Brian Eno - Spinning Away Lyrics

Up on a hill, as the day dissolves
With my pencil turning moments into line
High above in the violet sky
A silent silver plane – it draws a golden chain

One by one, all the stars appear
As the great winds of the planet spiral in
Spinning away, like the night sky at Arles
In the million insect storm, the constellations form

On a hill, under a raven sky
I have no idea exactly what I've drawn
Some kind of change, some kind of spinning away
With every single line moving further out in time

And now as the pale moon rides
In the stars, in the stars
Her form in my pale blue lines
In the stars, in the stars
And there, as the world rolls 'round
In the stars, in the stars
I draw, but the lines move 'round
In the stars, in the stars
And there, as the great wheels blaze
In the stars, in the stars
I draw, but my drawing fades
In the stars, in the stars
And now, as the old sun dies
In the stars, in the stars
I draw, and the four winds sigh
In the stars, in the stars

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Brian Eno Spinning Away Comments
  1. Paul o Brien, still now

  2. Paul o Brien

    As the great winds of the planet spiral in.

    Brian is not a Magic Wizard, no, 3-)

    Paul o Brien

    Brought here by coincidence

    Paul o Brien

    oh brian

    Paul o Brien

    Will, the stars shine tonight, ever so bright up in the sky

    Paul o Brien

    sure you read this before

  3. Joe Horizon

    Purchased upon release. Eno is a master. I'm probably one of the biggest Eno nerds out there. He's been on my daily play list since 1978.

  4. John Briggs

    The loveliest Eno vocal ever recorded.

  5. Andrea Prodan

    Reminiscent of many songs. I'll stick with Franco Battiato's 'A wonderful Summer on a Solitary Beach'. Far more fresh and original.

  6. Andrea Prodan

    Reminiscent of many songs. I'll stick with Franco Battiato's 'A wonderful Summer on a Solitary Beach'. Far more fresh and original.

  7. Steeve Daw

    I keep waiting/expecting,him to move..

  8. Steeve Daw

    Definitely music to drive away from your lover at 5 am too. Knowing you won't return...

  9. Steeve Daw

    49 numbties.

  10. Steeve Daw

    God,he looks alive,I'm sure...

  11. Steeve Daw

    I think this is the best recording of this great song on the internet...Beat that..If you dare...?

  12. Steeve Daw

    Thank Fuck.

  13. Steeve Daw

    Compusarily listening to all.

  14. Steeve Daw

    The picture is perfect. You don't need a video to this.

  15. Steeve Daw

    Just that picture creates so much energy.Two geniuses.

  16. 小嶋保






  17. Ben Smith

    An absolute gem. Van gogh to audio!

  18. Paul o Brien

    Who? like me, hears a new different note every time you play this. ?

  19. Panera Bread

    drunk as a motherfucker crying to this song thinking how i gotta my gf back

  20. Poor Joe

    i think only few people can understand how beautiful is this song, it seems so simple but really it is so special

  21. Paul o Brien

    Master debater of public works.

  22. Steeve Daw

    Even cats like this.

  23. Steeve Daw

    YES.. You can feel this way about everyone.

  24. Steeve Daw

    Paradoxically,he looks like my brother-in-law,who's a right cunt!

  25. Steeve Daw

    Rainy,cold Monday morning... This work's even better!!

  26. Steeve Daw

    Brilliant picture,it does seem to be "alive",communicating for want of a better word? Or is it me? Anyway....

  27. Steeve Daw

    You know it's good when you've forgotten about the joint you were gonna roll.

  28. Sammy Bazi


  29. Brigita Mulej- Požegar


  30. Paul o Brien

    His voice is like the strings on a synth

    Paul o Brien

    And his brain is a maker

  31. L Aubergine Rouge Arles

    Tonight a young Grec man arrived in Arles for that song and he's staying in The Van Gogh Room,in my B&B.
    Tonight is full moon night in Arles Thanks and welcome to everybody, peace and colours!

    Miguel J Oliveira

    That same idea brought me here :, and to this comment. Im taking note,L Aubergine Rouge hope's not too expensive ;)

    Miguel J Oliveira

    I think maybe in my birthday... ;)

  32. Paul o Brien

    Video art, Brian Eno is a head.

  33. Dark Star King

    This is in the top 10 greatest songs of all time category.

  34. Ty Rammstein

    van goth painting starry night???

  35. Gabe Ostapchuk

    song makes me cry almost every time I listen to it

  36. Underground Warrior

    Very romantic. One of my favorites from this album.

  37. adrienne gellman

    Eno actually sings well on this

  38. Youssef Oraby

    This song make me want to switch varial heel flip down a flight of steps.

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  40. chadergeist82

    I never knew this song was also done by these two artists. I only have this song that is done by Sugar Ray on the song soundtrack cd to The Beach.

  41. Hernán Alfaro

    The guitars are so Durutti Column... At first i think it was Vini Reilly's guitar

    Maurice Kiely

    Nice comment. This song is in my all-time top 5 with On Some Faraway Beach at 1, and I'm a big fan of the Durutti Column. Vinny Reilly is fantastic, Sex and Death a great album.

  42. Sebastian Bartomeo educador canino

    Estupenda versión.

  43. ForARide

    Hey randolphr, how about crediting John Cale in the titles. After all this was a collaboration between the two and not a solo effort by Eno. Credit where credit is due!


    good catch ForARide ...... i had completely missed that .... no excuses .... but thx

  44. starky497

    Just rediscovered this song after many years. So rich and clear. It helps with climate change fears that are coming thick and fast now

  45. noah511285

    Brian eno is freakin genius.

  46. Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Like the night sky, above, ah love, one or the other he leaves you to take your pick. Like a few other British singers sing, double meanings that are inspired from the book 1984 by George Orwell (Eric Blair) Wherein the words therein, double think and double speak are mentioned. It's nice if you can train your ears to multitask, and listen to the two meanings both simultaneously at once . Give it a whirl, and see if you can hit off the right sounds in your ears.

    Paul o Brien

    Hi, are you shaggin what, or ffs

    Paul o Brien

    Im bi too

  47. Poor Joe

    Whata beautiful lyrics so simple so human and so melancholic, we are so tiny in this universe but we are the great creation of the life, the reason for all this, their sons

  48. ramiro aguilar

    Es el maestro....

  49. pecne

    noone mentioning the awesome bass lines? They're awesome!

  50. kevstaa 7

    Spinning away like the night sky

    Filipe Fernandes

    Spinning away from the most beautiful country in the world!!!

  51. mary jane's space monkey

    This song was also on "The Beach" soundtrack and was done by Sugar Ray and called "Spinning Away"........This version by Brian Eno is just as good, if not better.... Most excellent Mr. Eno. Such a beautiful song.

  52. Snooker Ghost

    Chima spun away to this track

  53. Christopher Alcazar

    totally blown away! want to listen to this in the serengeti at dusk

  54. R M D P

    if you like Brian Eno and this wonderful song please know and listen to Galt MacDermot ;)

    Ceeb D

    Theme from Hair! The Flesh Failures--a spiritual experience

  55. isabela lima

    OMG what is this,what a incredible song that makes me fly high above the hills, i love Brian Eno and all of his creations,it make me feel the real feelings in me.


    sonzinho finooooo

  57. T T

    so fantastic so far so spinning

  58. Herve Boutard

    Vincent Van Gogh

    mot sadirats

    that's right

  59. Steven Craig

    Love, love, love this song, and I somehow forgot about it!

  60. George Iscooking.

    I believe it's a John Cale collaboration. One of my all time favorites from college. Around 1980?

    Vance Goss

    George Iscooking. Came out about a decade later, still have my original cd somewhere

    Vance Goss

    George Iscooking. Came out about a decade later, still have my original cd somewhere

  61. Anas Aswadi

    Wonderful song ❤

  62. Craig McKay

    Chima Ferguson

  63. Turd Ferguson


  64. Edward Chapel

    This is nothing but magic

  65. Kevin Achicahuala

    Chima fegurson "vans" skateboarding

  66. Tuck Carruso

    Vans' "Spinning Away" Video

    Tumelo Mofokeng


    Enrique Díaz

    Chima Ferguson 🔥🤘

    Niko Robinson

    Now our generation can recognize the REAL <3

  67. Anthony Hunt

    John Cale on guitar and b/vocals right? This was originally off a Cale/Eno LP "Wrong Way Up", was it not?............


    The rhythm guitarist is Robert Ahwai.

    Tarzan Wheeler

    John Cale plays the viola on this track, with a characteristic piercing tone.

    Derek Matthew

    Ur right

  68. Enrique de Antonio

    Excelente y màgico,como todo lo que hace BRIAN ENO

  69. Toomas Rannailm

    One of the most important person I have known was our cat Oskar. This song was playing in the car when we were on our way to put him to sleep. Great memory.

  70. Gordon Wagner


  71. Nathan Mattor

    I always feel sad when this song ends. It should just keep going on and on.

    adrienne gellman


  72. Michael H

    What a brilliant, brilliant song! This always did get me on my feet twirling and swirling - maybe I should be more careful at sixty...but being born in Aries how could I ever resist.

  73. Anthony Roberts

    Endless beauty *

  74. enca 81

    I just remembered the movie,the Beach and this is one of my favorite tracks in the movie,I first heard Sugar Ray's version which was awesome,but this...just touched my heart and soul. so Beautiful.

  75. zeitesixx

    Whose song is this?

    Randy Maloney


  76. AdultishGambino

    This song truly makes my soul yearn. It's such a pulling feeling, great and terrible simultaneously. I want to go home.

  77. randy little

    This is the only fine-art painting with a sound-track. Vincent, you rocked!

  78. mick maus

    cheer up, brian

  79. Gordon Disley

    Brian Eno AND John Cale, thank you.

  80. L p

    i love this song

  81. Flávia do Amaral Vieira

    gente que som maravilhoso

  82. zat oichi

    he claims, this is not music and he is not a musician, so what is it? I know.......

  83. Find Something

    thought it was originally sung by Sugar Ray, it's better... Thank you!!

    mike teller

    Of course it is.

    Richard Hammer

    Same, I was brought here by the volume of people saying it'd been ripped off!

    Jocko .McGnarly

    If Sugar Ray couldn't do better, they shouldn't try to clone it. Same goes to David Lee Roth's clone of Fats Waller's "I aint got nobody"

  84. Michael Isaacson

    One of my favorite Eno pieces. There is a mental freedom described by the words and supported by the music. I am always drawing with him on that hill letting the lines draw themselves from the moment.

  85. Moses Berkowitz

    Nice, but I like Sugar Ray's version better.

    mike teller

    Absolutely wrong.

  86. verdigris1

    As the earth's sun dies, that's what i always thought i heard
    old sun/old son

  87. karin gander

    this song SOOTHES me like few others

  88. George Zambra

    Master of Masters.

  89. Karl Hainer

    Where would interesting music be without Brian Eno?

  90. Peter Svendsen

    just so damn beautiful and soul full

  91. Roberto Coppi

    I love this song,great Eno.

  92. cuerpoeperra


  93. hortense234

    This guitar. Oh, this.

  94. torero444

    For me one of the most beautiful songs in the world, I think Eno had God's help, because only the Gods can make such beautiful songs.Thanks a lot Brian Eno!

  95. ollielife1

    as the pale moon rides

  96. Hubs88

    In the stars, from the stars, to the stars. Eno is there.

  97. Liam Murphy

    Please a question for you all. Whilst reading Shakespeare one day I found the inspiration for the lyrics to this beautiful piece. Sad to say I have since forgotten which of the plays contained the words. If anyone can point me to this I would be eternally grateful. This is a profoundly moving piece and it would bring me great joy were I to know once again the source. If anyone has more than a passing knowledge of The Bard and his works, or if they have access to a Shakespearean scholar who may know the answer I would sing your praises and remember your name forever. Peace and love to you all and may all your troubles be little ones and a fair wind always be blowing at your back. xx

    Azer Aljović

    Me neither, but when someone pointed me from the song to that painting it was so obvious. :)
    Watching the painting and listening to the song was a really special moment.

    Jack Vanderhyde

    It's more of a Prosperus quote than Shakespeare.

    Liam Murphy

    I crave your pardon but that illuminates me not at all. Thank you for your interest.

    J Aldo Do Carmo

    I agree with the hypothesis of inspiration from Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night". Maybe even describing the process of painting.
    "Spinning Away, Like the Night Sky At Arles
    In the Million Insect Storm, the
    Constellations Form"
    In my opinion, insects = brushstrokes.
    See this video and check you you don't see "spinnings away" in sky's and stars' turbulence:

    J Aldo Do Carmo

    I have the same feeling.

  98. Sausage Finger

    I Love this Man.

  99. Susanna Kay

    This has a happy sound that takes back to childhood.