Brenton Wood - Great Big Bundle Of Love Lyrics

I've got a great big bundle of love
And I have saved it all for you
Ohh but I'm gonna demand a little favor
Honey let your loving be true

You have the whole world wrapped up in your hands
All in one little man
That's Meeee
Oh my darlin I love you
You don't know how much I doo ooo

Except my great big bundle of love
And you're gonna see
Bundle of love Bundle of love
Bundle of love Bundle of love

I've got a great big bundle of love
Full of kisses that will see you through
Oh tender love and much affection
Girl you never know what's in store for you

You have the whole world wrapped up in your hands
All in one little man
That's Meee
Except my great big bundle of love
And you're gonna see

Great big big big
Great big big big Bundle of love
Great big big big
Great big big big Bundle of love
I've got a great big big big
Great big big big Bundle of love

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Brenton Wood Great Big Bundle Of Love Comments
  1. Cristian Hernandez

    I miss you Mommy!!!!! R.I.P I Love you until we meet again 7-15-61 - 7-14-2019

  2. Andrea I

    ♥️Happy Valentine’s Day!❣️

  3. George Hernandez

    Any one jam oldies in 2020 ? 🥰

    Juanito Martinez

    George Hernandez ohhh you already know G 😎🎧🎶🎶

  4. Irene Marino

    what a good soundtrack big little lies has.

  5. Pacific Pines

    I'm not here because of criminal minds, lol

  6. Cash'N-Back CoC

    discovered because of Nestle's advertisement ? who else ?

  7. jesus rocha

    BIG LOS 213 818

  8. Yessi Cervantes

    Fgo bjfji

  9. Gabriel Oliveira

    who came from Nestlé??

  10. Ju Yeon

    Thanking BLL2!


    I heard it on Criminal Minds also. Good song. Like Brenton Wood.

  12. Madden Mobile Dvs

    shout out all my homies who would show up at the kick backs we played all of brenton woods shit he got a whole generation of us fasho

  13. jutta kallsen

    Vielleicht nicht passet zu dem Krimi die Musk . Aber muss man Fuck you sagen . Glaubst du die haben die Musik ausgesucht . SCHAUSPIELER . NEIN die die Musik Mischen für den Film.

  14. Fiona A

    HAPPY SUNDAY... SUPERB 💞💕💞💋💋😘💃

  15. StukinNorCal

    Chale' holmes these are the Rolla's. Orale'

  16. Art Bags

    who's here because there childhood was oldies while cleaning the house, i
    love my older sister for playing great music my whole childhood i love you WENDY!!! thanks for showing me what's up with oldies!

    Andrew Ena

    Art Bags yep! Good times on Saturdays!

  17. Veronica Orduno

    Brenton woods the best ....2019

  18. letiziacinaglia

    Bellissima 💫

  19. shaghayegh asadi

    Big little lies😏

  20. Jose Ramos

    Damet boy

  21. Mayra Lucha

    Was raised to this and it still slaps. 💜

  22. Gergő Lukács

    Big little lies💁🏼anybody?

  23. Sue Payne

    Big Little Lies S2 Ep 2 has brought me to this gem!

    Skap 101

    How good is the score on that show

  24. im with a stupid

    big little lies bitch

  25. poetessbritt

    big little lies

  26. Alexa

    Thanks Big Little Lies.

  27. Isaac Bobonis

    Big Little Lies brought me here. Anybody?

  28. Cameo Kid

    Little Big Lies brought me here.

  29. ray joseph

    You people needed a guy killing to this song criminal minds to even hear about this lmao

  30. Trevin brings plenty

    Love you arlen laurent

  31. Victor Eduardo

    Where are you, Greta?



  33. rock em

    Here because i know what good exquisite music is 2019 anyone???

  34. Entertain Me

    Here because I grew up to this shit on the art lebau show in Southern California

  35. chelle lawrence

    Criminal Minds made me look for the artist and complete song 😀

  36. Troy Engler

    I love this song!! Pure Genius!!

  37. Isaac Herrera

    God bless criminal minds

  38. Roberta Ozuna

    listening to him since I was 15 about 40 yrs now lol

  39. Victor Reyes

    Whats criminal minds ?

  40. danielreyes34dr

    Great big big big bundle of 💘

  41. ralfi pagan

    This is my Roadies speacial oldie favorite of all time....

  42. Duh Wolf Is My Bytch

    Crime heads

  43. ralfi pagan


  44. Larry Love

    Lol Criminal Minds

  45. Frankie C

    ME! I bought it when it came out in Feb.1970.

  46. Hanky Spanky

    Fkn Nipsey Russell looking mofo

  47. Angie Avalos

    I'm I the only one who didn't discover brenton on criminal minds 😂

  48. Frank Robinson Jr

    Criminal minds LOL! Yeah just watched that episode

  49. Destiny Gonzalez

    Lol criminal minds ... But catchy sing not cause I'm a sick freak lol

  50. karlaramirez60

    My daddys jamzzz love you dad



  52. Allison Acosta

    So me and my husband agree that it very subtly sound like he’s saying “great big dick”. Doesn’t say it in the official lyrics tho... anyone else agree?

    Troy Engler

    you and your husband have sick minds this is great music!!!!

  53. Loretta Marquez

    Brenton Wood reminds me Soo much of my Tia Rosalinda Rosas and Nana Margie miss u both...😘😘

  54. Peyton Ballington

    criminal minds got me wanting to know the song so here I am :)

  55. Distorted Cunt

    This song makes me wanna beat a woman with a bat, slit her throat and shoot myself in the head

  56. Da Royal General

    *CRIMINALS MINDS....2018.*

  57. Adrian Franco

    Fuck Crim minds! Lol

  58. Melanie Goyeau

    Criminal minds brought me here.

  59. Martini Lopezini

    Oldies takes me back, BBQ'$,partyz all night,chasing babyz mamaz, drinking with homies,tuesday night. school next day

  60. Anthony Palmerin

    I love you Jaden & Camille palmerin!

  61. Benjamin Carter

    Soul that struts. Nice !

  62. Robert Preston

    Brenton Woods brought me here lol

  63. Square Cherio

    Who’s not here because of criminal minds


    Recent episode of “Big Little Lies”.

    Angel Recon

    Not me but I enjoy the tunes

    Will Rickerson

    Square Cherio
    Fuck you and criminal minds. This man's music is iconic without that crappy show.

    Simon Leidö

    Will Rickerson you could also just accept it and be glad that people are still discovering wonderful music

  64. Maycon Bernardo

    Criminal Minds ❤️

  65. Zoreidy Casado

    Scream for me


    fuck criminal minds all about oldies for life homie'

  67. Lavender Moon

    Criminal Minds brought me here! I been searching for this song for such a long time. I finally figured out the song title while watching the episode it is on.

  68. Carlos Ramirez

    Stop getting mad at people who discover good music. Be great full this music is used in popular shows. Music like this needs to be heard!

  69. Luis Escobedo

    only person here who isn't from criminal minds who think alike or whatever??

  70. Diego Orta

    knowing good music brought me here fuck criminal minds

  71. Khadijah Ndiaye

    Me too. I haven't heard this songs in so many years. I had forgotten about it until now.

  72. Khadijah Ndiaye

    Me too. I haven't heard this songs in so many years. I had forgotten about it until now.

  73. felipe olmos

    only O.G Chicanos know what's up with this music gangster baby!!

    joe Cap

    Sureno vida


    most ignorant comment ever


    Troy Engler nawh, Chicanos don’t hate hate Man. The only reason there’s hate is between gangs. Forced to hate because of prison. Segregated even on the streets. The gangs are the only ones that hate. Where everyone else in the Chicano community loves everyone.


    @Troy Engler who told u that lie?

    Will Rickerson

    @Troy Engler
    You're another ignorant stupid white boy/ genetic freak.

  74. Angel Baby

    Here because I love Brenton Wood and all his music 💙

    Tony Avila

    Old school

    Cristian Hernandez

    Hello beautiful lady

  75. PageRose Halsey

    Do you think they like my gr8 big Daddy XXx

  76. Dee Maya

    Criminal minds!!!!

  77. Calamitous kev

    heard this on Criminal minds

  78. Roberta Andrade

    Criminal Minds <3

  79. Raskal Loks

    Pia Kiddo same lol

  80. SoarkRoll •

    Came here NOT from criminal minds

  81. Thomas James

    all of us here because of Criminal Minds

  82. Hazel Kamuriwo

    Criminal Minds brought people here... Criminal Minds introduced this song... now it's creepy

    munashe Kamuriwo

    Hazel Kamuriwo ah ah there is fire on the mountain you are a liar

  83. Munashe Kl

    criminal minds is bae

  84. john perez

    I feel a great big bundle of love ✌💕

  85. Sir Douchebag


    Vita Linnane

    Sir Douchebag hahha

    reyna duran

    we literally have the same music taste

  86. Cefie Lopez

    me too. lol

  87. Walker Heck


  88. Creating World

    Huuuuuuuu no se atreban a detenerme 😆

  89. elizabeth Ramirez

    mentes criminales-Scream

  90. Daniele Freire

    Obrigada, Criminal Minds ❤

  91. Anna Acuña

    oh my darlinn i love youu, you dont know how much i doo..

  92. Robert Lopez

    Criminal minds brought me here

  93. Pedro Rico

    this song makes me want to get a bat a whack someone with it

  94. 2pacWifey3

    Bring this kinda music back 💃🏻

    Nate Garcia

    2pacWifey3 right now I’m down

  95. Kevin Kennedy

    Saw the Criminal Minds re-run with this the other day for the umpteenth time, and it's been stuck in my head since for two days now. If I don't get it out, they might be profiling me shortly.

    Albie Stainer

    and he was playing it on a Crosley Cruiser!

    Anthony Mattress

    I know right

    Valmor Hack

    The same here! XD

  96. Jack Delacruz

    reminds me growing up in venice california... cruising Whittier....


    K earth 101 at the local laundry mat was a blessing for me. 😍

  97. Frank Martinez

    my great taste in music brought me here



    ZSK Beatbox