Brian May - Story Of A Heart Lyrics

This is my story
A story of a heart
And all of it mine

It must have been him
Just a glimpse of a face in the crowd
That's all it takes
My heart is racing
I stand in a trance
As I stare at the back of a bus
Knowing there's no use denying
I can't stop thinking about us

The story of a heart
The story all of it mine
And you took it from me
Every glorious line
I was safe and warm
And now I'm out in the cold
And I know I shouldn't have told my story

I try to resist
But the images keep coming through
So many years
Still I'm defenceless

The house by the lake
His hands resting a while on the oars
Speaking with quiet conviction
Carefully unlocking doors

Story of a heart
I laid myself open wide
Let to read the pages
Where the ink hadn't dried
All emotions pent up inside, my story

Did he see me
Or did I just imagine it all
Putting a face on a stranger
A face I find more and more hard to recall

Never given up
I look for you everywhere
Time went by and sadness took the place of despair
In a way you'll stay with me 'til death do us part
Like a shadow deep in my heart forever

(The story of a heart
The story all of it mine)
It's a story of a heart
(And you took it from me
Every glorious line)
A story of a heart
(I was safe and warm
And now I'm out in the cold)
I'm giving it back
(And I know I shouldn't have told my story)

The story of a heart
I laid myself open wide
Let to read the pages
Where the ink hadn't dried
Swept away and lost in love what was I to do
I just had to read it to you, my story

A story of a heart
And all of it mine

Now you've heard my story

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Brian May Story Of A Heart Comments
  1. Allen Johnson

    Holy fuck it's shite, it sounds like they did the song then just kept adding shit, slowing bits down adding more shit then to top it off,.. Add more crap.

  2. Lily Corso

    A really interesting version. found this song about steps yet. And find out that the original from abba. And then I found this version. It really sounds great.

  3. Gaby Champion

    ABBA and Queen are my two favorite bands of all time. I had no idea that Brian May and Kerry Ellis had covered this song. Unfortunately, I think I would have loved it had I not listened to the original version first. I love Kerry Ellis, but in my opinion, Helen Sjöholm's voice is just too perfect in this song to be equaled. Still, very nice!

  4. Higashi Jun


  5. Oscar Malibu

    BEAUTIFUL Song! :)

  6. stevenblakeofficial

    Steps version is much better than this version

  7. Chris A.

    The "stare at the back of the bus" line is awful. Everything else about this song (not this version) is just pop perfection.

  8. 123billydog

    Interesting version, and I like the Brian May guitar work. I'm not convinced by the slow paced verses, but its nice to see the track getting new attention. Unfortunately Brian and Kerry, along with Steps have exactly the same problem as any artist trying to cover an ABBA track, its impossible to better what Andersson & Ulvaeus created for BAO, as it is for ABBA. That shows the strength of them as artists.

  9. Jelle Struijk

    I like Kerry Ellis and am a long time Queen &Brian May fan. Must say I'm disappointed with this version of 'Story of a heart'. The B.A.O. with Helen Sjoholm is far superiour. This song does not need the echo's en delays in the first verse.Helen's version sounds much mors natural

  10. Gareth .Official

    Oh dear... what's with the vocal delay fx in the first verse... cheapens the song. It gets better as it goes along though. Kerry has a great vocal and suits the song.

  11. freddie trumper

    has brian may nothing better to be doing than ruining other people's music..

  12. Han Epskamp

    Really horrible

  13. Ryan McFadden

    I hope Steps version is better than this cover.

    Matthew Donovan

    Ryan McFadden It's much better.

    Lauren McKenna

    Ryan McFadden A million times better 💕

    Bjorn Faltskog

    Steps ,no matter what is been said, are the nearest performers to ABBA because of the simplicity and feeling of innocence exhaled by both

    Lauren McKenna

    Bjorn Faltskog Yessss 👌🏼💕

  14. Stefan Zantes

    Uh, Brian May, slaughtering a Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus Song with overproduction and the ever dominant Queen guitar riffs...

    Costis Tsigonis

    your perception of things are not the reality.