Brian Eno - The River Lyrics

So deep in the water
Sleep, dark as the night
Somehow it seems it was all another dream
Soon dissolved in the light

Oh, we were by the waterline
Vague, the song of the night
Innocent to all the peasant gods with you
So we drink to be renewed

On the long deep river
Where the moorhens cry
As the first sun quivers in the open sky

Oh, she came down the river
Soon all the leaves were still
The current was strong and the river was so long
So we drink to be renewed

In the long cool evening
When the peacocks shiver
And the boat starts down the silver river way

I remember you saying
As her deep eyes opened
In the first light seeing her, "Here is someone new"

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Brian Eno The River Comments
  1. Schlumbucket Returns

    Zen master.

  2. Giuseppe Foresta

    Musica che disseta l’anima.

  3. Kako_Sweatshirt

    Quien más llegó por Y Tu Mama También...

  4. Karl Pursch

    42 years ago Brian Eno let me know I was listening to the wrong kind of music...Music For Airports

  5. Eduardo Gutierrez

    Such a sublime way to express love rejection

  6. Kent Borges

    AGREED...Eno is on another level !

  7. 坂巻洋


  8. Geoffrey Darcy

    onEno is the loneliest number.



  10. Антон Чехов

    I cant believe it came out in 1977

    Supreme KingOwl

    Yeah same

  11. Jari Eronen

    Jostain 70-luvun lopulta? Tää biisi on ollut vuosia hukassa. Silti, hieno.

  12. Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez

    Here is a instrumental cover of this song By This River -


    ENO = mc2

  14. Maja Neralic

    so peacefull...

  15. Barbara Pi

    x me è sempre meravigliosa

  16. Karl Pursch

    Bowie knew Eno was a Genius and so do I...

  17. Robert Waller

    so, sooo, sad ouch

  18. Travelling Enigma

    any eno and living legends fans?

  19. I Am Tenderhearted

    This is so touching.

  20. Belsnickel

    Here we are in a van by the river

  21. Gabe Ray

    Straight gas

  22. Juan Francisco Sánchez

    Father of depeche mode.

  23. giorgio kioussis

    this song makes me wanna die

  24. Schlumbucket Returns

    This is Zen.

  25. Sven Gustaffson

    Minecraft music

  26. Егор Летов

    у меня аж слези пошли, просто великолепно

  27. Luis Almánzar

    I thought this was an original by You'll Never Get to Heaven, damn this man was ahead of his time

  28. Philippe Cirse

    It’s as beautiful as the non retractability of the talons of rapacious birds or as the uncertainty of muscular movements in wounds of the soft tissues of the posterior cervical region.

  29. Steeve Daw

    Will there still be nostalgia when we're dead?


    Oh jeez

  30. Mark Woollon

    Considering Eno is such a 'sonic genius', or so they say, this is painfully basic. Not compelling at all, he's done so much better.


    what have you done other than jack off into your own socks

  31. sina Tinker

    tsagaaniigaa ene duugaar sanah bolno...

  32. degunter2009

    Listenin' to this song when I'm sad or somethin' s goin' bad, afterwards it's getting better :-)

  33. Patrick

    Féerie absolue

  34. kei joe

    X'ed Out Feels

  35. je vous merde tous

    Mais ou j 'ai déjà entendu quelque par cette chanson ???
    Bordel c' est fou !!!

  36. Baby Boo

    Thankyou spotify for recommending me this song

  37. Monica Couto


  38. Marco Di Caprio

    Saddest Song ever

  39. gerard ballon

    J’ai acheté le 30cm à l’époque pour ce titre , depuis j’ai découvert le tallent de brian eno

  40. Heretta Huston

    I had no idea that Brian Eno made songs like this.


    yeah! Another Green World is probably his best album in this style!

  41. utube4u 2

    Great track ,Mellow

  42. bearmanmr


  43. William Knutson

    Most peaceful song ever..,,

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    I agree with you...

  44. Angel79 G

    Un brano che sa infondermi una pace rassicurante, culla i tormenti della mia anima..

  45. sabina johansson

    i love this song  <3

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    I love this song too

  46. Alejandra Centurion

    I love this song. Such a beauty in few words.

  47. nikonikoboy

    One of the few beautiful songs I wanna listen to in depression.

  48. yut suneki

    what a beautiful song

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Yes, l agee with you

  49. xpublicxenemy

    Y tu mama tambien

  50. ZAPO

    I do the same like this harmony

  51. Karmen Jazbec

    really make me sleepy

  52. Karmen Jazbec

    fall in love with me

  53. PoweredByDarkness

    Que se vayan a la verga el Julio y el Tenoch (el que entendió, entendió).

  54. Hash Lee

    YES! yes! YES!!!!

  55. soulminer 1970

    128 haters.. Losers.

  56. lana mori

    seni hala seviyorum

  57. Ciarán Byrne

    "And I reply with impressions chosen from another time" - glorious line which seems so simple but takes true genius to be brought to the surface.

  58. 我慢砲

    行く手を阻む この川
    君と僕 見上げた空は

    来る日も来る日も 海を漂うかのごとく
    ただ待ち続けていても 思い出せない

    君は話しかける 距離を置くかのように
    この胸に かつて抱いた感動と共に

  59. Gino Cancello

    che tristezza e che bellezza tutte insieme...

  60. Manuela Bucci

    Emozioni dentro di me...eterne!!

  61. 2003Cpayne

    It doesn’t get any better than this. Just a perfect song.

  62. Anny Bezerra

    This song remember me when I was depressive

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    I'm certain that songs like this can heal. ..

  63. Loredana B.

    One of the most beautiful songs in the world, ever written

  64. Val •

    Sad Eno hours

  65. Claudio Orlandi

    pezzo mitico...

  66. y0un355

  67. rucksacks

    Y Tu Mamá También

  68. Derek Matthew

    Watching a river flowing away makes my heart ache knowing I will never see that water again that's what this song does to me

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    I agree with you. The beauty of this human reality is that it's unique in the act of its own change...

  69. Eleonora Cerrato

    Good, bad?!
    Still genuine.
    What else?

  70. Linda Perrins

    here we are stuck with this song.

  71. Mario Bianchi

    La stanza del figlio (2001)

  72. Lord Dickens

    I remember, when hearing this, that we really need to pay attention to the little things

  73. Francesca Bosi

    I don’t have the words to express how I feel while listening to this song..


    just listen and enjoy
    let the music do the talking

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Me too...

  74. Andrey Korshunov

    Absolutely magnificent

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    I agree with you...

  75. Adam

    Song of the Day
    03-03-19: By This River | Brian Eno
    also on:

  76. diszkidwaszheresz

    I’ve heard this sampled somewhere but I can’t remember where. Probably though. Can someone reply?

  77. Pavle Markovic

    One of the best songs I've heard + best version

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    I agree with you...

  78. Laguna Libre

    Finally available on phone nice! Eno deserves all the exposure ever

  79. theywept

    missing you always, d.

  80. Machine monkey

    Like, gurgling water over a zen rock garden

  81. Zita Martins

    Linnndo demais 🙌


    Nanni moretti

  83. METAL

    MITICO !

  84. The Scout

    change the speed to 1.5. Thank me later.


    Oh. God. No.

  85. Blagomira Blagoeva


  86. G Ing

    None shall pass

  87. Romeo msfg

    2019 y vine aquí por "Y tú mamá también"

  88. Wiley Wallaby

    C418’s Minecraft soundtrack took a ton of inspiration from eno.

  89. Mattia Epis

    Non è un brano è una lezione di vita. Bellissimo ❤️

  90. Fabrizio Marongiu

    Eno David The Magic

  91. A y u s h

    Here we are
    Stuck by this river
    You and I
    Underneath a sky that's ever falling down, down, down
    Ever falling down

    Through the day
    As if on an ocean
    Waiting here
    Always failing to remember why we came, came, came
    I wonder why we came

    You talk to me
    As if from a distance
    And I reply
    With impressions chosen from another time, time, time
    From another time



  92. Aaron Lozada

    I knew this melody by alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto but it is surprising that it came from Brian eno and that both have that same harmony

  93. Atlas King

    I could listen to this song for 1000 years.

    Gianluca john Attanasio

    Me too...


    Dude i just listened to it literally 20 times in a row but why though??? Lol

  94. Luca Brasil

    Y tú mamá también movie

  95. Luca Brasil

    Y tú mamá también movie