Brewster, Lincoln - More Than Amazing Lyrics

You're the one who walked on water
And you calmed the raging seas
You command the highest mountains
to fall upon their knees

You're the one who welcomed sinners
And you opened blinded eyes
You restored the brokenhearted
And you brought the dead to life

forgetting all our sins
You remember all your promises

You are amazing
More than amazing
Forever our god
You're more than enough
You are amazing

With authority you've spoken
And you've set the captive free
You're the king who came to serve
You're the God who washed our feet

You're the one who took our burdens
And you bled upon the cross
In your kindness and your mercy
You became the way for us

forgetting all our sins
You remember all your promises

You are amazing
More than amazing
Forever our god
You're more than enough

You are amazing
More than amazing
Forever our god
You're more than enough

Oh how marvelous
Oh how wonderful
Oh how glorious
You are amazing
Oh how marvelous
Oh how wonderful
Oh how glorious You are


Oh how marvelous(marvelous)
Oh how wonderful(wonderful)
Oh how glorious (Glroious)
You are amazing (you're amazing)
Oh how marvelous
Oh how wonderful
Oh how glorious You are

You are amazing
More than amazing
Forever our god
You're more than enough
You are amazing

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Brewster, Lincoln More Than Amazing Comments
  1. Aleksander K

    whta the fck is this shitttt doing in autoplay after new today is the day??? YT you have bazillions of dollars and still suck with algorithms LOL

  2. Ali Tiko

    Inspirational song, so amazing and I'm blessed


    Oh my God , you............halelu ya
    where could get the instrumental or the music of this song

  4. Erika Tacda

    🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤ LORD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  5. Marylou Cooling

    one of my favorite songs!!!

  6. Kenneth Wise

    Brought me to tears...

  7. Roger Jones

    Our More Than Amazing God! Jesus has truly blessed Lincoln Brewster with more than amazing talent and gifts of music for His Body!

  8. Sam John

    yes and amen

  9. Kavi Malar

    tears uncontrollably forces out, every time the truthfulness of these words seep through my fleshy heart....just love this song like anything #

  10. Nora Ingram

    When you need to be lifted up just start playing Gods Amazing Music

  11. Russo Simon

    I thought that was Chris Tomlin?

  12. angel DOJC

    Jesus the Son of God is more than amazing. :)

  13. Johnny Bailey

    Good positive music

  14. John Ooi

    My Lord and my God, You are amazing!!!

  15. Cipriano De Jesus

    You are Amazing GOD!

  16. Roman Ordunez

    Got this song as my ringtone

  17. George Marbs

    amazing you are o lord amen......

  18. Oliver Gragasin

    Very nice worship song!

  19. Thomas Kerns

    Sent me right into the presence of God ! If your soul was not set on fire by this worship song to God, then your wood is wet‼️☝️

  20. Eric Abrantès


  21. David Gervais

    an amazing artist I actually got to do an install for this man. wonderful guy absolutely wonderful family

  22. Lori Weeks


  23. Jee King

    Amazing God^^,

  24. Lance Gustin

    you are amazing god

  25. Sonya Roland

    That's moment at 3:09 when the chorus kicks in .. 🙌🏽

  26. Benji Robledo

    even if im sick ya wonderful and amazing you're more than enough!! i love you father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. cheska Eunice

    To GOD be the glory. . .

  28. Beautifullife89

    Thank you so much! This helped me sing my favorite song. Thanks to the lyrics too I didn't mess up haha :p
    Thank you God bless and keep praising worshiping God.
    I love you

  29. tupac


  30. thewaythetruthand life

    Truly God you are amazing and there is no one like you!

  31. lovegod3111

    Amazing grace~
    Thank you~

  32. Catherine Cdr

    Thank You so much and God Bless You for putting this music on You have blessed me and my Mom so much last night with this music and through the night and morning she has alzhiemers and God's songs sooth Her and My soul again thank you so much!

    wallace brown

    Oh of All creation wrap you loving arm around them! In Jesus' name. Amen

  33. Arvin Guerrero

    He forgets and remembers.. Forget our sins and remember His promises. 

  34. Arvin Guerrero

    I really love this song.. 

  35. brenda supriya


  36. Edith Martinez

    When I have a problem, I remember and say: HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH! :)

  37. Bethany Thompson

    YOU ARE AMAZING, GOD!! Praise You, Jesus!

  38. April C

    God, You are AMAZING, and You are my EVERYTHING !!  Oh, how I Love The Lord.  Thank you so much for posting this video. I hope others feel the love, and  grace in this song. May God bless you.

  39. Teddy & Katie Perez

    As I was reading the book of Matthew and how all of his references to Old Testament prophecies show that Jesus is the Christ it dawned on me that Jesus is amazing and this is the first song that came to my mind Jesus is so amazing how he can be the Christ the Son of God the Messiah he truly is amazing lord help us to always be captivated by you amen.

  40. Heisinburg

    Amen praise god start preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ were ever you go post scripture on facebook, youtube email, sent texts on the cell phones put scriptures tell them to forward them to others lets save as many souls as possible before the great day of the lord lets get it on!

    Max Warren

    manuel tenorio no!! I do not get on my Facebook anymore!! Please Don't say it!!!!

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    Max Warren

    Christian Songs (All Genres) oh stop it! I cannot use my Facebook anymore!!!! I Don't say why do you do that!

  42. redeemedby Jesus

    love singing this in church! ty for the upload :)

  43. Jenny Cruz

    More than amazing..

  44. Chris White


  45. John Ooi

    Jesus is the most amazing person you will ever known in this life and beyond I'm convinced. Yes you may go through all kinds of trials but you are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

  46. Jhanlee Abrasado

    .YES God YOUR more than AMAZING..

  47. Alex Heath

    Praise God... only words you can say...

  48. Jbb YT

    Wow!! I love your lyrics video. Especially the transition from one sentence to another during the bridge part. May I know what software you're using?

  49. Eric Abrantès

    so powerfully true!....Praise to The Light of my heart:)...

  50. Joaquin Mendez


  51. Judy Christopher

    God is never mad at us, He's simple mad about us.

    Lee Jones

    How about the Day of The Lords Wrath?

  52. PatrickMWilkins

    Awesome video, I did a guitar cover of the solo for Today is the Day on my channel, mind checking it out?

  53. Jhanlee Abrasado

    HE's Amazing!! More than AMAZING!!!

  54. jtbenskin1986

    He really is amazing. He provides for us in a way that is truly miraculous

  55. Daniel’s Vlogs

    Thank you God for forgiving me and every one else. I love you God

  56. Maria Ferrer

    Your love is amazing! Thank You God :)

  57. Lily Clark

    i sing this in church truley beutiful

  58. jhamie balbin

    You are Amazing GOD <3

  59. jeremy geevarghese

    I love this song

  60. R9fenomeno

    He does work in many ways. Music is one way he touches ur inner soul. He wants u to know he loves you more than anything in this world.

  61. ilingling23

    Wow I have always listened to this song on klove for a loooong time but yesterday was the first time I felt the presence of Jesus and felt at peace. He works through so many things. God is so good. :)

  62. erik conzatti

    Good song

  63. Wendy Willhoit

    I am so blessed to be teaching this song to my pre-school children...thank you for such an awesome song!!! may God bless all you do!!!

  64. milkeyway10000000

    Want to hear something amazing? Pull this song up in 2 different windows and start one a little more than a minute after the other... It sounds like magic!!! :)

  65. Danny Arof

    The 33 haters are Atheists.


    Jesus is so simple ,he just wants our love. If we all would accept & worship & pray 24/7 on a chord people : he would open the sky THEN and just give us that everlasting life lol.. lets all GET on It : Prayer ! Amen, I love U Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM ready amen lets all get ready -

  67. jezrele dhanze


  68. Israel122112

    Hallelujah to you Father God in the name of Jesus Christ.

  69. Jay jay cauba

    God Bless 29 dislike . :|

  70. theskedar

    Thanks for making this song about me!

  71. roy alexander

    If your a Christian, finding prase on Earth to Heaven in songs unto & about The Father of Eternal Worth ..

  72. patricia nieto

    I finally found this song, which I had heard it over the summer on the radio station. I love this song,,, touchable lyrics,, truly amazing. Thanks. God is alive,, search for him,..

  73. Lisa Craigmyle

    Heard this song while out today. In spite of everything that has happened over the last 24 hours we need to remember that God is amazing! He is more than enough.

  74. Sally Yessin

    Im doing this song in Sign Language for my school at the end of the year! Im so excited

  75. Angie Lee

    Wow! That is amazing and wonderful how he show himself to you. :D

  76. Maureen Lowe

    One of the best worship songz out there!.....not only the lyrics, but the instrumental is so good!

  77. chisom

    i guess it took reaching rock bottom, to finally look up and start reaching out! Praise God's HOLY NAME! HE IS MORE THAN AMAZING!!:)))))

  78. chisom

    My testimony:About a week ago, I recieved my first F on my chemistry quiz.
    I cried my heart out...I didn't know getting a bad grade could hurt so much.. I had prayed and prayed to get an A on this quiz, and I had ended up failing. Though the Holy Spirit, I let go of all my disappointments and give tHem to Jesus!Today I checked Zangle and I got 100% on my most recent quiz and NB check, how AMAZING GOD IS. HOW MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL AND GLORIOUS HE IS!!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, HE IS AMAZING!!

    Jay Pumphery .rockmusicmaster.

    Hey bro I know it’s been 7 years since you posted this comment but I just wanna thank you for saying this. I’m in that position of failing in school and am learning to trust God in the midst of it. The fact that you’ve given your worries and pain to Jesus really inspires me. Thank you. ✌🏼

  79. Ann Proctor

    Yes, He is Amazing! His love is awesome.

  80. Mercy Pondevilla

    how I was so blessed by the songs of lincoln brewster :)

  81. 4everinyourarms

    Thank you for posting this song. I had to practice it because my church's choir leader's daughter came for or church homecoming and wanted to do it in American sign language (ASL). It's such a beautiful song. Thanks again for posting it, it was so much fun. :)

  82. Karianne Merritt

    Love this song so much!

  83. brandongmzbg

    Hallelujah praise the lord! More than amazing forever our God Jesus your in control

  84. yangalang42

    Lincoln has some amazing catchy songs on youtube along with other christian bands like Red Letter Hymnal and stuff like that

  85. Julian Lopez

    Chills ....

  86. ThatBoyUNeed2Know

    I just listened to you guys and your amazing!

  87. Lexi Abby Mattson

    OH HOW AMAZING! My sis and I just posted a cover video about how beautiful Jesus is! I hope you will be blessed by our music!

  88. Ace Wilcox

    This Song Always Gives me the Warm & Soothing Chills Because I know The Lyrics Are SO True.

  89. MARCK'EL M

    My two songs of the month: " you are amazing G & " I'm redeemed " By Big Daddy Weave!!!! ALL IN ALL ' YOU ARE AMAZING GOD" Nice work Lincoln B!!!

  90. morninggloryone

    God Bless.
    Love. Sandy. <3
    "Courage is the human virtue that counts most —
    courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence.
    That's all any of us have."
    – Robert Frost

  91. rulo77guitar

    OOHHH MMYY LOORRDD..!!! what an amazing song.!! i've been so touched now.. is my first time listening to it through.. wow Lord you are simply amazing.!!

  92. retta haun

    There's an anointing on this song like no other!!

  93. misssdakota

    very moving!

  94. Claire Beasley

    doing sign language to this song for my church it's truly amazing!

  95. Ella Ell


    Jason Medrano

    Jesus loves you

    Jason Medrano

    Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength

  96. Tanner Massey

    I felt lost within myself till he revealed God to me again at heavenfest. I hope to never forget what he sang and spoke to me there. Praise God!

  97. jam dave muring

    im so bless of this song ..truly that He is not just amazing but super or more than amazing ..Amen !