Brian Jonestown Massacre, The - Sailor Lyrics

I'm sailing my ship across your sea,
The stars are guiding me.
I'm going where no-one else can be,
Across your shinning sea.
I am, that is I was all I can be,
And that confuses me.
I'm sailing my ship away to sea,
And I'm so lonely,
I'm so lonely.

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Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Sailor Comments
  1. GLP67

    The Sailing Ship, The Cryan' Shames, 1967, A Scratch in the Sky album. Saw them live in 67' I was 15 at the time.

  2. Ligma Balls

    Alone in my small, dim-white-lit room living with piles of hoarded junk and insane parents, thinking about her.

  3. GitmoBayman

    When I grow up I wanna start a BJM cover band and call it "Jesus Christ and the Saturday Saints"

    Christoffer Sjöheim

    This is Cryan Shames ”The Sailing ship” from the best era of rock ( late 60’s psych).

  4. MrPedrinho50

    I like to listen to this masterpiece while this gif is running on background.
    Damn epic!!

  5. worldwidehey

    He's riding that Moog like a zamboni driver on top of the MFers know this

  6. Mike Norledge

    firkin' amazingly (better by far) cover of the cryan shames ditty . .. this is the field in which you totally excel A, making dusty old tunes sound much better! job done! A+++

  7. Claire Lucchetti

    J'écouterai toujours cette musique pour toi, mon parrain. Quand je l'écoute j'ai l'impression que tu es là, à côté de moi.. Tu me manques.. Repose en paix.. :'(

  8. matthew chavez

    i love this song.
    trying to find the vid of this song that used Dr. Scott..

  9. Melissa P.

    I love this song.

  10. Andy Blue

    "I'm so lonely. I'm so lonely"

  11. Roberto Torres

    Is that the voice of timmy from south park at the begining?

    I am Grateful

    Yeah. Shit was hilarious too.

  12. Patrick Klinck

    Are you kidding me? Does it get any better than this?!


    Sailing ship

    Mutiny HeCried

    Alan Rex that's not uncommon with BJM, like forgot the name of the song but one sounds just like a Johnny Cash song. I still love the BJM tho!

    Hal Jalikeakick

    No I am not kidding you, and no it does not get any better than this.

  13. Patrick Klinck

    If these guys don't beat KISS into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame I'm never going to Cleveland again.

    mad reaper

    A man doesn't need much of an excuse not to go to Cleveland, and for a few years of my life I HAD to... You raise an interesting point however: How would Anton respond to being nominated? My gut tells me it would be more like John Lydon's reaction than, say... a Gene Simmons or Jon Bon Jovi.

    Mike Norledge

    A has always avoided the music business like the plague, i think you'd be more likely to see him on X factor than in the rock n roll hall of his own choice ;-)