Breathe Carolina - Collide Lyrics

Trust me, there'll be blood in the streets
If you came looking for gold you won't like what you see
Move on, you know nothing's for free
Welcome to the city of ghosts, these vultures never sleep

Your kingdom is burning down
The sun's never coming out
The voices, they're all around

And then they all fade out
Aw yeah, and I don't hear a sound

When it all comes falling
And the nightmare's calling
We could be the last ones standing
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide

Trust me, you'll be out here alone
I'm the furthest thing from heaven but the closest to home
Come on, this time you follow me
Right back to the city of ghosts, put the vultures to sleep

Your kingdom is burning down
The sun's never coming out
The voices, they're all around.

When it all comes falling
And the nightmare's calling
We could be the last ones standing
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide

You see their eyes circling now
They know you're weak when you're alone
I'm the only one between you and the grave
You'll be there soon, but I can take you the long way

And when they all fade out, I'm there
And you won't hear a sound

When it all comes falling
And the nightmare's calling
We could be the last ones standing
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide
I'll keep you safe when worlds collide

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Breathe Carolina Collide Comments
  1. Jennifer Tavera

    Quien en 2019?

  2. Ahbmas Sh

    I hate breathe carolina bc they've changed

  3. 19 30

    Caralho música foda do caralho

  4. Yung Sketch

    What shoes is that guy wearing who stomps on the knife in the beginning?

  5. Marcelo Urbina



    what ever happened to gay ass MySpace bands like this

  7. Alex Cortes

    I miss them

  8. Danielis Romero

    Amo esta canción con todo mi corazón

  9. Hazzy Senpai

    His hair in this video omlll

  10. walter ulises barreto

    gran banda! tal vez no, lo suficientemente reconocida!

  11. Flávio Nunes

    I love you .... BC <3 '

  12. Chistopher Dolceamore

    fuck off you can do better

  13. Gabelio cc

    1:38 julian casablancas ???? :o


    +Gabelio cc wtf? no!

  14. Jay C

    Love 4ever

  15. 💎❤

  16. Kathleen Rad

    Woahhhhh <3

  17. MattyPlayz

    Breathe Carolina love these guys


    this is how I feel on a Friday

  18. Zahin Hossain

    first 3 seconds

  19. Francis gamingYT

    la mejor musika cabrones

  20. Daniel Centeno

    Mujeres desnuda.
    s .

  21. Chris Angelo Cabrera

    I love david <3

  22. Paul DM

    catchiest song on their latest album but nothing beats "BLACKOUT" and "HIT AND RUN"

  23. Artemis Iris

    I personally love their "new" sound. ;-; Sounds beautiful. Just fuck yeah music lol.


    I agree though I enjoyed there past material with screams.. The new stuff sounds more polished and makes me hyped :}

  24. mabms 25

    They changed ALOT. From band now to a EDM DJS?!?!?!

  25. Claudia Soto

    Probably my favorite song on the album! Catchy beats.

  26. Mariah Ann

    man i really miss seeing these guys every show they do is killer like it's always an experience this song is so good live too

  27. Jade Mourningfire

    I love this song so much! Ive always been a fan of breathe carolina, but this song really brings me back to them. Great work guys!!

  28. Tiiiffanie1

    I love this song so much, it's even crazier live!!

  29. Kim

    they should do a collaboration with other DJs

    Meldon Macon

    @SLOW BURN i think they did with the disco fries

    Hayden Koutras

    @SLOW BURN just did one with APEK.


    thanks for letting me know guys <3 


    What tennis name david??? sorry for my bad english


    I wanted to know the shoe's name david


    @vicesofzed I think you are trying to ask about the brand and what kind style is, right?

    Elliott Maldonado

    @vicesofzed  the Supra Falcons all red


    @vicesofzed i keep u safe when wrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooldz collide <3

  31. Danesk Rodríguez

    I don't care. This is SO good.

  32. Structures

    Tyler Carter there, he is bae. 

  33. AnewDewDew

    ... LONG LIVE HELLO FASCINATION!!!!! #neverforget


    @Jeannie Nguyen Lots of people prefer their electropop and metal blend over their new EDM style with bass heavy 808 rhythm and dance fanatic synth lines joined with distant and reverbed vocals, however that isn't to say that one is overall better than another era, its all just music and up to you to decide, so its all opinion!

    tyler parks

    +Andy Theis YES!!! <3

    Ciara beardsmore

    tyler parks
    l lmao pl


  34. bluefieldchecker

    Does anyone know any other artists that is like breathe Caroline :)?

    Liam Gratton

    try palisades :)


    @bluefieldchecker Maybe Cosmic Gate & Capital Cities? I have too many dance groups on mind to name in this comment

  35. Shannan Hunt

    This is a sick video. How I expect any less from my favorite band? Lol seen them 4 times and met them all 2 time. Love how they bust it out every single time. Soo in love.

  36. babynaruto33

    I seen them at Warp tour over the summer. First time seeing them alive. I had never seen the crowd so pumped. By fat they are very entertaining

  37. Dave Carter

    What if worlds do collide? How the hell do you keep someone safe from that? 2 massive rocks flying through space are crashing into each other. Does he realize how much that would fuck up?

    Dj Johnson

    Deeeaaaddd lmao xD!!!

    Sean Boell

    @Dave Carter I believe the literary device is referred to as a hyperbole.

    Leo Chan

    don't fucking ruin the song -.-

    Bobo The Duck

    i think he is speakin metaphorically in this song


    World =/= planet. And world is a metaphor in this song. Like, the world of a teenager vs the world of an adult. Or the world of a life you left behind, vs the world of the life youre living now.

  38. Horizon

    Everyone complaining -.- Even if it's not the exact same without Kyle, you have to admit it's still very impressive.

  39. ker0sene

    Most favorite song in the world <3

  40. Coby Meow

    I mean its good... but does anyone else miss their screamo days? This is just sad.

  41. StevEN

    where is the scream? :l

    Mother Mushroom

    Kyle is gone. There is no more screaming.


    Yes, i know.

  42. Paola Westower

    I honestly don't give a fuck about what people are saying. I liked it. It's all that matters.

  43. 雪村ニコラス

    I may deafen myself listening to this song so loud! I would definitely not be sad if this was the last thing i ever heard! 

  44. Paulina Jimenez

    This came on when I was rolling tits. I danced my ass off.

  45. Allan Peña


  46. Bree Fuentits

    I don't care, man.
    Breathe Carolina is the bomb dot com. 3

  47. Ludwig Mascarenhas

    BC now < BC with Kyle


    Also if you don't care about, THEM, becoming mainstream. Then why did you complain about it so much?

    Lenom Jbgs

    Fans don't sellout, bands do :')

    Lenom Jbgs

    Like bmth did
    They sold out = they are sellouts

    Lenom Jbgs

    Bands sell out not fans
    For example bmth
    They sold out = they are sellouts

    Samus Aran7

    @Ludwig Mascarenhas Truth


    chasing hearts and selllouts are gonna be they're most memorable songs.


    what the fuck are these guys doing with issues!?

  50. Selene Soriano

    saw them yesterday at warped tour it was the best!

  51. karliekat

    Saw them yesterday at Warped. Their show was amazing and their presence was even better. The crowd was great and I'm so glad I got to watch them. Again. Great show. Sooo much fun.

  52. milkshake399

    I <3 Breathe Carolina!!!!

  53. Joselyn Salinas

    For some reason I thought theyed be a more hardcore ban but they still got good music

  54. Joeyy Ashbyy

    Michael!!! 1:12

  55. amie c

    Amazing, love then so much! Must see them! Xxxxx

  56. Chelsea Carlos

    I saw Breathe Carolina live at warped tour and they were honestly one of the best sets we saw that day. They played this song and I automatically fell in love!

  57. Cassy Official

    Breathe Carolina + Tyler Carter = PERFECTION <3

  58. Jaime Chenette

    Duuude, they played this first yesterday at Warped and everyone went CRAZY. Best performance I saw. It was beautiful. <3

  59. Jaime Chenette

    Duuude, they played this first yesterday at Warped and everyone went CRAZY. Best performance I saw. It was beautiful. <3

  60. Sara Olivas

    Wtf happened to the old breathe Carolina xD

  61. Lenka Dovalová

    I love this song :3 ♥♥♥♥

  62. LucySykesKiller14

    THIS SONG OMGGGG XD seeing David just make me melt and omg he's just too gorgeous. Really wish Kyle was still in it. ;~; I hope he comes back! This whole album is just amazing. All my summer jams in one. <3

  63. Andrei Sotoc

    Breathe Carolina is the best and the new album is great.

  64. Zev Frazer

    Big fan of every other album by them. Cant get into this. I miss Kyle.

  65. PurpleFirefly

    What was happening at the beginning there? XD

  66. happyink187

    Is Tyler Carter in this video? I swear I keep seeing him but I don't hear him

  67. Emma Lee

    Everyone said this release show was so sickkk!! Now I see why; it had Jordan from The Ready Set(i'm pretty sure he did blackout with them) and Michael and Tyler from Issues!!

  68. Isaura Hernandez

    WOW! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! New Breathe Carolina is absolutely great! Can't wait to see them live at Warped tour :)

  69. Vinnie Torres

    Tyler Carter and Issues are amazing as hell

  70. Andrea Lowen

    Love this band, love this song. Couldn't be more proud of them. Could definitely see this song on the radio in the future!

  71. Brittany K

    *Love this song so much + the video. So much energy. Made me feel like I was at one of their shows. Love Breathe Carolina <3*

  72. Rooq

    Came here from a whole series of "Punk goes.." videos, and thought they covered the Howie Day song Collide LOL boy was I wrong.

  73. Stacy Garcia

    I feel like this song is going to get all mainstream like 'Blackout' did lol but one of my favorites from the album

  74. wecameaskim

    I'm so proud of David

  75. NextMan GGWP

    Become too poppy(

  76. lay ferreira

      da hora ><

  77. Sandra Rangel

    l, think that song was ok and cuz my grandaughter. angielina r. likes it. from texas ice house., sandy

  78. woaxxerica

    I'm gonna miss seeing Kyle at the concerts performing.

    YuKKi Plays

    Kyle is replaced with another blonde guy, whose name is Tyler Carter. lol

    Lenom Jbgs

    ugh sorry wrong comment..

  79. suburbanscum

    People complain so much on how they "changed" but i mean think about it would you rather listen to new stuff or would you rather listen to the same stuff over and over again?

  80. havoren

    Haha Tyler and David look great together. Perhaps they should start a new side project together as well! :D


    I love this song

  82. Evan Faraday

    Is this a rock band or post hardcore or what ever that genre is called or this band a pop group? I'm confused.

  83. Holloway Lane

    Tyler is wearing the same shirt in this video that he wore in Chasing Hearts


    It was probably filmed before this c:

    TayMac 97

    @***** Or it's his favorite shirt?


    @Pductions Good spot, Even David is wearing the same ripped skinnys and red nikes, Personally I think small pants and big shoes are a mistake with fashion but thats just me


    maybe he did two videos same day xD Tyler stay busy af

  84. Juanpa

    i love this song, i love breathe carolina, its the best! <3

  85. Mrwhiteguy908

    Not a fan of pop music but Breathe Carolina isn't really that bad 


    They're not really pop, they're more EDM d:

  86. thugpugsunite

    didn't even realize until now that this was at their cd release show. i see myself! c:

  87. apologeticpink

    The live footage in this video is breath taking. Those guys know how to put on the sickest show

  88. floppylego

    this song is so amazing it makes me trip over and face plant the floor.

  89. NSFW Gaming

    Can't wait to see them at Warped

  90. Julio Ramos 182

    BC plz3

  91. kai evans

    Sooo happy with how the album came out. This is one of my favorite songs! The best part is being in the video!! The release show was so much fun!

  92. Kaity Tiernan

    I love seeing these guys live, they put so much into every show! I can't wait to hear this song at Warped Tour this summer!

  93. saebas1

    I'm Loved this song. 

  94. Jessica Nwanze

    I really like the beat in the song, it compliments their new, more electronic sound a lot. I love it!

  95. SniperHound426

    Can't wait for Warped Tour! Main Stage!!

  96. Clyde

    This video needs more attention.

  97. Joseph Lopez

    Peep the Infered 6s at the beginning (;