Brewster, Lincoln - Let Your Glory Shine Lyrics

Your love won't deny me
Even in the storm You find me
You call me from the darkness to Your light

Your hand ever leads me
Lord You're never gonna leave me
You're teaching me to fight a better fight

Let Your glory shine
Let Your glory shine
Let Your glory shine through me

I know You're the Savior
You're taking every fear and failure
You're lifting me to rise above it all

Your love won't be shaken
You're taking who I am and making
Something out of nothing for Your cause

Let Your glory shine
Let Your glory shine
Let Your glory shine through me

Let Your glory shine
Let Your glory shine
Let Your glory shine through me

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Brewster, Lincoln Let Your Glory Shine Comments
  1. Jung Hee Lee

    The grooviest praise song ever! Well done Mr Brewster!

  2. Roger Jones

    Love Lincoln! Vibe on intro reminds me of one of Jeff Scheetz (Christian Yamaha rep) instrumentals on "Woodpecker Stomp"...too cool!

  3. Tom Bryant

    Most underrated electric player of our time

  4. Mrbradboy1

    That intro iz sick!

  5. Jacob Harner

    He is filled with the holy ghost

  6. AbundantPraiseInc

    Absolutely one of God's finest guitarists!

  7. James Oliver

    OMG the solo is freaking ridiculous!!!

  8. KirkDickinson

    I finally decided who I think Lincoln's guitar style sounds like. Dann Huff from Giant.


    I played this song about 10 times better than Lincoln does for about 8 hours straight the other night. Then I woke up and had to go to work at the paper clip factory.......Oh well another day another bent metal thingy.......let Your glory shine anyway Lord.

  10. Zander Daniels

    Love Lincolns playing. Dude can definitely shred. I wish I can be half of the guitarist he is, and be used of God in the same way. I just found this song today and it has been on repeat. Plan on learning that intro soon!

  11. R DG

    Eric johnson, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen style

  12. excavator258

    sound  guitar like whitecross :-)

    Michael Charvel

    whitecross is awesome

  13. nathaniel novero

    you're right bro :)

  14. Michael Adrian Mendoza

    Why limit the music if it gives glory and honor to God through Jesus Christ our Lord ? Let Your glory shine..

  15. Editcus

    That intro :O

  16. Earl Knapp

    Lincoln is like the Eric Johnson of Christian music !! Outstanding !!!

  17. Aberdeen Alba

    Good sounds. Reminds me of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure films and Michael J Fox playing in the Back to the Future! Let Your Glory Shine you Wonderful Rock!

  18. Jeremy Fernand

    Amazing Song! This is really called using ur talents for God!

  19. Tino Reyna

    Everything we do, as Scriptures teaches us, has to be for the glory of God... And I believe this solo cannot be an exception to that rule. All those Brewster's solos are for the glory of the Lord :-)

  20. Rafy Nieves

    Sounds like malmsteen ... amazing! ! All for Jesus!

  21. Flights of Odyssey

    Incredible intro.

  22. marc kokoy

    the instrumental are like steve vai.... :D right?

  23. marc kokoy

    w0w triphletes...? your so awesome.. but the God be the glory.. ^_^

  24. marc kokoy

    w0w.... introduction...

  25. desert938

    @jaredcastillo21 hehe yeah, there is a video where he talks about the story of this song and mentions about how you will probably hear some van halen influence in it

  26. Dario Ceron

    Eric jhonson, Paul Gilbert, Van Halen, Slash and GOD in one guy, what a good thing.

  27. GoAndMake

    Praise the Lord! ... totally awesome worship ministry stuff. Voice of Truth - Christ Centered Worship Band is sure going to rock this song for the glory of God! Thanks Lincoln for the material... together we're going and making.

  28. turbodeeznuts

    Sounds so blues-rock!

  29. Justin Hitchborn

    @iamacookie6 This guy rocks with the best of them.

  30. Justin Hitchborn

    Is it just me or did they black out the "Vox" on the amp?

    Matthew Winter

    Hes endorsed by line 6. Endorsement deals and such, he couldn't advertise a different brand. In 2010 when this came out he would have been playing through a Pod HD500 or possibly even the POD Floor Live...he's just getting into helix right now

  31. sticksofthunder68

    @parrazion have you heard of phil keggy?

  32. Shinbu1128

    then again, you gotta remember, he did play lead guitar for Journey xD

  33. Shinbu1128

    i heard the intro and immediately thought "I didn't know i was listening to face melting metal" man, he really is talented xD

  34. NatePoehlke

    how have i not heard this song and listened to Lincoln Brewster for years?

  35. David Parra

    wow the guitar solo is awesome
    lincoln brewster is better than others christian
    artist in the guitar : ) I LIKE (Y)

  36. SethAY68

    @188metalhead881 and yngwie malmsteen

  37. Julio Valle

    Greg Howe influence??

  38. Emristable

    Wow, thats one nice bit of a praise haha. Gotta love that intro. Song has that rockin groove maaan

  39. shadowknight132

    Also some Jason Becker influence. If you hear the beginning after the shred. It reminded me of shred.

  40. Brock Lamkins

    Wow! What an amazing song. :)

    Phenomenal guitar and simple lyrics compiled to produce this masterpiece.

  41. tbredehoft

    Tombstone...great movie brownbigb huckleberry...johnny ringo a theo cowboy, spard latin w/ the end of the day death is an eventuality for all...bullet in the head for Ringo...where we spend eternity is a matter all find out eventually...studied most religions on this planet and none offer anything as simplistic as John 3:16...i save myself from lots of earthly scenarios daily, but when it comes to immortality, I look to the cross/empty tomb and believe...i enjoyed your posts.

  42. brownbigb

    can't lose something that isn't there. btw, are you the one brave enough to hang the millstone around the neck? i am your huckleberry

  43. brownbigb

    hmm.... somebody's just gonna have to be brave enough to hang the millstone around the neck. btw, that is the christian attitude i am talking about. kill the bastrd that would interfere with the brainwashing of the little ones :):):)

  44. brownbigb

    i hope so too, will stick a foot up his ass for being an ass :)

  45. iplaythefourstring

    I hope you will have an encounter with God, just wait.

  46. brownbigb

    i didn't stop believing after 8 years, but i kept strudying it because i find the subject fascinating. i've read the bible in 7 different translations,in 2 different languages.

  47. brownbigb

    it's an imaginary purpose and meaning. i had 8 years of theology to learn how stupid it is. and my mind and eyes did open. now open yours

  48. jokeslayer010

    hey no its not. To live as a Christian gives life purpose and meaning. you need to read more about what Christianity is about before you say it is stupid.

    ...and have an open mind.

  49. brownbigb

    i think the christians are th ones with their eyes closed. once opened, they see how stupid it is

  50. brownbigb

    there are over a billion christians,but that still also classifies as millions. and still doen't make it righ

  51. SRVblueshero1

    I'm pretty sure there are billions of Christians today, and there are billions of Christians that have lived and died since Christianity started

  52. brownbigb

    millions having imagined something still doesn't make it true. and people can imagine whatever they want. there is no god just because you so wish for it.

  53. Mario B

    well thats your opinion,and thats fine. but there are millions that would have different thoughts,but people can say what ever they want.

  54. brownbigb

    yes, having imaginary friends can be good, specially for those who have a hard time coming by real ones. as we're told the imaginary friend loves everyone. whoohooo... of course after the age of 5, imaginary friends are not so healthy ;)

  55. WhiteStrat1

    My youth pastor told me and I quote "Religion Sucks" but having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the greatest thing you can ever have.

  56. brownbigb

    that's what i mean christianity is stupid. as stupid as it gets.

  57. Mario B

    he he says that in a video of this song, lol

  58. Mario B

    thats called christian rock!!! and it isnt stupid... its awsome.

  59. brownbigb

    the guy can play, but the song is cheese, and he sings about some stupid shit

  60. john

    Definitely some Van Halen influence. 100% awesome tho - his solos are not only technically difficult to play and well thought out for the songs, but they are really well placed in his songs. Just enough to rock, not enough to get old....

  61. Migs Villena

    it's a van halen lick..

  62. Bob Smith

    it sounds like a paul gilbert lick

  63. stratman1967

    I can tell he has some Van halen influences!Awesome player!

  64. Nick

    Awesome song.

  65. Raptor8990

    the best