Brian McFadden - All I Want Is You Lyrics

You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want your story to remain untold

All the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You say you'll give me a highway with no one on it
Treasure just to look upon it, all the riches in the night
You say you'll give me eyes in a moon of blindness
A river in a time of dryness, a harbor in the tempest

All the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You say you want your love to work out right
To last with me through the night
You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
Your story to remain untold, your love not to grow cold

All the promises we break
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you, is you
(All I want is you)
(All I want is, all I want is, all I want is, all I want is)
All I want is you, is you, is you, is you, is you
When all I want is you

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Brian McFadden All I Want Is You Comments
  1. Stephen Duarte

    Still listening to this great cover in 2019. Why isn't it on Spotify like many of your songs Brian??
    :( Greetings from Mexico.

  2. Roska Adarquah

    Brian McFadden can u pls join WESTLIFE plsssss

  3. Jaycent XD

    Why you out of westlife pls go back to westlife

  4. daren Warburton

    Can you buy this version anywhere?

  5. One Punch

    I reported all your social medias even this youtube channel of yours. It's all trash. Don't worry you'll dissappear in the internet soon.

  6. One Punch

    You're not the greatest singer. You just think that you are. You imbecile.

  7. One Punch


  8. One Punch



    Dos grandes voces,,, maravillosos los dos!!!

  10. Fitri Br Naibaho

    hope you reunion to westlife

  11. Tru Dis

    U2 fail

  12. Monaliza Soriano

    @brianmcfadden reunite with westlife pls.for 2019 westlife20

  13. anna maria machnik

    Ich finde seine Lieder alle sehr gut

  14. Gareth Keeley

    Even worse than I imagined

  15. kristabel villa

    Baby come to México please!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. delyth griffiths

    Amazing cover !! 💚

  17. TheRuss

    this is what you call boyzlife

  18. Lisa Drury

    Wow love this fab duet 2 of the Best Ronan n Brian what's that I hear Louis Walsh in the background FANTASTIC SUPER HOPE MORE FROM YOU BRIAN. XXX

  19. DixiChannel

    Still not trying to be in a boy band chief

  20. greg phil

    make more videos pls

  21. Briely McFads

    I never tired of loving you Brian, for almost 19 yrs you're still my very first thought in the morning & my last at nightfall. I love you Brian McFadden.

    random person

    Brian, I crushed on you so long

  22. The Critigamer

    I love the fucking idiots in this comment section who don't realise just how much auto tune is in this, I've heard this guy sing live, his voice is raspy as all fuck and he can't hit most notes, he's a terrible singer. Of course he sounds alright here, his voice has been edited to hell and back. Most popular singers today can't even sing, and rely completely on auto tune. Katy perry anyone?

    random person

    in tonight by westlife, he's so raspy you'd swear he had a sore throat

  23. JCJ jcj

    i like the young Brian Macffaden he's my childhood crush 😍😙😙😙

  24. Yely Pernia

    is this song from a upcoming album or something? Thx


    released 2013

    Yely Pernia

    Oh man! I think I haven't tracked him for a while!

  25. ms. XD

    all i want is you too Brian...

  26. Gina Lanna

    I love the music...nakakainspire tlga!

  27. Alex Jones

    Dem Hunneys at 1:03 are smoking hot. I wish I slayed as much pussy as Brian.

  28. portia Griffiths

    great song, Thank u x

  29. mrmelsss

    Rip off from u2..

  30. KuyaShane17

    I LOVE YOU BRIAN!!! I am waiting for the time that you will reunite with Mark, Shane, Nicky and Kian as Westlife and have a concert here in the Philippines! God Bless!

    ms. XD

    tama!!! hahahaha so true...

    ms. XD

    tama!!! hahahaha so true...

    ms. XD

    tama!!! hahahaha so true...

    ms. XD

    hahahaha true...

  31. Sarah Henshaw

    great song loved hearing it live  in Bristol at the Colston hall back in January

  32. GIL DA

    Upload more songs Brian ! Really love it !!
    Bebs, all i want is you.... (Ooh... N....)

  33. lless rhid

    One of the worst singers ever

    nawfal effendi

    who?? you???

  34. diane4679

    Absolute Rubbish

  35. Efrily Lao

    Bryan quit westlife... He thought he can be more successful if he is a solo artist... He is selfish... So he rest of westlife thought he was dead....

    nawfal effendi

    r u hater?? hehehe

  36. Genna Rhayle

    what an amazing team up,,,... loved it,,, well done Ronan and Brian...<3:)

  37. Danielle Adams

    Why his former band mate westlife Didn't invite him at the farewell of westlife???

  38. portia Griffiths

    Brian & Ronan THANK YOU love this song. Amazing guys xxxx

  39. Berit Pedersen

    You are so good Brian

  40. Prince Roxas

    i miss the old westlife...brain...why?

  41. Raylene Westlife

    Love this song! What a talented man love Brian

  42. MsWhatzmyname

    Westlife broke up a year ago.

  43. ghalia nablsi

    i wish Brian could get a chance to showcase his amazing talent on a grand stage,so everyone can enjoy his music.but unfortunately his personal life overshadowed his art.but still i've always loved him since he was a shy young boy with long blond hair .


    Snap. He is amazing.

  44. Patricia Ferreira


  45. Andybee Simms

    great song, they r such good friends and the chemistry is clear on this record, i would like to visit ireland one day!

  46. Paul Jones

    Ireland's shame ? Ireland has much more to be ashamed of that this, Jedward for fuck sake....Grow up.

  47. mike kian


  48. CinemaBoy 89

    just shuuuuuut your mouth...!

  49. Steve5005

    Whoa! This is fucking awful, I'm surprised it has more likes than dislikes.

  50. RobynSaintVeronika


  51. Lazza Ooo

    he sounds so different wow

  52. D3VII

    how old are you anyway? you're still a kid who like justin biblish ...LOL

  53. ste doran

    brian mcfadden/ronan keating-irelands shame

  54. jupiter adante

    Theres no Ronan in the Video? ^^

  55. jupiter adante

    Best of the Both Worlds! 2 thumbs Up for the irish boys! ^^

  56. khadijeh haitham

    really! all i want is you

  57. lufcwakey

    love you millsy

  58. Robert Graves

    Only watching this to confirm the guy is wearing a forest shirt.. he is. WIN. X)

  59. Kirsty Spencer

    Wannabe? Do you have any idea who either Brian or Ronan are??? HAHA!

  60. marty Power

    U2 its been around since 1988 from the rattle and hum album

  61. molly ansarie

    love this video. i love you my biggest Brian Mcfadden

  62. Anas Abu Shanab

    love it

  63. LauraGlitter

    Sorry Brian but this video would have been better if it had featured Ronan as well...

  64. Andrew Wilber

    that actually happened Boyzone and Westlife

  65. BaFayNot23

    The song isn't released yet

  66. MsCurioCat

    Good job, Brian! =)

  67. Archie Campo

    keep sharing this video...

  68. Archie Campo

    ....c'mon folks let's make this video reach to millions of view...great song cover by a great singers Bri'Nan.

  69. Teejay Juen

    WOW !!! Is like Boyzone & Weslife duet

  70. K-smi Sabu


  71. Cheryl Nguyen

    Fantastic!! You are always one of my most fav singer of all time Brian <3.. just wondering why this super nice song only have 60k view?? *sigh*

  72. addicted2tha80s

    Absolutely fantastic! Brian is such a talented singer and with Ronan Keating collaborating on this song, makes it a fantastic cover.

  73. Kieran

    LOL ONLY 68000 views

  74. Lídia Gual

    thanks! :)

  75. Kieran

    Great tonal quality pitched perhaps at bit low but wow great comeback brian

  76. shabrianickianark

    I'm more of a Brian fan but I disagree hehe

  77. Mr.Original

    Brian is 22.

  78. Katherine SS

    I like this.

  79. Daniel Pegler

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  80. Rob Lawless

    Fantastic stuff. Gave me goosebumps. Robbie Doyle stinks of Rock N Roll.

  81. Amelie Thomas

    One of my favourite U2 songs. Well done for the cover!

  82. Capriicorn3

    My 2nd fave U2 song.... thank you, brilliant cover!!

  83. Alana Baker

    Brian, please do a duet with Ronan on the tour down under with this song, it rocks!

  84. Stormpie

    Anyone can link me a playlist similliar to this one? really layd back music

  85. Rachel Fitzpatrick

    Do you still think about the time you were in westlife?

  86. LeeSa

    Sweet cover

  87. LeeSa

    It's U2's song, came from their album rattle and hum in 1988

  88. Archie Campo

    this is the version of Brian and Ronan, right?

  89. Lídia Gual

    this song exists since 1994... But I don't know who sings the real song

  90. Priskilla Wanda

    his westlife voice still heard by me..

    aaaa good luck my childhood idol :)

  91. Valentin Campi

    Excelente tema

  92. Mega Dini Febrianti

    Welcome back, Brian !!
    you're getting handsome :*

  93. bee3105

    I'm excited to hear this album. I hope Brian does well. He deserves it. Can't wait to hear the whole album.

  94. Andrew Wilber

    Their personal lives matter zero to me, it's all about the music. And this is a great cover of a great song.

  95. sylvia chipyindonesia

    best of luck brian


    Right coz real music is produced by today's young popstars!! LOL They're the wannabes

  97. nikflickz

    what do you expect from a Justin Bieber subscriber? Lol ^^.


    What made you think they're wannabes. They've been in the music industry for more than a decade

  99. AmericanWestlifer

    so you only like shitty childish pop stars eh.. I pity you