Breeders, The - Happiness Is A Warm Gun Lyrics

She's not a girl who misses much
Do do do do do do, oh yeah

She's well acquainted
With the touch of a velvet hand
Like a lizard on a window pane

Man in the crowd
With the multicoloured mirrors
On his hobnail boots

Lying with his eyes
While his hands are busy
Working overtime

The sole confession of his wife
Which he ate and donated to the
National Trust

I need a fix 'cause I'm going down
Down to the bits that I've left uptown
I need a fix 'cause I'm going down

Mother Superior jumped the gun
Mother Superior jumped the gun
Mother Superior jumped the gun
Mother Superior jumped the gun
Mother Superior jumped the gun
Mother Superior jumped the gun

Happiness is a warm gun
Happiness is a warm gun
Happiness is a warm gun

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Breeders, The Happiness Is A Warm Gun Comments
  1. Trespasser

    Yes, it's quite engaging, but I feel it sounds better because we already know the song and are filling in the noise with the melody in our heads. Regardless, it's still very good.

    Kungiyar Ingila

    Insufferable Beatles fans at it again

  2. M.J. Music

    Great cover version.

  3. Annie Bastian-Baldwin

    Whoa. So powerful with a woman’s voice.

  4. Xavi Ganjam

    bye Kim ¡¡

  5. UnderdogTactics

    I LOVE the drums in the "Mother Superior jumped the gun" part of the song. That part is better than the original in my opinion.

    Michael and Tohnie Cain

    In the original that section switched to 6/8 time while Ringo played in 4/4. It's enough to make you go cross eyed trying to count while you are playing...

  6. kamuelalee

    Strong cover!

  7. Black Bird

    Not better, not worse, i Love both the bands.


    It’s definitely not better imo but yea to each their own

  8. San Fran Poop Patrol


  9. TheRantKid/TheRanting Marauder

    Now i see why Kurt Cobain loved them so much uwu

    Black Bird

    Only now?


    Better late than never!

    Kungiyar Ingila

    @Black Bird say something sooner next time

  10. the merciless sun god

    Joesephine, you think your going bald?

  11. anthony boccia

    When I hold you in my arms
    And I feel your finger over my trigger
    I know nobody can do me no harm because

  12. Brian Burke

    Yeah, I could get behind this cover. I dig it. Where i left uptown!

  13. Sarah Mimooc

    i think this is really good. granted, not a beetles fan. i get beetles music is good, but i wouldn't choose to listen to them in my free time

    Sarah Mimooc

    @NOT ME! really, thanks

    Sarah Mimooc

    @NOT ME! you seem nice

    Sarah Mimooc

    @NOT ME! pls go out with me

    Sarah Mimooc

    @NOT ME! I'm desperate to find an incel that calls random people online fuckeheads

    Ashish Panwar

    @olivia White Album is alone fantastic and with so much diversity.

  14. Danielle U

    Pretty good

  15. The Ego Dissolution Band

    A Quiet and Loyd portrayal of John Lennon's finest!

  16. Jesse Elwell

    Shit brings me way back,freaking flashbacks and shit.


    Jesse Elwell Bang Bang shoot shoot

  17. Larissa Golbat

    Not saying Kelley Deal is a bad guitarist but I can see why Kim got drunk and cornered Tanya in the bathroom after her last show and begged her not to leave.


    I want to know more about this

    the merciless sun god

    @karakenio me to

    James Mckee

    Tanya Donnelly rocks

    James Mckee

    Oh no she Betta dont

  18. insomnia queen

    covers shouldn't sound like the source song, the musician doing the cover should add their own spin on the song. in that category, this song excels. yeah, it's different from the original, but i'd say it's on par with creativity and talent (though nothing beats the original ;) )

    Anderson Cooper

    insomnia queen it destroys the original you beatle freak

  19. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    NME and The Gaurdian ranked this cover as one of the best Beatle covers to date. The Beatles, like Dylan, are difficult to cover

    Philip McArthur

    Check out Letters From the Fire's cover of Eleanor Rigby. Pretty decent cover of a Beatles' song as well.

    Jake Newfer

    Totally agree good point!


    Lee Joyner Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone is brilliant

    Anderson Cooper

    They’re are easy to cover are you autistic or something?

  20. Justin Garrison

    If it's as brilliant as the original is not the subject of discussion. The discussion should focus on the fact that they covered it because they felt they should. Not a bad attempt if you ask me.

    Anderson Cooper

    Justin Garrison you are a big dumbass. No one is questioning the cover. You are an insufferable dorky beatle fan.

  21. Connie Dellarusso

    anyone who does a Beatle tune is alright in my book! Thank you, I couldnt do it! Right on and John would love it!

    Jason Landers

    Connie Dellarusso yes he would most definitely...the darker fits so well with his words

  22. Dolphinboi

    Not bad, just nowhere near as good as the original.