Breathe Carolina - Don't Forget: Lock The Doors Lyrics

We gonna party alone on the floor (you know alone)
Take off your clothes get on the floor (you know i know)
It's hard for you to be alone that's why i'm here (oh no)
I fell for you get on the floor
I wanted to be so in love
We did it with the worst intentions
Face in the door
Clothes on the floor.
Getting nervous as buttons loosen
Eyes turn to cameras
Capturing every moment
The blanket covers for our comfort
See shadows under the door
My eyes turn to the camera
Door handle turns
Here we go again tonight
I'm underneath the sheets
Wrapped up tight, it's on
One more time for you and me it's on

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Breathe Carolina Don't Forget: Lock The Doors Comments
  1. Lord Spyro

    Why isn't this on Spotify???

  2. Amanda Shannon

    I used to listen to this song while playing Minecraft, (because of the roller coaster video) when I was about 14. I’m 21 now and decided to play Minecraft and kept hearing this song in my head and it’s brought back soooo many memories. It’s so nice.

  3. Taylor Cooper

    Is this on Spotify? I couldnt find it. 🙃

  4. Taylor Cooper

    Who’s still listening in 2019? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Teresa P

    This song used to help get me to sleep through some of the toughest nights in high school...I’m now 26

    Miguel Arteaga

    It brings back so much nostalgia.

    Teresa P

    Miguel Arteaga it truly does

    Miguel Arteaga

    @Teresa P i was listening to playradioplay before this. I'm just going back in time and remembering the music and good memories.

  6. lost lady

    This is so highschool and MySpace :)

  7. Taylor

    2018 <3

  8. Justin Zelenak

    Back when being scene was the shit. Ahh the memories. And fun fact. The beginning of this song absolutely slams with subs.

  9. ayyy lmao

    Back in the scene kid days...

  10. Chelsey Broughton

    Gahh! Reminds me of my myspace days in like 8th grade. 😁😁

    Miguel Arteaga

    Chelsey Broughton I'm 28 now. Damn this brings back so many good memories

  11. Pedro J

    This is the bc that i used to like, not that mainstream trapshit, i hope carolina breath again one day

  12. Emo 5 Ever

    i still listen to this amazingness in 2017

  13. Sauce Bears

    I remember listening to this song while i was having some argument lol

  14. Rianna Reyes

    fucking memories

  15. dir 1

    birds and the bees too. have you heard of "broken toy airplanes"?

  16. Mason Childress

    this song sends me back to my freshman year of highschool. im 21 now. what a life we live.

    Rebecca Cruz

    @Mason Childress same here lol ! :D

    dir 1

    +Mason Childress I feel you brother. Ah music is amazing. I hope these guys know how much memories their music brings back to me, it makes me feel alive, and so very happy.


    I'm 24 now, this shit goes fast amirite?




    Mason Childress Same here. Growing up sux...

  17. High Vortex

    I remember coming to this exact channel for this exact video in 2010! Wow, it's not long ago but it has been so long. *_*

  18. synrocker2005

    not usually into this kind of music, but this song catches a person when they think.

  19. megan STAGEMAN

    cool <3

  20. Lady Moose

    everyone! orgy! right now!

  21. iwantemolove123


  22. oliverislost

    New BC is much better than this, this sounds so cheap in comparison lol

  23. SleepingAtTheMovies

    It was originally on their first EP "Gossip" and also on the deluxe edition of "Hello Fascination". Which is why it sounds like old BC.

  24. annic93


  25. Vika Blackout

    Is this from it's classy not classic ?

  26. Dee Zee

    Its a plane, its a bird oh wait its just chuck Norris ..

  27. 21wyndan

    i lost my virginity to this song back in 2007... got i wish i can go back to highschool... i will never have a better time in my life.. now all i do is work.. and drink away my stupid post teen years

  28. pizzacat

    love how much kyles vocals are in this c:

  29. grannyhottpants

    I mean love

  30. grannyhottpants

    I lobe this song!! :D

  31. Eddy lee seng ong

    I think they saw a UFO?

  32. Jessicaxyz

    I saw them at warped! Omg amazing

  33. 91841jlk


  34. Rheannon Alsbury

    Thats all I can say about this song

  35. margaret c

    What are they looking at?

  36. Oana Lupșe

    "(you know i know)" It's "you know, alone"

  37. GoHardLikeABoss

    same haha I have all their albums literally play on loop all day :) I cant sleep without listening to them anymore

  38. Austin Ridenour

    Thanks to all of you who are watching and true Breathe Carolina fans (:

  39. Haybaybay

    Thanks, now I want to fuck on the floor. Ugh

  40. Heather Moake

    Actually I live in Denver, and it doesn't snow ALL the time, only in the winter and the occasional spring blizzard, which hasn't happened in a few years

  41. Austin Ridenour

    Who wants to have sex to this song?! :D

  42. Tormented

    @NixonTragedy Yeah, let me know when you go to Denver, dude

  43. Finley Lincoln

    @metalpreacher02 ...So confused right now =_='''''


    @TehKrakerzGuy it was a photoshoot in CA i think

  45. metalpreacher 02

    @LastWish11 we have plenty of beaches with sand in Canada XD

  46. metalpreacher 02

    @RockinGirl3000 I'm listening to this becauseee I rather enjoy this music. If you don't like that I like the same music then maybe it is you who should gtfo. simple as that.

    I'M FROM BC <33

  47. metalpreacher 02

    @LastWish11 before you post a trolling comment on my comment, you should know that sick is usually a compliment. "This is sick" "go die in a hole metalpreacher02!"

  48. metalpreacher 02

    @Noodle652 why?

  49. metalpreacher 02

    i love how i compliment this song, saying it is quote "Sick", and I get hated on.

  50. dani .g.

    @metalpreacher02 go die in a hole

  51. dani .g.

    hahahah. i meant Breathe. not breaching. woops. XD

  52. fUcKyOuUpAbLe

    @Noodle652 We're breaching Carolina?! But I live there!! Oh darn :(

  53. dani .g.

    i love how everyone is like "woah theyre on a beach!"
    they clearly arent in colorado, there are no palm trees there. so they're somewhere warmer. that aside, i LOVE BREATCH CAROLINA. <3 <3 <3

  54. Finley Lincoln

    @metalpreacher02 You should know, especially before you post a trolling comment on any video... Sick is usually a compliment. You know... "This song is sick!" "I know, right? It's awesome!" ...Yeah.

  55. Finley Lincoln

    @TehKrakerzGuy But they're wearing jackets, silly! xD You can even find beaches (with sand... le gasp!) in Canada, so it goes without saying that closer to the equator, there'd be sand, too...:p

  56. metalpreacher 02

    this is the most fucked up shit i've heard. this is sick

  57. Austen Bartlett

    @TehKrakerzGuy maybe it's cuz they think that it was a really good shot or they like to try and figure out what they're looking at.. IDK XD

  58. Ginger Mithra

    .. i have a creepy obsession with this picture.. just saying <3 :D

  59. MooshiiAfterMidnight

    two years ago this was the first breathe Carolina song i ever heard

  60. rontzy23

    where's this song from?

  61. John Peden

    @mattzelite yeahhh totally I went to their concert for Scream It Like You Mean it..and they played an "it's classy not classic song" and i didn't know and i have to know every song when i go to a concert...i'm OCD bout that lol. anyway made me dl that CD and it's the best choice i ever made

  62. Matt Whittred

    @jped96 I agree dude, i listen to the new stuff and im not sure :/ , but this song, birds and the bee's .. cant get enough!!

  63. John Peden

    I think old Breathe Carolina is > new Breathe Carolina

  64. iRepMNsince1992

    Damn this reminds me of High School haha

  65. Sarah Caruana

    I wish I could have either David's or Kyle's children.

  66. Tormented

    @mizzDancingirls Kyle's got a better personality I met these guys. It's not all about looks.

  67. Marissa Korbe

    i can sing this whole song.. is that weird?

  68. 123HumorMe

    @XDcolorlessXrainbow i dont have that one>:(

  69. 123HumorMe

    @LastWish11 it wasnt on hello fasination or its classy? not sure

  70. Denise Moses

    Gahhh, David is beyond sexyy! :)

  71. Cameron Withrow

    it's on It's Classy, Not Classic

    i am 90% sure though i can be wrong.

  72. Finley Lincoln

    @123HumorMe I'm fairly sure this is on the "Hello Fascination" Album i borrowed from a friend....
    Yeah, it was. what do you mean, it isn't on any of their albums?

  73. valkonator7

    @123HumorMe I think it was just a single they released

  74. 123HumorMe

    if this songs isnt on any of there albums wats it for? why'd they make it i'd lyk to knw please & thanks:) BC~FOREVER

  75. melanie h

    @ibanezxiphos700 Weenie haha.

  76. melanie h

    kyle and andy 6 schould have a screaming contest.

    andy 6 is the lead singer in black veil brides. check out my channel to find out who black veil brides are. also they just came out with a new album "set the world on fire"

    GO BVB AND BC!!!!!!! <3

  77. Jewlsheart13

    David Schmitt soo freaking sexxi and amazingg <3 <3 meeting him i almost dropped at his personality adn looks in april oh gawd one more time for yu and me its on :D

  78. Torie G

    @Alvey212 I know you posted this comment like, a year ago, and I don't know if you found the picture already, (or forgot about it) but if you google search "breathe carolina on the beach" it comes up as the first picture. :)

  79. ObliviousCrow

    These guys rocked at Bamboozle 2011.

  80. JustJoanna

    i agree david cute but there is NO WAY he's hotter than ANDY SIXX. Andy Sixx is like a freakin god or something lol idk but personally i think Andy Sixx is hotter lol but hey, at least you know who he is. . . most ppl r like wtf whos that??? SO PROPS LOL :D

  81. NeonZchocolate

    @megant1021 thats more like it xD

  82. NeonZchocolate

    @megant1021 i beg to differ :O

  83. Tormented

    Strange how the picture is them on a beach. Colarado is usually nothing but snow with no water. Aha

  84. ManiacManic

    The song was also re-released on the Deluxe Edition of Hello Fascination.

  85. xblargbaby

    @SavMarieluvsAlesana ohh ok that makes since now. haha thank you:)

  86. xblargbaby

    @SavMarieluvsAlesana is this song only on itunes or...what? im a little confused :/

  87. xblargbaby

    where the hell did this come from?? i have the it's classy not classic album, and this song isn't on there....

  88. C Burks

    Is it me or does Kyle look Scandinavian/Swedish?

  89. melanie h

    i thin kyle's screams really complete the songs. :)

  90. ReeceWesterman

    I met Dave and spoke to him for like less than a minute, i really miss him, thats how nice of a guy he is.

  91. SoRealQuest

    OMG I love Breath Carolina :D

  92. Lindsay Elizabeth

    hahahaha, my friend said thissong reimnded him of us ;)

  93. Tormented

    What's with the people's creepy obsession with the picture?

  94. Maggie W

    i love the picture sooo much. <3
    & The song.My all time favorite.

  95. Maggie W

    i love the picture sooo much. <3

  96. Mariah

    one of their best songs

  97. xMika03

    @MiLCo0oL93 Kyle has blonde hair & David has brunette

  98. Caro SH

    they are sooooooooooo amazing

  99. dy1228

    @FollowStarsxJen they must have because she sounds cooler