Brewster, Lincoln - Real Life Lyrics

I still see the kid in me
Building castles by the sea
And skipping rocks across those ocean waves
Still building buoy rafts
And sailing on the Kachemak
And running wild across Alaskan plains

And all my yesterdays
Don't seem so long ago now
And all those early years
Will always seem like home somehow

And it was real life
And it was real good
It was a place I took for granted
'Cause I just never understood

And there was real pain
There were real tears
But the way my Mama loved me
Somehow carried all those years
It was real life, oh it was real life

I still see the kid in jeans
But now he's standing next to me
Never thought that I'd have boys to raise
I don't have it figured out
It still feels like playing house
And it's something I am learning everyday

And all of my today's seem
Like they're rushing by so fast
And every time I look around
I pray that it will last

And it's real life
And it's real good
And sometimes I take it all for granted
Even though I never should

And there is real pain
And there are real tears
But the way my baby loves me
Somehow carries all these years
And this is real life

When I'm old and turning gray
And my boys have moved away
When it's time for me to say goodbye
I hope I leave a legacy
I hope that God is proud of me
I hope that I leave something good behind

And all my yesterdays
Are flashing right before my eyes
And I'm standing in God's presence
When I finally realize

This is real life
This is real good
It's a place I took for granted
'Cause I just never understood

And there'll be no pain
And there'll be no tears
'Cause the way my Father loves me
Is the reason I am here

This is real life
Oh, this is real life
This is real life

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Brewster, Lincoln Real Life Comments
  1. April Bitar

    Lincoln’s best song ever


    the real tears comes from the heart not in mind..... real life is hard without GOD


    siss... this song is your favorite...... nice voice .... i love GOD and i love you my bestfriend aivy:)
    i hope that our friendship will never ends....

  4. Nicky Bojczuk

    lovely sound but sad

  5. Jim Stevenson

    Love this song!!!!!

  6. John Kevin Zepeda

    I'm a father and I find this song "thoughtful"!
    So much thought that I feel tears rushing in my eyes ;'(

  7. corine rodney

    Love this song.. Can't explain the feeling it gives me every time I hear it playing..

  8. Rico my love

    This is an amazing song! I wish I could say that my childhood was like yours.

  9. Arjie Mark Maghanoy

    Jasmine Navarro: Yeah you're right, he's one of my favorite Christian artists.. :)

  10. Arjie Mark Maghanoy

    I love this song, I missed my dad who died few months ago..

  11. jasmine navarro

    i wish Lincoln Brewster come here in the Philippines... God is so amazing to his life.. God bless you Lincoln Brewster..

  12. Guitar playing Squirell

    I wish he would come to Mississippi and do a worship night. This song is an awesome song and I just heard it. Brought me to my knees in HIS presence. Tell lincoln great work.

  13. Cay

    Lincoln Brewster is the worship leader at my church! :)

  14. Cathie Joanna

    true. The High harmony line could have been used as the lead... it could have boosted the chorus.

  15. Bob Marshall

    Except I think going up an octave is pretty extreme. If you listen to the high harmony on the closing chorus, I think it's a third. Might be better to drop the melody line and use that high harmony line as the lead. Or maybe use the original melody line in a subdued mode.

  16. Cathie Joanna

    Wow! That would be incredible! And that's really amazing because I'm a big fan of Lincoln Brewster, he's such an inspiration... :)

  17. Bob Marshall

    Oh, OK @Cathie Joanna, I'll tell Lincoln that. His home church is about 10 miles from my church. I see him frequently. Yeah, you are probably right, that's a nice transition.

  18. Cathie Joanna

    Amazing amazing song full of meaning. It definitely stirs the core. I have a suggestion though. When Lincoln Brewster sang the chorus after the last stanza - at 04:20 - He should have taken that chorus an octave higher, it would have sounded really beautiful. That's the way I sang it and it turned out pretty well...

  19. Djermias Hermanus

    Beautiful song.

  20. Cathie Joanna

    awesome video, truly inspiring!!

  21. enith jones

    This is a love song to God. It's brilliant. I love it.

  22. drmmer101

    so glad i found your video! love it and this song is now one of my favorites! thank youuu :)

  23. ava pribadi

    I'm be glad, it's feel how touching and refresh my heart,soul and body. Lincoln may our FATHER gave you shine of grace, cause you a chosen talent from HIM. I believed, it's So Real Life... for me especially... Thank you Lincoln for your songs... I'm really Gratefull always and always...

  24. Manifesting Destiny

    His Mercy
    Makes MeCry :)

  25. Tyler Bowles

    Where did you get the picture at 4:14? I love the song and the picture!! People take for granted what we have and the love we get from our families. There are some people in this world who have nothing. They don't know Jesus, they don't have a home, a family that loves them, and a shoulder to cry on. I want this picture to remind me that I have HIS shoulder to cry on. This song has touched me greatly, thank you, and God bless!

  26. TomRaveloJr

    true story about this song.

  27. Jacob Polupan

    this song makes mecry

  28. Flor Dann Fernando

    thank God for a real life

  29. David J Henning

    What a great video. I sincerely enjoyed that. Beautiful song.



  31. BipolarForJesus

    Bob, yes, cried through the whole video, your family photos are precious stuck in amongst the other photos. Your beautiful mother with black hair & her gray streak
    which I always loved. Your family & mine are 180 opposite, even to this day. The
    only words I could identify with were 'there was real pain & there were real tears'.
    The home I grew up in was profane, alcoholic, abusive, atheistic & quite painful.
    Just the opposite of yours, Christian, sober, forgiving, nurturing, fun & good.

  32. Melody W.

    Wow! This really is a "well crafted song". I love the lyric "When its time for me to say goodbye...I hope I leave a legacy...I hope that God is proud of me". You did a great job putting this together Bob. I think it will be perfect for Fathers Day.