Brewster, Lincoln - The Power Of Your Name Lyrics

Surely children weren't made for the streets
and fathers were not made to leave
surely this isn't how it should be
let your kingdom come

Surely nations were not made for war
or the broken and due be ignored
surely this just can't be what you saw
let your kingdom come, (here in my heart)

And I will live, to carry your compassion
to love a world that's broken
to be your hands and feet

and I will give,
with the live that I've been given
to go behond religon
to see the world be changed, by the power of your name

Surley life wasn't made to regret
and the lost were not made to forget
surely faith without action is dead
let your kingdom come, lord break this heart

and I will live, to carry your compassion
to love a world that's broken
to be your hands and feet

and I will give
with the life that I've been given
to go behond religon
to see the world be changed, by the power of your name

Jesus your name, is a shelter for the hurting
your name, is a refuge for the weak
only your name, can take the undeserving
Jesus your name, holds everything i need

[Darlene Zschech:]
And I will live
to carry your compassion
to love a world that's broken
to be your hands and feet

and I will give
with the life that I've been given
to go behond religon
to see this world be changed, by the power of your name


The power of your name [x9]

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Brewster, Lincoln The Power Of Your Name Comments
  1. Abi Schmidt

    Amen !! I want to be your hands and feet Jesus !

  2. TheMack

    Also, I would like to know how the person "Universal035" in the comments below is doing. I have real compassion for you and I wish you a good life, that you can have!

  3. TheMack

    I'm not religous, in any way, kind or form. I don't put a label on anyone's belief, thoughts, or religion. I have wholeheartedly agnostic view. What I do believe in, is music. Music that reach and touches the heart and soul, for all human beings, regardless of color, faith or religion. Music. I think is a universal language and a core feeling, a feeling that can't be put to words. It just feels right. The sound of the notes, it speaks to the soul. You know when it's therre. No right or wrong, just the truth. This is a song that speaks to me, to the soul. Very touching and emotional. Thank you for bringing this music to us all!

  4. Ray Brundridge

    Superbly done, thanks for sharing.

  5. Amber Fuller

    Thanks. This song has been an inspiration to me for several days now. I Love the Michah 6:8 scripture at the beginning.

  6. Tiffany Halvorson

    IV been trying to find this song for awhile. All I could remember about it was that it had a heartbeat in the beginning and it said something about a name.

    Beau Christopher

    Wow! Me too! I remembered the same thing.. And the heartbeat is actually from the singer's own child! Pretty awesome. I love this song so much.

  7. Pat Schlieker

    All hail to our lord and savior Cthulhu!

  8. Bill Your

    God is Great!! We should be Jesus Hards & Feets to an brokening World.

  9. Universal035

    Please pray for me. My soul is embedded in the worst possible pain daily. I come from a negative, divided, confused, cursed family that has negative dislike toward one another. Majority of my family aren't married. Whoever we encounter that we like or want to be friends with or be in a relationship with, negative souls ALWAYS encounter us & bring more hell, more frustration, more misery, more sadness, more yelling, more fighting, more pain, more confusion, more hurt into our lives. Positive souls reject us. For me growing up, I was the only child with no friends & never had the blessing of friends. I was raised by my mother & grandmother. There were no other kids on the street that I lived on. We lived in front of a church. I never had the blessing of friendship, I never had the blessing of any sincere true friends, I never had the blessing of any friends period. I have always been lonely & isolated. People rejected & never wanted to be my friend. I couldn't relate to other people. People always made fun of me when I was in school. It's been like this my whole life. Since I graduated from school back in 2008, I never had the blessing of going to college, I never had the blessing of ever having a woman in my life, I never had the blessing of my first kiss from a girl, I never had the blessing of having a job, I never had the blessing of having any male figures in my life to teach me how to be a man, my father was never around & wasn't the type of father that was there for me. I never had the blessing of experiencing & getting out in life, I lack learning how to be a responsible young man. I suffer from a learning disability in terms of not being wise & becoming a good listener. When my mother was pregnant with me, my great-grandmother told my mom that the guy she got pregnant with was shockingly a relative. Had my mom knew earlier, I wouldn't be here today. She told me that she did not plan on having me. I was an accident & a mistake to be here on this earth. That's another permanent hurt that I live with. I suffer from a lot of other hurt, hell & pain daily. The woman that I truly love, that's an incarnate angel sent from the gates of God's Kingdom of heaven, rejected me & married a dangerous, hood, hustler, thugged out staff sergeant that looks like the birth of a murderer. This rare incarnate angel from heaven liked me & told me that she was sure that we'd be friends for a very long time. I poured out my soul, my love & blessings to this angel sent from the gates of heaven, by sending her flowers, cards, candy & gifts to her. The most I've ever done for a woman in my entire life. It was also the first time I ever sent a woman flowers. I touched her heart & made her smile, by sharing my love to her. I won't ever forget her being in awe about me. She told me that she was sure that we'd be friends for a very long time. Then a few months later in March 2014, she suddenly takes a trip with a guy, gets proposed & asked to marry him right in front of the white house. This angel from heaven shockingly said "Yes" & kissed him. That permanetely killed my soul. She got her marriage license on March 21st, 2014 & is with him still. No matter how hard I cry my soul out to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit everyday to revive my soul from that pain, I am not healed & it's hard to move on from such a deep permanent hurt that takes the breath of life out your soul because I truly love her forever. She is one in a zillion souls in this life that God & Jesus made rare, so rare that you just don't come across a soul as beautiful as hers. Sometimes I ask & think to myself, "it's bad enough that I suffer from majority of everything here on this earth, why would a angel from God's Kingdom heaven reject me"? For me, it is a pain that goes beyond my grave when I am long gone & it is a pain that will go all the way to judgement day for me. I truly love that Angel from heaven & It would break my heart to see her get pregnant & have a family with that thug staff sergeant, who is also a martial arts boxer. I just stopped following her since she destroyed my soul. I have been online friends with her since July 2008. She is everything & different from any other soul here on earth. My soul is so hurt, ripped & destroyed in sadness from the love I have for her. There's not a day that I don't think about her. It's hard to erase her out my mind. I have begged on my knees so many times, cried out to God & Jesus Christ, more than you can ever imagine about this. I prayed for God's Powerful HOLY Will to be done that I have her as my Ultimate Blessing in life. I don't want people or God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit to think I'm covet or lusting after her now that she has her marriage license. Some people got controversial, wanted to say I did & thought that I put this angel first before God & that's a lie from the pits of hell. My soul has a permanent hole, that's filled with a water fountain of tears each day. I always put God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit first. I suffer from a lot of other pain such as horrible folliculitis, alopecia, my left hand & painful infection from my ingrown facial hair. My skin has been prone to folliculitis since MAY 2013. The dermatologist can only give me ointments & antibiotics, but neither of them have helped my skin heal completely. I still get sores that leave permanent dark spots from the bumps that develop. I also suffer from alopecia. I have been dealing with alopecia since I straightened my hair with a hot comb back in 2011. My hair won't grow anymore. I grew my hair since June 2013 & have been wearing braids since then Novemeber 2003. In March of 2010, I got real sick, had the flu & horrible chest congestion. I tried coughing up mucous & at the same time, I strained my eyes by vomiting so bad to get the mucous out my chest & the veins burst inside my eyes. My eyes were bloodshot red so bad :"( I went to a doctor in 2010 & she was careless saying that it's a normal thing & not to worry about my eyes. The veins in my eyes have been permanently damaged & my eyes have been inflamed since then. The glands in my eyes swell up daily since then. I went to several othalmologist eye doctors here in my city & they act like they couldn't identify my diagnosis. I'm still in constant pain to this day. I finally went to see another eye doctor in February of 2015. He examined my eyes & said that I have GLAUCOMA. He wanted me to get an MRI, to get to the real root of my problem & find out more about the condition of my eyes. But my health insurance did not pass through so I can get an MRI. I'm still suffering in excruciating pain with my eyes & my eye doctor said that there isn't anything else he could do for me. I have to wait another six months to see him in August 2015. So I'm still in pain daily. My optic nerve, the root of my eyes keep shooting piercing pains inside the core of my eyes. I'm afraid & don't want to go blind. The pain in the root of my eyes & optic nerve keep paining me & also keeps giving me elevated pressure inside my whole brain & giving me terrible headaches. I can't sleep every night. My mom & grandmom think that I purposely stay up late just to be on the computer, but that's not true. They argue with me & think that I just have regular allergies. My soul cries in pain at night daily. So please pray that God who sit of the Great Powerful Holy Throne In heaven, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, who sits on the right hand side in heaven & The Power Of The Holy Spirit will please heal my eyes, hear & read my prayers here on youtube. It is a blessing from the grace of God that I can type all this in the hopes that someone, an innocent loving soul here on earth or another sincere angel from heaven, will read my story. Another pain that I suffer from is infection from facial ingrown hair that curls inside my skin anytime I shave. I suffer in the worst pain everyday. I put God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit first & so does my family. My family & I are born-again Christians. The people in my family look at God's word & scriptures & interpret them differently. A few months ago, I had just got through arguing with my family about God's word in the bible & they wanted to say that I was the confused one. I don't EVEN like to argue, especially about God's Power Holy Words in the scripture!!!!!! I'm so hurt, torn & tired of negativity, confusion, frustration, hell & arguing in my everyday painful life & family. We all feel like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to survive each day God gives us life. Its always hell here on earth for me, frustration, poverty, being poor our whole lives, more hell, more misery. It is NEVER A POSITIVE OUTCOME. My family & I strive to stay positive each day as well, but differently. It's always division in my family. I've told my family that maybe in heaven we (My family) won't be having negative differences of opinion & that we will all be in positive peace. It broke my heart to tell some people in my family that because there's always controversy, confusion, frustration, arguments & differences of opinion. I want God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to PLEASE! 100+ times to please break this curse in the souls of my family & my life. I pray that prayer everyday & my prayers have been ignored & rejected. My soul cries about it so bad each day. Please ask God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to please help me overcome my fear of driving. I just had a car accident back in Decemeber 2014. I have never been the one eager to drive fast, like a lot of young people these days. At 25, I still don't know how to drive. I'm determined to drive. I want God who sit on the throne in heaven to please help me overcome that fear & please be with me in Jesus name. I pray for my bipolar next door mean neighbor that always lies that my family & I bother her. That's another hurt I been dealing with for years too. My mom almost passed away from a blood clot back in 2012. I prayed, cried & gave God praise that she is still here. My grandmother's house got broken in 3 times from 2011 - 2014 & took some sentimental items that cannot be replaced. Some of my photography pictures had been stolen that I cannot replace, that was on my grandmother's computer. Every month of June, something bad always happens the worst. Whether its a death, someone breaking in our vehicles, an apartment being on fire, me almost getting arrested one time back in June 2010 & a relative getting beat up. It's always hell & confusion in my family. I pray to God who sit on the throne in heaven, Jesus Christ & holy spirit that they will please send me a positive sincere loving angel from God's Powerful Great Holy Throne in heaven & beautiful children that have special souls from heaven. Back in April of 2015, A 10 year old anonymously emailed & told me that God lead her to read my story here on youtube. I won't ever forger her words. Her name was Violet & she said "God sent me to tell you that he has great big plans for you". That seriosuly touched me & brought tears to my eyes & soul. I NEVER had that happened to me before. I believe that God who sit on the great powerful throne in heaven, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth & The Power Of The Holy Spirit heard my prayers. I was at the supermarket a few days after my 25th birthday in April of 2015, & a woman got my attention. I forgot how the conversation started. I told her a little about the story & hurt of my life. She felt something inside her soul before she even walked up to me, that told her that she needed to pray over me, so she did. It was a moment in my life I won't ever forget. I told her that GOD & Jesus must have whispered in her soul & sent you to pray over me. She said "yes". One of the things I mentioned to her about my life was that I didn't have the blessing of any male figures in my life to teach me how to be a man. So she sent me a flyer to her church for a special Men's 3 Day Conference about Men becoming more stronger through CHRIST JESUS. So I told her that I would go. It began on May 1st & ended on Sunday May 3rd, 2015. I went to the 2015 Men's Conference & it was a blessing of an experience. I got to hear from alot of different speakers from Apostle, Bishop, Doctor & Prophet talking about different topics such as Spiritual Warfare, Wearing & Being An Amor Of God. I'm still reading my bible everyday, worshiping & praying to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Everyday it is hard for me to survive in this poor, hard, painful, horrible life. My soul is weak, lost, damaged, destroyed in pain daily. I don't have the blessing of having a car. I still live with my mom & the guy that she's been with for 12 years, since June of 2003, is supposedly going to marry her. Me & him don't get along well. Him & my mom argue, he loves to yell. I almost had to break up a fight between them back in April of 2015. My mom got on me & told me NOT to interfere with him & her fighting because if it happens next time, he's going to put his hands on me & fight me & I don't want to fight. I was just being a peace maker. I don't want to live with them when they get married. He has 3 kids. A 19 yr old & two 14 yr old twins & I don't want to get along with them because they have attitudes. I feel so stuck in my four wall room every single day since I graduated back in 2008. Being lonely everyday, never having the blessing of any friends to talk to or the blessing of getting out to experience life. My everyday life is a pain, struggle & heartache. I've tried finding jobs, finding ways to get out of the house. I don't have a car & I'm still suffering from everything. Even if I had transportation or money, I am still scared to get out in life period because I don't know how to be a strong, wise, responsible young man & I don't know how to achieve my goals & survive. I am weak minded in my soul & whole body. I've been like that all my life. My soul feels permanently destroyed in sadness from all the hurt, hell, misery, everyday constant pain & sadness that I just told you. I don't hold onto grudges, I don't blame anyone. Why I say this, is because in my other prayer posts on youtube, anonymous people read my comments & don't understand my hurt. They want to be so critical, thinking that I'm self-centered & want attention. They look at things the wrong way & don't have a clue about what goes on in my life. People, Please keep me in your prayers daily. Also please pray that God will heal my left hand. I went to the Emergency Hospital back on January 24th 2015. I felt so hurt that day trying to find an answer from God. So I googled "Cheribum Angels" on google images & I just happened to look an an image of a sunlight. As I looked into it I suddenly almost blacked out & had to get help. Later that night I still had unusal dizzy severe headaches. I just kept praying. I didn't know if that was the Holy Spirit hitting me inside or not. But I couldnt event sleep & told my mom to take me to the emergency room. But back to the part about praying for my left hand, there was this nurse that wanted to check my vitals. The nurse drew blood from my left hand & purposely burst the vein inside my left hand. And since then, my left hand has been in pain daily. Later the next day, the doctor was real mean to me & believed that I lied just to get attention. I didnt have time to argue with her. So she dismissed me. I pray for mean people like her. But people, please continue to pray for me. Pray that God will heal my soul & break this curse that's in my life & the souls of my divided, negative, confused, frustrated, argumentative family. It's a generational curse & a curse of rejection :'( Everyday I have a hard time fighting Lucifer. He keeps attacking & talking in my mind. Earlier back in February of 2015, Lucifer tricked me into thinking that I didn't feel loved from God or Jesus :'( Throughout this year & last I keep thinking... for an angel sent from God's Kingdom Of Heaven to have broke my heart & destroyed my soul & to not have the blessing of any friends in my 25 years of living, I'm afraid to think that I might be rejected from the lord. I feel so hurt as I type this because I still feel so lost, weak minded, hurt, sadden, damaged, empty, lonely & destroyed in sadness from how my life & family is. The pain takes a lot out of the soul & life that is in me daily. I feel like my soul was never meant to be happy here on this earth. I feel like it was sent in this body, to be born in a negative, confused, poor, struggling, frustrated, painful, argumentative, divided family. I have been praying, crying my life, breath of soul out to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit for help each day :'( to please break this generational curse in my family & in my life. I'm suffering horribly each day. I feel so empty inside. I don't what my purpose here on earth is if I come from a negative, confused , divided, cursed family that's filled with rejection from positive people, suffering in health, never having any good positive blessings. The hurt that I live with makes me wonder was I really a mistake to exist on this earth due to this painful hell I'm going through. The only thing I can possibly do is pray, read my bible scriptures, worship God, Jesus & Holy Spirit daily & please pray that they will break this generational curse of negativity, rejection, negative division & a lot of other hurts. I don't have the blessing of happiness. I try to make myself happy by listening to old school music on my android or look at other things online. P.S. People, I like Photography. I never studied everything about it, but I've been taking photos since I got my first digital camera back in May 2009. I just recently got a new camera on my 25th birthday on April 10th. I Pray that God will lead & open a new door for me in photography. Back in May of 2015, I had went to the library for free computer basic classes, ancestry & internet basics, each two days out each week. I'm still failing becoming a young responsible man. When I first started going to the free computer classes at the library, I was late for my computer basic class, but they let me in. The next morning, I had missed my free class session for ancestry history class. My family yelled at me some more that day. I was so hurt, destroyed & sadden because I am still dealing family matters. That is what slowed me down from being late to my computer classes. But anyway, I don't know why I was created :'( My soul is still suffering. I feel empty & rejected by every good thing in life, even when I pray to God & Jesus. I don't know if the lord is with me. I deal with more frustration. A few months ago in late May of 2015, My mom made an appointment for me to see a counselor for me because she thinks I need help & we had argued more about my problems. Now the counselor is sending two more counselors to help me. Another female counselor who I just met on July 10th, 2015 & another male couselor, that is real militant & very strict. My mom & I were arguing while the counselor was interview me. The counselor mentioned if I needed any medication & I know I am not crazy. People do not understand my pain, my life & my hurt. I don't like this because it's always negative hell & confusion. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Back in May of 2015, I did something in my life for the first time ever. I bought my dad a birthday card from the little bit of birthday money I recieved & mailed it to him. God knows the hurt & history about me & my dad. My dad was never around me in my life to teach me how to be a man. I am only trying to do what God says in his commandments & that is honor thy father. I just want to please & make God, Jesus & Holy Spirit happy everyday. I'm reading my bible, praying, worshiping them & hoping with all my life & soul that they will reply back & help me. Throughout this summer, there have been some people who have read my story & one person sent me two videos to watch on breaking generational curses. And Before that, I had a minister who read my story on youtube & wanted to pray & break the curse in my life. I am still was suffering & dealing with this curse & rejection. Another pain I live with is that I graduated with a special ed diploma & that I can't keep up with regular people. Remember I told you that I can't relate to other people? That is another hurt I live with. Everything in my life is a nightmare, especially my eyes being in the worst pain. But like I mentioned before, I feel like my soul was sent in this body to suffer, shut up, accept loneliness & not get an answer. People please pray that I will have the blessing of happiness & that God & Jesus will reach out to me. I seriously do everything I can each day to reach out to Jesus Christ & The Lord Of Hosts (God). I trust & love them still. I just wanted to pour my story here on youtube in the hopes that innocent, sincere, loving souls from heaven will read & pray for me forever. Because I feel bad, lost & want God & Jesus to speak to me everyday of my life. Since the hurt from that angel that broke my soul & destroyed it, that pain really brought me closer to God & Jesus Christ more than ever & I have been reading my bible everyday of this year now. My soul still feels sad & this is no lie. Everyday I am still suffering horribly. I am not looking forward to talking to these new counselors. If I had not been raised by my mom & grandmom & had not known anything about God & Jesus, I would commit suicide. But I continue to pray & reach out to God & Jesus as much as I can everyday of my life here on earth. And more recently, a church just rejected me online when I sent them a prayer request. They told me to seek help "elsewhere". People please pray for me because my soul is still lonely, lost, rejected & sad each day :"( I am dealing with a spiritual war in my life & in my family. God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit tested me this month in September, when someone had left some loose change at the supermarket self-check out lane in the vault. Granted, that me and my mom are poor and struggling financially, I was tempted to take the money, but inside my soul, I did not want to dissapoint God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, so instead, I just told the clerk & she put it in the cash register. I trust and believe that God, Jesus and Holy Spirit will bless me & my family with more food, water and money to help us get through each struggling month. So please pray for me forever and Thank You.

    Chinchin Lipar

    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
        and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18


    @Chinchin Lipar I am so brokenhearted everyday. There is so much pain in the story of my life from my health, my family & my life. We would have to talk on skype about it. My skype is babyface6440. My name is Ken & I have been on a painful journey seeking God & Jesus everyday of this year nonstop.


    @***** What is you name??? I have been on a painful journey seeking God of Hosts & Jesus Christ more than you can ever imagine. I listen to praise music, I worship & read the bible nonstop. I live through horrible hell more than you know. It's a pain that goes all the way to judgement day. I am hurt everyday. Please PLEASE pray nonstop & ask God of Hosts to please touch the soul of the angel that destroyed my soul & ask God of Hosts & Jesus Christ to please make a way for me & that angel to be more than friends.

    Joshua Wong

    +Universal035 haha my real name is Joshua. I pray that God will bless you and keep you. He will be your shepherd, and let you lie down in green pastures, amidst all the troubles in ur life. He will lead you besides still water, and he will lead you to paths of righteousness. Because of the power of Jesus name and what he did on the cross, whatever mountains you face you shall trample upon like grasshoppers. I pray that by Jesus stripes your left hand will be completely healed. No more pain becoz Jesus has bore your pain on fhe cross 2000 years ago. In Jesus name amen. I really do admire ur faith that admist all these problems u still put Jesus first, and by putting him at the centre of ur life, i am sure that he will free you from all these chains binding you down, preventing you from fulfulling ur true and beautiful purpose in life. Just declare every problem and every mountain to Jesus. His name is powerful, juz continue calling on his name for help, and I really do know and pray that you will pull through this turmoil in ur life. Keep believing, dont give up, Jesus is always with you :)


    @Joshua Wong Joshua, If you only knew my painful excruciating journey each day. Please pray that God of Hosts & Jesus Christ will destroy all curses, misery, sadness, pain, rejection, loneliness, confusion, frustration, poverty, poor health, negative atmosphere, differences of opinion in my family, negative souls that always come into my family lives & bring hell, pain & misery. Please pray that God of Hosts & Jesus Christ of Nazareth who sits on the right side of heaven to please destroy all the horrible things I just told you & destroy it all into the fiery pit of hell permananetly. Please also pray & ask God of Hosts & Jesus Christ to please touch the soul of the angel from heaven that destroyed my soul & please ask God of Hosts & Jesus Christ to please make a way for me & that angel to be more than friends. Please pray for me forever. Joshua please don't ever forget me. Pain eats at my soul nonstop. I have been reading my bible & praising God nonstop. 

  10. Debra Tefs

    What I will give... ?? Today... We need GOD... and Jesus... LIFE

  11. Rosie Talamantes

    O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.—“Immanuel” (which means, God with us.)

  12. Jennifer Dolejs

    So beautiful

  13. Mary Bowman

    Go beyond religion:

  14. Eve More

    Let me be Your [email protected] oh Jesus..for You are my strenght since You'd given me life..

  15. kathleen beldad

    GOD is GREAT
    HIS name is GREAT
     good morning

  16. Red Black

    EVERYTHING will be done by the Power of your Name JESUS CHRIST..

  17. yabs good

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  18. Jeffrey lCunningham

    yet so many of you seem to say this online and not in person, Stop living a lie and follow the lord even if it means death, He has a place for us in heaven so why worry about your life? those who worry shall lose their lives no offensive and please don't take this the wrong way,

    Dee Dee Roberts

    Thats awsome

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  21. waltermclauren

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  22. Edg Latvia

    Will you go to heaven? Have you thought about it?  We all are sinners and deserve to go to hell just look at 10 commandments. God is just judge and he will not let you without punishment. But 2000 years ago he gave you a way to be saved. He became a man (Jesus) and died on cross for your sins. You don’t deserve to go to heaven, but he loves you so much that he died for your freedom.  He can give you eternal life. Just ask him to save you.  God bless Are You a Good Person?

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  31. Carlos Phill

    Us Christians are sent into the world as little lambs with the faces of lions because the living God Almighty, the consuming Almighty sovereign God dwells within His children! And as we stand and the wolf pack surrounds us, we stand in the authority in the name of Jesus and we will not back down because we do not head of to war to lose, we head off to war to win! God mocks all he powers of earth and hell through His little lambs, because His lambs beat the wolf pack! God's children don't lose!

  32. Grandma's Keeper

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    ~ ✞ The Power Of You Name ✞ ~

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    The Power of Your Name, aleluya, love you god

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  36. 2tof4u

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  37. Jeremy Bennett

    if you watch the video by lincoln brewster behind the song video, he said the beat at 0:43 was actually an audio recording of his son's heartbeat while he was still in the womb, crazy huh?

  38. Alexis Andrews

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  39. moonchild

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  41. paikimchung

    Sony Vegas was on sale at one point for $89.99 I believe. It's been a while since I've bought it.

  42. xMrsCarolex

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  48. Angelique Huereca

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  51. RICKY J


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    This is a beautiful song and you did a very good job with the music video :D Ignore the 3 people that disliked it... They don't understand God's amazing love!! <3

  53. Kaitlyn Peterman

    This is a beautiful song and ou did a very good job with the music video :D Ignore the 3 people that disliked it... They don't understand God's amazing love!! <3

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