Breeders, The - Iris Lyrics

Four hours in the pot, one hour out
It grows and I sleep standing up
When Iris sleeps over
What a book she'll write
Oh last night
Oh come on, nobody wants that
Sister, sister, Oh...
We play hour by hour
Hour by hour
Hour by hour

Four hours to daylight, four hours and then
Pour water on me til I live again
When Iris sleeps over
It'll be alright
All last night
But come on, nobody wants that
Sister, sister, oh...
We play hour by hour
Hour by hour
Hour by hour

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Breeders, The Iris Comments
  1. kuang servants

    sound like 'you know you are right' by nirvana

  2. kurro dueñas

    Increíble como rompe la.voz y recupera sin esfuerzo en la siguiente nota. Impresionante

  3. Douglas Matthew

    Unpretentious hip classic.

  4. Gessetti Colorati

    Crisp audio and video, great song. IMHO Breeders were even better than Pixies. Just my opinion.

  5. busywl69

    the deals

  6. genesis

    this is so fucking badass im gna cry

  7. Just Relax

    I almost forget how much I love kim. Just from her voice, just her voice in surfer rosa. Best female musicians of all the time for me.

  8. christopher brander

    i'm this pissed off too

  9. Sam Vile

    The toxic twins.

  10. squattoilet

    I just saw the Breeders at ACL (Austin City Limits) and they ended with this. The performance was just as good as this one. Kim's voice is as good now as it was during the Pixie days. I had tears rolling down my cheeks when they were playing this. It was a time machine.

  11. siXer502

    I love Kim Deal.

  12. matthew stetson

    Let. It. Go!!!

  13. Ari Collins

    Anyone know if this version is available on any album?

  14. Felipe Ruiz

    I Love u KIM !!!!

  15. Pigmeat Martin

    I used to play the Hell out of this song. Heavy rotation on your radio dial. Josie Wiggs is one killer bass player.

  16. Selva Tika

    ah la la les Breeders je vous aime toujours autant, en perfusion auditive depuis mes 13 ans soit 15 ans d'amour sincère!

  17. Tokiofritz

    Makes me sound so old, but as much as I search, I can't seem to find any new bands with this amazing combination of personality, attitude, intelligence and talent.

  18. Bargan 72

    Nessuno, nessuno è più bravo di voi.

  19. Perin Vazquez

    Growing up in a small town, NOBODY was listening along to this with me. There is no way listening to this doesn't take me right back to being 14-15 years old, all over again.

  20. Vicky H

    Girl admiration for kim

  21. bluefishblitz

    I always loved how Kim forces out the 'hour by hour' on this song. It's like when there's no breath left and still that last line left to sing.

  22. Luis Pineda García

    I love the Breeders and I love Pod.

  23. Andres Mendez

    Absolutely awesome!

  24. Sam Smith

    This song makes me want to shoot heroin w/ Josephine Wiggs

  25. Matt Davis

    So rad.

  26. Rick Rick

    fun song to play lead guitar over, fyi

  27. Ecléctico Iconoclasta

    the breeders>>>>>pixies


    Ecléctico Iconoclasta
    I think Pixies are much better

  28. Silas Traughber- Hill

    I was named after this song!
    Will always love this song.


    Riz i love your mom! Anyone who names their child after a Breeders song has to be awesome lol

    Ashley Pomeroy

    It could be worse. They could have called you Hellbound Mad Lucas.


    Riz I was named after gas in the bath tub.

    Erin Bell

    Too cool! I just came to this link to show my daughter Iris this song--also from whence her name came as well!


    Dream on.

  29. CrackityJones

    1:53 One of the coolest riffs ever

  30. Rusty Shackleford

    If you weren't moved by that check your pulse, because you're dead.

  31. nowave vermeer

    this song always reminds me of jane s addictions. ... so breeders and kim plus jane s ... done.... i need a cigarette now

    Hubblebub Lumbubwub

    This version really does. Not sure about the album version.

  32. Lucas Melo

    She has the vibe

  33. Kate

    Poor Kelley...smacked out again.  So sad.  So great anyway.  The Deal sisters get me so wet!!!

    Brad Field

    What do you mean "again"?


    +Brad Field she had some problems with herion. you can tell she nodding out and missed her part


    Kate Blake so what big deal sheesh

    Brad Field

    I don't hear anything wrong with Kelley's playing. It's not as good as Tanya's, because she was definitely still a beginner, but she didn't "miss" any part of the song, and there's no evidence that she was nodding off at any point. (Yes, I know she was using during this time period.)

    Martin De Gooijer

    So What the fuck?

  34. Mark Peterman

    Wow!! Soooo good. Way better than the studio version in my opinion.

    Katie Robinson

    What are you on crack


    Katon Robona lol

  35. James Perry

    ahhh! not heard for sooo long, gave me goosebumps again !


    James Perry same

  36. James Alvarado

    next album please


    James Alvarado All Nerve, you got it buddy :)

  37. hamtrak

    Kelley stopping to drag on a butt..... thought only Kim did that. 1:26.


    hamtrak good eye

  38. Dios67

    Did Kelly miss her cue for a guitar fill? Kim and Jo were looking at her like "where are you?"

    James Mckee

    That's because Tanya Donnelly should be there

  39. Manta Ray

    Only Kim Deal can make voice cracking seem legit

    Arjen Laan

    Heh, and I was just musing that this song has a bit of a Sinéad vibe ;-)


    Michael STIPE

    eleanor fleming

    Dolores o riordan

    20 below

    Janis Joplin was ripping off Kim Deal


    Not gonna's pretty damn hot.

  40. Jara Matthews

    Im cracking up. I picture a mom "gee, iris sure has beem sleeping over a lot"
    "Oh, shes writing a book!!"
    What a book she writes!

  41. TheGomJabba

    Four hours in the pot, one hour out
    It grows and I sleep standing up
    When Iris sleeps over
    What a book she'll write
    Oh last night
    Oh come on, nobody wants that
    Sister, sister, oh
    We tried hour by hour
    Hour by hour
    Hour by hour

    Four hours to daylight, four hours and then
    Pour water on me til I live again
    When Iris sleeps over
    It'll be alright
    All last night
    But come on, nobody wants that
    Sister, sister, oh
    We tried hour by hour
    Hour by hour
    Hour by hour

    It Must Be RoofCake

    @TheGomJabba Defiantly sergeant pepper influenced lyrics, just musical sounding nonsense like 'Tea kettles standing in marmalade margins.'


    You have a way with words, Madas.

    The Respected Lex

    Yeah that either was the Beatles or you, not these lasses. They're just whinging about Iris Murdoch, and not fooling around enough on sleep overs.

    Brad Field

    It's "in the pod" not pot -- pod as in the name of the album. And "wait by hour by hour"

  42. Dios67

    Verruca Salt were def inspired by The Breeders... I can hear them in this song.

    Alexios K

    Yes, I think Louise more than Nina would have loved this song for its edge. Both have made no secret of being big fans of The Breeders, and I assume a reason why they had Steve Albini produce their EP is because of Pod.

  43. Vincecouk

    which version? there are about 5 line-ups..

  44. shannon queen

    I love love love them so much ,her voice is ace

  45. Julia Angelina

    Yeah I agree.

  46. Almark

    I have a theory and I'm 36 now, growing up to music like this in my teens made me who I am today. Kids today don't grow up to this great music "today", and they don't follow the past like the past followed the past. Everyone jumped ship and couldn't swim and lost their edge, that's what I believe happened.


    I have a theory that in each and every generation throughout history, there are people who thinks the next one is lost. They are, and always have been, wrong.

    John Smith

    the music of today is called: Kardashians. We live the last great era of rock, 50, 60, 70s, 80s, 90s and that is! rock is dead! period!

    Greg Lane

    @John Smith Haiku Salut, The Spook School, Martha, The Tuts, Colour Me Wednesday, Redbait, The Lovely Eggs, Mammoth Penguins, that's just off the top of my head. Music today has its problems, (there's almost literally no money in it) but there are PLENTY of excellent bands around if you look.

    Javiera Barría

    I'm 14 in 2019 and I love The Breeders, but I also DO like Britney (but only her, not those trashy copycats and boy bands and everything that Jim26D mentioned). You may think I am weird for liking two completely different artists, but that is because I just enjoy the music (please don't hate me). Sometimes I wish I was a teen in the 90s, because of so much good music that was out those days.

    Javiera Barría

    @Øystein but generation Z is trash

  47. Almark

    wasn't Pod the album that Kurt loved?

  48. bellabean

    couldn't agree more! some of us do our best to still LIVE here :)you can tell by reading all the comments, hah :P

  49. Said L

    just perfect!! Kim is the best

    Habchimohamed Habchi

    Tank you Saïd!

  50. emily bryyson

    GEEEZUZ FUCKIN' CHRIST!! (Clinches fist to the rock Gods)!!!!

  51. vinnyv0129

    i really dig the slower tempo in this version

  52. Prenom Nom

    They are

  53. Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker

    This is from the album, Pod. The live version was on No Alternative.

  54. miked4309

    i love the pixies....saw them last year....but i would say i love the pixies cuz of kim.

    kelly is cool too.

  55. BunnymanVids

    Wow I never knew they had a video for this! Thanks for posting!! I never thought the Pixies were that great, but I love The Breeders!!!

  56. Cristian Guajardo

    esto es lo más muy genial música y estilo, ahí se nota el peso que tuvo luego en pixis

  57. Eixid26

    Sad but so true, would it really have killed him to let Kim write a little more? Not to mention when she stood up for herself backstage at a concert he threw a bass at her!!!

  58. narlycat

    Kim is beautiful and her music is not as psychotic as Frank Black's Wave of Mutilation...Debaser....good melody but lyrically sick crap. Frank Black is a sick bastard. Control freak. Wanted to be the only voice in the band. Kim was better off without him. Her songs with him are on sick side whereas her Breeder stuff was somewhat punky beautiful.

  59. captaindaring

    You're off your fuckin' rocker mate.

  60. gridgayson

    woah... too fucking cool!

  61. roejogan8

    pod is the best

  62. 3chrds

    i dont think i could say that the breeders are worse than the pixies though. The Breeders could be thought of as The Pixies, but with them doing Kim's songs instead of Frank Black Francis's's.

  63. Myles Burr

    their definitely amazing but i wouldn't go that far man

  64. wmfivethree

    I'd almost forgotten how much I was in love with Kim Deal...oh, how I longed for a hot, don't-give-a-shit, indie babe to grunge around with, circa age 21. Such incredible, unforgettable talent in the entire band, too.

  65. Jody Fletch

    Should be tanya playing guitar, and that's Tanyas guitar, but wtf wig

  66. hayotro

    So the universe it's saved? Can't see morons here, so I think it is :)

  67. hayotro

    There's No Alternative ;)

  68. hayotro

    sorry, the word was "dislikes" instead "unlike" :P

  69. hayotro

    I know, it needs a change. But, in the other hand there's no fags in this side of the universe, because, if you look at the "likes" part, there's no "unlike" points, so it's ok. Though there's so few views, are the necessary views to say that we are cool :D Just look at that way for a while :)

  70. DC Posner

    I completely disagree, respectfully.

  71. Gonzalo Pardo-Figueroa

    pixies + breeders = beatle power

  72. unchboy

    A cooler version of Jefferson Airplane.

  73. Patrick Mathi

    Thats my opinion too.

  74. Mark Cox

    only 13,547 views vs 100. million views of new pop i feel sorry for the world

  75. elspackodelsol

    Kim Deal is the Real Deal

  76. Kiwi Black

    Im sorry i can't go as far as saying the breeders are as good as the pixies i mean it wouldn't make sense. Don't get me wrong the breeders are just simply amazing but nothing can come between the sound and uniqueness of the pixies, But thats just me alone so...

  77. Mark Cox

    I agree,The Breeders just have more soul and feeling

  78. Mark Cox

    0 dislikes as it should be the song reminds me of early Soundgarden,the intro everything.

  79. Havalina Chiel

    " They didn ´t want it but he built it anyway - little eiffel , little eiffel - " dun dun dun
    du du du du du du du na na na ... " Yeah .

  80. Havalina Chiel

    Arhw... ahm . A little to far mayhaps ? Well I like the breeders . Really .
    But I ´ll stay with the pixies .
    I think the doors , Nirvana and lately the pixies remain my all time faves . There are others too
    but these three , man - like Iggy Pop would say ... it ´s the combination . ^^

  81. Mark Cox

    It's a shame that the bass guitarist and drummer left after ''Last Splash'' because I think they are the greatest out of all the drummers and bass guitarists.

  82. destro513

    Well plus I'm from Dayton so they're a bit of a hometown hero to me.. I bumped into them a couple years ago at borders and tripped and fell all over myself.. haha!

  83. TheBoatynoh

    i couldn't do that but i hear you. theres nothing like the breeders. and i totally respect anyone that could shelf them above the pixies because thats no easy decision. kim and kelly fucked me up something special ca. '90. high art.

  84. siXer502


  85. Billie Bob Thornton


    Nothing to do with cool. Nothing to do with better than. It just is and it's amazing.

  86. Billie Bob Thornton


  87. GLOWoftheABYSS

    @sofiabailote yeah i was thinking the same , same ritual, ipnotic groove...and the vocals when she goes louder

  88. baebee

    @veryirishdude ya it does.... werent alice in chains and the breeders in the sAME ERA (the 90s)

  89. Hector Quintanar

    berrea como bb ( bebé, o bad Born)

  90. sleepylife

    hey at least it doesn't have any dislikes, WOO!

  91. Sofia Bailote

    has a touch of Jane's Addiction... Love it.

  92. El Rafa

    Great video. Love The Breeders! Thanks for sharing :)

  93. Pierre ...

    el grunge no esta muerto...vive en temas como este...

  94. Jake Bartenhagen

    bassline reminds me of alice in chains unplugged.... is it just me?

  95. Arpharsed

    How did I miss this? Amazing! Thank you.

  96. klinsmeier

    da geb ich Dir recht!

  97. tomielmacho

    @destro513 ? fuck you

  98. destro513

    This is the defintion of what cool is.. I'm gonna go so far as to say that the breeders are better than the Pixies.

  99. Jose Mondragon

    I Agree,...But most people don't deserve this great music