Brenton Wood - I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up Lyrics

I think you've got your fools mixed up
You must think I'm somebody else

I'm not the same fool you knew that couldn't help hisself
And followed you around like a dog
Strung on a chain and wagged his cute little tail
Whenever you call his name
But baby that will be no more remember when you walked out that door
I was on my knees I said "now baby please" you just looked at me and
Said "no score" and you said its no joke and maybe one day you'll be
Back again
Well, baby I got lucky again
I made myself a million tears
And another thing I want to say
I found myself another friend

[Chorus till fade]

Think you've got your fools mixed up
Must think I'm somebody else

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Brenton Wood I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up Comments
  1. Yessi Cervantes

    Y yg gf sfhcssa

  2. Orlando Betancourt

    Yup.. Im a fool.. But not the one you expect........

  3. dez

    My goal in life is to meet Brenton ugh

  4. Eleanor Borquez

    My husband and I saw Brenton Wood At San Gabriel park free concert !! Stay down 💙💙💗💘💘💘

  5. Anabel Solis

    I think I do!❤💋

  6. jesus rocha

    Puro Los 213 818

  7. Moning Tarin

    I ❤️u Little Steve lol when you use to go Mom omg!!!

  8. Savanna Gutierrez

    Great song

  9. Jesse Esparza

    Hi Nelly

  10. Justice Heart Liberty

    Pushing a shopping cart during uptown whittier time :P

  11. Niddles Kane

    It's 2019 October and still cruising to this.

    Marina Garibay


  12. Moning Tarin

    Yup i♥️u Chelsea Jewels Leilani

  13. Jorge Estomba

    What a great song , one of my favorites. Not played on white stations,
    When it came out, he started to get air time in mid sixties. What a loss for us whities!!!! Great , super talent
    Thank you my man for your precious talent !!!!!

  14. Mona Lopez

    He was very Art Labor famous... Old times are the best times..


    Somebody else dog


    Lucky hahaha a million score


    ~ 1967 B-side brief soul classic ("Gimme Little Sign" A-side) by r&b and dance master the wonderful living legend Brenton Wood, who hails from Shreveport, Louisaina ~ Thank you for posting this classic as heard on the soundtrack of the 2013 film "Life Of Crime." Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  17. Ashley Navarro

    I cant wait for the concert


    Luv this song too!

  19. Sergio Dominguez

    Shit ese this tune brings me back to the days of living at the Diablo project's. In El Paso Texas. Puro DDT.

  20. Manny Alex Hernandez

    Amazing I am grateful for Breton Woods Gorgeous music.

  21. Joseph Hernandez

    Mr Woods will help you remember all the good times back in the day 😎😎

  22. Rubidoux 951

    I think U got ur fools mix up 2019💯

  23. 951base

    She couldn't Fuck with a Real G

  24. xxxpensive

    Damm i remember reminiscing about my girl to this song as a youngster.

  25. Faustino Jimenez

    Real man stufff

  26. Monika Quiroz

    Thank you mom for blasting Brentwood early Saturday mornings to clean man I miss those days RIP mom♡

    Raul C.

    Monika Quiroz sorry for the loss

    SOLO 1Gee

    She lives thru u smile n play brenton wood an saturday n smile at moms !!


    Fuck I feel you I miss my jefita..😢

  27. Victor Meza

    María Isabel carreon por que chino Hernández de lira

  28. Victor Washington

    First time in 50 years I listened to this buried soul gem treasure

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Stella Ercolani

    Sure thing

  30. Coneja Locs

    2019 ❤

  31. Sammy Cisneros

    This song takes me back in the days ooh ya

  32. Devin Covarrubio

    Am I the only 14 year old that’s been listening since I was like 8

  33. Victor Lua

    I love turtles

  34. elmo ferreal

    there not Chicano music this everybody music we all love some one



  35. Robert Preston

    I'm not the same fool you knew that couldn't help himself an followed you around like a dog strung on a chain an wagged his cute little tail when ever you called his name

  36. ryan hernandez

    14 years old and in love with oldies :)

  37. Anjelina Marie Vargas

    I think you got your fools mixed up

  38. Anthony Sainzz

    Jams 🥰

  39. Becky Gomez

    I love his songs❤️

  40. Danger_lovee21

    Still listening to this 2019

  41. E TF

    If u knew better u would do better baby

  42. Luisi C

    I just discovered mr Brenton Wood's music (by casually listening a spanish cover of one of his songs by another artist tittled "dame una señal chiquita")... someone commented that the song ("dame una señal chiquita") is a cover of song "gimme little sign" performed by Mr Brenton Wood Which i didnt know or heard about before. But out of curiosity i investigated. And he was correct.
    And and be honest his music (mr Brenton Wood) is Very BEAUTIFULL. All i can say is WOW

  43. mildred fitts


  44. love me leave me

    This is from me too u I sent it to u 2016 when i sent u money cause i thought u were real u said u where and bam u went from dog,to cat,snake,rat, evil all around jerk sad I fell for u..memos u treated me like shit so I would hate u.....never hate u but u won't ever meet me nor have me as a fan much less a friend. Ever ever she won u won u wanted me out of ur life

  45. miguel quezada

    If this song was made in 2019 it probably would be a hip hop song called you got me fucked up

  46. Angel Chavez

    Sad boy y kimblree McKee varrio East side Fullerton tokers town orange county 1503

  47. Anissa Gallegos

    Remember when you walked out that door !!!!

  48. monalyn tarin

    Don’t I’m happy my love. Chelsea I know guess what. I love you so much. No matter what

  49. Lisa Robinson

    I think you got your fools mixed up
    You must think I'm somebody else
    I'm not the same fool you know
    That couldn't help himself

    And followed you around like a dog
    Strung on a chain
    And wagged his cute little tail
    Whenever you called his name

    But baby, that will be no more
    Remember when you walked out that door
    I was on my knees, I said, "Now baby, please"
    You just looked at me and said, "No score"
    And then you said

    It's no joke and maybe one day you'll be back again
    But baby, I got lucky again
    I made myself a million tens
    And another thing I want to say
    I found myself another friend, woo, hoo

    I think you got your fools mixed up
    You must think I'm somebody else
    I think you got your fools mixed up
    You must think I'm somebody else

    I think you got your fools mixed up
    You must think I'm somebody else

  50. bP Shmoke

    Got ur fools mix'd up mija 😂😂😎

  51. Javier Rubio


  52. Peggy Jackson

    795 ppl have no clue about good music....

  53. Peggy Jackson

    Well his voice is smooth as buttah! I'm from the 50s and I know good music when I hear it!!! ❤❤❤

  54. Enrique Rice

    Shawwoo can't mess with Brent wood thou

  55. Anthony Naranjo

    0 hey this is so baby you look like a lot but take care of Pi das war übernahm suavecito Gotha Sexualität Artemis

  56. Robert H

    It brings back memories of my mother RIP every year at the war concert in p town

  57. Kimberly Castillo

    2019 listening!! ...and another thing I wanna say, I found myself another friend WHOOOOOoOOOOHooooOO!!

  58. RojoD702

    These tunes are made for everyone regardless of color , race , this goes right through my soul

    Nita G

    You are absolutely right. .

  59. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy loves soul 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1967.

  60. Jerry Celedon

    I wish to go back damn I miss those days take me back Lord please

    Nita G

    Hi, he's coming to Bakersfield, California in May.. I'm planning on going.

    Jerry Celedon

    @Nita G Is that a invitation I'm 46 and single

    Jerry Celedon

    @Nita G Are you single

  61. monalyn tarin

    That’s my Babes forever run up

  62. Sir Box

    What happend a. Hahahahagga. FUCK. MY BAD.

  63. Ruby Solis

    i think he should of gotten a star at the walk of fame in hollywood

  64. Charlene Modesto

    Never-ending. Done fool though YOU knew

  65. emily chandler

    Just a Fine Ass Music Maker!! Without the Props DESERVED❤❤

  66. Daniel Casablanca

    20 years YOUNG and bump this.. born in 98 lol

  67. ricky Tallabas

    Aint no fool here esa

  68. Tristan Leiva

    Real music

  69. Lupe Ochoa


  70. Mike Alvidrez

    U suck JB I really loved you

  71. Maria Barron

    Relaxing jams with the glass off wine

  72. Mario Pangelina

    Eastbay kilafornia slappin sense I could crawl 80s baby

  73. Charlene Modesto

    That one🎯

  74. Ricky Gaona

    I just received a package from ups I think this fool got his fool mixed up...

  75. Racso Doberman

    Its crazy how alot of hispanic gang members label these as "chicano" oldies. Even tho less than a handful of these artists are from mexican descent. But the same cholos who listen to this music are very racist towards black people and frown upon other hispanics liking anything "black". Like when younger hispanics like new age hip hop, speak hip hop, dress hip hop, or say the word nigga. Music should be music. And most blacks don't trip on hispanics saying nigga because they know its not meant in any offensive way. I like all music including a FEW new age hip hop artists. And when i say "wats up my nigga, dont disrespect any of my niggas," most blacks understand. Even the ones who dont approve of anyone using that word. In Cali you hear things now like "did you see them white/brown/light skinned/asian niggas last night rob the niggas in the Altima last night?" And then theres ALWAYS my southside niggas getting at me saying "why you talking black? Trying to act black? Listen to black music?" But at the SAME TIME they LOVE "chicano" oldies that are sang by brenton woods, al green, smoky robinson, the Manhattans, etc. They also religiously bump and approve of 90's ganster rappers like snoop, eazy, cube, bone thugs, too short, daz, etc. Can someone enlighten me on this bs? Maybe some of you internet bangers can explain. And if there's any of you who claim not to listen to ANY black artists well then i just feel bad for you. I believe hip hop has truly crossed racial barriers in a way that no other art form has. Is it black music? Yea i guess. But I'll be damned if you say i cant listen to it, be influenced by it, or rap to the lyrics as loud as i fucking want. America 💯

  76. Michael Ruiz

    These hoes stay mixing up fools

  77. live4marilyn

    Inspiration for Mayer Hawthorne's "The Walk".

  78. Patricia Ann Fisher

    True true true.

  79. nicky alderete

    sola from Geraghty loma is like cake everyone gets a piece

  80. John Scott


  81. John Scott

    Other words...I THINK U GOT YO SHIT TWISTED! HOE..!

  82. Patrick McCutcheon

    It's crazy what good music can do to us, isn't it?

  83. Jeffrey Aguilar

    yess maam

  84. Isabel Chavez

    I love this songs

  85. Antoinette Montoya

    Good song my favorite

  86. lali vasquez


  87. Mary Hurtado

    This is to my sister Rosie Mercado I think you got your fools mixed up you must think I'm somebody else cuz you know what she's done a lot of damage to everybody in her family our family I even tried to say I'm sorry to her but I only say it once and if she can take that for the what it is that she gots to move on if you can't forgive yourself you can't forgive nobody else I seen the picture of you on Facebook where are your lips what happened to your lips or did the cigarettes suck them up cuz you ain't got no lips and it looks like you got a really smirk on your face doesn't even look like a good picture looks terrible. Maybe you'll see mine on Facebook it's got to remember we're only 3 years difference I stop smoking and drinking at 14 and a half years ago and I'm telling you cigarettes will put so much line then things on your face looks awful it'll give you a cigarette mouth when you smoke a cigarette cigarette you're sucking up the cigarette and it's making lines all around your mouth that's why I think you ain't got no lips because you smoke Virginia Slims are some 100 cigarettes you know you did a lot of damage to mom when you send Nadine over here instead of yourself that was the wrong thing to do Rosie and you know it you should have had send yourself but you didn't want to be here to help Mom and they did was still on crank you know she already had fucked fat Lou known as Javier Hurtado I felt very uncomfortable being around her and another thing I want to tell you remember when you accuse me of sleeping with your husband hell no fuck that was when my brother Ed had passed away and you were making some kind of big shit because you slept with his brother and then you try to put some shit on me and say that I slept with him Eugene Mikado I never slept with him and you know that for a fact you did to make yourself look better that you slept with his husband so that's why you did that joke on me and now is not a joke I don't like that I slept with only three men in my life and that is Mark Imperial Vincent Valadez known as char and fat Lou known as Javier Hurtado now I have to tell you something you know what we're separated right now and I'm so glad because I couldn't take his alcoholic self anymore and right now I just redid everything in my house because I can came into some a lump sum of money yes I did if you go on Facebook and if you would put myself instead of canceling me off you would see cuz I put the whole money right on the floor and you never seen that kind of money in your life except for the $25,000 that Mom life Nadine and you didn't get shit either and neither did I but at least I got to live the last year of my life with my mother instead of playing tricks on her like you did when you came down here for Christmas going to her best friend and then not even going visiting her that was still kind of chicken shit that's why I say Rosie Mercado if you can't forgive yourself then you can't move on and I see Ariana and her girlfriend and they have a baby now aniana what happened to her she was so beautiful she was I'm not saying that she's not beautiful now but she was very beautiful when she was 18 I don't know how old she is now but her looks has changed drastically she taking some kind of hormones I know it's really none of my business but when I see people like that on Facebook I have to make some kind of comment because it just trips me out I'm glad they have a baby she must have been artificially inseminated cuz you can get pregnant when you got two girls I have nothing against gay people I love gay people and that's my Brest friend and he was gay and we had a nice greater time I love that dude and they are so much fun to talk to and get to know and also my nephew is gay and so is my niece Sarah that lives in San Francisco she is also gay so I have no prejudice against no gay people but I know maybe you know how to do technology you should know by now you're 65 and you look every bit of it and where is your hair anyway do you have any hair or is it still cut short like a dyke not trying to hurt your feelings but you know what you deserve what you got because you know what when you left your boys and you just took your son with you that was so chickenshit when you went to Germany has this was 5 years old and then you said you were going to come back for all three of them you had four different men with four different kids and you didn't bring up but only one you left them here with somebody that wasn't even their father and when you came back they were men now you're going to hold that against me for something that you did or you keep go ahead girl cuz you know what you are still a girl you look every bit of it in your picture was even cuddle because I seen you on Facebook if I was there I would take you another picture put your hair down and stop play like you ain't got no hair now I'm on Facebook you can look at my picture if you want to and honey I am 62 there's not a line on my face and I look fine I lost 40 lb you could tell you still heavy in that dress that you're wearing because you're hiding your fat and I know you ain't got no titties you and Nadine didn't have titties I got the tits so you know where you can kiss me all you want because I tell you I'm your sister and you're the one that made all the mistakes I didn't make any mistakes I never even lied in my life Rosie Mercado I could put you on a lie detector test and I'll pay for it I'll put me on a lie detector test and I'll pay for it to sister and you were supposed to be my greatest sister and be closed while I hope you're close with your crankster sister Nadine Cordero and may God bless you all and I told you to come back and you miss mom's death you were going to Dan come three weeks before she was going to pass away and now she was gone in 3 days and you had didn't talk to her for like five or six years or maybe longer chickenshit man that's the kind of mother you always been so Rosie Mercado you go ahead on you got that drop the bomb on you good luck I thought was you I would get some injections of collagen for your lips cuz your Facebook look like your lips are gone yeah this is from your sister Mary Hurtado look me up on Facebook my real name is Mary Alice Moreno and I plan on changing my name cuz I hate the name Hurtado you know what I ain't staying with anybody that's not going to make me happy you've been so unhappy with Eugene Mikado he did he look fine he look like Elvis Presley when he was young and I think that's why you took to him but look at him now you go girl God bless and I know you know the rest💔💔💔💕👣👣💖💙💋💋 and you know Brett and what are my songs I've always loved them I could sing them all the time so I think you got your fools mixed up you must think I'm somebody else I'm not the same full you knew that couldn't help herself God bless Rosie mikato from Tucson Arizona that's why you never wanted to come back to Stockton cuz you didn't want to be around your real children I bet you still babysitting that 65 but see I'm done I don't have to babysit no grandchildren no great-grandchildren I have four of them and I'll tell you it's hard taking care of your grandchildren and I don't think you got the patience for taking care of anybody of your great-grandchildren cuz I know you your patients are slim and none it's all in your crazy brain just like it was your crazy brain trying to set me up saying that I fucked your husband I would never fuck Eugene Mikado look at his picture on his Facebook Really Rosie Mercado I hope everybody else looks his picture Eugene Mikado and you think I want to fuck that you did that to make yourself not look bad cuz they were Twins and you went to Kern County to fuck his brother and then try to come back to my house and then take a train back to Tucson Arizona so it's out there girl you know what you need to start forgiving yourself before you can forgive me for nothing that I've done so you keep holding your animosity inside because it'll eventually kill you stress kills people and I think you're still stressed and look at your where you put your hand on your hip you look like a crazy hipster you should play that song My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me by the Geto Boys if you can download music and you should download that because I love rap

  88. Anthony Naranjo

    What up Anthony. 602

  89. Kimberley Martinez


  90. Stella Johnson

    You just looked at me and said No Score

  91. chris barela

    Damn next time he comes to town , I'm gonna have to go


    Brenton wood man takes me back when me and the homies use to sip on bud ice 32's and smoke hella tree

  93. Laurita Garza

    You must think soooomebody else 🎶🎶❤️❤️