Brewer, Nick - Sidelines, Pt. 2 Lyrics

But we live in a corrupted system
So we think that wealth is wisdom
And you ain't gotta get a hundred years from a judge to spend your whole life in prison
See, that’s a mindset that I've lived in
Could have been another one of its victims
But it's time that I own up to the fact that I don’t know much
That right there is a gift 'cause I ain't restricted no more
But we're all chasin' happiness
That's like chasing a pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow
It's not happenin’
And at first I found that bafflin’
But on the real though life's challenging
So how can I try and feel so positive at all times
When at times I’m battlin' something like Luke Skywalker and Anakin
Man are a chitter and chatter and talkin' the maddest ting, madder ting though
Life ain't badda boom, badda bing though
Can’t stand still like mannequin though
Call me a side man, man a Ringo
Still got a part to play in my role
I don't wanna hate on the government, no
But they don't represent what I hope
I hope that we don't always stay so insular
I hope that we learn to forgive anyone for any wrong that they ever did to us
I hope that we look beyond our own interests
Yeah, I hope that we realise that there's life outside of the internet
Wait, wait, I'm not finished yet
I hope we protect, not neglect those that get left behind and upset
And try to get up, yet it's like they're held down and muted, no sound
A secret world kept, I guess
My hopes, see, aren't realistic
So was everything before it existed
I hope I can act on the thoughts in my mind
And I don't stay sitting on the sidelines

(Where do I start)
I just been sittin' on the sidelines
(There's too much noise)
May be about the time to get my mind right
(Where do I start)
I just been sittin' on the sidelines
(There's too much noise)

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