Breathe Carolina - Platinum Hearts Lyrics

A bitter sweet symphony
With minor key melodies
They're soundtracks to our lives
But we know we'll survive

Silence will come again
Right when the music ends
We'll change the key tonight
Standing side by side

This war has a way of making us who we are
Can't burn in the flames, we're fighting with platinum hearts

Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts

This war has a way of making us who we are
Can't burn in the flames, we're fighting with platinum hearts

Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts

Our weapons are built inside
We don't need no alibi
To cover how we feel
Cause we know what is real

This war has a way of making us who we are
Can't burn in the flames, we're fighting with platinum hearts

Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts

This war has a way of making us who we are
Can't burn in the flames, we're fighting with platinum hearts

Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts
Platinum hearts

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Breathe Carolina Platinum Hearts Comments
  1. yuli ylnt

    2019 😍


    Lo peor que hicieron como grupo fue dejar de producir progressive

  3. Erick Cuevas

    jofhia sofi

  4. Marcelo ER

    Platinum hearts!!!!!! <3

  5. pradyut nath

    Breathe carolina deserves much higher rank in djmag

  6. Raymond Leggs

    Trance from breathe carolina? thats 180 from pop punk thats for sure

  7. Leroi Farfán

    simply great

  8. Gabriel Grindcore

    Djs With More Energy I've Seen !!! @SVGS

  9. Gabriel Grindcore

    I Love Breathe Carolina !!!

  10. Alejandro Cruz


  11. Breathe Fell Music - Beserra

    My Channel! <-
    <- <- <-

  12. MachiiXIII

    Bronze hearts by trolls and afk

  13. Sritam Nanda

    this has so much music at once! so cool

  14. By Moy

    I love music- electronica - forever

  15. Téo Berard

    too flat song, even ke$ha isn't that much calm ...

  16. The Ratt Pakk

    This song reminds me of M83 - Echoes of Mine (Porter Robinson Edit)

  17. Donz07

    I been a fan since they debut I've been with breathe carolina through there amazing journey and I'm still a fan to this day you guys are awesome never fail to disappoint every beat and vocal are top notch amazing :)

  18. andika ikhwan

    i like it

  19. Artur Lima

    Perfect music <3

  20. TheCaoth

    Editing oopsie at 1:39.

  21. False

    Very good song, it needs more views.

  22. Zachary Cromlish

    The song = amazing
    The girl = breathtaking <3

  23. False

    why did Kyle leave?


    He became a father and decided to focus on his family instead of the music

  24. Redly Gamer

    breathe carolina goes edm

  25. si pelongoh

    nice beat!!

  26. Lokiawa

    ?? 😕
    Uuuuh why didn't I hear David sing? sorry to say I like Breathe Carolina because of David Schmitt's singing, so far I heard a couple of their recent songs and I'm not liking them because I don't hear David singing or barely sing. 😢

  27. Andrea Panzino

    Karra ----> Amazing Singer!!!

  28. Buang Waktu Percuma

    Loyal listener since the Classy not Classic here

  29. madakikoeru

    So David isn't singing anymore?

  30. Jaden Dotting
    Listen to this and give me feedback guys!

  31. xdannisaur x

    david never sang

  32. Jessica Myslinski

    my band Breathe Carolina

  33. Link March

    Only me with Porter Robinson vibes?

  34. Lexy Zee

    cant wait for their new song(: and albums and hopefully a tour again

  35. Cactus TheGreat

    Did anyone else think of the book This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers or am I the only book nerd here???

  36. Kellin Quinn

    i like tacos

  37. Jamie Metak

    where are davids vocals 🌚

  38. Dewi Puspita

    where is Lou?

  39. Clara Cárdenas


  40. Jamrii 07

    best song 2015!!!! yeaaaaaaaa! wahooooooo!!!!

  41. ron4nSTAR

    I was extremely surprised when 40 (Spanish radio station) featured this track since Spain's EDM scene is dead atm.

  42. Faris Faysal

    karra's vocals are just simply amazing

  43. Lo Tra

    All that running could of been avoided by them calling one another before hand.

  44. Fritz Kim Perez


  45. Deugene Music

    KARRA good singer

  46. doingit4therush

    Good work to Breathe Carolina, good work to Karra, good work to Tony for making this video!!

  47. thelem1x

    breathe carolina is on fire. their newest tracks are awesome , i really love them <3 :3

  48. moises140497

    Breathe Carolina good job <3

  49. Shylz Hauz

    watch my channel pls!! and look my first song

  50. josh alvarez

    Honestly i wasn't surprised they went from punk to EDM, i've been listening to them since they were doing punk but they kinda did have EDM influences in some of their songs, anyway i liked their decisions

  51. Jack Miller

    Everything these guys put out is amazing

  52. UziChar

    This is so good breathe Carolina killing it Usual, do miss Kyle tho imagine if he was still Init


    extraño al breathe carolina de hace 2 años

  54. Ishan

    I really wish Breathe Carolina sang in this song as well, not just KARRA. I feel that their voices combined with EDM is what really makes it special, Anywhere but Home was truly amazing. <3

  55. Steve James


  56. 2trancY

    nice pop song here =)

  57. Jessica Paul

    Just hoping you guys don't turn into what Cash Cash has turned into. :(

  58. Elva O

    Karra's voice❤❤❤

  59. Karina N. Ayuningtyas

    I like it, but I couldn't find David's voice. Does he sing here? Good job lads! :)

  60. Adi Anjana

    could someone write down this lyric please

  61. KimJongSkill

    When does the Hello Fascination re-master come out?

  62. alex

    love the vocals! this is a great track


    +Alex Luangrath thank you!

  63. Monde Scott

    Where's david voice?? I need his voice

  64. kylerknows

    Love it. The vocals remind me so much of krewella

  65. Katowice

    Very Zedd esque, i like it

  66. Ē'l MèhĐi

    what genre is this ?

    Gerson Martinez Sandoval

    Ē'l MèhĐi Progressive House.

  67. Blogger2015

    Great song! I love your guys music

  68. NSFW Gaming

    Sooo, is KARRA IN breathe Carolina now? low key? kinda like how scout is in Issues but he was featured on black diamonds?

  69. Kirill Belov

    Music video is so good , love it

  70. Edgar Cuevas

    I'm confused who are they signed to?

    Richard Martin

    Armada Music B.V.

  71. Happypplp

    As much as I love breathe Carolina it took me a minute to let this sink in. It's the most different to me than what they have done. After listening to it multiple times I can say I love it the vocals the music but the mv to me just finished the deal to me. The emotion that is shown is perfect for these lovely lyrics and the sound of idk being able to fight when not feeling like you can lol this video gave me the feels... I'm proud

  72. Kelsey Roper

    Great vocals on this! Making us wait for David's beautiful voice I see (:
    Can't wait! Love BC and always will.

  73. roland bernard


  74. Álvaro Andrés Cohen Escolar

    Breathe Carolina became a simple group of techno's music. They are not different now and this is sad. I follow them since they began and they were amazing.

  75. Prabawa Malangkuceswara

    So the next Cash Cash Band huh?
    From Indie genre changed to DJ formation😁.. but its so good.

  76. Ray Slavenburg

    will they ever sing on their own songs again?


    +Ray Slavenburg yes!

  77. ThatGourmetSheit

    It's good but... I want to hear more of David's voice... :'(

  78. MrJustliketht

    I thought the guy on the couch was nickleback at first haha

  79. Gabriel Meixueiro


  80. John Helps

    That bass though <3

  81. Nath


  82. Deltabloodlust

    Bleh boring edm with generic female singer. This isn't why I listen to these guys. Really hoping they'll put out an actual track with their vocals soon.


    +Deltabloodlust haters gonna hate.. I dont think you'll be calling me generic in a few years :)

    Liquid Gaming

    +KARRA your a really great singer and that guy just is use to them singing but honestly I think you killed it, by that I mean u fit better with the lyrics and the sound and you got a great voice I hope to hear more of you soon;)

  83. Matti Dos Santos

    Ay yo David... We have the same hair now :3

    Tommy Coops

    +Matti Dos Santos woot

  84. pichuCcx

    Bc es la verga ✌🏼️❤️

  85. Lex Rock

    breathe carolina. es la mamada!!!!

  86. Irving Beltran


  87. Carina Hoppus

    AMAZING SONG!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! Breathe and Karra! <3


    +Carina Hoppus love you too!

  88. Djjustb007

    Great Song! Great vocals from a gorgeous artist. :-)


    +Djjustb007 you're gorgeous :)

  89. Valr Rafael

    Breathe Carolina is dead Lol

  90. Martin Golding


  91. Katie B

    Dave why don't you sing anymore =(


    +Katie B he will! Dont worry!

    Katie B

    +KARRA You sang great btw!! =)

  92. XunMoon

    This has to be their best song since savages album.

  93. szentimentális divízió

    this song is my jam <3<3 repeat & repeat all minutes. addictive as fcvk