Brian McKnight - Another Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm so glad that we've had this time together
On my radio and right on my TV
There's no predicting the shortness of forever
And why the plan is always difficult to see
'Cause you were taken so unexpectedly

Another day, another hour
Another chance to see you wasn't meant to be
Another moment, another second
If I could tell you just how much you mean to me
I wish I could tell you just how much you mean to me

[Verse 2:]
Have no choice but to wallow in my sorrow
For just a moment we are here and then we're gone
I guess I thought that we'd always have tomorrow
But the magic in your music lingers on
I just wish that you were here to sing along

Another day, another hour
Another chance to see you wasn't meant to be
Another moment, another second
If I could tell you just how much you mean to me
I wish I could tell you just how much you mean to me

So many questions but no answers why
I wished I had the chance to say goodbye

Another day, another hour
Another chance to see you wasn't meant to be
Another moment, another second
I would tell you just how much you meant to me
I would tell you just how much you mean to me
I wish I could tell you just how much you mean to me

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Brian McKnight Another Comments
  1. yvette Johnson

    My husband just told me to listen to this song and I think it's beautiful ❤🌹

  2. marvin jones


  3. FREE Child

    How wonderful it is to Be A Woman thought of this way I'm humbled please don't fumble stumble and touch down here love.

  4. MCR 9

    Brian McKnight... there will never be another you. 💕

  5. Elizabeth Simmons

    Not only the voice that will be an “Evergreen “, but the writing and his talent as a pianist is beyond. I’m a classically trained pianist, that played with a lot of symphonies, and I’m awed by him. I would love to find “Another You” in sheet music, but doesn’t seem to exist.

  6. Spicy Curry

    2019 and still in love with this song

  7. Stay Woke

    Insane!Not taking anything away from the talented McKnight but I would love to hear Stevie Wonder sing this.

  8. A P

    This will definitely be played at my wedding, if I do ever get married

  9. Putri Amelia S

    good pliss give me a man sing this song

  10. Dreamdoll


  11. Icha Raisa

    2019 and still stuck with this song


    Me to...

  12. Keemie L

    No words! Pure love.

  13. Robin Bunch

    So beautiful in my headphones!!! I know your out there and we will meet when the stars align..God said so!!! I'm waiting 4 u

  14. Siti Khaitidjah Muhd Nasir

    If anyone is reading this please go and watch a cover of this song by ji jin seok. He definitely have a good voice and i really really recommend all of you to hear

  15. Eesha

    Someone sent me this song last night. It's hard for him to Express himself to me so he sent this. I'm at a lost for words. I cannot stop crying. This song is beautiful. Smh. Thank you #WateryMess #CryBaby

  16. Tamar Swapsy


  17. Meta Phor

    anyone 2019

  18. charleneswrld2

    I absolutely LOVE this heartfelt song!!! Brian you are an amazing artist who sings to my heart.

  19. Dr. Manhattan

    Melanie there will be no other you soul loves you

  20. Tibor Cziráki


  21. Jota Junior


  22. the baddest chick


  23. André Blondelle

    Forever, me and, mother...

  24. Terri Gaines

    My Day is coming !

  25. Terri Gaines

    Yesss B.!

  26. daldal

  27. 장영준

    I think this piano sound is Logic steinway piano sound

  28. Mbali Madolo

    This song just melts my heart.

  29. Airet Pina

    What a beautiful song God will send me a good man.

  30. Cheryl Becker

    Now that's a great voice!

  31. ember michelle

    His wife is the luckiest woman to have a man who can sing like that.

  32. Ron Banks


  33. Denise Thomas

    I’m still thinking about how awesome your concert was. I’ll go see you every chance I get. 🥰

  34. Agnes Riana

    Came here cause ji jin seok, what a great song!!! 😍😍😍💕💕💕💕👍👍👍

  35. blue rainbow Cromok...another you..melancholic instrumental masterpiece

  36. Davena Abron

    I want this song played as my song when I dance my first dance with my new husband ,this song touched my emotions really deeply.

  37. Stacey Compass

    The greatest singer that ever lived...Another You...Wow!

  38. Ava Lassiter

    This mans voice has always been angelic I just love him

  39. lio lef

    I love your magnificent talent, Brian McKnight!

  40. lio lef


  41. JinHee Vuks

    My gosh, he he can sing!!!!!!

  42. Q Corine

    Wow! I'm back after 2 years!! I love me some Brian McKnight!

  43. Wilmerf1987

    This guy never ceases to amaze me with his talent. That piano solo at the last 20 seconds makes this song even better.

  44. Hiley Brantley

    One of the best voices ever

  45. ToongNy

    I love u so much 💕💕

  46. mr stl

    The best mr brian mcknight

  47. Mona J. Wyatt

    Will be played/sung at wedding next year 2020💜. Such a beautiful song.

  48. Keandra Grant

    listening in 2019, wedding song

  49. George flagg

    b mac at his best!

  50. 이동원

    Beautiful song...
    Thnak U Brian

  51. Seldom Seen

    He made a video for my cousin and his wife singing this for their wedding, it was awesome especially since he spoke to them personally in the video. That was very cool of him to do that!

  52. 김영민

    브라이언맥나잇 쌉오진다 사랑해요 형님

  53. Roslynn Nyanhongo

    I cannot wait to walk down the aisle to this song on April 6,2019. This is the most beautiful song ever created.

  54. 張俊緯

    Beautiful falsetto!

  55. Gaby V

    For you, who always be my reason why I smile, laugh, and cheer up my day. For a man which his name writed into my ring, thank you for everything. I know I’m not perfect as your expectation. I have nothing instead of willingness, I willing to learn everything that makes you feel comfort when beside me. And Wish I can be your ‘home’ one day. Amin

  56. Rickey Engle

    No you want never find ,Another me,,my love,,

  57. Kimberly Sykes

    My fav singer in this world.

  58. notrik leinad


  59. AjEvanssinclair FollowYourHeart

    Thank u for loving me xodo

  60. AjEvanssinclair FollowYourHeart

    I love you so much and u are the love of my life xoxox

  61. Caroline Tobing


  62. Pasquino Italiano

    Semplicemente meravigliosa nella melodia, armonia, interpretazione e testo .... grazie Brian

  63. notshurnalist

    feels like barry white)

  64. Sir Martin Tercero


  65. tina davis


  66. ki-chang fragrance

    I'll put it on Instagram. I'll leave the source. ^^ Thank you!!!

  67. Caleb Teo

    sukz david does better

  68. Morris Fletcher

    He really hit this song out the park: beautiful, soulful and soothing. Not only his is voice amazing; he has incredible variations. He's the best male vocalist of all times.

  69. Rimba Bae

    love song

  70. Dr. Manhattan

    Yahaira luciano.....never b another you........Dr. manhattan........

  71. allen dixon

    check out my you tube please and thanks

  72. Lucygomes Gomes

    Brian brasil futebol okkk

  73. Lucygomes Gomes

    Só amor pode fazer voltar sentimentos nunca teve fim.......

    Parabéns eu nunca vou esquecer momento olhares toques atitudes principal amor sonhos Deus nós com concedeunem 😁😁😁😁😚😚😚😚🙄🙄🙄🙄😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😥😥😥😥😥😍😍😍😍😍🤗😎😎😎😎😎😙😚😚😚😚🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😘😍

  74. Lucygomes Gomes

    Bom dia humor....alegria......inteligencia também.. ......Deus dá sabedoria ....mansidao.......fe.......paciencia......sonhos.........saude.......tudo isso se planta já pensou .....amém

  75. Silmi Hibban F.

    If I traveled all around the world
    I know what I would find
    Someone half as smart
    Someone half as sweet
    Half as lovely and half as kind if I was the ruler

    Of a kingdom with a house of waves to choose
    It wouldn't even quite compare
    To what I've got right here with you

    So if I stumble just a bit trying to say what's on my mind?
    Please excuse me cause I never felt the way that I feel inside

    It's possible
    I may have finally found my dream come true
    There.. could never be another you

    The stars are bright tonight
    They know you're mine all mine
    I knew that it would be alright when my other dreams fell through
    And for this very night I've waited all my life
    Standing straight and tall
    I give my all to you

    So please excuse me if I
    Stumbled just a bit
    Trying to say what's on my mind
    Please excuse me cause I never felt the way that I feel inside

    It's possible
    I may have finally found my dream come true
    There could never be another you
    There could never be another you

    Ruth Moonstruck

    WOW!!! I thought they didn't write gorgeous songs like this anymore! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! Has to be played at my wedding with my One True Love.

    notrik leinad

    Exquisite lyrics ,speaks to the heart of the matter

    Anastasia Douglas

    It wives not waves

    Belinda Smith

    Never have I heard or felt a song so straight from the heart. Beautiful!

  76. ladyant73

    His best song hands down 👏🏾

  77. Baby Cantika Johan Putri

    Still listening in 2018???

    Randell Mariano

    Hell yeahhh!!

    Romulo Souza

    My best song !!! 😊😍

    jeda silva

    Do you?


    Yup! 😉😊

  78. balkish azhanoer

    Me right here cause tasya kamila’s wedding:))

  79. Carla Saunders

    Simply beautiful

  80. Wulan Amelia


  81. Hornbecks Hornbeck

    So beautiful, breaks my heart however. Going to see him on 8/30 can't wait!!!

  82. Simone Miichelle

    This will be played at my wedding :) thanks Brian for all of your beautiful music !


    I am so proud that you found your love in me and you came back to me. I am so glad that your heart chose me out of all of those women out there, your heart came back to me with true love.
    You have no ideal how special you are to me. In this life time I just wanted grow old with you. I love you my baby.
    A mother beautiful passionate song by Brian. Thanks!!!

  84. Dee Askew

    if God sends me an awesome man in my life, this WILL be played or sung ~ Just beautiful

  85. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    houhououou always gooood

  86. Semi S

    워너원 재환이가 이런 감성적이고 아름다운 노랠 좋아하는구나..아름답다,

  87. Mary Edwards

    Happy birthday brian McKnight this my moms phone my on the seconds but his on the 5 day gemini baby all day

    Mary Edwards

    By the way we romantic so i understand

  88. Atsuko Nokk

    It’s still touching ✨✨

  89. your ghuurrrl

    2018. came here because of a 2011 korean drama. such a good song!

  90. Alban Arreola


  91. 오승영

    Melt this night with lots of lights in the city.
    So beautiful! No one can express that emotion.

  92. 속닥 속닥



    속닥 속닥 모여라

  93. novii srihanto

    april 2018 💙💙💙

  94. mary jean bangcas

    Thank you for this songs mahal ko,i love you so much❤i miss you😢i cant wait to see you again and hug you tight..

  95. Sherri Pratcher

    This is EVERYTHING!!

  96. WEBBER

    월드클래스 음색이란...