Breathe Carolina - Feel It Lyrics

All the things you tried to tell me
Don't really make no sense at all
When you say you'll always love me
But I don't feel it when you won't even call

I can't feel it baby
Where's this love that oh, you say you have on me?
I can't touch it baby
Seems like nothing ever really comes for free, woah

All the ways you tried to hide it
No more punches will work with me
Instead I'm sitting here crying
Wondering why I ever wasted my time

I can't feel it baby
Where's this love that oh, you say you have on me?
I can't touch it baby
Seems like nothing ever really comes for free, woah

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Breathe Carolina Feel It Comments
  1. Miriama Fridrichová

    So sexy girl

  2. Abrahan 360 :'v


  3. Mantas L.

    Labas ką tu

  4. TheRickanator26

    I love this so much but I'm just not used to Breathe Carolina being only dance now.......I miss the scene era of this band lol

  5. MAejoris ofc

    is that Vanessa seco

  6. Living with Perks

    That moment when you went from a respectable electronic hardcore band to a generic commercial background song.

  7. A E S T H E T I C

    OMG, I can't believe it
    Today is the 29th June but 2019 and as I can see it says this was done in 29th June 2018

  8. lutfi dandy

    i like her footwork dance 🤩🤩

  9. Maty Wick

    amazing track of Breathe carolina and Sunstars is great the dance Vanesa Seco❤️

  10. BillyGreenTea

    That dancing is Painful to watch

  11. Jigness Daaruwala

    The music literally made me shuffle.
    But I expected the camera to be more on girl's legs than her body, wasn't able to watch her shuffle property.

  12. Mayank Patley

    Girl looks like disha patani

  13. Beatrice Norman

    If I could move like that, I would never walk normally down the street ever again. EVER!

  14. Thomasena Williams

    work it girl 😻😘✌

  15. Gonso Mon

    Lo que hace el narcisismo

  16. kucing hoki

    i love breathe carolina ,cheers from indonesia, getting desperated when the famous one justin bieber, not this band, hey they have very much quality. wtf justin bieber

  17. Domingo Alvarez

    Yo me enamoré de la chica 😆 y sus geniales pasos

  18. WhateverItTakesMotivation

    Both this song and video are absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. simeHD1

    What kind of music is Feel It and dysylm?
    I Like these songs so much

  20. かおり


    El Turro K-Popper

    Hi friend where are u from?.

  21. Danny Deathclaw

    Do you remember when Breathe Carolina used to be a Emo-ish Scenecore Band? :D Old Scene Kid me remembers it well.. ^^

    Beatrice Norman

    I enjoy this new sound but I think they should have retired the BC name as soon as one of the guys left the band.

    m3 tal c0 re

    I really like their older stuff but these edm songs are nice too

    Rucka the ATLien

    Remember when Skrillex was the lead singer of From First to Last? A lot of us scene kids just became wooks lol


    @Rucka the ATLien some of us were both at the same time back then lol 😂🤔

  22. DennisRU_777_

    i like the song but i dont like the video

  23. Jamie Cook

    lmao Breathe Carolina have had the biggest re brand ever they totally switched genres and sound but kept Same name guess the money's good

  24. Nilius

    Pura mierda

  25. The Earth Is Bread

    A sequal that builds on it’s previous version 👌

  26. Leonard Wilson

    That blonde chick is a 15 on a 10 scale

  27. JustMargaret

    It's quite similiar to song Gecko (overdrive)

  28. Thegr8ashish

    vanesa seco 💖💖🎹

  29. Yo Partisan


  30. Moises Eduardo

    quem e a moça? tem insta dela?

  31. Paweł

    Ale dupa!

  32. David Janáč

    this is amazing ? lol :D this is normal.. nothink super or new.. :D in world where is tons of type these songs

  33. ༺ • AFINO • ༻


  34. midnight cruise with you

    Who still listen to these type of songs

  35. BOSSM62


  36. Mr Palmer

    Hahaha she thinks that she's sexy and beautiful. That's really funny, everybody can jump around in places and get views.

  37. Abolyemen ZIZO

    whats the name of that dance?
    i wanna learn it
    anyone help?

  38. Best In The World

    Whos not here for the skaters?

  39. Дмитрий Письменный

    Баба страшная

  40. A Tem

    man i need to get in shape

  41. mickey is scared

    Wait....what happend to the old breath Carolina. Is this the same band

  42. CreatveMnds


  43. semperf1dude

    dance moves copied from The Prodigy

  44. code 23Hyper

    This is regurgitated trash. Next

  45. emanuel figueroa muñoz

    I want to dance like this

  46. Promit Biswas

    What a mixdown 😍🔥🔥

  47. Kamein Dope


  48. shrimp dynamics

    the line "I can't feel it baby where's this love that oh, you say you have on me?" sounds like "I can't stop this feeling baby
    only you can make me come alive" in gecko overdrive - oliver heldens

  49. dj Александр смесь стилей Трошин

    Шикарная чикасссс!!!!👍👍👍

  50. RetroMadneSSStylish

    Model name??

  51. Nikita Malik

    Dis shuffle is so boring..

  52. Duki 688

    Esto es poder en una canción papá, qué buena de breathe Carolina

  53. Isaac Agus

    Is this kind of dance a shuffle style?

  54. 2amFilms

    Why is that ugly dude in the green dancing around the skatepark?

  55. ale kat

    Adored the song and hated the video...too many logos to buy from. Like a TV commercial

  56. Matej Dezelak

    Hello my sweeties :)
    What a beautiful music, I love it ;)
    Oh and by the way, I also do Pop music ;)
    So, can you please listen to mine too & tell me what you think?
    Have a nice and sunshine day, Matej ;)

  57. EminemAgustin

    wtf que pasa con los temas de breathe carolina lpm antes todos eran buenos ahora parecen que estan rayando tisa en el pizarron dios mio me genera una sensacion horrible ese ruido

  58. Chingichangalive

    is that prod?

  59. Phil Curtis

    She's orange 🤣

  60. bronchik

    really sonds like Oliver Heldens Overdrive & and DYSYLM mashup^^

  61. House Mashups

    No words.....🎉🎉🎉

  62. Kajus Mališauskas

    čiuvicha tai px tokia

  63. Unknown Upgrade

    skating and shuffling............. when have they become friends? hmm..

  64. Oliver Rivero

    Nej , es un remix nada más

  65. I am PreyceM

    Como se llama la chica de baila en el video

  66. well well Navarro

    Breathe carolina reaper!!!

  67. Panda Galaxy

    Is it the same girl from dysylm?

  68. Cole Chitwood

    is it just me or does the vocal remind you of gecko overdrive

  69. Henrik Leutenberger

    Breathe Carolina has gone downhill the past 1.5 years. Don't really like their new material. :-( Shame. I "was" a huge fan.

  70. Brandon w

    What the fack happened to Breathe Carolina, bring back Kyle 😑

  71. J.J - DJHazel

    Love this beat! Love dance! Everything it matches.

  72. hannah v

    I just came from sellouts... I WANNA GO BACK

  73. Panda Galaxy

    Love seeing Breathe Carolina here!

  74. Ester Martori

    Nicee trackk!!!!

  75. Jin Izzraeel

    The girl is most likely jewish.

  76. Jukrome

    Cut those shapes mommy

  77. Miyuki K

    I heard a few new Songs now....thats not Breathe Carolina anymore! Please change your Bandname or Something cause old BC Fans like me are very disapointed of your new "Style"....

  78. Polmer

    Salvatore Ganacci vibes

  79. TofuDeliveryBoy

    only Malaysians know what is the meaning of *TOMBOY* 😂

  80. Luca Bello

    First part melody is a copy of Overdrive by Oliver Heldens

  81. Jose Luis Ramirez


  82. Suleyman Hajiyev

    Hi people what kind of this dance or name I wanna learn that (girl dances) plz help

  83. Getwiggywith it

    Where are the lyrics from

  84. Alexander M

    I found that vocal on splice a while ago and was thinking of using it for a song.


    ja pierdole co jest z tymi kobietami mają coraz większe dupy zamiast piersi:/

  86. WidmoCiała

    Cool! Greetings from Poland🇵🇱

  87. John Edrwxen

    Follow John Edrwxen on Instagram: @johnedrwxendj

  88. Fuerte Loko Ih

    What a dope drop!!

  89. eatthan yuri

    1:53 그춤 배우고 싶다❤🙈🙈

  90. Kuroda Ryuoji

    I'm a fking die hard fan of these guys when they were metal, listening to them go electronic is not actually bad at all. Keep it growing!

  91. Alex Kase


  92. Brah Dude

    1.1 MILLION GO BOYS GOO WOOHOO!! Makes me so proud to still be a huge Breathe Carolina fan since 2008. JUST GO SVGS GOO!!

  93. Trapped

    She fire 🔥

  94. Jang WonYoung

    Now I know why you got Breathe in your name, cause your song just gives me life! 🔥🔥

    El Turro K-Popper

    Hi jang where are u from?.

  95. Russu

    After hearing this song over and over, I notice the vocals sound a lot like "Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill - Gecko (Overdrive)" vocals. Great song!

  96. Arche Michael

    The hoodie the dude is wearing with the upside down star with the A in it, anyone know where or what that is. Didn't recognize the logo and tried to Google it with no luck