Brian Eno - Over Lyrics

Into the road and ten women
They are the rose of, oh, living
They're over...
Paling over.

Say all the words that are memory
Enter the ways of all the pain
Send over...
All is over.

Hitherto rode and wherebefore
Given the rules we had to call
All over...
All and over.

Into the ways of forgiving
Into the silver source renew
Big over.

Into the world he was approved
Came to the world a year too soon
And over.

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Brian Eno Over Comments
  1. Aldo Sahagún

    why do i feel scared listening to this song?

  2. Roni Mcclanahan

    His last name in Greek means "Wine"

  3. noah richards

    Get in a mellow place and groove on this album.

  4. Sampurna Jeni

    Is this a virtual subterranean tropics; the panic scene as arieal things like dragonfly is flying around virtually-burning exotic island, with full of space-primitive magic, then flying things leaving the burning island at the end?

  5. giovanna

    @polycarpx That's always blown my mind, too. Almost as if the sky over Fire Island, where flocks of birds had been, was suddenly taken over by a jet plane, changing the aural landscape. So wild!

  6. Miguel modesto

    I love this track. Whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of an SNES final boss theme or something.

  7. Ghost mp4

    Confinement anyone?
    Edit:Why is this highlighted

    Spider Gal

    Because people liked your comment.... I think


    You mean the SCP thingy? In which episode does this track plays?

    Spider Gal

    @WXLPMNB in the one with the octopus

  8. Bill Cotter

    Saw Percy recently - fretless bass - at the Iridium with Charlyn - New York City ... Brand X

  9. 2003Cpayne

    Fantastic bass playing.

  10. Zach Johnson

    Holy shit it's Brand X!

  11. neetrain

    Speed up to x1.5 and you'll get a drill 'n' bass.

  12. MeloLand

    Great song.

  13. D M

    I've tripped my balls off to this album esp this tune.....

  14. polycarpx

    It sounds like Eno sampled the signal from a primitive fax machine here.
    I especially love the whirling synth sound that slowly phases in at the end, right before 'St Elmo's Fire'. It was one of the coolest segues of all time.

  15. Lady BlackstarDust

    This is the catalyst for an out of body experience. While driving. All is well.

    Valerie Favazza

    It's great all the time, but especially with a dose.

  16. socalltd

    this is the catalyst for Unorthodox Behaviour.

  17. dogmadic

    Percy Jones played bass on this song.

    Jackson Fritts

    dogmadic I thought it was Tony Levin from the sounds of it.

    Michael F. Veneziale, MA, MT-BC, LPC

    Phil Collins on drums too.

  18. Gutsfuck Mayhem

    It sounds like Doom's Soundtrack!
    Brian Eno is fucking awesome

  19. Robert Papke

    This still sounds great even without acid, weed and hash

  20. Phreekoid

    The mighty Percy Jones on fretless bass....

  21. jasonpfinch

    starts with what is basically a sample from 'Unorthodox Behaviour' by Brand-X

  22. Xavierrex3

    @kmattar Another Green World is an absolute masterpiece

  23. Jared Cameron

    @Xavierrex3 Buts amazing

  24. MusicManxxxxx

    Percy Jones — fretless bass on "Sky Saw", "Over Fire Island", and "Zawinul/Lava"

  25. EgyptianMinor

    Tony Levin on bass/stick?


    EgyptianMinor No- Percy Jones of Brand X

  26. Kamal Mattar

    i see what you mean xavier. try to remember though that it's probably a descent into nyc along fire island, which can be terrifying in itself. i remember descending into nyc in a small jet once in a thunderstorm and i thought okay this could be it... d in canada

  27. Xavierrex3

    to be honest this song scares the hell out of me for some reason, its so sketchy

  28. ScarlethCMerlo

    Uuuuuy Ese bajo... Exelente!!!!