Time can never mend
The careless whispers of a good friend
To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find

I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm, no
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool, no, no

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
And waste this chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you

We could have been so good together
We could have make this last forever
But now who's gonna dance with me?
Please stay, stay, stay, stay

I can't pretend no more
Know you're not a fool to cheat a friend
The way I danced with, I'm never gonna dance
I'm never gonna dance again
Never gonna dance again

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Brian McKnight Careless Whisper Comments
  1. Whitelight

    Today is 31.12.2019.. I wish freedom to the World in 2020. No more wars!!!!!

  2. Teddy Jam's

    True music

  3. Luiz Chaves

    Música para qm tem bom gosto....TOP

  4. Inken Narjes

    My lovliest Song ever.Your careless is like Gold.

  5. Maria José

    2019 Brasil s2

  6. Edyta Rucka

    Wooooow!!!!!!! George would have benn so proud!!!!!I like it!!!!!

  7. Allan Gamayev


  8. Racheal Walker

    Awesome job Brian & Kenny, l love it!

  9. Renata Santos

    preciso muito de dicas pra uma boa hidratação

    Tauan Silva

    Shampoo de cera de suvaco de boi é muito bom

  10. Layanne Santos

    Eu adoro músicas com a batida lenta

  11. xandy Godoy

    Sou fã

  12. Regina Lucia

    Belíssima música, canta muito amei! 😘🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  13. Magnolia MONKEY D

    Jolie reprise.

  14. Maria Amor Silva


  15. Bento Jossefa

    I loved it

  16. Maisa Xavier

    A Love you

  17. lory991959 guzman carrasco


    Brian Mcknight & Kenny G - Careless Whisper
    1.907.393 visualizaciones
    •21 nov. 2012

  18. Jowanna Malone

    I don't like it I like George Michael verse better I just think his voice is more fitted for his song although Brian did a good job I have to give it to my boy george

  19. Claudio Moises

    top demaisssssssssssssss

  20. Корнеенко Виктория


  21. Henny Flora Tarigan

    the song full memory for me I heard the song in taxy when I met him firts time 😍

  22. Bonnie Mcneil

    George Michael. Sung this song. LOVE THIS SONG George Michael can sing it better R.i.P. George Michael

  23. Joey Wilson

    Amazing cover Brian & Kenny

  24. Sandy Hanafi

    Ada ga yang dengerin di 2019 ...

    Puguh Legato

    Aku juga
    Versi terbaik setelah penyanyi aslinya...

  25. Denis A.

    50/50, the original version is still more like it.

  26. Siwila Eustace

    My best version ever all courtesy of the classical Brian McKnight.

  27. ana lucia

    Bryan voz maravilhosa

  28. TET2005

    Craig David can do an excellent cover on this song too...

  29. ปณิชา อมรศิริรัตนกุล

    Love song

  30. C Johnson

    I love this song... Sounds great Brian McKnight. Rip George Michael

  31. regie b

    The sexiest rendition ever created

  32. Céline Choquette

    his voice is super

  33. Jenna V

    Such a good Jazz mix! Love it❤️❤️

  34. Jorge Machado

    Brian mcknight....Excelente!!

  35. Quế Phạm

    love xxxxxxx

  36. JEWELZ0312

    He nailed it

  37. Lyes Bessad

  38. Ida Rahman

    I am so in love with this version. So classy and romantic. Brian, I am so happy for your marriage. I can see those love you have for your wife is just beyond words. I happy for you as from a fan of yours. You both are just meant for each other

  39. Ron Haywood

    B-Mac put his foot into this. Silky smooth along with Kenny G doing his thing. Classic

    Kiona McNutt


  40. Jewel Ahmed

    The beauty of this song is still killing.

  41. Shanda Agilliana Maskan


  42. Angeline Evans

    I love this song amazing

  43. I2015 TUNDUMA


  44. yahma sakti

    Listen 1:55 - 1:59, like mariah carey vocal technique when she sang "you and i". Checkout!

  45. Sneaker Pororo

    Best song ever

  46. gnevere Nunes


  47. Tissa Hermosha

    I Love u both (brian + kennyG)

  48. Ciro Lima

    Brasil ❤

  49. Edgard Lindesay Junior

    Show, simplesmente demais

  50. 김종윤

    2019 6월27일 🖤

  51. music I like Brown

    I like how he chachd the music in it saxaphon My favrit instrument

  52. Ana Claudia Vilas Boas

    Essa música é linda ,que voz e essa incrível 😍🇧🇷 um luxo 😍 além de charmoso .

  53. waldelina maria teixeira lopes

    Olha!! Fantástico

  54. Emil Rizka Fauzi

    Mantap kali

  55. Eva Brandão

    Few days ago I ran into this. I just cant believe that one of my favorite songs in the world was covered by this Brian that I love with Kenny G ( I just love the sound of sax) I saw the video publishig day and just cant beleive it is actually an old version. I will never forgive myself!

    Eva Brandão

    Ooops I forgot to say: it is simply fucking amazing!!!

  56. Emil Rizka Fauzi

    Siapa yg dengerin ini di bulan mei 2019 asik bener nih lagu

  57. Claudio souza

    Eu, e o privilégio de escutar essa linda versão.

  58. Rebeca Vazques

    beware of polish sighs

  59. Сергей Меньшиков

    2019 still listening to her

  60. 100美元顧健康兼賺錢 立川第一飛翔 Su Eeweii


  61. Zenaide Ferreira

    Isso e obra de Deus ..vai ser bom assim la ceu

  62. Ciro Lima

    Quando ouço essa canção o meu coração se acalma! ❤

  63. Liza Balosca

    George Michael would have been so proud hearing this.
    Missin him. RIP.

    C Johnson

    Yes indeed

    Frank Goralski

    .....he was alive when this version came out. Pretty sure he heard it.

  64. Quan Honcho

    Original still best. #2019

  65. Redtail2012

    Sending a Happy Wedding Anniversary to you in heaven Daddy on 4/1/19!

  66. luana Cardoso

    2019 🇧🇷

  67. Rodrigo Henrique Freitas Dos Anjos

    Very good parabéns iam brasiliam

  68. Mahogony Parker

    Beautiful song💜💙💚💛

  69. relokknha

    Nossa show

  70. Mohammed Al-Randi

    At least he’s not gay !
    I hate lgbtq

    will mcbride

    I heard drinking bleach helps!

  71. Melissa Myer

    2019 ... and still in love

  72. Mahogony Parker

    Beautiful song 💙💜💚💛

  73. Robert Louie Lozano Sr.

    Awe he reached out to her beautiful precious presence dream lover girl love shy

  74. North Carolina Fishing

    Great cover, nobody plays like kenny g

  75. Ana Claudia

    Brian 💘🎶😍

  76. Diamond Armor

    His voice is phenominal, as I always expect from him. But I cant help but notice the look on his face. It looks like he stepped on a cockroach or something.

  77. Amanda Madhavan


  78. Richard Herard Dorsainvil

    Super smooth

  79. Devi Anggraeni

    Love this song so much 💕💕

  80. Marisol Perez

    Ya es hora de q reconozcan su talento con un Gramy

  81. Kimmie Sykes

    Brian has given Montell Jordan a run for his money on this remake.  I am torn between the two. Check out Dave Koz and Montell Jordan.  I like them both.

  82. Jack JIN

    Someone say this song for gay,
    sry.I wanna know its true?

  83. Kristyna Kicova


  84. Kaduh Sillvah

    2019 fã Brasil❤

    Santos Charme

    fui no show dele

  85. Tamuna King


  86. Damodar Krishnakumar

    Who in 2019

    Andrew Decesare

    i just so happen to stop by 2019

    gaming to the MAX973

    No 2049

    Zi King

    Most definitely

    Ажатшшшэээ Телемышева

    December 2019

  87. Paulo Rafael Barreto

    2019 👏

  88. Mirna Velez

    Hermosa música me encanta cuando lo bailo contigo AMOR Duver gabriel Vélez Sánchez

    Mirna Velez

    Jijiji soy la primera en comentar 2019 🤗🙄🤔😅😄😍😘😍😘

  89. Monica Trevino

    Shall we dance?

  90. 高慎婕

    Amazing mix

  91. Kocak Aja

    Actually both George and Brian are good singer, for me they bring Careless Whispers with different styles..

    My opinions are:
    1. George was like expresses his deep feelings, elegantly(and yes, he did)
    2. Brian brings it with rather manly tone(or even macho)

    To choose between George or Brian version, I prefer George's version, but still Brian's version is not to be underrated..

  92. Adn Ben

    Great remake