Breeders, The - Glorious Lyrics


Hold my breath for three more year
Yeah, three years
On my own on Saturdays

It's glorious [x2]

We were tired from the tea
Scrabbled and we slept
Through the window came the rain

It's glorious [x6]

Being tired from the tea
Hold my breath for three more year
Yeah, three years
On my own on Saturdays

It's glorious [x3]

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Breeders, The Glorious Comments
  1. oldjack1754

    On Slint's masterpiece Spiderland, Britt Walford reminds one of Bill Bruford. Here, his drumming has more of a Bonham quality. The Breeders were fortunate to have him. A perfect fit for this landmark and much imitated album.

  2. Joseph D'Angora

    One of my favorite albums of all time. (And I'm old !!!)

  3. Rob Talin

    slint's drummer

  4. Pablo Gonçalves

  5. James Mckee

    Fun fact, star by belly was to be the breeders second album

    Not Sure

    it's interesting to think how different things would be if Tanya stayed and the band continued to produce albums.

  6. MegaRomeG

    It was so fucking hot that year! 😱😱😱

  7. darwincrater

    tanya guitar playing sounds bit like lucifer sam by syd barrett /pink floyd

  8. Vibes 165

    Kurt brung me here.

    Diseasecovered Putridsound

    It's not too late

  9. Esch Soapy

    "I love kim deal." guy behind counter

    'Are you fucking with me right now?" kim deal.

  10. ckhanson81

    what a completely beautiful song

    Nat Holder

    The whole album is a glorious piece of art! Opened and Glorious just does something to me that I will always cherish!

  11. Rachel Rosen

    My boyfriend likes this song and I'm here high as fuck checking it out

  12. Bragging Rights-Currently Surviving School

    is this bjorks sister??

    the merciless sun god

    I'm sorry?

    Not Sure

    lmao bjorks twin sisters

  13. Alejandro Becerra

    This was one of kurt cobains favorite albums.

    grand-père Peel

    @Castreed IN UTERO

    Annie Bastian-Baldwin

    Alejandro Becerra Yeah. He said they needed to get her (Kim Deal) to write more for the Pixies. He really wanted to hear more of what women had to say

    Rock Hit !

    I love too

    Cliche Guevara

    ..and Dave Grohl's. He wanted his drums to "sound like they did on Pod".

    Diseasecovered Putridsound

    so epic

  14. Mike Silva

    Britt Walford's drumming on this record really frames the whole album. I love it

  15. laserzs&sound frenchy

    Was listening to this in 1993 in high school . Thanks to my precious Walkman

  16. Charles Deason

    How the fuck did I miss this record?? all Pixies...and Last Splash...but somehow missed this gem

  17. Coco Chanel

    This gives me goosebumps.

  18. M B

    Another one of my favorite The Breeders’ song!

  19. two sweet


  20. Kissa Deff

    I used to listen to this when I was young teenager. Listening to it now reminds me of my youth and reminds me how old I am and how much life sucks now. I thought I had real problems back then...God, how wrong I was. I want the 90's back. God, I sound fg pathetic.

    Esch Soapy

    i feel that. still alive tho. Keep trying.

    Not Sure

    Kissa Deff Congratulations. You are actually aware of how much you have learned, and that you still have much more to learn. keep learning and keep breathing. ☺

    Fred Eval

    You sound the same as all of us, it's not pathetic at all. Never give up. Life kicks your ass, get back up.


    I agree

    Diseasecovered Putridsound

    It's not normal it's glorious

  21. dieornt naz

    Thank you to the dude in the comment section of a Pixies song that suggested these artists


    Lamar Davis I know this comment is like a month old but Kim Deal (lead singer of this band) was the bassist for the Pixies. She also had several other bands, such as The Amps, and her sister had the band The Kelley Deal 5000. Would definitely recommend ✨

    John Wu

    They're also touring currently.

    Luis Morales S

    which song was it? :9