Brian Jonestown Massacre, The - Open Heart Surgery Lyrics

I feel like letting you know, how much I love you today
I feel like letting it show, showing you rightly now and never going away

I know you're feeling real low, calling on all my, I want to make it OK
I want to show you I know and it will be all fine, I want to take it away, take it away

I thought I'd write you this song, maybe I'd make you smile and take your sadness away
I want to show you I love, love love, you a long time girl, I'm never going away
Hey, hey, hey, hey...

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Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Open Heart Surgery Comments
  1. Christopher Wisniewski

    I remember hearing this song for the first time in the movie "Broken" with Heather Gram. Man that was a very long time ago great movie, even better song. I was never a drug addict, but I was addicted to alcohol and I fought my ass off to come out on top. 18 months sober and this song reminds me of the pain I was in when I could not stop drinking. I lost everything my girlfriend, my job my house everything. I am rebuilding now, but it's very hard to climb the ladder when I was already at the top.

  2. mikepage979

    My name is ashley Page and I'm from Portsmouth,I dream of one day licking the insides of antons shit stained pants,,jizz everywere fucking hate the warlocks! And most of all this crock of shit, smack head soul gaze

  3. Alien Martin

    im so high

  4. Jorge M

    The most amazing song I have ever heard in the last 20 years awesome I've no words bad ass song would love to see you and concert bad ass song

  5. Thibault Meekel

    The drums is fucking messy but that's cool actually

  6. Merrye Syndrome

    His voice reminds me a bit of Morrissey's but without the British accent.

  7. Brandon Balman

    I love this song

  8. Erik Amor

    Here after rescue me binge

  9. rile06

    11 years and this video has less than 1.5M.
    If it featured in a known movie or something, views would blow off completely. It's such a good, good song.

  10. Jesse Valencia

    Get the stories behind the music in "Keep Music Evil: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Story" out now!

  11. psychedelic_time traveler-86

    such an under rated group and there british 😀

  12. Lorenzo Hazelwood

    the drums are way too loud and getting to me but i think thats the point right?

  13. Christopher Laro

    Combo of the cure and pogues. Two ‘other’ great bands

  14. Mariah Carney


    psychedelic_time traveler-86

    i agree it hurts, but good song

    Mariah Carney

    @psychedelic_time traveler-86 So damn good. Makes my whole being vibrate.

    psychedelic_time traveler-86

    @Mariah Carney i feel heart broken when i hear it :( , but i do love this tune, :)

  15. MrMelgibstein

    God ,their music truly sucks,they only get some recognition because of the death of nine hundred people including children

    anton newcombe

    piss off

  16. Anaheim*lofi Anaheim

    This band rules I feel stupid for being late to the game on account of thinking psych was for hippies

  17. Patricia Ass

    The best.

  18. Arthur Mcgonnell

    play it @1.25speed in tge setings..much more uplifting ..x

  19. 240Sil

    this still gives me chills man.

  20. WhiskeyYouth

    I miss doing heroin with my buddies.

  21. serge lakov

    monday its my turn for a bypass operation dont smoke guys

  22. DrFartBlossom

    Everyone in here talking about the Cure. This song is straight up a rehash of Sample in a Jar by Phish. Sorry not sorry.

  23. Shortpunk


  24. Kathleen Gribbin

    Thank you

  25. salih yatar

    Listening to this piece of thing like 50times a day and it's not being worn out, in anyway..

  26. inscrutable

    Do these guys have any other songs on this level? I've check out a few and they didn't compare

    J R

    David Bowie (I Love You Since I Was Six)

  27. Arlequina Contostavlos

    I just met this band and especially this song because of my ex.. and now everytime I hear it I cry my heart out... it still hurts no matter how long it takes...

  28. brian peck

    stalker song if you think about it…"I'm never going away" plus the overall mood. Like Sonic youth's Superstar or Death Cab for cutie, " I will possess your heart"

    anton newcombe

    wrong... i'm not a stalker.

  29. Def Operator

    The singing on this is so soul stabbing

  30. Nelson Ventura

    One day,Velvet Underground,other The Doors,other The Cure,etc.Fuck this shitty band! I am so fucking tired of this kind of motherfuckers,without any kind of originality,and without any fucking thing to say! Hipsters are so fucking ridiculous.

    anton newcombe

    shut the fuck up dummy

  31. John Jones

    always loved this tune

  32. Bella Anne

    I was surprised by this, it's really good.

  33. Valentina Kniess

    Oh my Gods - what a fantastically painful love song! It's perfect - echoes the sorrow that is bonded to love. This is an outstanding band - can't believe I'm only finding them now.

    Anaheim*lofi Anaheim

    Right tell me about it heard of them long ago but was to oblivious to take notice

  34. Cormac

    just.. wow..

  35. Pete McDonald

    Sounds like Robert Smith here.

  36. kandiie love

    This one is for her <3

  37. Cody Durning

    My shit right here ninjas

  38. Averi Gengler

    The Cure meets Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I feel everything from the tone of his voice to the lyrics.

    anton newcombe

    hmm. i tought peter how to play guitar. who sounds like who? isn't their t-shirt logo based on my logo? hmm

  39. XTI9

    This band is so brilliant.

  40. Robert Craane

    It's Arthur Lee & Love meets The Beatles meet the Cure meets Hawkwind. Anton is the brightest STAR Since Jeffrey Lee Pierce! Look him up...

  41. MrGoodpairofshoes

    A million amazings !!!!!!!!

  42. PaulaJean

    I thought this was the Cure!! Great tune!!!

  43. Josh Drennan

    No new...Tale to...Tell

  44. Changsubbie

    hahaha i thought this is a open heart surgery😂😂😂😂

  45. nancy hemblenne

    un petit ait de cure

  46. Reanna Meridith

    "Broken" brought me here...... Jeremy Sisto scene made me do it in trance.....

  47. Johnny Nilsson

    Tim Beuszför 1 år sedan
    The Cure influence.
    Svara 17 OR....the cure was influence at Anton...

  48. Sands of time

    So much of their music is so raunchy and down ,you got to luv it.

  49. Dark Star King

    Songs called open heart surgery and if you listen closely you can hear the drums skip a beat. Coincidence? Hell no.

    Bryan Garcia

    part of the genius for sure - great catch!

    William Kruegel

    listened to this song many times. i just noticed the missed beat for the first time then i seen your comment......crazy.

    Arthur Mcgonnell

    Massive Attacks Blue Lines Album has got a heartbeat recorded by a microphone wrapped in clingfilm whilst someone lay in a warm bath! Random useless fact 4 u all 💚all the way thri the album u can hear it when u stoned! X

    Mattie Mclean

    drums are way too loud tho... and im a drummer!

  50. George Vartanian

    i hear robert smith

  51. Mark Williams

    This song is what music is really all about. Mellow magic. Anton's vocal is sublime, and the drumming...

    Mark Williams

    Fuck Yesss:)

  52. Tom Ward Voice

    Love is a fucking nightmare if it's your drug

  53. Jonestown Dandy

    Take it away, take it away

  54. Doron Tsur

    Hi, could you recommend about songs that sound similar to this? focusing on the melody. Thanks!

  55. Safiya Hopfe

    kind of sounds like robert smith

    Clan Destina

    I thought the same


    ive always liked that - with so many british singers putting on american accents, anton is the one american who sings with a british accent

  56. anurag parvekar

    wow!! where was this my entire life till today!!

  57. Julio Urra


  58. philthy alfred

    Good but nowhere as good as THE CURE in their prime.BJM have never and will never record something as powerful as Pornography,most bands won't.

    We Forgot Steve Productions

    you are comparing two very different bands right now and you have no idea what youre talking about

    philthy alfred

    Fuck off,hipster.

  59. Sininen Merenneito

    What a beautiful piece of music... damn.

  60. Richard Gnomebe

    obviously this band has decided to take the unfamiliar roads


    Greatest love song of all time! :)

    paranoid hippie

    dont forget Miss June 75


    Hmmm,we`ve all got our personal faves Lucas,that is a great song also :) Open heart surgery moves me,and believe me,love songs aren`t my favourite genre!! ;)

  62. Luc ky

    desperate heroin-fuelled psych rock ... Anton, you know how to talk to me

    Corey Dopp


  63. Jesus Schizus

    You can't take a sadness from Tess! ;)

  64. b. scott langlois

    tell me you want me brainwave entertainment

  65. Andy Blue

    one of way too many favorites. so. damn. good.

  66. jamie schumacher

    50 people have never or will never understand emotion, love, feeling, loss, pain etc. Just fuck off and let the rest of us appreciate beautiful emotional music at its best.

  67. thoughtcircles

    theres so much pain in the vocals, it's amazing

    Open Eye

    Anton might have been having a hard time during this one... Remember.

    Cliff Smith Vickery

    well observed

    lila kilonen

    ... take it away

    Kayla Cale

    thoughtcircles its just the heroin

  68. Narikeljinjira

    i hate comparing but since this is the first time i've heard this band i have to say it sounds a bit like The Cure, nevertheless will check out their other stuff.

    knarr trey

    Ha! "Nevertheless" is one of their songs...


    @knarr trey koolio

    knarr trey

    @Narikeljinjira I don't believe they've ever featured him...


    sorry, what i meant was simply 'cool'!

    knarr trey

    @Narikeljinjira haha!

  69. Sergio Sanchez

    wish the synth was a bit more pronounced

    Richard Gnomebe

    Elsa elsaine probly vintage organ ... Hammond even

    andrea araf

    there's a synth too in the background

    T.W.E Lamb

    it's an organ ya kook

    andrea araf

    the organ start at 0.16.. the synth at 0.30 you can hear it distinctly at 0.32.. ya kook

  70. reen carl

    They sound very 60s early 70s!

  71. labrini komporozou

    i feel like letting you know
    how much i love you today
    i feel like letting it show
    showing you rightly now
    and never going away

    i know you're feeling real low
    calling on all my
    i want to make it ok
    i want to show you i know
    and it will be all fine
    i want to take it away
    take it away

    i thought i'ld write you this song
    maybe i'd make you smile
    and take your sadness away
    i want to show you i love
    love love you a long time girl
    i'm never going away

    Locke McMurray

    Now I see the lyrics all laid out here I know why it's called "Open Heart Surgery" - thanks much !

  72. Michał Cynkier

    The Cure influence.


    That's right!!!

    Jeff Spokart

    Tim Beusz good one

    No band In The Garage

    TwoPointsUp ^^ fuck Cure ? Pffff fuck Oasis ! Cure an BJM real music

    percy blakeney

    Yeah, Anton's pretty much always doing an impersonation of somebody with his vocals and Robert Smith is pretty obviously who he's going for here.

    William Soper

    yeah , he steals a lot from neil young and dylan to and makes it his own. brilliant!

  73. TwoPointsUp

    Whiskey is the "go-to" solution from the heavey H..Just ask Keith Richards..

    Ryder Patrick Layne

    after H, everything else is just a snack, cause your always goin back to the smack


    Well 2 bottles of whiskey is pretty Hard (very hard alchohol imbibe, is the same, since it produces a chemical substance in the brain, which is a strong opiate in chemical-character..

  74. TwoPointsUp

    This is as good as Lennon or McKartney ever wrote, period..


    anton is one of the greatest songwriters of all time

  75. Pegs J

    Open heart surgery it is.

  76. vanev matej

    Gyro suggested this

  77. Jason Brown

    first time ive listened to them brian would be proud

  78. Johnny wayne Guffey jr

    I am a Jones mother fucker

  79. J andrewC


    Sierra Coconut

    +J andrewC haha

    Rick Astley

    antonis nikopolidis

  80. jonh aranh

    como me mola este tema

  81. alex drieaz

    best lyric: 'showing you rightly now'

  82. Madhusudhanan Sridhar

    I don't know exactly why, but this song reminds me of/makes me want to drink.

    (Alcohol that is.)

  83. Sarah Meg

    best band

  84. Lee Woodhead

    Love life love me

  85. gethepicture

    reminds me a bit of ' voyage of the trieste,' Chocolate watch band, - not so keen on the vocal though..

    Anal Fetus Liposuction

    Is your name a reference to the Pretty Things?


    certainly is!

  86. JcGross

    I wish I didn't search for "open heart surgery". I've seen shit I didn't want to.


    +JcGross I can understand why it would gross someone out but I think it's kind of cool and fascinating, in a stomach-churning kind of way.


    @bigmarty11288 - This is clearly meant for Adults, not kids..


    You may not have wanted to see it but your shadow self did

  87. Joao Saito

    that film Broken is awesome with this song

  88. Cranges McBasketball

    I had forgotten about this song... ahh love it

  89. Stevan Djukic

    Great Song, vocal sound like The Cure :)


    @Stevan Djukic my thoughts

    Shivraj Karkera

    +Stevan Djukic
    It reminded me more of Dave Gahan

  90. MyworstEnemy

    Just heard this song on an episode of "Rescue Me".
    First time I've heard a BJM song in any commercial capacity.
    Wonder if Anton & Co. got paid for that?


    @MyworstEnemy  "Straight Up and Down" played over the opening credits of Boardwalk Empire through its run. That must have generated some cash for Anton to keep music evil.


    @sdk Nice one sdk, Dam I knew that music sounded familiar but I didn't put it together.
    He writes some catchy stuff.
    Great comment btw. 


    +MyworstEnemy Going To Hell was also used in the frist american pie movie, haha


    Nice one. Thanks for the info.

    skf skfranks77

    Anemone is on Dracula in a absinthe club scene , its perfect.

  91. Manuel DEL VALLE

    non stop...

  92. christophe arnous

    so cool! the best crazy singer! i love it!

  93. istván iván

    this music just killin' me.

  94. Terry Barham

    THESE guys are really growing on me. Nice track.

  95. TwoPointsUp

    Clearly, Anton out-duz lots of other so called "songwriters" Ha!...

  96. Marko Barrows

    Love the rawness with the sloppy drums all bright and dry and up front. The Robert Smith style vocals, and the very wet reverb on the simple guitar riff ala Dick Dale on Ludes. Tasty.

  97. Her Highness

    The love of my life played this once after we had a huge fight. It will always make me miss him. If you see this please call or write to me soon....

    Johnny Green

    Sounds like you fucked up big time. They have great taste in music.

    Maybe in another life, right?

    Ted Lafforthun

    @Johnny Green J Green Vacaville?


    Her Highness I love you

  98. rory mulholland

    Listening to it in sync with Ronny in Canada!!!!!
    Love you Ron