Brian May - Driven By You Lyrics

Oh - everything I do I do for you

Oh yeah
We touch and you're afraid of me and
We burn and now I'm at your feet
High speed,but you know you're in safe hands
In the dark we make a brighter light
From one spark to the horizon wide
We trust and together we tame the land - yeah

You'd be forgiven if you think you're dreaming
But we're working night and day to make a dream come true - yeah
Everything I do is driven by you

Oh - come on babe

Oh well it's tough to make a journey through
The right stuff is dead ahead of you and me
And you know we've still got time
Hold on tight to the driving wheel
This ride is really out of line
Raw deal, but there's no other that's worth a dime

You know I love you but you drive me crazy
Because you're saying all the things I want to say to you
You say
Everything I do is driven by you

Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do is driven by you

Inner children lost their way
Now they know the price you pay
I'm holding on to life with you
Because life without you just won't do

Driven by you

You know I'm never going to know who's dreaming
But we're working night and day to make a dream come true - yeah
Everything I do is driven by you

Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do
Everything we do is driven by
Driven by
Driven by you

Oh - everything I do I do for you

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Brian May Driven By You Comments
  1. Steve Corbett

    Fantastic. Also featuring Miriam Stockley on backing vocals (nearest camera).

  2. Iceman 8

    Brian still rocking 2020 👊😎💙💙

  3. AlexKx

    Is that Steve Vai in this?! The "short promotional film" here that is...not the actual studio song we hear.

  4. Victor Simpson

    World class guitarist and an awesome vocalist in his own right.

  5. Everlastlove

    I love Brian and everything he does, forever! The best man on Earth!

  6. Paul Shotter

    Driven by you by queen great music from them I like this one remember this song on tv for the ford transit van advert seeing all those transit van driving up the motorway great music that lives on and on

  7. RedStripeZoom Films


  8. Phoenix Phoenix

    Driven by You (lead vocals by Mercury) from last recording sessions in 1991 or Freddie refused to sing/record this song in 1991/ (Brian version) ,(Queen version)?

  9. Tro Jan

    Great song!!! what an amazing guitar solo, this song is so Queen. You don't get this kind of genius on Xfactor.

  10. Daniel Glover

    0:56 did I see Rick Wakeman. this was used on a ford escort telly advert about then, sure it was. This came up in suggested videos. nice.

  11. luisa editing

    This is so underrated!!

  12. ee valen

    tuve como 30 orgasmos

  13. Daniela Serra

    Favoloso 😍😍😍😍questo brano molto armonioso ....Bravo Brian 👏👏👏👏complimenti 😃😃😃😃

    MinMin the Lobster

    Non ci credo un'altra italiana 🇮🇹
    sì sì Brian è bravissimo 💗

    Daniela Serra

    @MinMin the Lobster è bene si... a quanto pare siamo in poche 😊😊😊

  14. EJ T

    Great voice that we just didn't hear enough of. Queen, brilliant together, and just as brilliant individually.

  15. Edna Guerrero

    Amazing voice...😘💗❣️💋🌹

  16. Victoria Jones

    1:21 Brian in those trench / tailcoats make me crazy 🔥🔥🔥😘😘

  17. syteanric

    A song written to sell cars...

  18. nufcdazzla

    Great song but does it still make you want to go out and buy a Ford?

  19. Rodrigo Popinhak Franco

    Steve vai?

  20. Peťa Adámková

    I don't know if I am the only one, but I feel strange when Brian goes _Oh, come on baby_ :D

  21. G M

    Queen - the most decent of them is John Richard Deacon.
    He immediately left the group after the death of Freddy and never play ( commercial ) again.
    That's who Freddy's true friend is.

  22. Interesting Things

    I was 6 when I saw this commercial, and I remember it beause this song made me feel great. I didnt know queen at that time yet.

  23. Interesting Things

    1:01 steve vai , with green guitar

  24. Sliced Grapes


  25. Iceman 8

    Play this song on all the radios now and it would tame the land. Brian rocks!! 🎸🎸🎤💙

  26. Trucker gunner

    This song makes me wish I never sold my 1990 ford Seirra sapphire cosworth 4x4, always floored it to this song.

  27. GuitarFreak

    I love this one..

  28. Sandra Feller

    Ich sag mal so, Freddie hätte nicht mit Brian zusammengearbeitet, wenn er kein Genie wäre...

  29. Meddows


  30. Meddows


  31. Dave Cunningham

    never knew Brian was such a kick ass singer

  32. Sunny Aura

    In my book the greatest ever guitar player of all time has to o to the one and only Mr. Brian May. 💞🙌😊👏😘👍🔥

  33. Lou Zuñiga

    Me pregunto, por qué Brian no tiene este vídeo y algunas de sus otras canciones que grabó fuera de Queen? 🙁

  34. Mania_ Queen

    OMG Why his voice.....⭐💖

  35. macca stan

    hes cute af

  36. whole wheat owos

    120 people are jealous that this man has more cool in one DNA molecule than they all have combines

  37. Mike Humble

    Cozy on the skins... lovely

  38. Krzysztof Krzysztof

    Freddie Mercury refunded to sing song 'Driver by You' in 1991 .He was tired

  39. mudshark jones

    a hell of a lot of talent on that stage

  40. めろきち



  41. woody and buzz enterprises 123

    Happy birthday!

  42. Noemi Sacco

    Happy bday Bri, u're a legend! ❤️

  43. Monica Pasetto

    Happy bordey braian may

  44. Quentin barr

    Love you brian driven by you

  45. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    I remember seeing the Brian May live as an opening act for GNR in Hamilton ,Ontario ,Canada at the then Copps Colisieum which seated about 18 thousand and the year was 1993

  46. Darren Andrews

    Underrated song ,awseome

  47. Rezhico Nico killer queen

  48. kim emerson

    Dr. Brian is still an incredible man!

  49. Caleb Bowers

    Fender is going 2 Brian RED SPECIAL is going 1st because his guitar solos are just killer!!

  50. Moosifer


  51. T Bear

    aahhh love this boy so much ❤️

  52. Walter Corteselli

    Two trivias:
    -On keyboards (the ethereal organ sound) Rick Wakeman
    -On r guitar Steve Vai

  53. greta marnele martinez

    My beautiful draws

  54. greta marnele martinez

    I don't speak good english sorry

  55. greta marnele martinez

    I'm a great artist

  56. greta marnele martinez

    Hi Brian!!! I love you

  57. greta marnele martinez

    I'm a mexican girl

  58. greta marnele martinez

    😍😍😍😍 oh my big Brian May!!!

  59. Laura Calandrino

    He's what, 40-something here? And still sexy as hell
    He does things to me I can't describe...

  60. Laura Calandrino

    He's what, 40-something here? And still sexy as hell
    He does things to me I can't describe...

  61. Laura Calandrino

    He's what, 40-something here? And still sexy as hell
    He does things to me I can't describe...

  62. Claudia May

    Anyone remember the Ford advert?! Cx 😊

  63. Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn

    We must protect bri and the band they’re precious

  64. Rocking Chef

    ist halt ein Werbesong für Ford!! Hei, ich Liebe Brian May für seine Musik, aber der Song geht gar nicht

  65. queenofworry


  66. Maggie Makrakis

    love it

  67. Scapergal

    Freddie kept Brian busy those last days writing lines - Roger too, he told them he didn't care what they did with the material he recorded after he died but he trusted them to complete the songs. Brian has mentioned it many times in interviews.

  68. Rogers pink glitter converse

    I love his voice. He's such an amazing singer/songwriter and guitarist.

  69. Bat Man

    still watching 2019.

  70. Laurent J

    I always thougth Freddy was singing this good song ! Brian is a Great performer and his voice is amazing !

  71. Judith Hand

    Wow! You've so many gifts! I'm impressed by all of the instruments you play for this. Love the song's lyrics, just - Wow!

  72. Nadia May Betina

    Brian may ♥️

  73. Alex Parker

    3.01 hair on the back of your neck stand up time awesome.

  74. coffee tutoriales juegos y mas

    Ammm what

  75. balelu 77

    Que gran persona, derrocha carisma, inteligente, amante de los animales. Se ve q es muy dulce. Me gusta él, su forma de tocar como nadie la guitarra y su voz tan dulce

  76. 1028official

    Brian's I'm in love With My Car

    Nope Nope

    Hahahah that's true 😂

  77. rockardo33

    Sencillamente es uno de los mejores guitarristas, ese solo es impecable

  78. Steve R

    Is that Steve Vai?

  79. Sue Beck

    pure genius

  80. Tarik Sceta

    Brian is old, old, but on guitar gold

  81. Ellie Gem

    And cars are driven by roge-------------

  82. Amaekill Shath

    Ah the live shots from Guitar Legends EXPO '92 Seville. The show that got me into guitar playing :D

  83. i hunt furries


  84. lewisner

    If I had my time again I would definitely be a legendary rock guitarist rather than someone who posts insightful yet amusing comments on Youtube.

  85. Stephen Rushton

    Makes me wish I still had my Capri

  86. Anastasia Wolfy Productions

    Just marry me already 😍

  87. Tara Gelhaus

    First time listening to this & already bopping my head to it! Love it!

  88. Nancy Zen

    The "stairs" imagery stunned me. Walking up in the light to sing and when finished walking down slowly into the dark stair well

  89. B Deen

    Back when music was good.

  90. Mary Viana

    El astro físico, y a la vez artista famoso, exitoso x ambos lados

  91. Giovy

    when will you play with Marc Martel?

  92. Ed Jackowski

    Go!! Brian go!!

  93. Spida

    brian finally understands roger’s metaphor the song

  94. Nuno João Reis

    Wow Brian May & Steve Vai!!!

  95. João Ribeiro Filho

    I really like Brian. He is such an awesome guitar player and he's got such an AWESOME voice. Love him

  96. Sajith Malayil

    Brian May is the real heart of Queen love him like Freddie

  97. may m.lotfi

    I love the song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  98. Connor Trenerry

    Did I see Donald Trump playing piano because I better not otherwise I'm gonna have a hyper speed freakout