Breathe Carolina - With Or Without You Lyrics

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side.
I wait for you.
Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you

With or without you
With or without you.

Through the storm, we reach the shore
You gave it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you

With or without you
With or without you.
I can't live with or without you.

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give, and you give
And you give yourself away.

My hands are tied, my body bruised
She got me with nothing to win
And nothing else to lose.

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give, and you give
And you give yourself away.

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you.

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you
With or without you

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Breathe Carolina With Or Without You Comments
  1. DiiE-Ana 214

    My 14yrs.old scene/emo days.....TAKE ME BACK 😭

  2. Richard Ammons

    25 now first listen to it when I was 18 haha man

  3. jessica james

    i need a myspace playlist help me out y’all

  4. Ashley Manning Kiever

    Jammed to this as a kid. Maybe like 14, 15. Now I'm 25! And still jammin!

  5. Austin Starke

    This is a cover? Just kidding love you old breathe carolina!

  6. drago

    Wtf I miss high school ??

  7. Suga Needs


  8. hailey piatiak

    I need my oldies today ❤️

  9. Nessie

    Totally reminiscing hard rn, missing my scene days/early teenhood. When everything was still MySpace and flip phones. So glad I grew up during the time I did, thankful for the memories ❤ sad these young kids will never know.

  10. Halle Brown

    2017 and now Davids playing festivals 😭

  11. ACID CAT

    I love this so much to this day omg I'm crying

  12. John Wick


  13. Rachel Fink

    way better than the original i reckon

  14. I Pinkfox

    Memories💘 I was 15 now I'm 21 years and times flies 😢💔

  15. Melanie L

    Don't mind me while I cry and take a trip down memory lane

  16. cjvanantwerp

    I remember when they released this song on MySpace

  17. may mar

    Found it!! ♡♡♡

  18. Stephh

    still luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  19. Em Houston

    So guut

  20. UndeadInk

    Ok, I think this song is one of the best songs U2 ever wrote. Saying that, I love this cover. The emotion behind the song is still there. Everyone should just shut up and enjoy it


    couldnt agree more.

  21. JadedMistify

    I love BC but I honestly don't are for this cover. Prefer the original.

  22. oliverislost

    Hello Fascination (Deluxe Edition)

    Austin Starke

    Carolina! Classy, not classic

  23. danielle david

    whats the name of this album i forgot sorry

  24. DetachableLegJeysin

    no they're actually good BotDF sounds like they put each others dick in their mouths


    Kvothe they did 😹

  25. DetachableLegJeysin

    and you can't have everything your way either people are gonna believe what they wanna believe you can't force people to think differently it doesn't work that way smh

  26. Rosa TheSuperSaiyan

    Not. At. All.

  27. max kerman

    They are just like Blood On The Dance Floor. Shit.

  28. Kare Bear

    i knew there was a cover of U2's song...but i forgot who, well i found who covered it!! :D

    J J

    Kare Bear wait what

  29. Jammi R

    I'm old and I like this better than U2 ;)

  30. Sandra villalobos

    miss the old breathe Carolina :/

    David Alvis

    Sandra villalobos Well at least they were still a "band" back in Savages.. 4 years later, and "Breathe Carolina" seems to be just DJ remixes and trendy shit

    Austin Starke

    Same they got... well, you know

  31. cutwpawsXD


  32. riagoesrawwwwrx

    1,245 :D

  33. Sharon Perez

    I HAVE THIS ON MY PHONE.^_____^<3

  34. ConfusionDN

    Correction, 1222 :P

  35. Burak Keles

    now its 1221

  36. Courtney Scott

    I Love respirare Carolina

  37. Mi-lee Wilson

    Yeah sorry just have been being a bitch to people with top comments lately.... I try so hard to get them.. Sorry If I offended you Haha.... My bad.

  38. ReeceWesterman

    this was 5 months ago mate, and i very much doubt it negatively impacted your life as much as you make it seem like it did. also the fact that this comment has no likes did rather tickle me in an ironic way

  39. Mi-lee Wilson

    Ohhh State the obvious and get top comment? WOW..... Let me Try ... We like stupid things....

  40. MetalHeadNr1

    loved the song, still love the original more ofcourse!!!! <3

  41. The_Venom

    sometimes i drink water.

  42. bowma139

    My favorite part of emo music is watching the over-excited 13 year olds get all butthurt by the trolls.

  43. Teri Dickinson

    i just love itt,, screamo bit was just amazing listening tooo loveee love love ittt ♥♥

  44. cheyennewilliams13

    STFU. Its better than U2,obviously.... Breathe Carolina is a boss... So STFU,please.. What you say doesnt really make to those of us to BREATHE CAROLINA.

  45. Samuel Steeves

    They don't need rights.
    I could make a cover of a song and put it on Youtube, no problem.

  46. anubisnave

    just fyi.. to make a cover, you have to receive permission from owner of rights to the song... so .. i would think that your opinion while valid is moot, they were sold the rights to remake this..obviously the owner of the rights wouldn't have given the rights if they felt that the song would be ruined........

  47. morgan ross

    guess what guys? this is what covers are for. to give a different take on a song. if you don't like it, suck it up. commenting on it isn't going to magically reverse the cover. shocker.

  48. c cline

    To all those Breathe Carolina fans....This is U2 song.. So don't get excited.

  49. c cline

    I don't mind if Breathe Carolina makes their own music, but why ruin a beautiful song. I'm sorry but this is unacceptable. This is SHIT

  50. Destiney Turtle


  51. pizzacat

    So um my brother is a big fan of U2 and he mocks the music I listen to and says everyone I listen sucks or has no talent. Well brother of mine, they have covered the song that you constantly blast in the car... I'll play this for ya mkay :3

  52. WhySoTommy

    I think people thought the word dislike means dis i like <3

  53. WhySoTommy

    I think people thought the word dislike means dis i like <3

  54. scaryfunnygirl

    i LOVE this pic.....

  55. Traci Sisk

    I bet is if I went up to them and started throwing paint at them they would be pissed...

  56. Tara Gazder

    U2 them BOTH ♥♥

  57. Bailee Evers

    people of youtube are so FUCKING dramatic its worse than facebook

  58. riagoesrawwwwrx

    this song is good, I don't care if it was another song and they sung it, it's much better then the other one, this one actually has skill and has a beat. Breathe Carolina have skill, if you guys don't like it, then don't listen to them and go and listen to shitty pop music.

  59. riagoesrawwwwrx

    @ItBeReece actually 1,035 like this song.

  60. Johnathan Ace

    Honestly, I've been listening to U2 since I was.... 5? And I'm now 17. I listen to a lot of different Genres. I like both versions.

  61. mark s.

    @hellokittyrave210 WRONG 42...stupid

  62. Jean May Agustin

    @jomama0512 no 40 people

  63. Jean May Agustin

    @Smileyland121 bullshit, disliker is bullshit

  64. ReeceWesterman

    957 people like this song

  65. Ignacio Aguilera Yañez

    haci se pierde el sentido musical :/

  66. Daniela Barrera Höger

    Good cover :)

  67. Sirc Monk

    I like the original better.. But this is ok :) dont hte people that dont like something you like. Theres no need to defend the music.

  68. JazziLoves ToEatWaffles

    U 38 people who disliked the most ahh-mazing band/song ever ! u r dead 2 meh! and mii Ffriednd Lexxi says u can suck her 20inch purple strap on xD

  69. Grace Crewdson

    This was uploaded on ma bday so thumb up for I :D

  70. Kourtney Nieto

    breathe Carolina is my new fav band!!!

  71. Travis Montgomery

    Thumbs up if you pee on the side of the toilet bowl because it is quieter.

  72. aua moja trzustka

    the best cover ever.

  73. JEKM

    @jomama0512 38 now

  74. Nikki Xoxoo


  75. Amanda Deastri


  76. Rawralion

    gahhh 240p

  77. punkfilipina88

    electro screamo<3

  78. consumiéndome hv

    They don't look good in paint, they look PERFECT in paint. As usual :P

  79. Talaya Giles

    @itsMatthun amen :)

  80. 3secorgasim

    @eggman1269 your fucking terrible.

  81. Naneli G

    omg best cover ever. pretty damn hot xD

  82. Gwen Coco

    @Carlosspicyweinerish LOL

  83. JordanAshleyBoufford

    37 c:

  84. Carlosspicyweinerish

    @fuckwhatyoufeel the number represents this: 1912 the year he was born, 1969 the year he lost his virginity... to his sister

  85. Gwen Coco

    @eggman1269 says "eggman1269" what, is the number representing the year you were born in? Eggman? Wtf?

  86. Hugh G-Reckshunn

    This is fucking terrible.....Man, I wish bands didnt suck nowadays.

  87. Shadow Horizonz


  88. EternalxBlack

    youre LUCKY!!!!!
    i wnt to hot topic but i couldnt find it

  89. Christinee Gutierrez

    @RawrImmaMonster111 haha:D!!

  90. Nathan Trahan

    Wow, this sucks horrible ass. I think I died and this is my hell.

  91. Eee Hutcherson

    are they always covered in paint?x)

  92. punk rock romina

    @MegaaKatt 33 people now lol =)

  93. Kody

    33 people didnt get puked on bye a unicorn!