Brenton Wood - Baby You Got It Lyrics

I run after you like a fool would do
But mama didn't raise no fools and I should know
That baby, you got it, heh
That's all I can say

For you got soul, too much soul
Foxy clothes, the cutest nose
A groovy set
There's nothing fake about you
Baby, you got it

People can be cruel, they say I've lost my cool
But it's very hard to keep my cool when I'm around you
'Cause baby you got it
That's all I can say

For you got soul, too much soul
Foxy clothes, the cutest nose
A movie set
There's nothing fake about you
Baby, you got it

Now that I found you , gonna cling to you
I'll give you love and money, everything to you
No matter what they say , no matter what I do
I'm never gonna love another girl but you
'Cause baby you got it, huh
That's all I can say to you

For you got soul, too much soul
Foxy clothes, the cutest nose
A movie set
There's nothing fake about you
Baby, you got it

My friends say, "No can be," you're not the girl for me
But I see a lot of things in you that they can't see
And baby, you got it, heh
That's all I can say to you

For you got soul, too much soul
Baby, you got it
Foxy clothes, the cutest nose
Baby, you got it

The greatest shape, there's nothin' fake
Baby, you got it
The groovy lip, make me flip
Baby, you got it

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Brenton Wood Baby You Got It Comments
  1. Fabi de Paula

    2020 🥰

  2. Javier Moncada

    Mi Lupe I love yuuuuuuup.

  3. S. L

    2019 nothing fake about you, baby you got it

  4. Brittany Lopez

    I love the oldies!! Real music back then. I still listen to oldies and classic soul

  5. Lj Jones

    Song is too short!!

  6. Lj Jones

    This is it ! This is it ! I found it !! 🤗🤗Thx Google (& Reese Witherspoon movie)

  7. Moning Tarin

    And lol Emelina Tarin or Reyes wow Babes EL MONTE I ❤️u Emelina hey I do NONNIE MONA

  8. Naylor Broughton

    Played at Fresno Monthly Motown Night frequently!

  9. Vlad Impaler

    Kasumii Kriss brings me here

  10. cyberknife82

    Black people make the best music!

  11. Derek Maxwell

    Born in 93 and listen to oldies more than most music. Still enjoy newer music but there is just something about all the music back in the day that takes you to a better place.

  12. Mary . Martinez.

    Yo soy muy respetuosa.jajajaja.respeto a mis mayores. YEA.
    Mary. Marti.

  13. Maricela Fochoa

    I just want d my name on
    You tube

  14. Mac Savage


  15. Jorge Estomba

    You got soul Brenton !!! One of the greats , way under rated !!!
    Oogum Boogum baby , this is class!!!

  16. Otuv thpast

    First heard this back in the 1960s when I was just a child
    , good old AM radio. For my Maria

  17. Chloe Olivares

    This ones for you mom. You were the love of my life. These 9 months have been the hardest. You were taken too soon. I will love you till the end of time. RIParadise my angel.

  18. Ronnie Mata

    ATD jams 😎

  19. Dean Rubio

    In 50 years so prevalent always Wilmington and Harbor City thank you Brenton wood

  20. Stephane Gregory Dan

    Glow brought me here.

  21. Maria Allen

    💕 This summer Hubby and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary, we were then 20 and 27 years old , now 61 & 69 and we still dance to this song ...good things , good taste last forever. ✌🏻❤️

    dabesaround nstuff

    Nothing lasts forever.
    Once you realise/accept that.
    Youll be 1000x happier.
    Ps. im glad some people appreciate having long relationships


    Luv this jam too!

  23. Amtran727

    The movie Home Again brought me here,

  24. CurveIN2

    Bucks brought me here 🙏

  25. Bubblegum 1

    I came here by accident and i am deeply mesmerized by this Song and his Voice.

  26. Plane Crazy

    when your high afffff

  27. MDogg

    Played this in the car with my girlfriend and she said “can we listen to drake”? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    youhavereddit socool

    MDogg dump her👨‍🚀👍

    Denise Rodriguez

    Time for a new girlfriend 💯🥾

  28. Frisco Lens

    I dedicate this song to Aracely Gomez with her gorgeous self 😘 she got soul, too much soul, foxy clothes, the cutest nose 🦊

  29. Yessi Cervantes

    Cddx cccfff i2sw ccs jwjdherreejwjh inc. xa sx ncwt4 .hu jswrj2z ccs EA x zsr2jja cax q sfht ccw wder ccs ejrj4jxwnrjd3csfejhf
    X ca qnxxnqxx. axs was sd


    Enrique &Cerise Our Chance at LOVE 💞💞💞

  31. kidjointwonder 420

    July 5 2019?

  32. DoYouEvenLiftBro ?

    Real G shit

  33. Juan DeJesus

    GLOW S02E04

  34. Thomas Crow

    I remember this song Blasting constantly on the jukebox at the TeenClub Ft. Campbell Ky. Thank you Mrs.Shaw for Loving us kid's.

  35. Jane Fontaine


  36. kris ramos

    Baby you got it may be next song I tatt on oguum bugum yeah loves songs ......i play me little to this all times .....

  37. Numnutz Horny

    Mamma didn't raise no foo

  38. Sandra Favela

    Embarrassing moment with Brenton Wood tonight. I stretched out my hand to him and he put his arm under his arm pit to avoid hand contact. People looked at me to see my reaction

  39. Gary Morris

    This song is very special.

  40. JZ 17

    Am I the only one listening to this in 2019

  41. Joshua Garza

    Brenton Wood is the fucken best. Out of all the oldies singers Motown that is friend is definitely my favorite

  42. Man de Gaturiss

    You really got me

  43. Lorenzo DeMonteclaro

    I ain't never gonna love a girl but u

  44. Danyiel Says

    Growing up Chicano me and family listened to nothing but his oldies and Barbara mason😎👌

  45. Kevin Vele,

    2019-2050 still Gone Be Bumping Them 😎 #OGSHIT


    this song has been in so many skate videos its insane

  47. c. 1

    Still jamming in 2019.👍✌😀

  48. vlone IXehn

    I’m from the future of 2019 and this is still a banger can confirm

  49. Zombiejohnny419

    2019? Anyone?

  50. Kevin Davidson

    The smoothest F****** s*** I've ever heard in my life

  51. Brenda Ortega

    Love these songs, they nevet get old.

  52. Pablo Suarez

    Tthrjttrhtrjgfjyghreeg uj trje fttnuu
    Gv xrexee er nggbh mny0

  53. Pablo Suarez

    Kkgy rd c vf ebjuc bbq. Frye is drthrxnfnf cjdynr xkd

  54. shellsies

    Ahhh! Takes me back to Bear Street in Bell, Ca.

  55. Rene Luna

    Loving it I got a baby who's got it mizz puppet de San Jose yeeee

  56. mariella herrejon

    Who's here

  57. Isabel

    Brenton 🧡

  58. Vincent Garza

    Grew up on this music
    So many memories

  59. Smiley Lady T

    Never gets old... ❤ oldies4ever

  60. monalyn tarin

    Yup🍔Lollipop wow Carmel pops.done Ha ha

  61. Simon Says

    You're the One for me ♡Jantine Further and Beyond The Universe Փ

  62. Domonic Romero


  63. Yesi Cervantes

    ecsrbajxcbewxbafbe xfhrbr
    Dcfbcvf txcecdbq

  64. Yesi Cervantes

    fghevha své xvgd dvjt xchggrb bnhr bjuy bhujk

  65. Yesi Cervantes

    Cfgzfgbecne zcbdd zcbe

  66. Yesi Cervantes


  67. Kimberly Hewitt-stevens

    Yeah buddy!

  68. JoshuBao

    I’m pretty sure I’m the only 14 year old listening to this in 2019

    Abraham Sink

    No you're wrong,I'm 14 too.

  69. Alex Colorado

    She Got it 😋😍

  70. Louie Mendoza

    Krla memories

  71. Salmon slayer 208

    This song is just not long enough for me he should have made it at least 5 min longer

  72. AlMillion 760


  73. Mac Dreezy

    GLOW brought me here, LOVE the show, LOVE the music

  74. Oscar Cabrera

    "You got soul, too much soul, foxy clothes, the cutest nose, the greatest shape, there's nothing fake about you"

    That line could kill any Kardashian out of Guilt



    dabesaround nstuff

    You think they have hearts

    Nite Rocks

    Actually it's "groovy shape" not "greatest shape".

  75. Handsome Package

    Florence - Firestone early 68’

  76. Joe Borquez

    You go brenton wood

  77. Eric Thompson

    I Love you xoxoxo ALL

  78. Ruthless Criminals Krew

    Baby you got it

  79. Lizeth Martinez


  80. Gaming Gamer

    Momma didn't raise no fools 😇

  81. M M

    Now that's music.

  82. Antonio Rios

    Love them oldies .....2018

  83. PubG Pro Barn

    I had this tape in my pocket huntington park ca

  84. Tim Reyes

    Love every song he sings. Listen to them for hours. Miss this type of music.

  85. Ricardo C

    30310 Mile High City/City of Angels.

  86. Mary Hurtado

    You know there's this song by MC Boulevard it's called I miss you homie now this is a true story you got to check that song out it is awesome it's about these guys they were in this game and he's talking about his friend love Brenton Wood I'm also a big brettonwood fan myself I've always loved Brenton Wood I love that 18 album song that he has I love every single one of those but anyway they were up and Mulholland Drive and his friend got shot Mulholland Drive is in Los Angeles I know that because I used to live in Compton but this song will touch your heart it's like a rap song in fact it is a rap song you got to check it out and he's talking about that his homie with sing baby you ain't got it by Brenton Wood and he could still hear it echoing through the canyon while his homie was dying on him cuz somebody shot at them you have have to hear it it's awesome check it out you won't be disappointed God bless,,,,🎵🎵♥️♥️🎳⚡️

  87. Dank Dabs

    (209) Banging Real Gang Gang Fuck Shit

  88. Dank Dabs

    Oh jenise❤ baby talk 2 mee ..

  89. Alicia Palomino

    One of my favorites 👏💃🏽

  90. Standall

    g l o w

  91. U_maD_ BrO022

    2018 baby u got it......

  92. Nicolas Bauwens

    Glow brought me here 😊

    Marley R

    Nicolas Bauwens same lol

    El Chapo

    Nicolas Bauwens same here

  93. Alice Emory

    2018 binches😎😎

  94. Airwalker OG

    Thanks Glow

  95. Willy Gonzalez

    It’s 2018 Ladies & Gentleman! Summer time James blazing 🚬