Brian May - Dream Of Thee Lyrics

The sun too soon lost his light
And on my shoulder I look for thee
But clouds that gathered in the night
Have taken thee from me
And how shall I live through the shadows?
And how shall I sleep in the night?
Until our hearts set us free
I must not dream of thee

Be strong my love while we're apart
And know the love that I keep for thee
Is safe and secret in my heart
Lets thou should dream of me
When lovers forget to blow kisses
And children no longer can dream
And lifeless the waters and silent the streams
And the stars lose their silvery gleam
Why then my lost love we'll see
I shall not dream of thee

When freedom is only a memory
And laughter is way out of style
And time now can spare on the face of the fair
Mona Lisa no trace of a smile
Why then be sure love that I'll
No longer dream of thee
Shall I not dream of thee?

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Brian May Dream Of Thee Comments
  1. eye onit

    Wish this song had more exposure..he has the perfect voice for the lyrics..wonder what Adam would do with it

  2. Marni Stone

    The beginning reminds me of "Empty Chairs At Empty Tables."

  3. Fernando A. Solé

    Te amo Brian. Un gran abrazo desde Argentina.

  4. cece

    This made me cry omg this is so beautiful.

  5. 五右エ門紫

    He is The World Human Heritage,

  6. Erika Cruz

    I love you my angel Brian, My Heart.. ❤

  7. alla seliametova

    Brian is wery talent men &good men,I love him & all of Queen .

  8. Rachel Brittian

    Beautiful, Dr. May. A true masterpiece.

  9. Radames Boscolo

    My for the people.

  10. Carolina Gonzalez

    An overated song

  11. Lucy l

    what an ethereal, mystical song. Makes me nostalgic of memories I have yet to create

  12. Lu Guzmán

    this song is so beautiful

  13. Megan Largent

    His voice is so full of emotion. This song is moving and gorgeous. Thank you so much, Brian. This song is truly a gift!

  14. Hernan Costa

    Oh Brian... What a beautiful song....

  15. Ferrando Giovanna

    I love all Brian's songs.... So intense and emotional...


    He's a deeply emotional and passionate man and this shows through his music

  16. alina baykalova

    What a gentle, soulful song... Beautiful... thanks Brian...🎸🎤❤

  17. mr badguy

    can't stop imagine freddie singing this track 😭😭😤😢

  18. Marti Dickson West

    I love you, Brian.

  19. Наталья Янзина

    I m very love you my angel 😭💖❤💋💋💋🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  20. 홍중's nicolly

    OMG BRI! I love you ❤😊:3

  21. Queen LoveOfMyLife

    Thank you God, for all the talent of the men in Queen!

  22. journey man

    brian's got a melancholic voice..... it gives goosebumps just like any other of his solo stuff "too much love will kill you"... "just one life"... "show must go on"..'who wants to live forever in which he sang one stanza..' i am not a professional guitarist but no one comes close to DR. May when it comes to emoting thru his own "RED SPECIAL".... 

  23. Stig Spjell Henriksen

    This song touches every fibre in my body!!! I listened to the Furia soundtrack alot as i was reading the diary of Anne Frank. The two go together well...... I am out of words when listening to this song!!! thank you sooo much Dr. May!!!! you have made a difference in my life!!

  24. amanda2109114

    Makes me cry... I love you, Brian.

  25. Édith Crabs

    superbe mélodie,merci pour ce moment de rêve, magnifique

  26. ArtyRee

    Absolutely Beautiful! as always :D

  27. tanya k

    Geious song from GENIOUS Brian! Love him forever!!!!!!!!


    Great song from Brian...

  29. Kathleen Smith

    What a lovely song,thanks Brian.

  30. Matias Merçeauroix

    It's a beautiful piece, indeed. Great singing and playing, as always.
    So tasteful and elegant, so gentle and tender.
    You can't help but love this man's music.
    Pure genius.

  31. amanda2109114

    Briaaan I had a dream about youuuuuuu!! I can't leave you!! I drempt of thee!!

  32. amanda2109114

    @hollistergirl567 If only i were born at his time!I might have been able to tell him that i love him!

    veroli bulsara

    well i just told him "i love you Brian " last year ,when i met him in new york...and i cried

  33. amanda2109114

    i wonder if this is a sad song. . .

  34. ana barkaia

    my dream is Brian :)))

  35. winnetouch

    @wearethearchers Isn't that the other way around? Didn't they shorten the album version to save space on the disc/tape/whatever? I believe the single version is the longer one. But of course I could be wrong :P

  36. Griwhoolda

    @janloudia - You nailed it. "Sung from the heart." I concur.

  37. MisterDanceMachine

    the face of a man who is going to make sweet sensual love to you from head to toe.

  38. FoxFaust1

    Amazing music ..amazing song ...amazing Brian !!

  39. winnetouch

    My everlasting respect for this man grew even more with this track. He can play, he can sing, he can write, and I could go on. Oh man what I wouldn't give to see this man perform live.

    chris rowley

    i saw him perform live 3 times - 1 time with queen and then 2 solos

  40. janloudia

    Gorgeous. So moving, full of all his songs, sung from the heart.

  41. ana barkaia

    I love this man!!!!! and his music!!!

  42. Kakuoteyalu

    When lovers forget to blow kisses
    And children no longer can dream
    And lifeless the waters and silent the streams
    And the stars lose their silvery gleam

    When freedom is only a memory
    And laughter is way out of style
    And time now can spare on the face of the fair
    Mona Lisa, no trace of a smile.


  43. Gabriella Imposti


  44. Demis Foster

    Brian only has recorded this on the 2000 Sound track album, Furia. May I suggest either Amazon, or Queen online.

  45. Brighton Rock

    Man, I need to find this single, somewhere, be it Mp3, or the actual album.

  46. Splunge4Me2Art

    I believe it's T.E. Conway

  47. Serch R

    It's Brian as Conway Twitty...


  48. Brighton Rock

    One of Brian's most beautiful compositions.

  49. gwyar1953

    Is that Brian's wife at 4:16? I truly like Brian as a solo artist--- check out his Let Your Heart Rule Your Head-- and others too!

  50. Demis Foster

    Having seen the movie, it is a very meloncolly film, and the score does the film a massive amount of justice, the film in itself moulds the music to it

  51. Demis Foster

    I couldn't agree more......
    Brian's genius isn't just as a guitarist, and singer when live, its his communication with the audience, thats what is so special from th live gig at the O2 that I went to

  52. lbs221b

    God Bless You Brian!

  53. FreddiesDelilah

    yes... yummy!

  54. Demis Foster

    In the whole of the Furia album, an original soundtrack for a french film of the same name, (2000), the Red Special is only used on the intro, and to boost some of the musical arrangements when other instruments or voices take the lead. Still, BRILLIANTLY written musical scores!

  55. Delia Vlad

    great song....very musical...thank you Brian for offering us so many wonders like show the world the hiden sensibility from this earth.

  56. SarahSnape

    I think he was playing acoustic, it didn't song electric to me, but I could be wrong. But I agree with you strongly on the medieval ballad part, I love songs like that.

  57. SarahSnape

    What a beautiful song...thank you so much for getting it up.

  58. elizabeth kalichava


  59. lakedist

    This reminds me of a medieval ballad. He should be playing a harp, not the Red Special. His voice is exceptionally strong on this piece.

  60. David R. Fuller

    around 1999 or 2000.

  61. yasminexxthegreat

    great song!!!!

  62. Joanna Bunt

    Absolutely beautiful. Never heard this one before. Thanks! Jx

  63. Clarcoolcat

    Big thanks to you Dave & Brian, beautiful ballad!!!

  64. pfmerc10

    great song cheers dave,,

  65. LufflesMrMercury

    Oh that's so pretty...*tear* ^.^